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All the girls from Mr. Simmons' fourth grade class sat in a circle in Rhonda's room, playing truth
or dare. It was a sleep over. Helga didn't know why she had come; probably because Phoebe had
begged. And, for once Rhonda actually invited her. She figured 'what the hay! She invites me for
once, I should go.' Plus, if she didn't go the boys would make fun of her again.

It was Phoebe's turn to ask someone. "Mmm... Rhonda. Truth or dare?"


Phoebe furrowed her eyebrows in thought. "Uh... I dare you, to, uh... um... ack, I can't think of
anything!" Helga saw a chance. She leaned over, and whispered something in Phoebe's ear.
Phoebe narrowed her eyes, and smirked. "I dare you to wear the same filthy clothes for one week.
And I mean, clothes with grass stains, mud splotches, and food stains." Rhonda's jaw dropped,
and everyone began to laugh.

"I am NOT doing that. Sorry." Rhonda stated, folding her arms, and turning her head to the side.
"I am not doing something so... so outrageous!" Nadine cleared her throat, and tapped Rhonda on
the shoulder. Rhonda looked down at her. "What is it, Nadine?" Nadine whispered something in
her ear, and her eyes became two sizes larger. She sat up strait. "Uh, never mind. I'll do it.

"Now, it's MY turn." Rhonda looked around the bunch of girls, and then remembered that Helga
was the one that told Phoebe to do that one. She narrowed her eyes, and said, "Helga. Truth, or

Helga was slightly shocked. She shook her head to snap out of the shock. "Truth." 'Oh no, why
did I say that?!' she screamed in her head, and immediately changed. "Dare! I meant dare!"

"No, it's too ate, Helga. You already said truth." Rhonda said, smirking. Helga snapped her
fingers, and scowled. "Ok, let me think of one..." 'Rhonda is always the one to dare the most
embarrassing stuff, and ask the most embarrassing stuff. Why, oh why, did she HAVE to pick
mmmmeeeeee?????' Helga thought as Rhonda's eyes lit up, and then narrowed while she was still
smirking. Helga didn't like that look. It was the look of death; for her at least. "Helga... do you
like-like someone?"

Helga's blood froze over. Well, at least she thought so. "Wh-what?" Rhonda repeated the
question, and Helga paled. 'Just lie. Lying will solve it.' "N-no, o-of course not!"

Phoebe gasped, and exclaimed "But Helga! That's not true!" before she could stop herself.
Everything stopped for Helga. She turned her head to Phoebe, her eyes wide.

"Phoebe... how could you?" she asked, quietly, and harshly. Suddenly, the room was filled with
laughter. Helga blushed a dark crimson, and looked over at Rhonda.

"Who?" Rhonda asked, still laughing. Helga scowled, and shook her head. This was torture. She
couldn't stand being laughed at! "I asked, who?" Rhonda repeated, placing her hands on her hips.

Helga jumped up, and ran out of the room. The rest of the girl stopped laughing, and stared at the
retreating Helga. Phoebe looked at the others, and gave them a sad look. She stood up, turned
around to face the way that Helga went, and followed her.

"Helga!" she called, and Helga ran out the door. She skidded to a stop in the doorway, and
hollered, "HELGA, I'm sorry!!"

Helga looked around at Phoebe, and she saw that Helga was crying. She gasped, and ran down
the steps. "Helga, I'm really sorry!"

Helga suddenly just stopped, and spun around to Phoebe. Phoebe stopped abruptly, staring at
Helga in fear. Helga had a vicious gleam in her eyes, that meant 'stay away from me! I hate
everything right this minute, and if you come any closer you're DEAD!!' "Helga... don't do
anything you'll regret... later," Phoebe begged, and Helga scowled.

"Oh, and I'M the one that you're telling not to do something I'LL regret? You should have been
telling yourself that in there! You humiliated me!!! You told my deepest darkest secret, Phoebe!!
Consider our friendship OVER!!!!" Helga barked, pointing at her EX-best friend.

Phoebe stuttered for a few minutes, then found the right words. Or so she thought. "I didn't mean
to! I-It just slipped out! Plus, no one knows that it's 'ice cream'!" she said, using their code word
for Arnold. Helga crossed her arms, and sniffed.

"Do you KNOW how humiliating that was for ME Phoebe?" she asked, looking down at her
shoes. Phoebe sighed, walked up to Helga, and patted her back. Helga looked up, and backed
away. "No. No more. I'm never talking to you AGAIN!!" she spun around on her heel, and ran
for her house.

Phoebe reached out to her with her right hand, then dropped it. A single tear fell. "I really didn't
mean to, Helga. It just slipped out..." she whispered, walking back in the direction of her house.