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The time went by, it felt like an eternity to Jake, but it was really just a few hours. Jake had begun to doze off, when he suddenly was startled wide awake by a familiar voice.

"WHAT THE JUICE?!" Randy exclaimed, as he sat up.

"Oh, hi…" Jake said awkwardly. Randy looked at him, as if he had never seen him before.

"Jake? Where… what happened? And who's that?" he asked confused, when he saw Danny(in his human form), who laid with his back to him.

"Well," Jake started, he was beginning to think it would have been a better idea to separate them, before they woke up, "You and Danny fainted, but don't worry, Skulker is caught."

The "But… Danny… his hair… It turned black… like his..." Randy said still confused, as he looked at the unconcious Danny, "I noticed just… just before…" Randy trailed off, as he quickly held his hand to his head and gasped. "MY MASK! WHERE'S MY MASK?!" Randy quickly got to his feet.

"YO, calm down,"




"You see…"


"YO, CALM DOWN ALREADY!" Jake suddenly roared, "please," he added, when he saw the surprised and scared look on Randy's face - to be fair, Randy's only defense was his mask, he couldn't help feeling vulnerable without it.

"What's all the yelling about," a weak voice said from the floor next to them.

"Danny!" Jake exclaimed relieved.

"DANNY?!" Randy repeated shocked, "But… he… he's not… isn't he supposed to be a ghost?!"

That statement woke Danny up, he sat up quickly, wincing slightly from the pain of his wound and arm.

"Be careful, you were hurt." Jake said, ignoring Randy's confusion.

Danny looked down at himself and then at his friends, with a gawking look on his face.

"I'm just as confused as you are." Randy admitted.

Without a word, Danny disappeared. Jake sighed.

"Danny, I know your still here. Please let me explain." Jake said, as he looked directly at the invisible ghost.

"How do you…" Danny moved a bit to the right, still invisible, and Jake followed him with his eyes. "How do you know where I am?" Danny asked, as he made himself visible again. Apparently forgetting that he was still human.

"That's easy, I can smell you, hear your breathing and I can see you," Jake said, as he decided to tell his friends some of his secrets, now that they knew, that he knew their secrets, it only seemed fair.

"You can… SEE me?"

"Yeah, I have infrared vision," Jake answered simply. (AN: The dragons in AD:JK do in fact have infrared vision, with which you can see ghosts.)

"Seriously dude, where's my mask?" Randy cut in.

"Oh yeah, sorry, it's in your pocket," Jake said with a grin.

"Hold on… Mask?" Danny asked, as Randy took out the black ninja mask, "So… you're the ninja?"

"Duh, who else would I be? A stranger from the street?" Randy snapped back, but seemed to regret it afterwards, "Sorry, I guess I'm just a little overwhelmed right now. Which reminds me, HOW IN THE CHEESE DID YOU KNOW MY IDENTITY, JAKE?!"

"Yeah, and how come you didn't seem surprised at my unmasking either?"

"Oh, you see, it was kinda an accident or well two accidents… I… Um… followed you Danny, but you followed me as well, so you can't get mad at that, and then I saw your transformation. And as for Randy, I guess I was just at the right place at the right time."

Both Danny and Randy looked like they didn't fully believe him, but they seemed to forget it again, as they continued their conversation.

"So, I trust my secret's safe with you guys?" Danny asked.

Maybe I should reveal myself.

"Of course, if mine is as well." Randy answered.

I know their secrets it would only be fair.

"Sure, Jake?" Danny's question ripped Jake out of his train of thought.

"Um… sure. I know how to keep a secret."

"Great," Randy said excitedly, "My name's Randy Cunningham by the way."

"And my name's Danny Fenton." Danny said, "Oh, I almost forgot, where's Skulker? Did he get away?"

"Jake caught him… after I fainted," Randy grinned, as he rubbed his neck.

"But… How? You can't use the thermos with those claws?" Danny asked confused.

"Yo, I guess I have a secret to share with the two of you, but it's really important that you tell no one, it's not just my life that's depending on it."

Danny and Randy both looked confused, as they agreed.

"Ok, but don't freak out."

"After seeing a person, who can turn into a GHOST on will, and a honkin' DRAGON, I don't think that anything can freak me out anymore." Randy said.

"How about a 'honkin' dragon, who can turn into a person on will" Jake laughed, earning confused looks from Danny and Randy.

Jake's body was engulfed with flames, as he transformed himself back into a human. Both Danny and Randy seemed too shocked to speak for a moment (very unusual for Randy).

"Dragons have the natural ability to transform into humans," Jake explained, as his friends only stared at him.

"Wait a second, your that guy from last week! From the hotel." Randy exclaimed.

"Yeah, now that you mention it, I bumped into you on the street." Danny said.

"But you told me that your name is Spud." Randy said.

"I just couldn't tell you that my name is Jake. Spud's a friend of mine."

"How about the amulet, I still don't understand why you would steal it like that." Danny said sounding slightly distrustful.

"Yeah, sorry 'bout that… but I had to deliver it to my grandpa. You see, I was send on this 'quest', to find the amulet."


"My grandpa said something about the amulet being dangerous for the dragons' secret and stuff, so he destroyed it. I guess that it is the best way to make sure that Aragorn doesn't get a hold of it again."

"Yeah, I guess. I think I should apologize to you Jake." Danny said, surprising Jake.

"What for?" Jake asked confused.

"For not trusting you,"

"Oh, that's fine, I probably wouldn't have trusted me neither." Jake grinned.

"Um… guys?" Randy said as he looked around, "I think we should get out of here, before we get blamed for vandalism or something." Jake and Danny looked around as well, the P.E. hall and most of the equipment in it was damaged.

"Good idea, we can go to my place," Danny said, as he got up, holding his wounded arm and sprained/broken hand to his chest. Randy stood up as well, holding his shoulder, which also had been wounded. Jake looked them over.

"Randy didn't you have some kind of ninja healing stuff? Can't you heal yourself and Danny?" Jake asked.

"Nope, it doesn't work that well when I'm wounded myself, it takes a lot of energy."

"Then let me help you guys," Jake said, as he changed back into his dragon form and crouched down to the floor, indicating for Danny and Randy to get on.

"That's not necessary," Danny objected, "I can fly myself,"

"Come on, you've just been unconscious, not to mention your left arm and hand." Jake reasoned, Danny still looked uncertain, "besides… Randy might need some company."

"Can you carry both of us?" Danny asked unsure.

"Sure, besides it's not that far."

"how… do you know that?" Danny raised his eyebrow.

"Oh... um…" Jake grinned nervously, "anyways… we need to hurry before people wake up, we don't want any morning joggers to spot us, now do we?"

Danny sighed, then he and Randy crawled onto Jake's back, but as he began to walk, Jake suddenly remembered something. His bag! How could he have forgotten it, there were potions in it, which could have helped healing Danny and Randy.

"Just a sec," he said, as he changed direction.

"Woah, what is it?" Danny asked, as he grabbed one of the spikes on Jake's back, to prevent falling down due to the sudden movement.

"Sorry, I just forgot my bag." Jake said, as he put the bag around his neck, carrying it like a necklace, "Hey Danny, could you maybe make sure we're invisible? I don't want to risk getting seen."

"Sure," Danny said, making all three of them invisible and intangible, as Jake walked through the wall.

Jake took off, it was still night, but Jake was happy, that no one on the ground could spot him on the sky, due to the invisibility.

They arrived at Danny's house, and Jake landed on the street. Danny and Randy got off, and Jake turned human.

"What the juice is up with that sign?" Randy asked as he looked at the big sign on Danny's house with the words: 'Fenton Works' on it.

"Well, my parent are… ghost hunters." Danny said, as he scratched his neck.

"Ghost hunters? So… they don't know, that you're…"

"No, and they will never know." Danny said, "They think I'm at my friend's house, so we'll sneak into my room, Come on."

Danny grabbed Jake's and Randy's shoulders and made all three of them invisible and intangible, they went through the front door and up some stairs, before Danny led them through another door into his room.

Danny made them visible again by letting go of their shoulders.

"You're probably not going to tell us much, but I really wanna know about dragons." Danny said, before he sat down on his bed.

"I… I guess I could tell you a little," Jake said, as he and Randy sat down on the bed as well.

"Great! So where do you live?" Randy asked excited.

"I live in New York City with my parents and my little sister."

"Cool, are they dragons as well?"

"My sister is, and my grandpa, who's also my dragon master. He teaches me how to use my powers and stuff like that."

"How many dragons are there?" Danny asked.

"Oh, I dunno, every country has its own dragon, whose job is to protect the… um… 'citizens' of the country. So I guess there are a lot." Jake said, deciding to keep the existence of other magical creatures a secret for now.

"But… how come no one knows about them?" Danny asked confused.

"Duh, we're able to turn into humans."

"Yeah, but still…"

"Oh yeah, I forgot you guys were hurt, one sec." Jake said, suddenly remembering it.

Jake fetched his bag, opened it and began searching through it, until he found the first aid bag. He brought the bag back to his friends and started searching through it.

"What is that?" Randy asked, as he looked into the bag, filled with potions in different colors and sizes.

"It's different healing potions," Jake answered, as he searched for a special one among the rest, "Some's for sprains, some's for wounds and so on."

Jake found the one he had been looking for. A purple potion labeled: 'instant heal'.

"This potion heals any smaller wound it comes into contact with." Jake said, as he rolled up his sleeve, revealing a little cut on his arm.

He poured some of the potion onto the wound, which instantly disappeared. The liquid then flowed down his arm, but instead of dripping down on the floor, it dissolved into nothing, as it left his arm.

"Pretty cool, huh?" Jake said, grinning of their chocked faces, "here, pour it onto your shoulder," Jake said, as he gave the potion to Randy, who had a big cut on his shoulder.

Randy took the potion, looking suspicious at it.

"How does it work?" Danny asked, as he looked at the bottle.

"I'm not sure. I don't know so much about potions and magic."

"Magic? What the juice?" Randy asked confused.

"I'll explain later, just try the potion."

Randy looked at it again, before he poured some of it onto his shoulder. He and Danny watched amazed, as the cut vanished.

"Now it's your turn, Danny, you have a pretty nasty cut on your arm." Randy said as he passed Danny the bottle. Danny poured it onto his wound as well, before he gave it back to Jake.

"Actually, I have another potion for your hand, Danny," Jake said, as he searched through the labeled potions once again, finding the one labeled 'sprain'.

"Here, pour it over your hand, like the last one," Jake said, passing Danny the green potion. Danny poured and, like the last one, the potion dissolved into nothing after healing the sprain.

"Amazing," Danny said, as he held out his hand, opening and closing it.

"That's the cheese, can I see that?" Randy asked, as he took the first aid bag from Jake.

"wow, there's so many!" Randy exclaimed, as he searched through them, "What does this one do?" he asked, holding an orange potion without a label on it.

"That one boost a dragon's firepower for a limited time." Jake explained.

"Nice," Randy put it back and looked through the potions again. "How about this one?"

"How about reading the label?" Jake asked.

"It only says regrowth," he gasped excitedly, "can it regrow body parts?!"

"Um… no. It can regrow talons, scales, claws and even teeth on a dragon."

"Oh, how about this one, it reads: double."

"Oh, I didn't even know I had that one with me, it helps dragons create their double gangers, but I've already mastered mine. I don't know why Fu packed that one."

"Who's Fu?"

"Um… no one… I mean he's like… he helps me out sometimes, he knows pretty much everyone and he's great at making potions."

"How about this one?" Randy asked, clearly not listening to Jake. Jake stared at the little blue potion for a while.

"What's wrong?" Randy asked, when he noticed Jake's face.

"Noth… nothing," Jake said as he looked away from the bottle. It was the potion Fu had made, which would make humans forget about everything magical they had seen. Gramps and Fu expected him to use it on Randy and Danny, to protect the secret.

Could he really use this on them? No, of course not. He knew their secrets, it was more than fair that they knew his secret as well.

"Jake?" Danny asked, Jake shook his head, realizing he had been zoning out.

"Sorry, it's just a… another healing potion,"

The three of them spend the rest of the early morning and day talking, all three of them revealed secrets, and all three of them promised never to tell another soul about them.

They talked about the Ghostzone, the Nomicon and Jake even told the others about magical creatures. Then they talked about their powers, and in Randy and Danny's case, how they got them. They talked about their friends and enemies, their daily lives and about who knew about their secrets and much, much more.

At the end of the next day, the three of them had become very close friends, already planning to meet up again in New York in a week's time. The transportation was no problem, Jake knew several spells and potions, that could create portals to wherever he wished.

In the end, the three of them became a special kind of friends. Although all of them had other friends that knew their secrets, it was something else for them to talk to other young 'heroes', who was trying to handle a secret double life. They could both talk to each other like normal teens and they could fight bad guys as an almost unbeatable trio.

Yes. That is what they are, the secret trio.

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