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Phoebe's eyes widened in shock. He had heard her?! "You heard me mumble?!" she asked frantically, then heard a thump come from the small white phone. She pulled the phone away from her ear, and turned it off quickly. She quickly pulled on her jacket, dashed out of her bedroom, and down the stairs, past her mom, who watched her dash out the front door.

She ran down the street, all the way to Arnold's boardinghouse. She pushed by people, who looked at her almost in disgust for pushing them out of their path of walking. She skidded to a stop in front of Arnold's house, and slumped over to catch her breath.

Finally, when her breath caught back up with her, she walked up the steps, and brushed her coat off (she had accidently fell down after she slumped over to catch her breath). Thoughts rushed through her head. 'Oh man, oh man! I told more about Helga's secret! And to the one that she loves, too! What will he say? Course, that's kind of a relief to him, because he has a crush on her, but, but still! Helga will either kill me or thank me, or, or something else! What will happen when she finds out?! Oh, man... what was that thump I heard on the phone?! Did Arnold faint? And if so, is he ok?!' she thought as she knocked on the door, and waited for someone to answer it.

After a few minutes, Phil opened the door, and stared down at her. "Yes, little girl?" he asked, and Phoebe tried to see behind him.

"Uh, I'm here to see Arnold," she said, and looked back up to Phil's face. He looked over his shoulder and then looked back down to Phoebe.

"I'm sorry but he's busy talking on the phone," he said, and Phoebe gave him a strange look.

"I'm the one he was talking to, though." she said, and Phil gave her a strange look.

"Huh... then, why is the phone still busy?" he asked, and Phoebe's eyes widened.

"Um, I believe he fainted, but I'm not sure." she said, and Phil's eyes widened. He turned around, and motioned for her to follow him up the stairs. They walked up the stairs, and up to Arnold's door. Phoebe looked around, and noticed all the strange people, like Mr. Hyunh, Mr. and Mrs. Kokashka, Mr. Potts, and Grandma. Grandpa knocked, and waited for a reply. None.

"Hey, short man? Ya in there?" he asked through the door, but to no avail. He grabbed the doorknob, and turned it, pushing it in, so he could go in. They looked in, and saw Arnold, face down, with the phone in his hand, on the floor. Grandpa rushed over to him, and took the phone out of his hand so he could hang it up.

Phoebe walked slowly over, bent down, and patted Arnold's cheek. "Arnold? Are you alright?" she asked, and placed her knees down on the floor next to Arnold's head. He slightly moved, but just barely. Phil grabbed Arnold under the armpits, and lifted him up, setting him down on the bed. Phoebe stood back up, and walked over to the bed, where Arnold was laying/sitting (slouching, because he couldn't exactly sit up). She bent forward, and patted his cheek a little harder this time. "Arnold? Arnold, wake up!" then the phone rang. She grabbed it off the desk as a reflex action, and pushed the on button. "Hello?"

"Phoebe? What are you doing over there?" she heard Gerald asked, and she sighed, looking back down to Arnold, who still hadn't woken up.

"I'm here because while I was talking to Arnold, he fainted, and I wanted to make sure he was ok." she said, and patted Arnold's cheek once again. Harder, though. He moved a little, and his eyes began to open a little. She held her hand over the phone, and bent down next to Arnold's ear. "Arnold? Are you ok? Say something if you are," she said, and his eyes opened up completely.

"PHOEBE?! WHAT DID YOU SAY ON THE PHONE?! I'M THE ONE HELGA LOVES?!?!" he exclaimed, and Phoebe slightly flinched, afraid that Gerald had heard what Arnold had said. She looked at the phone, then held it back up to her ear. Arnold looked at the phone, and then back to Phoebe. "Who're you talking to?"

"Gerald? Did you hear that...?" she asked, not even noticing Arnold's question. For a minute, she didn't know whether Gerald was there or not, so she repeated her question.

"Yeah, but I don't believe it," he said, then burst out laughing, making Phoebe frown. "After him being jealous he finds out he was jealous of himself! Unbelievable! Ha haha! HA!!"

"Gerald!" Phoebe gasped, and quickly shut the phone off, turning to Arnold. "Yes, Arnold, you're the one you were jealous of. And I think you should go tell Helga about your feelings. Right now." she said, pointing to his door. He looked at it, then back to Phoebe with a pathetic 'do-I-have-to?' look. "Yes, if you want her to know about your feelings. Or else, you might never ever get together with her because she's loved you for 6 years, and if you never tell her your feelings, she could stop waiting for you to love her. Go to her, now!" she said, pulling Arnold to his feet, and pushing him to the door.

He slowly walked down the stairs, glancing over his shoulder to Phoebe, who was right behind him, making sure he would keep going. He sighed, and walked down the stairs reluctantly with his head hanging down, Phoebe following closely with her arms crossed. They walked down the stairs to the front door, and walked out it, ready to head to Helga's house.

They walked down the street, Arnold every once and a while glancing over his shoulder to see if Phoebe was still there, and she always was; which, according to him, wasn't a good thing. When they finally reached Helga's house, Arnold paused, staring up at her window.

Phoebe glanced over at him, and gently patted his back. "It's ok, Arnold. You can do it." she assured him, and he looked down to her, wide-eyed.

"No, I can't! I-I just... just can't do it!" he said, turned, and began to walk quickly the way they had came. Phoebe grabbed his shirt, stopping him from going any farther. He looked back at her, with another pathetic look.

"Arnold, you CAN do this. Remember when you told Lila you like-liked her? You had almost no trouble at all! What's so different now?" she asked, and Arnold looked down at the ground. They just stood there like that for a few minutes; Phoebe holding the edge of Arnold's red non-tucked-in shirt, and Arnold looking down at the ground.

"It's just... that... well, uh... it-it's the fact that it's Helga! I mean..." he stuttered, and Phoebe gave him a stern look, obviously not happy with his explanation.

"Arnold, that makes no sense. Just go in there, and tell her, like you told Lila."

"But I told Lila while we were in a park!"


"..." he continued to stare at the ground, until he closed his eyes, and sighed. "Phoebe, you think I could wait a day until I told her?" he asked, and Phoebe gave him another look. This time not stern, or like that, but questioning.


"Because I don't think I could do it today."

"Why not?"

"Because! Uh..." he paused, and looked back up to Helga's window, then sighed. "I really don't know why not, but..." he was cut off by a sudden creaking noise that sounded like a door. Phoebe and he both looked towards the door, to find Helga standing there, staring at them, with an eyebrow raised. Phoebe let go of Arnold's shirt, and turned to Helga, smiling.

"Hello, Helga! How are you doing?" she asked, trying to sound casual. Helga looked at her, then at Arnold, who was still in the same position as before, but looking back at her. Then she remembered why he was staring at her. She smirked, and walked over to him, slowly. Phoebe watched, slightly smiling, but trying to hide it.

Helga glanced at Phoebe and said, "Hey Pheebs," then looked at Arnold, who had turned completely to her, and was still staring. "Hey Arnoldo, whatcha staring at? Do I have something on my shirt or something?" she asked, sounding like her usual self. Right after those words escaped her mouth, Arnold's face turned bright red, but he kept completely still.

"N-no, b-but I haven't ever s-seen you w-wear something b-besides y-your pink d-dress," he said, and backed up a little. Phoebe sighed, and slightly shook her head. Helga chuckled, and nodded her head.

"Yeah, I thought since the word that I lo... love someone is out, I might as well take down the facade that I had built up to keep it a secret so long ago." she said, and right away, Arnold smiled. She blinked, and shook her head. 'What?'

"Um, Helga?" he started, and Helga nodded her head for him to continue. He looked at Phoebe, then to the house, and then back to Helga. "You think we could go inside, and into your room?" he asked, and Helga nodded.

They all walked into the house, and upstairs into Helga's room. Phoebe sat on the desk chair, and Helga and Arnold sat on the bed. Helga stared at Arnold, and Arnold just stared down, waiting for the perfect thing to say to pop into his head.

"Well... the thing is... I..." he started, his face becoming flushed again. Helga couldn't completely figure out what he was trying to say, but she figured she had a pretty good idea. He sighed, and placed his hand own on her's, making her blush also. Phoebe was enjoying watching this scene, because she had always been a slight romantic.


"I... ok, this is hard..." he bit his lip, and continued, "... Helga... I like-like you..." he said rather fast, and Helga's eyes went wide. She smiled, as he looked up at her, and she embraced him tightly. His eyes were wide and his cheeks were bright red. He looked over to Phoebe, who was nodding her head and smiling. He smiled, sighed, and wrapped his arms around her to return the embrace.

"Arnold... I... that is... you're the... uh..."

"It's ok, Helga, you don't need to tell me until you're ready, 'cause Phoebe told me over the phone."

Helga pulled away and looked down at him, then over to Phoebe with a deadly gleam in her eyes. She stood up, and slowly began to walk towards her best friend. Phoebe stood up, and began to back away from her slightly overly dramatic best friend. Helga then ran forward, scaring Phoebe and Arnold to death. But, something they didn't expect happened.

Helga threw her arms around Phoebe, and she laughed. "I know I should be mad, but that's the old Helga! The new Helga is so happy that she is too happy to kill you! Plus, if you hadn't told him that it was himself that he was jealous of, then he wouldn't have ever had the nerve to tell me he like-liked me!" she exclaimed, tightening her embrace. Phoebe looked over at Arnold with a clearly confused look, and he gave her an equally confused look.


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