This... is going to be the last chapter for this story.

Snow/Charming/Henry POV

8 months. 8 months is how long Emma had been gone. 6 months is how long ago the last letter was. The family was getting worried. Charming was depressed. Henrys been shut in his room only coming out for meals. Snow was all by herself. Charming didn't talk to her anymore. She was all by herself.

Emma's POV 3 months ago

You can do this you can make it

The chopper was about to take off. The crew had examined the battleground and decided that the whole squadron had died in the fight.

With her last ounce of strength Emma threw a rock at the chopper.

"We've got one! Over there in the bush!"

The team ran over to her and put her on a stretcher. Loaded her on the chopper and began to take off.

"Do you know how lucky you are Lt.?" Said a man with kind warm eyes.

"Your going home now. Your going home now Lt. Swan."

Emma's POV 2 months later

The doctor came into Emma's room with a big clipboard.

"Well Lt. Swan it looks like your ready to go home. You came out of your coma. Your concussion healed, and your 4 bullet wounds healed quite nicely. You'l have to wear a sling for your arm fracture for at least another 2 months because you didn't listen to me and injured it more on your wait what attempt was it? Oh yeah your 3rd attempt at escaping." The Doctor looked at her pointedly.

Emma at least had the decency to look sheepish.

"As I was saying, you'll have a slight limp for the rest of your life. Not to mention the emotional trauma you've been through..."

"I don't have emotional trauma! So just mind your own damn business."

The Doctor just sighed. She was a difficult case. Lt. Swan refused to believe that she had emotional trauma. PTSD to be exact. She had nightmares almost every night. When he tried to confront her about it she would deny it to her last breath.

"Annnnd because of that we have decided that you need a emotional support dog. He's a 2 year old golden retriever named Danny."

Emma was shocked. She was so shocked she didn't protest as the nurses got her ready to leave. She couldn't believe she was finally going home after all this time. As soon as she was dressed in her uniform she sat in the wheelchair and was brought to the waiting room to meet Danny.

Danny was a beautiful golden color. As soon as she laid eyes on him she knew he was going to be her best friend.

When she got out of the wheelchair with her pack on her back and Danny by her side she made her way to the airport.

"Where would you like to fly today Lt. Swan?"
"New York. New York City." Emma answered coldly.

Emma's POV Present

It's time Emma you need to go back home.

Emma had been hiding out in NYC for almost a month. She just couldn't face her family like this. Broken. Danny had helped her through all of this. Soothing her nightmares, keeping her company while she holed out in her hotel room.

"Come on Danny we're going home."

Snow/Charming/Henry POV

The three members of the family sat around their table at Grannies not talking. They hadn't had a real conversation in weeks. Snow was begininning to loose hope. She no longer cooked. For the last 2 weeks they ate every meal at Grannies. That is if they bothered to eat. Since they didn't notice anything or anyone anymore. They didn't notice the blonde woman in the Army uniform behind them. They didn't notice the dog either. They had completely shut out the world

Emma's POV

Emma wouldn't lie. She was a little disappointed her family didn't notice her in the diner. She would just have to catch them on the way home. Before anybody could notice her she grabbed Danny and poofed to the apartment. She made herself at home in her home.


Snow paused at the door. She saw lights on in the window and could see the TV flashing.

"Henry did you leave the TV on?" Snow asked nervously

"No god just open the door I want to go to my room." Henry snapped

"Ok how about the lights Charming?"

"No." Which was the only word Charming had said in 3 days.

"Ok there's someone in the house. Don't panic just let them take whatever they want."

With the 2 boys more alert now Snow opened the door. With Charming in the lead and Henry bringing up the rear they cautiously made their way into the house.

"Who's there!" All 3 shouted.

"Well I do live here." Said a very familiar voice.

"E-Emma is that you?" Snow asked as she promptly burst into tears

10 minutes later

"When did you get back?"

"What happened?"

"What's with the dog"

Everybody was firing questions at her and it was starting to freak her out. She could feel the panic attack coming on, and so could Danny. Danny ran over and started licking her palms. He knew if he didn't calm her down enough she would pass out. Whoops there it is. Emma collapsed on the ground


Emma slowly regained consciousness.

"Emma what happened?" Snow asked.

So Emma told them. She told them everything.

"Then i got on a pla.."
"Wait whats with the bun?" Henry asked

"It's the military regulation for women." Emma chuckled

30 minutes later

"Well I think I'm going to go to bed." Emma said after answering all their questions. It had been at least 30 minutes since Henry went to bed and she was tired. Gathering her pack she lumbered up the stairs. Right before she got to the top her parents said.

"We're so glad your home."

"I'm glad I'm home too."

The End