This is a poem about Sephiroth that I just thought up while on my way home from the grocery store. It's a bit dark, but this is Sephiroth after all.

I am silence

I am shadow

I am pain

I am fear

I am darkness

I am the enemy

I am evil

I am the face beneath your skin That watches every time you lie

I am the silence of your loneliness That surrounds your soul

I am the shadow of your death Patiently waiting for you

I am the pain of your wounds That slowly drains your lifeblood

I am the fear from your nightmares Driving you insane

I am the darkness in your dreams Lurking on the edge of sanity

I am the enemy that you cannot see Following your every step

I am the bringer of evil That rules your life'

I am Sephiroth

I am Darkness

I am God

Don't get me wrong, I like Seph, but this was just too good to throw away. - Metallicafangirl.