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words she doesn't understand


Chapter 1: Waking Up

I didn't think I would wake up this time.

I just wanted to start over. There were so many mistakes, so many mishaps and broken relationships. I needed to escape, escape from my parents who would never accept me, escape from the endless insults and jeers of my peers and the disappointed looks from my family. I had lost everything, even myself, and I wanted to start over. But no matter how hard I tried, everyone had already figured out their opinions of me. I lost my friends; them slowly turning their backs on me, me too afraid of rejection to chase after. I lost my boyfriend, my best friend, and couldn't save him when he needed me most. I had taken everything for granted and now I had nothing.

I just wanted to start over.

Yet, I don't think I wanted to wake up.

The only reason I knew that I was awake, despite my eyes seeing darkness, was the movement. I could feel my body being lightly bounced and jostled against the soft walls of this cushion as I was probably transported from room to room. I wondered how many drugs were sloshing through my veins- my limbs were heavy and dull with a strange warm numbness. I had thought it to be impossible to save me, that no doctor, no god could change my fate.

But I welcomed the strange drugs. The constant sensation of floating, both my mind and body, made me feel warm and safe. It was comforting. With the drug, I felt content and secure and loved. The drug buzzed among my stream, a mixture of invigorating and soothing. It brought out an innocence, a childishness, I never knew I had. It was sparked within me a strange sense of happiness and content. I had forgotten how that felt.

Time passed, what might have been few hours could have been many years in this quiet alcove. There was a constant rush of warmth, a steady rhythm which provided me a constant sense of comfort. It reminded me of the oceans, of waves. This rhythm was my only measure of time though it occasionally sped up or slowed down. Sometimes, there was also a soothing sound that couldn't quite register within my mind, familiar yet completely strange. Often, I would try to reach for whatever sound I was hearing and receive a response. These moments always felt so intimate. There was no sadness, no anger, no room for judgment in this strange dreamland. There honestly was little room to even think as I was always drifting in and out of sleep, following the rhythm of my body.

Then one time, I woke up, my mind clear enough to form coherent thoughts. I woke up from my dream, my shelter, and I stayed there in my discarnate place wondering what had woken me up. My body didn't feel quite right. The rush of warmth didn't feel so comforting as foreboding. It was faster than usual. Panic filled within me as I realized they were taking the drugs away and I kicked and squirmed in protest. Fear overcame my mind. A slight rocking and a sudden sense of forced tranquility fell upon me as my body relaxed and prepared for more sleep. I sighed in relief as I realized that the drugs must have been administered once again, yet there was a spark of wariness at the disturbing realization that they may eventually be taken away.

I didn't want to face them. I couldn't face him.

When all but the tiniest shred of worry had left, I felt a sharp movement. My body slammed against the right velvety wall and then this crushing pain surrounded my body. I haven't felt pain in so long in my velvety blanket that I began to panic. I couldn't think and I realized that I couldn't breathe. My walls were tightening around me and I was suffocating. My safe house was now a prison. I squirmed and fought for oxygen, and as the precious moments went by, my body grew weaker and weaker. I could hear the muffled sounds of something outside as I was trapped within the walls, too weak to move.

Then the wall was torn away. The cold, frigid air rushed down my throat to my lungs and I could here the sound of a baby crying. It was still dark here, but still brighter than the complete darkness of my previous environment. The rustles of leaves and the smell of wet grass was crisp and almost harsh in the night air. There was tension in the air, a sort of buzzing energy. I was wet, laying on an almost-hot, sticky liquid that was rapidly cooling.

Gingerly, a hand lifted me up from the liquid making me realize that I was tiny. Whoever was holding me was breathing heavily and suddenly I realized that I was the crying baby. You would think that I would need time to process this information that I was reborn as a baby but somehow the only thing I could think about was how uncomfortable I felt. I squirmed and I cried out in agitation. The person holding me, Mother, was only a blur of dark red. Gently, I was wrapped some scratchy fabric and Mother patted my back gently. My tears and sniffles went away quickly.

"Kushina." The yellow blob said firmly. "You can't expect Konoha to take in another orphan." I blinked at the Japanese. The semifamiliar language was soothing to my mind, yet felt foreign to my new ears.

But the tone made it clear. The red blur isn't my mother. The warm feeling within my chest turned cold and dropped to my stomach. I squirmed as the girl holding me tensed at my whining. She held me closer.

"But Minato... She's the only family I have left." She said, stroking my hair. I tried to move my arms to the lock of hair that was uncomfortably sticking to my face. I failed; my muscle coordination was practically nonexistent.

I blinked my blurry eyes, she was family. Maybe a sister.

I vaguely remembered the older sister and brother I had left behind. The age gap had been rather wide back then as well.

Man seemed exasperated. "Just because she has red hair doesn't mean she's an Uzumak-"

"Their chakra." She interrupted, while using a scratchy fabric to wipe the sticky fluid off my face. "And how many red-heads throw seals around like that?"

I blinked, my mind finally fitting the sounds into words and words into meanings. My mind already felt raw from the experience of the rebirth and there was just so much going on. The smell of wet grass, the scratchy fabric wiping away the wetness on my face, the cool air making my damp skin freeze, the chirping crickets, the taste of metal in my mouth, the words they were saying... I was going through sensory overload.

But from the information I had right now, the implications of my situation were clear.

I wasn't just reborn.

I was reborn into the Naruto universe.

"She's still an orphan. The orphanage is overcrowded." Minato tried to reason. Minato and Kushina, the parents of the protagonist. I wish I had been more comfortable with Japanese. I frowned at the foreign word, trying to remember the meaning. Minashigo? What? Isn't that "considered?"

"Don't worry Mina-chan. I'll take her in." She cooed at me. I instinctively grabbed the finger she placed by my hand. "She's family."

"Kushina..." Minato pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Please..." Even without seeing her face, I could feel the full force of her puppy eyes.

They continued to argue as I blanked out, my thoughts filtering the sounds, the Japanese, filling the air. I wondered briefly if they were crazy, pretending that Naruto was real. But reincarnation didn't seem to be real and here I was a fresh newborn.

Yup. Definitely Naruto universe.

It was interesting seeing their dynamic, I thought. Kushina and Minato were some of the- if not the strongest- ninjas of their generation. Yet their argument, their voices, their posture hinted nothing at their strength. Between the two of them, it didn't seem that one was more dominant than the other, despite Kushina's well known reputation at having a fiery personality and Minato's higher rank. Perhaps it was the way their relationship played out. They seem to have a really mature relationship.

And then Kushina had to prove to me just how right I was.

"Pretty please 'Nato-kun. I promise to give you a really nice massage at home."

The innuendo was not lost.

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

"I'll make it really nice, with candles and chocolate. And then we can have a really nice time in the bed and make our own Uzumaki baby so she could have a sister. And the- "

Nope. Nope. Abort ship. Nope. Nope.

Minato seemed to be blushing for both of us as his blob turned more pink than yellow.

"Fine." He quickly said. "Just stop. Don't speak about it in front of the baby."

Omigod. Thank you. I'm fre-

"Dattebane. Why? She's too young to remember, not to mention understand us."


He sighed and to my utter horror continued, "Fine, go ahead if you want. But let's just hurry home."


"You just want to go home so I could..."

Despite the fact that I wanted to wash my ears and brain, the following conversation had confirmed the fact that I was indeed reborn within the Naruto universe and in fact not hostage to a bunch of crazy cosplayers. It was also confirmed by the massive leaps they were taking through the trees, giving me heart attacks as they somehow spanned a 30 feet distance in a single leap. (I believe heart attacks are uncommon with neonatals.)

But honestly, I could have confirmed the situation in better ways, without listening to the young couple using dirty innuendos and dealing with the disturbing images racing through my mind. I sincerely hoped that they wouldn't adopt me. Playing the child while knowing just exactly how they will make my brother, would make my life infinitely awkward.

It'd be so much easier to ignore everything and just refer Kushina as the red lady and Minato as yellow blob for the moment.

The cold air that rushed past my face in my makeshift blanket was refreshing. But despite the heat my carrier was radiating, the misty rain was making me shiver. The speed we were running at, the constant giant leaps they were taking in the branches, made me nauseous. I snuggled up against Kushi- the lady. She smelled like ink, musty books, and of sweat and the dirt around us.

"Hey baby~." The lady crooned. I blinked and the yellow blob smiled and turned his head towards the front.

"We're almost there."

There was a slight ringing in my ears as they leaped down from the treetops onto the solid ground and raced towards the grand wall ahead. The smell of wet grass and leaves was now giving way to dust and civilization.

It really is the Leaf village gate, I stared in wonder. The worn wall was made of a russet wood planks, reinforced with steel pipes. The door, also wooden, was painted a vibrant green with red characters painted upon them. Were the character's seals? It looked grand and majestic but worn down in a way that depicted strength rather than fragility.

It already felt like home.

The guards waved the two forward without a word when they saw the yellow blob and my carrier. Their eyebrows did raise when they saw me snuggled in my warm blankets and showcasing my beautiful red locks for the world to see.

What can I say, I'm cute.

Fine, the world didn't see my red locks. We didn't run into anyone until we entered the big, red- Oh my god, that's actually the Hokage building. I wanted to smile but ended up yawning.

Eh. I'm tired anyways.

The Hokage office was a lot of beige. The lights were rather bright after the past hours in varying degrees of darkness and I squinted. It was warm here. Warm was good.

"Hokage-sama." Kushina kneeled, head facing down, as I squirmed to see this person. There was a white and red blob and a black blob. "I hope you've been doing well?"

"I have. Thank you for asking." The white blob said. He sounded amused. "I'd, however, would be pleased to know exactly how you've managed to gain a hold of a newborn."

Kushina smiled a bit before she straightened up. She stood up tall and adjusted her arm so she held me in one arm, exuding the image of confidence and joy. She pulled out two scrolls from her side pouch with her free hand and placed it upon the desk.

"B rank mission. Our objective was to incapacitate and remove bandits from the village while observing possible leaks of Konoha action from our target, Keiji Takamachi. We were to eliminate if necessary. Our mission was successful and Takamachi-San has been found guilty of treason and punished as accordingly."

My carrier's breathing quickened for a moment before she continued.

"However, upon our arrival at a border post, we discovered that the members were found deceased. We suspected foul play. The bodies are placed within the second scroll I gave to you. Minato-kun and I found a trail from the suspected enemy that Minato-kun tracked. There, we encountered two teams of 3 members, 4 high Chuunin, 1 low Jounin, and 1 Jounin of considerable strength. Two teams were fighting a young couple. Female was heavily pregnant. The couple showed no immediate signs of any village affiliation. The couple, along with 5 members of the opposing team, suffered critical injuries. Couples exhibit Uzumaki traits, red hair, enhanced strength and speed, sealing specialization, and heightened vitality."

My ears twitched as I realized she was talking about my parents. Mama?

"There were 8 casualties and 7 fatalities. I wasn't really sure how to but I performed an emergency Cesarean section. It was... messy."

My heart dropped. The warmth was gone, mama was gone. My emotions swelled up, more than they should've and I whimpered. Kushina rocked me up and down quickly before continuing.

"An executive decision was made to intervene. The Kiri team was eliminated. Both members of the couple suffered fatal blows and I performed an emergency C-section to deliver a female with seemingly no complications."

Kushina paused here before taking a deep breath, steeling herself. Her eyes focused straight ahead; she was probably making eye contact. Her voice came out a little stronger, more earnest.

"If it's not too bold of me- Dattebane- I have a request Hokage-sama."

The Hokage chuckled, before I heard him inhale the smoke of his pipe. "I would've believed that nothing would be too bold for you."

"Ummm... Please grant full Konoha citizenship upon female child, born within the borders of Fire country and suspected to be from known clan affiliated with Konohagakure- bane. Upon citizenship, Minato-San and I would be willing to take full responsibility for the child."

There was a brief silence. I yawned, fighting against drowsiness despite the gravity of the situation. Kushina's arms tensed slightly around me.

"Kushina, given your position, you understnad that I'll need some time to think about this." Red's entire body drooped. Her arms sagged and her spine curled. "I'll let you know my decision by tomorrow morning, when I expect your written report. You are dismissed."

Kushina held me close for a moment before stepping forward and bowing her head in silence. She handed me to the old man, his hands felt secure. She and the yellow blob left the room.

As the door shut close, black blob turned to the Hokage.

"You'd allow her to raise a child, especially the child of an enemy?" The voice was low and scratchy; it grated on my ears. I cuddled into him, seeking warmth and making note of the smell of tobacco clinging to his clothes. My previous father had the same smell.

"Danzo. She's a newborn. That's hardly a risk." The Hokage replied dismissively, his eyes trained on me. His robe glazed my hand and I gripped it tightly. The texture was of satin.

"Yet Kiri would chase this one so close to the border."

"If she raises this child, she may not feel the need to give birth to a child of her own. Lowering the risk of the Kyu-"

"Or the child can become a liability. Another weakness for our enemies to target."

There was a heavy silence in the air as the Hokage pondered the Danzo's statement. Said blob continued.

"If the child is truly an Uzumaki, her bloodline shouldn't be wasted. I can ensure that with the proper training. I have taken care of several orphans as you know already."


"Kushina is merely a child herself. Surely you can't exp-"

"I said no, Danzo." I shivered and squirmed in my blanket as the suffocating atmosphere of just pure danger filled the air. Later I would know this to be killing intent.

Danzo, the name sent goosebumps down my back. I whimpered slightly and the suffocating atmosphere relaxed just so slightly. Danzo, however, wasn't done.

"If she is an Uzumaki," Danzo drolled, making it clear to drop the accusation that I wasn't. "she should do well with a shinobi providing guidance. Perhaps even sire another container for the future." His voice was steely, a hint of malice hidden beneath.

"It is Kushina's birthright as the last adult member of the Uzumaki clan to have claim on the child. And Kushina could ensure that the child would be properly trained in seals." Hokage was getting a bit annoyed.

"Dear friend, Kushina is young. She does not have the resources that are at my disposal. It's simply an interest of wasted potential."

"The Senju clan would have the appropriate facilities." The Third Hokage's tone indicated there was nothing that could be objected to with this plan. There was a sense of finality in the air.

"You always were too soft." Danzo scoffed. Hiruzen raised an eyebrow as I heard the clicking of a cane and the closing of a door.

Thank god.

The room felt better without the creepy Sharingan stealer in here. Safe. Comforting. The office was rather warm compared to the chilly air of the forest. I squirmed into a more comfortable position and the Hokage looked down at me in his arms. I blinked sleepily.

"My son insists he's too old for cuddling." He murmured. He placed his finger in my hand and I curled my hand tightly, pulling on it as if to respond to his words. "He'll be a fine ninja, just as I expect you will. I can see it in your eyes, you have a fire sparking within your soul..."

He began humming softly. He looked so much younger, wrinkles just beginning to make appearances around his eyes. I wanted to reach towards his beard, it looked soft. His arms tightened around me. My eyelids began to droop.

There wasn't anything I could do as of now, only sleep.

So I drifted off to the world of dreams.

When I next awoken, I was in Tsunade's arms.

Her eyes, a clear chocolate brown, were the first thing to greet me. They were wary, waiting for me to cry, to fuss. I meant to move my arms, only to belatedly realize that I was tightly swaddled in a tiny little quilt.

Tsunade sighed in relief as she placed me down on a hard surface. The delicate scent of flowers, probably her perfume, disappeared as the harsh scent of antiseptics and lemon wafted up my nose. I frowned in discontent, shifting in my blankets and loosening it.

Tsunade clicked her tongue twice and my eyes immediately flickered towards the source of the sound. I wondered if my tongue had the muscle coordination to produce that sound. Her arms slowly moved towards me, her green robe swaying gently, as she undid the swaddle. I startled, in surprise despite the warning, and my arms flung up quickly.

The look of shock on my face must have been amusing because Tsunade snorted. I guess I still had my startle reflex.

Her hand glowed a light blue for a split moment before she brought it towards my legs. I watched, curiously and expecting to feel some sort of healing or physical stimulation. To my disappointment, the only difference I felt was that her hand was comfortably warm. She stretched and adjusted my body, the cool air feeling foreign against my skin. I shifted on top of the swaddle blanket, and Tsunade patiently rearranged my arms as she took my height and weight.

When she finished, I stilled. I wanted to be back in the swaddle blanket, safe and secure.

Instead, her hand glowed green and I had felt medical chakra for the first time.

It warmed me to the toes, reminding me of the initial feeling of coming inside a home after playing in the snow. It buzzed, similar to the way the air did, but this one felt more like the gentle vibrations of when you placed your hand on top of a piano as somebody played rather than the pins and needles of when your limb fell asleep.

And thus, I reached an critical conclusion: The energy in the air was chakra.

I couldn't believe it took me so long to figure it out. It permeated the very air surrounding us, almost suffocating but not at that point yet. It radiated off the trees surrounding us, the warmth of Red as she held me. It was soft, yet with the potential to be harsh or deadly. Like light. Or heat. The chakra in the air wasn't necessarily louder in this hospital but there was definitely more in the atmosphere. The energy was heavier, more condensed. But at the same time, it was lighter around the air, as if it was cleaned and purified of everything that made it feel suffocating.

And abruptly, the medical chakra pulled away, taking away the warmth and comfort. I squirmed as Tsunade once again wrapped me in my swaddle; the warmth of the soft blanket calming me down quickly. Tsunade hummed to me, holding my close to her. As an Uzumaki, I had to be distantly related to her. I liked that idea. She exuded body heat and was calm. And when she talked to me, her voice was really really soft, maybe softer than silk. Just like her chakra.


Red's voice outside the room was the entire opposite. It alarmed me, bringing tears to my eyes against my better judgment. I squirmed and let out a small wail of irritation. How was I more related to her than Tsunade? I don't know how I would survive Red being my guardian. Tsunade seemed to agree.

"That Uzumaki is gonna be the death of both of us, kid." Tsunade muttered with exasperated fondness as the door banged open. I flinched at the loud noise and my lips wobbled in discontent. Both Red and Yellow were here. Yellow was shuffling with paper bags amongst his arwhile Kushina was frantically talking to Tsunade. Or maybe she was always like that.

"Hisashiburi Tsunade! So how is she? Is she okay? She's okay right? Hokage-sama said I could take her home if she's okay. She's gonn-"

I heard the sound of something smacking the top of somebody's head. Was that a clipboard? I didn't even think they were supposed to have those here. But technology in the Naruto world was always weird. It might've had to do with the idea of electricity coinciding with chakra and natural energy and all that. Seals were also pretty overpowered and all that- like they could do anything.

Mmm... Gimme some of that.

"... careful to keep her warm I wouldn't have had to spend a half hour fixing her ear infection and sedating her for additional immunizations. What were you thinking?" And back to Tsunade berating my future guardian. It was pretty amusing watching Kushina get all flustered and red and-

"Gomen- bane. Well we didn't really have a iryo-nin with us and I was kinda scared cause her mother was dying and panicking because she had an injury in the stomach. And it was like family and I was sad. So we were kinda in a rush and uhh we got distracted trying to get back to Konoha-"

I cringed. Oops. Nobody had missed the sexual connotation there. They didn't even actually do anything though, just some dirty words that probably scarred me for life and make me unable to see them as actual guardians because they made their teenage hormones pretty apparent. That's a scary thought. I think I might be older than my guardians when you count the years of my previous life. They were just teenagers!

Teenagers with the ability to spit fire and teleport and draw a sign that could seal a devil into a newborn.

Now, that's a scary thought. I couldn't imagine some of the guys in my high school being able to have that much power. Hormones made some teenagers idiots.

"Kushina..." Yellow's voice was dying of embarrassment. The distinct sound of a facepalm echoed through the room. This was like watching anime all over again. I don't know if that's for the better or worse.

Probably worse.

I tuned out the rest of the conversation, which quickly turned towards child-care. I was transferred into Minato's arms and then Kushina's as Tsunade gave them a quick crash course on how to hold, feed, and do all things babies. Minato was really cozy but it seemed like Kushina wanted to hold me. I was a bit sleepy but she couldn't seem to stand still. She was shaking her leg and fidgeting. It was rather hard to fall asleep.

"What do you think we should call her?" My fidgeting, unsuitable-for-napping guardian yapped.

"How about..." Yellow suggested."

"No." Tsunade said firmly. Minato visibly slumped. I relaxed, glad that I avoided that fate. Minato sucked at naming things.

"You should name her Nari." Tsunade said, staring into my eyes. I tawned.

"Like the old stories grandma Mito used to tell us?" Kushina brightened up immediately.

"Hai." Tsunade grinned.

I felt satisfied. It was pretty... The adults stared at me quietly.

"It suits her." Kushina beamed. I didn't really care as long as it wasn't stupid.

"Hmmm... Well that makes you the godmother." Minato said slyly to Tsunade. "We should celebrate with a drink later tonight."

"Well, I have to cover shift and it's your first night with Nari. So maybe another day. Tomorrow fine?"

"Perfect." Minato said. He picked up the bags that were on the ground and Kushina tightened her grip on me.

"Her brother should be coming home soon so I think we should get going. Minato has to cook dinner tonight so we have to get going. We'll see you tomorrow night." Kushina explained.

"Thank you so much for everything Tsunade-sama." Minato said.

"Hai. Just remember what I told you. Don't boil the formula powder and make sure she sleeps-"

I turned and clutched onto Kushina's shirt. It was soft and I was sleepy again. Being a baby was really tiring...

"I swear you hid your baby bump so well!"

"She looks just like you!"

"Awww... Aren't you gonna be such a great little ninja!"

The same phrases over and over again from different voices

Walking home was nice, I think. A lot of people talked to Kushina and me, cooing at me and congratulating her. The sun was shining pretty brightly in Konoha (I guess the perpetual good weather depicted in the anime wasn't a joke.) and the breeze was nice and cool. I could smell flowers and trees and all that grass around us as we walked. There was a lot less concentration of that buzz in the atmosphere outside and it was easy to ignore with the hustle and bustle of the crowd. When we went passed the marketplace (it must be on the way home because Minato already had groceries), you could smell the freshly baked loaves of bread being sold and the scent of juicy meat kebabs from the street stands. It made my mouth water even though I probably couldn't eat solid foods yet. One of the stand owners gave one to Kushinafood he brought to the hospital.

It was hard to focus my thoughts, I was tired and I still was an infant. Gathering my thoughts into something coherent seemed impossibly difficult. It was much easier to focus on how warm Red's arms were, or how her coarse but silky her vibrant hair lightly grazed my fist. There were colors everywhere so it was just easier to observe.

My mind now was just like how it was back in my old life. Whenever I didn't take Adderall, my hyperactive mind was distracted by everything. That's how it felt like right now. I wondered if it was actually my ADHD carrying over to this lifetime or the physical limits to my immature brain. Was ADHD a classified disorder here? Maybe only Uzumakis had it, that would explain Kushina's and Naruto's behavior.

I flinched at that thought. Naruto wasn't even alive yet. Would my existence here affect his birth?

Kushina finished climbing up the stairs of the building. Her silent steps (more evidence of ninja skillz) shuffled a hit as she shifted me into one arm. The low groan of door hinges greeted me.

Welcome home. I thought as I yawned again. I bet I'm hella cute. Heh.

Minato had closed the door with a click and flitted over to the kitchen to put the groceries away. He was so quick I wonder if he was using Hiraishin. It seemed like it used minimal chakra anyways with the speed and efficiency he used it. He was famous for taking out an entire army, right? So that was probably 200 uses within one battle. Meanwhile, Kushina stepped out of her shoes and shuffled into house slippers without even bending over. The house was bright and warmer than the cool air outside. It smelled faintly of spices and clean laundry. I didn't hear any steps before a new voice greeted Kushina.

"You're so pretty, aren't you?" Kushina cooed. I gave her a gummy smile and I literally saw sparkles in her eyes. "Ahhh! Look Mina! She smiled! She smiled-bane!"

"You're happy, aren't you?" Minato said in that baby voice. I gurgled to appease him. "You're happy!"

A bundle of energy, chakra, came over. It sparked and fizzled, reminding me of grey and purples. I turned my head towards the direction, but ended up cuddling into Kushina's shirt. It smelled of the same musty paper and ink, but the smell of sweat was gone- replaced with a sweet floral scent. She cooed and stroked my hair with a finger.

"What the hell is that?" A high-pitched voice asked.

"Language~" Minato's voice drifted from the kitchen. His voice wasn't stern, instead cheery and bright. I gurgled in the warm arms of my servant- Oops, I mean Kushina.

"Gomen," muttered the voice. "Ano... What are you holding Uzumaki-san?"

The voice was relatively young and came from below. Contrarily to the words, it did not sound the very least apologetic. In fact, the voice seemed repulsed. He didn't think I was cute. I was upset. However, I refrained from pouting. Whatever.

Kushina didn't seem to care about the midget's tone. Or perhaps, she didn't notice the obvious contempt laced within the child's voice. She turned my body outwards towards the offensive person's view; he was an assortment of light grey and black.

"Look! She's your younger sister! Isn't she so cute? She even got the same hair as me, dattebane!"

There's the distinct sound of choking and spluttering coming from the blob. I blink, curious about the reaction from this new stranger. Maybe he was in awe with my inevitable cuteness.

Hmm... Forgiveness may be possible.

"B-but how? When? I could have sworn you didn't even have a bump and she's kinda big for you to hide it THAT well.. Wait, if it takes 9 months to- when did you and Sensei..." The voice trails off in a slightly traumatized tone. He must be embarrassed because I could see the red mixed in-

Wait, did he just call Minato, sensei?

"Kakashi-chan! Meet your younger sister Nari Uzumaki!"

I blinked at the Kakashi, taking in the not as blurry lines of grey and green and black.

Then, I burst into tears.

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