The Return Of The Prodigal Knight And The Phantom Menace (Update)

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Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn had always been known throughout the Jedi order as being both incredibly talented when it came to the Force and for his wisdom; of course such wisdom only came through dutiful study of the Force, or more precisely the living Force; something that Qui-Gon had dedicated much of his life too.

Alas it was for this reason that he was considered to be something of a maverick by his peers, well that and he didn't abide by the Jedi Code religiously like over Jedi did. The Code was not and never had been the will of the Force, it was an mantra that had been written thousands of years prior by a group of Jedi that had written down their views on the force.

It was because of his views that he hadn't been offered a place on the Jedi Council…Not that he wanted to be of course. His ways were not their ways and vice versa. Rather then meditating on the future he lived in the moment, he enjoyed being among the people, seeing the vast cultures that were spread across the galaxy.

Still if there was one thing that had been bothering him then it was the disturbances he had been feeling through the force for the last fourteen years. He hadn't been the only one of course but his fellow Jedi simply dismissed it. Much like anything that was alive it was constantly changing, that was their response; However Qui-Gon couldn't disregard it as easily as they had.

No he knew that the Force was trying to tell him something, guide him to whatever was causing theses disturbances but after over a decade of searching for whatever the source of these disturbances was, well je was beginning to doubt that he would have enough years to discover what it was before he became one with the Force.

32 BBY, Tatooine….

Jedi master Qui-Gon Jin, his padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi and a handful of personnel from Naboo such as Guards, a pilot, handmaidens and the Queen of Nabbo had barely managed to escape Federation Blockage by the skin on their teeth. The Trade Federation had tried to blackmail Queen Amidala into surrendering her throne over to them by threatening her slaughter her people if she refused; it was a known fact that the People of Naboo were not a violent people by any means, in fact that hated conflict in general hence why the Federation thought that it would be an easy takeover.

Unfortunately for all their preparation the Federation hadn't counted on two Jedi to come as the Republics diplomats, nor had they expected the Jedi to survive the gas or that they would fight through their forces to rescue the Queen and get her off of the planet. Unfortunately for them, they discovered that the ships hyper-drive had sustained heavy damage from the Turbo-lasers and thus prevented them from using it to reach Coruscant to inform the senate or the Jedi on what had transpired on Naboo.

Luckily or unlikely depending on who you asked they had had arrived just above Tatooine. A backwater little planet that was located in the Outer-rim. Still Federation wouldn't attack them there knowing that in doing so would only bring down the Hutt's infamous temper down on them.

Qui-Gon Jin, a Gungan named Jar Jar Binks who the Jedi Master had saved during the Nabbo invasion, a little blue and white Astrodroid numbered as R2 D2 who was solely responsible for saving the entire crew after they had lost all the other droids that had been stationed on the ship by the Turbo Lasers and fixing the Hyper-Drive enough so that they could escape from Nabbo and the Federation.

The trio were heading towards the closest settlement that they could see with the naked eye in hopes of finding a ship dealer that had a cheap Hyper-Drive that they could use to reach Coruscant to not only get the Queen to safety but also to inform the Council and Senate on the recent events.

The group didn't make it all that far before they heard a voice shouting from behind them. Turning around the Jedi Master watched as Captain Panaka and a young fourteen year old girl that had dark brown hair and wearing what looked to be what could only be described as peasant garbs.

"The Highness commands you take her handmaiden with you." The Captain stated as he came to a stop near the Jedi Master, panting as he did so, Sweat rolled down the side of his face from the short sprint and from the agonizing heat.

"She wishes for Padme to accompany you to give her own report….

"No more commands from her Highness today, Captain." Qui-Gon interrupted sharply, shaking his head in refusal." Mos Espa is not the safest place as it is and I don't have time to badjbysit a…."

"The Queen wishes it." Panaka interrupted right back, an angered look on his face as he glared at the Jedi that blatantly refused his Queens command. "She is emphatic. She wishes to learn more about this planet and its people." He added before Padme walked passed him and stood directly in front of the aging Jedi Master.

"I've been trained in self-defence by only the best training that the Queen has at her command, I can also speak a number of different languages which could be essential to our mission, Master Qui-Gon."

Qui-Gon wanted to refuse the Captain and Handmaiden request, the settlement would already be dangerous enough without a young fourteen year old girl that could've easily be taken advantage of, whether that be sold into slavery or worse turned into a sex slave that he had heard many of the Hutts had at their beck and call….but something stopped him from refusing her and it had nothing to do with the strength that he saw in her brown eyes.

No, Padme herself intrigued him. The Force was strong in her, not as strong as Obi-Wan but for somebody that he assumed hadn't been trained in the ways of the Force, she was powerful. She had lived in Republic space all her life he assumed so why hadn't any Jedi came across her in her rather short fourteen years of life?

It was entirely possible that they had come across her but due to her family connections the Jedi hadn't risked angering them. Yes he aware that the Handmaiden before him was none other then the real Queen Amidala and not the decoy that she had ordered to take her place; she could disguise herself among her Handmaidens in hopes of fooling her assassins but she couldn't hide herself in the Force…well not without training at any rate.

"Please don't make me return to the Queen to inform her that you refused." Panaka almost pleaded with the Jedi Master who breathed through his nose in frustration, knowing that once again he was going to give in to royalty.

"This is not a good idea, but we don't have the time to stand here and argue." He voice his displeasure to the Captain before turning his attention to Padme who was waiting anxiously for his response.

"I still think this is a bad idea, but you can come. " Qui-Gon told her getting a nod in return from the Handmaiden" Stay close to me."

And with that said the four of them began their long trek towards the settlement of Mos Espa. It was as they were walking that the Jedi felt a slight tremor in the Force, however when he tried investigate further it had disappeared, almost as if it had never been there at all; that brought a slight frown to his leonine features.

It was not yet the mid-afternoon when the group arrived in Mos Espa and made their way for the spaceport's centre. Qui-Jon warned Padme of the more shadier areas to stay away while they were there, a young girl such as herself would fetch a pretty good price on the market and if/when they discovered she was royalty then it would be like all their holidays come at once.

"Tatooine is home to Jabba the Hutt, he controls the bulk of the trafficking in illegal goods, piracy, and slavery that generates most of the planets wealth." Qui-Gon explained to Padme as they walked through the busy streets; he knew this due to visiting Tatooine many years ago when he had less grey in his hair.

"I can't believe that slavery still exist. If the Rep…"

"This is not the Republic." Qui-Gon cut her off before anyone could hear her." This is Jabba's planet and everybody who lives here knows it. He controls the spaceports, settlements and all the populated areas. Some might be foolish enough into believing that the desert belongs to the Jawas and Tusken's but eventually they learn that this planet is the sole property of the Hutt crime Syndicate."

"Then why doesn't the Jedi do something out it? Aren't you supposed to be peace-keepers?" She whispered to the Jedi Master." If you know what's happening to these people day in and day out then why hasn't anything been done to help them?"

"As you said the Jedi are peace-keepers, we're not soldiers…..that and the Republic has a hard enough time defending their own borders, we don't have the manpower to fight against all the criminal originations that exist in the Outer-Rim."

"It'll be better to try one of the smaller dealerships" The Jedi Master hastily changed the subject, resulting in a glare from Padme that he chose to ignore for his own sake."

"less attention that way." Qui-Gon stated wisely to his fellow human companion getting a small nod from her but her eyes told him that their chat was far from being over.

Entering the little shop the group was immediately greeted by a short pudgy creature that flew into their face like some crazed drone; Padme had to cover her nose from te strench that came from the creature.

"Hi chuba da naga?" The blue creature snapped at the group, demanding to know why they had entered his store; Padme gagged at the horrendous odour that came from his mouth.

"I need parts for a J-type 327 Nubian." Qui-Gon answered calmly, despite the greeting that they had received from the pudgy Toydarian upon entering the store.

That made the Toydarian beam with delight, his rectangle snout curling over his toothy mouth and making an odd smacking noise.

."Nubian, you say?" The Toydarian asked speaking basic." Yes, we have lots of spare parts for that." He said to Qui-Gon as his eyes scanned each of them before landing on the lone Gungan.

"What's this?" He asked staring at the strange and lanky looking alien. Jar Jar shrank behind the 6'4 Jedi Master, trembling with fear at the Toydarian's gaze.

"Never mind that." Qui-Gon brushed aside the shop owners question, it was after all not relevant to the task at hand." Can you help us or not?"

"Can you pay me or not? That is the real question." The dealer retorted crossing its skinny arms across his chest, regarding them with disdain." What kind of junk you after anyway, Farmer?

"My droid has a readout of what I need." Qui-Gon answered tilting his head to the down to the R2 unit.

The Toydarian eyes widened as he realised that he was alone in the store and turned his head to look over his shoulder.

"Peedunkels!" He bellowed over his shoulder and over to where Qui-Gon saw an archway at the back of the humble shop.

It was then Qui-Gon felt it, it was almost enough to knock him on his feet but thankfully he managed to retain his dignity and keep himself upright. It honestly felt like he was staring into the very heart of the Force as two boys entered the room, the youngest of the two running in like his life depended on it, whereas the other one walked in with a modest pace.

The first boy had a mop of sandy blonde hair was messy and unkept, cerulean blue eyes that twinkled in happiness, a light skin complexion and stood average height for a boy his age. He was wearing a set of sandy coloured long sleevle robes that looked a little big for him.

The next boy couldn't of looked more different from the first even if he tried. He had long messy raven black hair that went down to his shoulders, metal grey eyes, tanned skin, the start of an angular jawline and stood around 5'3. He was wearing a set of sleeveless black robes that left his chisied arms exposed, white wraps around his forearms and hands and unlike the younger of the two who looked carefree he had a rather serious expression on his face.

"What took you so long!?" The Toydarian snapped at the pair, though it was most aimed at the younger of the two who flinched and braced himself for a beating.

"Calm down, Watto." The raven haired boy said speaking in basic to the now identified Watto." Ani was helping me salvage an old Swoop Bike engine that I found in the scrapyard…unless you'd rather that we lose you profit, Lorda."He spat the last part out, getting a snarl from Watto that made an unpleasant atmosphere as the fourteen year old boy and Toydarian glared at one another.

"You're damn lucky that your so good at your job, Shag." Watto seethed at the disrespectful little slave before him; the last word got a reaction out of both of the boys however judging by the glares the two sent him.

"Just watch the store until I get back, you can manage that I hope!?"


"Of course!" Anakin answered before the raven haired boy could say something they'd both come to regret.

"Grancha." Watto nodded at Anakin before he left with Qui-Gon following just behind him, though he did give the two boys a glance as he passed them.

"Sleemo." The older boy spat in Huttese, seething at the fat slob that was his master; he only calmed down when he saw Anakin staring up at him with a worried and concerned expersion on his features.

"You shouldn't anger Watto, Rev." Anakin told earning a sigh from the older boy.

"I won't have that slob look down on you, we're the only reason that he even has a business." He answered as he headed over to his work counter where an old engine could be seen that had wires sticking out.

"You man the counter, Ani. I'll see if I can get this old girl working." He told his brother who did as he was told and jumped up on the counter and began watching the pretty girl wandering around the shop.

Humming a soft hum to herself, Padme began browsing, seeing what they had on offer, sure it was nothing that she wanted but she guessed that the people on the planet would pay a fortune for it…that or kill whoever had what they needed if what Qui-Gon said was true.

As she was browsing the Handmaiden felt a tingle run up her spine making her shiver slightly. Glancing over her should she saw the blonde haired boy turn snapped his head in the other direction to pretend that he hadn't been staring at her. Turning away she saw him turn his head back to look at her from the corner of her eye; She also heard the other boy chuckle quietly to himself.

Turning to look over at the boy that looked around her age she saw him tinkering with the engine. Turning away from him she went back to her browsing to pass them time until Qui-Gon returned from speaking with Watto.

"Are you an angel?" She heard a quiet voice. Turning to the source of the voice she saw the blonde haired boy staring at her.

"Pardon?" She asked confused, not quiet sure if she heard him right.

"An Angel. I heard the deep space pilots talk about in the cantina. They live on the moons Iego, I think. They are said to be good and kind, and so pretty they make even the most hardened pirates cry like small children." Anakin explained to her, only getting a confused look in return.

"I've never heard of Angels before." Padme confessed to the blonde.

"You must be one and don't know it is all." Anakin said with a shy and slightly bashful smile unknowingly getting a smirk from the raven haired teen; who knew his brother was such a ladies man?

"You're a funny boy, how do you know so much anyway?" Padme questioned with a titter that made Anakin's heart flutter.

"I listen to the traders and star pilots that drink at the bar in town. I'm a pilot you know, and someday I'm going to fly my mom, brother and myself out of here and we'll find somewhere to live our lives away from Tatooine, Watto and Jabba.

"You're a pilot?" Padme asked incredulously, raising a delicate brow. If she was perfectly candid she doubted that he could even see passed the dashboard.

"All my life." He boasted rather proudly.

"How long have you been here?"

"Since I was very little, I don't really remember how old...

"Three." The other boy grunted as he pulled out a pecie of shrapnel from the engine he was working on.

"Yeah, but I was too young to remember but I know that my Mom and Rev belonged to Gardulla the Hunt until she lost us to Watto betting on the podraces." Anakin revealed to her.

"You're a slave?" She asked him, appalled that somebody so young could possibly be a slave.

A dark look appeared over the young boys face; it was just a word but they way she had said it made it fell so….ashamed and dirty. "I am a person and my name is Anakin." He told her defiantly.

"Calm down, Ani. She's not from around here so she didn't know." The raven haired boy voiced as he walked over to his brother and put an arm on his shoulder getting him to calm down. Something only he could do with his brother.

"Sorry about that. Little Ani here doesn't like to be known as a slave and I would greatly appreciate it if you would reframe from calling him one." He asked her politely but there was a slight bite in his tone; although it was only when she was standing opposite to him that she noticed that his eyes were rather nice-um unique.

"Don't call me Little Ani, Rev." Anakin grumbled at his brother, getting a teasing smirk in return.

"Well Mum has always called you her little warrior." He teased earning an embarrassed look from Anakin after revealing the true meaning of his name in front of the beautiful girl before him; he elbowed him for the reveal.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding." The black haired boy sniggered at the red faced Anakin. He stopped when it dawned on him that he hadn't introduced himself to Padme.

"Oh, sorry I haven't introduced myself. I'm Revan, Revan Skywalker. You've already met my little brother Anakin.

"Your only a few years older, Revan." Anakin mumbled to him with a pout at being the baby of the Skywalker family. Of aside from the whole slavery deal he wouldn't change a thing in his life; words couldn't describe how much he loved his brother, he couldn't imagine living on the planet with just his mother for company. Working in the shop on his own and having nobody to speak too all day.

Much like him, Revan had never met his father, when they had asked their mother who their fathers were all they were told was that they didn't have a father. They both assumed that their mother had separated with their fathers before they had been born; if course it did depress him to know that Revan was only his half-brother but at the end of the day it didn't matter, he had Revan and Revan had him and nothing would ever change that.

Before the trio could talk any more they were interrupted by Jar Jar who had bumped into a small droid that began hopping around the store, its arms and feet came out with the Gungan chasing after it causing more damage than the droid had done with his clumsiness. Revan having enough and wanting to prevent getting a few lashes from Watto did something that his brother had only seen a handful of times.

Revan extended his hand forward then closed it slightly causing the droid to suddenly be pulled into the air then was pulled towards him before he used his other hand to smack it's nose deactivating it. Anakin then grabbed the droid before he started to clean up the mess they both had made.

"He's right you know..."Revan commented to Padme who looked at Revan still amazed that what he did.

"About what?" She inquired.

"You could be an angel." Revan smiled at the Handmaiden before he headed off to help Anakin clean up the mess that the Gungan and the Droid had made during their little chase.

Padme wasn't sure why but hearing that Revan thought that she looked like an angel brought a smile to her face and caused her cheeks to darken; maybe it had something to do with that Revan was around her age and so it didn't make her feel so weird as a boy that wasn't even ten calling her an angel.

Qui-Gon felt like pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance after how the last few days had gone. Not only had he and Obi-Wan failed with the negations, they had to fight through the Trade Federation Droids, be lumbered with Jar-Jar, having to deal with the constant demands of the Queen of Nabbo and finally having to land on Tatooine to try and find a T-14 hyperdrive generator.

Still if there was some good news that came out of this then it was that he had finally located what the Force had been guiding him to all these years; those two boys that were the slaves of the Toydarian. They were powerful in the Force, that much he knew but both were far too old to be trained in the Force, the Council only made rare exceptions such as with Rahm Kota, a now Jedi Master that Master Yoda had trained.

Qui-Gon had always been one of the more calmer Jedi but this Toydarian was really beginning to strain how far his patience could stretch.

"I have twenty thousand republic credits to put towards…"

"Republic credits?" Watto exploded with disgust." Republic criedits are no good out here, Farmer. I need something better then that! Something of value!"

" I'm afraid that I have nothing else of value." Qui-Gon informed him then waved one hand casually in front of the Toydarian face." But credits will do fine."

"No, they won't!" Watto snapped angrily.

The Jedi hadn't expected that response. Bringing his hand up once again, Qui-Gon waved it across his face again, using the full power of the Force as he did so.

"Credits will do fine." Qui-Gon repeated once again.

"No, they won't!" Watto snapped." What do you think you're doing, waving your hand around like that? What you think you're some sort of Jedi or something? Hah! I'm a Toydarian! Mind tricks don't work on me, only money! No money, no parts, no deal! And no one else had a T-14 hyperdrive generator, I can promise you that!" Watto poked his thin bony finger into his chest.

Taking a deep breath to calm his rising frustration, Qui-Gon turned on his heel and headed back towards the shop where he saw the two boys cleaning up the mess that had apparently happened since he had been away. He somehow knew that Jar Jar was to blame for that.

"Padme, R2, Jar Jar. We're leaving." Qui-Gon commanded them as he walked towards the door with R2 D2 bleeping as he followed after him along with Jar Jar who knocked a few things over again as he followed after the man that saved his life.

Padme felt rather disheartened that she had to leave so soon. She didn't know why but she felt drawn to Revan, as strange and bizarre as it sounded it felt like he was an old friend that she hadn't seen for years.

" I was glad to meet you, Revan." She smiled at the raven haired teen with a buetiful smile on her features; her cheeks heated up quickly when she remembered that she had forgotten that Anakin was still in the room.

"And you as well, Anakin."

"I'm glad I got to meet you two. I hope to see you again one day." He said with a big smile as he gave a wave to Padme getting one back in return. Revan meanwhile looked indifferent as he simply nodded in her direction getting a smile from her before she raced to watched up to the others.

"She was nice." Anakin sighed blissfully as the two watched Padme leave.

"I guess." Revan shrugged in response, unlike his brother he didn't see any point in getting attached to people. Not like they'd be seeing them again any time soon.

" You seemed to like her an awful lot; should I let mum know that should be gaining a daughter in law soon?" He teased his younger brother getting him to flush in embarrassment before shoving him as Watto flew over to them and sat on the counter.

"Outlanders! They think because we live out here away from everything that we know nothing!

Revan resisted the urge to back a backhanded comment. He didn't need to make their lives any worse. After all their lives were in his hands as he had the power to detonate their bombs to be perfectly honest he had no intentions of testing to see if he would use them if he was forced too.

After leaving the shop, Qui-Gon was in a bit of a sour mood as Watto seemed to be correct in this instance, nobody had a T-14 hyperdrive generator, neither did they didn't accept Republic currency, something he should of realised beforehand. They didn't have anything of value on the ship to trade in exchange either. However what was bothering him the most were the two boys from the shop. He knew they were what the force was directing him too. It was obvious that it was the older boy that the force was showing him too but the youngest boy was very powerful in the force too. One seemed to shine stronger but he just wasn't sure which.

His thoughts were put on hold when Padme poked him to get his attention making him look down at her.

"Yes. Can I help you, Padme?" He asked the young Handmaiden who looked around making sure nobody could hear them.

"Your, Jedi powers….you can lift things up telegraphically right?" She whispered to him getting a raised eyebrow from the Jedi master as this was the first she had asked about this kind of topic.

"It's one of our most basic abilities." Qui-Gon confirmed." What brought this up?" He couldn't help but ask.

"Well….the two boys Anakin and Revan Skywalker." Padme said with Qui-Gon pondering the latters name, he was certain that he had heard that name before, he just couldn't place it. He guessed it didn't matter." Well...Jar Jar activated a droid making it come to life and as it ran around the store Revan stopped it when he extended his hand forward." Padme told him making the Jedi master stop abruptly.

"He must be self-trained, that or his father or mother were once a member of the Jedi Order. Though I've never heard of a Jedi known as Skywalker before….I need to investigate this. An unknown force user is too dangerous to be left alone. Especially if they fall to the darkside." Qui-Gon thought to himself as his mind drifted back to perhaps the greateast failure of hislife


He was taken from his thoughts once again when he saw that the Gungan was causing trouble once again. Jar-Jar was currently trying to get away with his life after doing something to anger a mean looking Dug. Qui-Gon was about to intervene when he saw the two boys from the store appear to rescue Jar Jar.

"Chess ko, Sebulba." The blonde haired boy warned the Dug before the Raven haired teen said something that angered him, if the seething look was anything to go by.

"What are they saying?" Padme quietly asked the Jedi Master due to not having an understanding of the language they were speaking.

"Their warning that Dug known as Sebulba that harming Jar Jar would bring repercussions down upon him and his crew. Jar Jar is on the republic senate after all." Qui-Gon said to her getting the Handmaiden to smirk slightly at their quick thinking on the boys side.

After the Dug left. Anakin and Revan walked over to the group with Anakin being the cheerful boy he was and greeted them with a happy smile. He didn't have a lot of friends and like meeting new people unlike Revan who was a bit of a loner and preferred to be by himself. Anakin didn't know what he did when left the home but he left for hour and when he returned he was always shattered.

Revan and Anakin who explained how close the Gungan was to being Dug chow suggested to show the group around the town they lived in and had for most of their lives. The group agreed and followed the boys around Mos Eisley and what area's to avoid….especially with Jar Jar around. Qui-Gon agreed as it would keep the Gungan out of trouble for the moment and give him time to think on how they were going to earn the money to afford the hyper drive.

They followed after both the Skywalker siblings as they showed them the ins and outs of the town while Qui-Gon stayed silent to get a read on both the boys as the force would tell him which one he would be try and convince to take with him back to Coruscant to train as a Jedi and his new padwan as Obi-Wan was ready for the trail to become a Knight in his opinion.

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