Hey guys! Sorry it took so long, but here's Chapter 4!

[Jake's POV]

*In a dream*

"Ugh... My head, where am I?"

I looked around and somehow I'm in a forest.

"Mom? Dad? Hailey? Where are you?"

Geez... Where are they?

"Dragon up!"

I was surrounded by a ring of fire, then I turned into a dragon. I flew above the trees and saw a portal, a huge one. Somehow I saw a person, floating near the portal.

"Oh man, hey! Hang on! I'll save you!"

As I flew near, the person turned around and his face was covered by a cloak.

"Who are you? Are you the one who opened this portal?"

"The prophecy, the prophecy of a dragon, a ghost, and a ninja, stopping me... But I won't be stopped by 3 mere maggots!" The unknown figure said.

He opened out his hand and opened a portal, then monsters came out and charged against me.

"Aww man..."

When the monsters came near I fought them at my best, but still more of them came and had surround me.

"With you trapped in here, you won't be able to stop me! Hahahaha! Soon, I'll escape from this wretched world."

Before the monsters tried to grab me, 2 unknown figures appeared and attacked the monsters, I've noticed that one figure is wearing a scarf and is wielding a sword, and the other one somehow disappears then reappears and attacks the monsters from behind with a powerful blast.

The unknown figure saw the fight. He said to the monsters to return and after that he closed the portal.

"You imbicles! You can't stop me! Because when the time comes, all of you shall fall!"

He snapped his fingers then a glowing light came from below.


Then I woke up after the flash. I was in the car with Mom, Dad, and Hailey.

"Jake, are you ok?" Hailey said.

"Yeah. It's just a bad dream, anyway, where are we?"

"We're here!" Dad said.

We've gone out of the car and we checked the building and it says:

"Fenton Works"

"Uh... Dad, where are we?"

"Something wrong with your head Jake? I told you earlier that we're going to Amity Park, remember?"

I don't remember much, but I remember that Dad got a job in Amity Park.

"Yeah. I forgot."

The door opened and I saw some people who have gone outside of the building.

"Johnathan! Great to see you again!" The man greeted Dad, I'm guessing this is one of Dad's relatives.

"Jack! Long time no see cousin! Seems like your still in the ghost hunting business." Dad responded

"Yep. With ghost running loose here in Amity Park, someone has to capture them." Jack responded to Dad

"Hi Maddie. It's so nice to see you." Dad said.

"Hi John, it's so nice to finally meet you." Aunt Maddie said

"Jack told me that you two have been good friends. Oh, I forgot to introduce you to our daughter, Jazz."

"Hello." Jazz said, so this is my cousin.

"Oh! I forgot, allow me to introduce my family. Jack, This is Susan."

"Hi Jack, Maddie, it's finally nice to see you two in person." Mom responded


"Hi Mr & Mrs. Fenton!" Hailey as well

"And Jake."



"Uh... Hi."

I was thinking about Spud and Trixie back in NYC, I kinda miss them already

"Where's Daniel? I haven't seen him since we've got here." Dad said.

"He's at school, he's bringing a student from Norsville High to live with us, their school and half of their town was destroyed by a huge robot. So their principle arranged that some students from Norsville High will be going to Casper High during the re-construction of their school for the whole school year. Some of them already have places to stay here in Amity, while some of them will be staying with a host family, and we volunteered to be one of them! It's like another family relative staying with us." Jack responded

"How nice of you for volunteering to be a host family, I'm sure that the student will be very happy staying with you." Mom said

"So... Shall we get inside?" Jack's wife said

"Ok." Dad responded

So we've gone inside the house and it's actually pretty nice.

"Jake, your Aunt Maddie said that you'll be staying in Danny's room for the moment, because their inventions have been stored in the remaining rooms." Mom said

Great. I'll be staying in my cousin's room...

"Gee... I don't know..."

"It will be fine, as long as you don't use your dragon powers."


I feel like I'm forgetting something...

*In the car*

"Hmmm... *stretches* That was one long drive... Wait, where is everybody?!"

"Uh... Mom, I think we forgot that Fu was with us."

[Danny's POV]

Me and Randy were walking around the city then to my house, Randy ask me about if I know about the Ninja of Norsville, he said that he's the most brucest (I still don't like the word because it's unusual... I never use slang) guy in Norsville, he protects everyone in Norsville from a 800-year old Sorcerer that is sealed by The Ninja long ago.

"So... The Ninja fights an Old Sorcerer that turns the students into monsters?"

"Stanks students." Randy said

"Yeah... Still not use to the slang."

Were near the house and I saw a car near the house, so my Dad's relatives are here now.

"Ok. Randy, my Dad has some relatives staying with us, so I hope you can understand."

"Ok. It's no biggy." Randy said

I opened the door and me and Randy went upstairs.

"You and I will be sharing a room with my cousin as well, my parents had their inventions stored in the other rooms, so until they've moved their inventions somewhere here in the house, you, me and my cousin will be staying in my room." I've put Randy's Things inside my room then Dad called.

"Danny, are you here?" Dad calling me.

"Yeah, Dad. And I brought the student that will be staying with us."

"Come down here, we want you to meet your cousins. Can you bring the student as well?"


Me and Randy went down and went in the living room and I saw other people in the living room as well, this might be Dad's relatives.

"Ah. Daniel, nice to see you again." The man spoke to me.

"Danny, this is your father's cousin, Jonathan. And this is his wife, Susan, and your cousins Hailey and Jake." Mom said.

"Hello Daniel." Aunt Susan said.

"Hi Danny!" Hailey said, then smiled

"Sup." Jake said.

"So... Is this the student who will be staying with us?" Dad said.

"Yep. Randy, Randy Cunningham, nice to meet you Mr. And Mrs. Fentons." Randy replied.

"Why don't you and your cousin Jake talk for a moment Danny, while Dad and I will talk with his cousin." Mom said


Jake, Me, and Randy went up to my room (which is typically our room now).

"So... What do you do for fun Danny?" Jake asked.

"Well... There's an amusement park nearby, wanna come along Randy?"

"Well, I don't have anything to do at the moment, so I'll come along." Randy replied, all 3 of us got some things then head out.

[Jake's POV]

The 3 of us went outside of the house. So this Randy guy is gonna stay in our room as well? Geez... Wait I forgot!

"Hey Danny, I kinda forgot something, wait right here."

I forgot to get Fu out of the car. I opened the car door and I saw Fu snacking on my favorite chips.

"Uh... Fu... Why are you eating my chips?"

"What? I was hungry. You guys forgot that I was with you." Fu replied

"I'm gonna take you with me, there's something I wanna talk to you about later, but now, act like a dog, because I'm with my cousin and the exchange student."

"So... Do they know about your secret?"

"No. Why do you ask?"

"Because your friends asked me to keep you safe, and if those two find out about your secret, I'll be giving them the old Amnesia Potion."

"Ok. Just come along."


"Hey Jake! Are you coming or not?" both of them called me.

"In a minute, I'm just getting my Shar Pei."

Me and Fu went to them.

"Guys, this is Fu, my pet Dog."

"Woof! Woof!" Fu said.

"Ok. Let's go!" Danny said

And the 4 of us went to the Amusement Park, but my dream earlier still bothers me... What does it mean?

And that's the end of Chapter 4! Whoo! That was quite a writing experience. Sorry if I haven't updated earlier on. It's just that I needed more time to finish the Chapter, and the 3 of them have met, but what will they do in the Amusement Park? Stay determined to find out more! Until the next Chapter, Techno here signing off!