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I woke up to the shrill sound of my alarm, alerting me it was time to get up. Who wakes up at 4am anyway, probably the same people that book flights for 5am. Going to a music festival was not exactly how I wanted to spend my 21st birthday, but I guess you can't say no to Alice. She got tickets, booked flights in and out of Miami. Everyone was excited, even though we were all in our twenties, it was the first time we'd been out of Seattle together since we were in elementary school and took a camping trip to Buckley for a night and two days. I got up, and got ready for the flight, deciding to skip breakfast, and catching a cab to the airport.

I wondered around the airport for a few minutes before seeing my 3 best friends, Emmett, Alice and Rose, all waving at me and motioning for me to hurry up. Running towards them and smiling at them, I said my hellos, before being handed a cup of coffee by Emmett.

"Quick, drink that before we have to get on the plane, I need someone to talk to for 6 hours, and if I know these two, they'll be out like lights before we can take off our seatbelts off." We all laughed, knowing this was a fact. Those two girls loved to sleep more than they loved us.

"I still can't believe you got our parents to agree to this, especially Rose's." I said to Alice. Rose's dad was a minister, who took pride in having a perfect family, and I wondered what exactly Alice had said to allow this.

"I may have or may not have said that we were going to be camp councilors for teenagers that were struggling with their faith, and before you all get mad, I did tell all the parental units not to tell the minister anything so chill out. Oh, and Jasper, we haven't forgot your birthday. When we land, we're going to brunch, bottomless mimosas for all!" she exclaimed and we all laughed at her antics.

The next 6 hours, were spent with the girls sleeping, and Emmett telling me about his fantasy football team and his crush on Rose. I found it interesting how Emmett, one of the biggest players in our town was interested in Rose, the minsters daughter. I mean, she was pretty with her big blue eyes, and blond hair, but she wasn't Emmett's usual type, and he wasn't her type, she dated other minsters sons or members of the church that wore sweaters, and attended a weekly service, not football players that drove motorbikes, but somehow I knew that this weekend would be the start of their relationship, and I hoped that it wouldn't ruin our group. It would leave Alice and I in an awkward position, we tried dating in junior year, we were each other's first everything's, awkward everything's to be honest. It's not that she wasn't my type, she defiantly was, she was petite and sweet, but it just wasn't right for either one of us.

We landed, and Alice pulled us to a restaurant near the airport called 'A drop of OJ' that had a sign that read, 'Brunch so hard mimosas want to find me.'. We sat down, and ordered our food, and of course ordered mimosas, the table was silent as we ate our food, until the waitress came by holding a round of tequila shots, and placing them in front of us with salt and limes.
"Sorry, we didn't' order that" said Alice politely, while Rose kicked her under the table.
"No you didn't. It was from table number 5 outside." The waitress said to us, and we all turned our heads to see who this was and I saw her. She winked at me, and took her own shot with her friends and left with a wave. She was beautiful, long hair that was almost blonde tied in a messy bun with a flower crown, wearing skinny jeans so tight they were like a second skin, and a black loose fitting top, with a pair of chucky black heeled boots that made her long legs look even longer and as she walked away, I hoped I would see her again, and I hoped I'd have the courage to say something, anything to this goddess.

"She's hot" said Emmett, earning a smack on the chest from Rose and a sigh from Alice.

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