Author's Notes: Heyo, i recently got into the OPM fandom, so i decided to write this fanfic. Now, there are some aspects of this which seem like they don't conform with the established canon. Rest assured, that i am going to follow all the established canon strengths and rules(minus the storyline, since this is a fanfic). So please don't rush to the reviews to tell me im wrong,since i'll be clearing up everything in the next few chapters. :)

Stinger's POV

The A-Class hero looked in horror at the scene. Several large buildings had been destroyed, reduced to ruins. Fires were burning everywhere, and lying in the rubble of the once proud city was the limp bodies of two of his fellow A-class heroes.

"Smile Man! Lightning Max!"

"Ah, S-Stinger…" the A class hero Lightning Max coughed weakly, sending a thin dribble of blood down his chin.

"What happened here?"

"Stinger… run, you c-can't beat it…"

"Nonsense! I'm Stinger, ranked 10th amongst A-Class heroes, don't worry, I'll defeat it for you! Now, w-"

Out of the corner of his eye, the A-Class spotted movement as someone dashed towards him.

"Aha, there you are! It's time to show you-"

The last thing Stinger saw was a red gloved fist.

Metal Bat's POV

"Yes sweetie, I promise i'll get Sweet Mask's autograph for you! Yes, so sorry I have to get back to work now, goodbye!"

The S-Class hero sighed and placed his cell phone back into his pocket. The HA had sent out a Demon Class alert, and he had been sent to take care of it. Several other A and B-Class heroes had been called to the scene but it was still running loose.

"Oi, where's the Monster? I promised my Sister I'd take her out today for ice cream and I'm missing it for this, so-"

He didn't get to finish his sentence before a lone humanoid figure was thrown at his feet. It was a young blonde man, who was missing his left arm. His once shiny armor was dented and cracked, and his sword, still gripped tightly in his hand, had been broken in two.

"Hey, aren't yer Atomic Samurai's student? What's happenin' here?"

"Metal Bat!" The hero Iaian struggled to his feet, a piece of his chest plate falling off as he did. "You have to get away from here. He's still nearby!" As he said this the hero Tank Top Blackhole crashed into a nearby truck, which exploded.

"What's nearby?"

Iaian looked over the S-Class's shoulder, and his eyes widened in terror.


Metal Bat turned around to see a figure casually strolling towards him. He was a average looking person, dressed in a yellow costume with red gloves. He looked quite young, mid 20s at best, although he was completely bald.

Strangely, from the neck down his body was covered in a strange purplish glow, with none at his head. His eyes were also closed, and a thin stream of drool was dribbling down his chin.

"Hey, yerr that B-class hero at the meeting a few weeks back." The figure didn't answer, instead emitting a growling noise that sounded suspiciously like a snore.

Iaian blinked. "Is he- is he sleepwalking?"

"Not answering me eh? Better show some respect!" With that Metal Bat swung down, smashing his bat onto his enemy's head.

To his surprise, his opponent didn't even flinch, instead just calmly stepping out of the crater he had been pushed into.

"What the-how about another one!" But his strike was blocked by the baldy, the force almost knocking the bat out of his hands. With his other hand Caped Baldy pushed him back, sending him tumbling hundreds of meters down the street.

Damn this guy's tough. The S-Class hero pushed himself up, spitting on his hands as he did. But all I need is a little more fightin spirit. In the distance, his opponent was already running towards him, fist raised.

As the Baldy got within striking distance Metal Bat yelled and unleashed his finishing move.

"Fightin Spirit Dragon Thrash!" The metallic bat lashed out, demolishing several nearby objects and billowing up a cloud of debris from the sheer force. But to Metal Bat's surprise, the Baldy managed to avoid all of them.

He dodged! The S-Class stopped his attack and brought his bat up in a defensive posture, but his opponent disappeared, a faint dust trail the only indication in the direction he had vanished to, which was right behind him.

Metal Bat's eyes widened, and he frantically turned around, but it was too late. With another blow he was sent hurtling through an apartment building and into the side of a statue, his metal bat clattering at his feet.

His enemy appeared in front of him, picked up the bat, and with one swift movement broke it over his knee.

T-that bat was supposed to be unbreakable. How-

He never got a chance to find out, as the bald man's fist impacted him, sending him flying into a nearby building, which collapsed on top of him.

Geno's POV

"Metal Bat has been put in hospital?!"

"That is correct Demon Cyborg." The suited man Sitch sighed, looking over the meeting of all the S-Class heroes, minus Blast, Metal Knight and the out of commission Metal Bat. "And it is not only him, but over the past week 17 C-class heroes, 14 B-class heroes and 5 A-class heroes have been grievously injured. Fortunately, there have been no deaths, but they are all in critical or serious condition and are currently recuperating."

He spread his hands. "We are all gathered here today to discuss countermeasures."

"Why are we wasting time here?" The S-Class hero Rank 2, Tornado of Terror, stood up, a faint green glow surrounding her body. "Lets go hunt him down right now!"

Sitch held his hands up in a placating gesture. "Please do not be rash Ms Tatsumaki. By all accounts whatever it is that attacked them is extremely powerful. Most of the heroes report being defeated almost instantly, and those who managed to fight back state that their attacks, even direct blows, did no damage."

"What does he look like?"

He laced his fingers together. "That is the worst part of our situation, we do not have a description of the Mysterious Being. Many could not last enough to get a good look, and most of the eyewitness reports differ, be it civilian or hero. The only thing most of them agree on is that the Being wore a yellow suit."

The door suddenly slammed open, and a clerk rushed in and whispered something into Sitch's ear.

"Apologies! Correction, we have just gotten a detailed description of the Being from Metal Bat, who has just regained consciousness. He reports that it strongly resembled a bald human, it was wearing red gloves and a yellow outfit with a white cape."

"Oi Genos," the blonde cyborg looked over at Bang, who was frowning. "Doesn't that sound a lot like Saitama?"

The blond cyborg perked up. That does sound exactly like Saitama sensei. Could someone have cloned Sensei and is using his power to fight the Hero Association?

He shook his head and exhaled silently. It was pointless to debate.

We don't have to fight the Mysterious Being, whatever it is, we just need to find them and lead them to Saitama-Sensei. There is not a single threat that Sensei cannot defeat.

"-that case it's settled then." Genos snapped out of his thoughts. "If this Mysterious Being is spotted again, the nearest three S-Class heroes will all converge upon its location, in order to avoid concentrating too much might in one area. In the event that a hero is incapacitated, another nearby one will head to the location to replace him."

Sitch's POV

"Thank you for your time everyone, we shall conclude the meeting here."

As all the heroes filed out the door, the Minister Office of Justice sighed and walked back to the HQ Command Center.

"Are there any new alerts?"

A young suited man ran up to him. "None sir! The whole day has had no Mysterious Beings sightings at all!"

Sitch rubbed his chin. "That's odd. There were none yesterday either. We've never gone so long without any Alerts…"

But apparently that statement jinxed things, as as soon as the words left his mouth another worker stood up and yelled. "Sir! A Dragon Class Mysterious Being has been spotted in Z-City!"

"Get me Atomic Samurai and Demon Cyborg!" Two of his underlings nodded and picked up their cell phones.

"Atomic Samurai, Demon Cyborg, please head to Z-City at once!"