Summer - 2004.

"Does it hurt?"

Wendy laid in the back of Ian McKinley's van, laying on top of two musty smelling sleeping bags, sweatshirts, and old towels. Laying there, only in her bra, the rest of her clothes crumpled into a pile off to the side along with her jeans, panties, shirt, and light jean jacket. She laid there, tense, frightened, and more than a little excited. Her legs were parted slightly, as she stared up at the one person she never thought in a million years she would be alone with, ready to lose her virginity to. Ian McKinley. The Ian McKinley. Son of Jack McKinley, great, great, great grandson of Joseph McKinley, one of the founding fathers of her hometown. Ian's father Jack was a wealthy business owner, who practically owned half the town. He owned the library, townhouse, the boathouse, the country club, and even Clementine Park. The McKinley family owned a massive house up on the West side of town, where the split level and victorian style houses became huge brick and stone tutor still mansions, all surrounding Liberty Lake. Wendy originally went to pre-school with Ian. McKinley Daycare Center. This memory was vague, but she remembered her parents dropping her off for her first day of official school. She was four years old and in pigtails. She remembered her father holding Julie who was three, sucking her thumb, head nuzzled against his shirt, as her mother smiled and winked at her, saying that she would see her in a few hours and to remember what a smart and pretty girl she was. Wendy didn't remember exact what happened, only one second her parents were there, the next she was standing in Mrs. Green's colorful classroom, clutching her plastic Snoopy lunchbox, and feeling absolutely terrified. Instantly her wide doe eyes began to water, as she looked around watching the other children line up at the cubbies. Instantly she felt tears begin to spill down her face, knowing how scared she was now without her mother. That's when she felt a small warm hand touch her own.

"Hey Snoopy, I got the same lunch box! See?"

Turning, confused she saw a boy around her age in overalls and a blue shirt with dogs on it. The boy had slightly curly brown hair and nice blue eyes. Smiling, he held up his plastic lunch box which showed the dancing cartoon dog before looking at the cubbies.

"Wanna share a cubby?"

Wendy sniffled, all ready feeling the tears go away. Smiling, she stared at him.

"Okay...I'm Wendy."

The boy smiled back.

"I'm Ian."

They were inseparable until about first grade when as most things happen, people drift apart. They were placed into different classes, and as time went on more and more new kids came to the school. Social circles changed, and even though they saw each other it was never the same as when they were younger. Wendy and him still had two honor classes together, and a gym class, but even before middle school they simply started hanging out with different people. His crowd wasn't big at all. Mostly the type the shopped at Hot Topic, dressed in black, listened to punk rock, and usually stayed in the art class while everyone else went to the prep rallies or outside to the football field. Wendy knew Ian's father wanted him to try out for hockey, but Ian seemed more interested in art. When school started he began mostly sticking around the art building, taking classes there, and rarely showing his face elsewhere. Wendy still was smart, and loved school. She belonged to countless clubs, has a ton of friends, and loved every second of showing how perfect she could be, being in complete control. She worked hard, got good grades, was in as many after school activities, and seemed to be the darling of her parents. Wendy liked her small hometown, loved all of her friends, and was enjoying every second of high school. There was this new boy who had transferred shortly before the end of the year. Carrie's boyfriend Kevin knew him. His name was Jason and he was cute. She was currently trying to get Carrie to set them up together since she had yet to have a serious boyfriend yet. In fact for her first prom, she went with Larry, a kid from her English class who was moving to Florida this summer since his dad's job transferred. Larry was a cool guy, he was on the debate team, wore glasses, and had actually been a good time. They had fun, and he even kissed her goodnight when he dropped her off. Wendy liked him, but knew it wouldn't even be worth the effort since he was leaving. Wendy couldn't help but notice that Ian took his step-sister Erin to prom. Erin wore a black dress, and Ian had a loosened tie, and jacket that seemed too big for him.

They didn't stay long, mostly staying back, laughing and remarking on the other dates at the country club before they both slipped out, most likely to the movies or skate park behind the burger joint downtown. Wendy had only caught Ian's eye once and quickly looked away. In this last year the two had barley said less than ten sentences to each other, besides him asking her for notes for the latest exam they had last month. It was sad that they drifted apart but her idea of a great Friday night was going shopping with her girlfriends, or attending the football games from school. He stayed in mostly, or worked the part-time job he had insisted on getting the year before at Build-It, a hardware store just outside of town. It seemed strange that a McKinley kid was actually working even though he was a trust-fund baby, but this was something he insisted on for his own independence. He refused the brand new car his father tried to gift to him, and with his savings from his job, he bought an old used van from 92 that he drove around since he got his license. He never fit the typical rich kid profile, even back when he was younger. He knew it drove his father nuts that he wasn't a jock, or drove around in a fancy flashy car, or spent his debit card like there was no tomorrow. No, instead from fifth grade onward, he went to the beat of his own drum. His idea of a perfect Friday night was going to coffee houses, or shows. He listened to all kinds of music, collected records, dyed his hair black, and fit the exact image of a goth punk rocker even though Wendy knew this was just sorta a way to keep people at a distance. Ian was smart, cultured, read a lot, and voiced his mind often, mostly in class when more than often he proved the teacher wrong, causing people to roll eyes or shout

"Shut up McKinley!".

He was smart, but she had a feeling his mother's death was a huge reason why he was so distant. His mother died shortly after Ian started first grade. She died trying to give birth to Ian's little sister. There was a complication, which resulted in them losing Mrs. McKinley and the baby. Mrs. McKinley was a gorgeous friendly woman Wendy remembered had always been home whenever she had playdates over at the McKinley mansion. She had beautiful blond hair, and blue eyes just like his. She always put on videos for them in the den, and made them cookies. She remembered birthday parties, and swimming in his pool. She remembered both sneaking away behind the back pool house which later became where Ian lived once high school began, and kissing his cheek. She remembered how all of that stopped after Mrs. McKinley died. How one second she was the most beautiful pregnant woman she ever laid eyes on. The next, Ian wasn't in school for a whole week. Finally Ian returned, but he wasn't the same. She remembered her mother sending flowers to his house and explained to Wendy that Ian's mother and the new baby went to Heaven. It wasn't something she understood, but could sense from the moment Ian came back, pale, and no longer the happy go lucky boy he once was, that something had happened. When she tried talking about it to him in the lunch room, he simply got up, and sat elsewhere. Within months, both had really stopped talking and Wendy made new friends. She missed Ian, but knew things changed. They talked here and there in school, but he simply became yet another face in the hallways. His father remarried a woman named Rebeca Ulmer, who had a daughter named Erin who transferred into school freshmen year. Ian and her became close, in fact Wendy had heard rumors of them being more than just step-siblings, that they were actually dating, but one night Wendy saw something she would never forget last winter. The few times she actually did see Ian, was always with Erin. The moment his father re-married and she transferred in the two became two peas in a pod. Wendy saw them at lunch, sitting alone snickering, and whispering to each other. She watched them walk to the art building, books tucked underneath their arms. She saw them leaning against the lockers, or sneaking cigarettes outside during gym class. She knew those rumors weren't true. Erin just looked up to Ian, and even dressed like him, and followed in his footsteps like a little puppy.

She even started working at Built-It. Erin was smart, but often used snippy little remarks as a way to use as a defense. Wendy remembered she had finished up with school, having stayed after for the year book club, and was waiting to get picked up by her father where she intended to do a little Christmas shopping. She was still trying to figure out what to get Julie, and was waiting outside in her winter jacket, fur hood up. That's when she heard voices. One of the art clubs was letting out across the way. She saw Erin walking out with this girl named Misty, a punk rocker chick with purple hair. They were the only two leaving the art building, and she saw them stop for a second in the shadows of the East parking-lot and both kiss. Wendy watched stunned, before both giggled, holding hands, kissed once more before Misty went to her car. Erin waited another second before looking across the way and spotted Wendy. Instantly she looked as if she had been caught doing something wrong. Embarrassed, she dropped her eyes, fixed the strap of her bag which was covered in buttons, and looked relieved when Ian's van pulled up to pick her up. He must have been working an extra shift at the hardware store. Dropping her own eyes, she watched as the headlights lit up for one second, then left her in darkness. She knew none of this was her business, and didn't judge. Ian clearly cared for his step-sister, since all those years ago he had been cheated out of having his own sister when his mother died. The only time she became defensive was when Carrie's idiot boyfriend Kevin saw them both on the bleachers, drawing in their sketch books. Kevin made a face watching them and elbowed Carrie saying he heard both were screwing each other.

That's when Wendy made a face and shook her head.

"Leave them alone Kevin, don't you have anything better to do?!"

With that she walked away as Kevin was left with a very stunned expression left on his face. Now here she was, in late June, out of school, looking forward to another carefree summer. Her last summer before applying to colleges would be an issue. Her last summer before becoming a senior. She couldn't wait, there was so much to look forward to. All of her friends were making plans, and she knew if she was lucky maybe by the end of the summer Carrie could fix her up with that Jason kid. Instead, here she was. Laying beneath Ian. The same Ian who had been her best friend when she was just a little girl. The same Ian who had the same plastic Snoopy lunchbox as her. The same Ian who's poor beautiful mother died, and the same Ian who became a distant stranger at school, his only true friend his step-sister as he dyed his hair black, spiked it, wore black, and band T-shirts, and rode around in his van to a job he didn't need. Laying there Wendy couldn't believe it. Ian laid on top of her, naked with his boxers pushed down around his ankles, and his own clothes tossed with her own. The engine was off, and the front windows rolled down. He had taken his van and parked up near the lake to a private spot he knew nobody would disturb them. Wendy has been nervous at first, not exactly sure if this was a good idea. For the first half an hour after they parked and made out she kept nervously looking around, scared somebody might come knocking on the window.

Finally Ian smirked, telling her one of the few advantages of having his father own half the town was knowing where he wouldn't be bothered. Once they moved to the back, finally Wendy knew this was it. She had been planning this for weeks, ever since that faithful afternoon just a few days after school let out that she went to Build-It and happened to run into Ian. Now here they were. Taking a deep breath, she nodded, feeling anxious, licking her lips before nodding. Ian hovered above her, before nodding. Just a few minutes before he had ripped the foil package of the condom he had and laid beside her, carefully rolling it on. Now he hovered above her, his penis grazing the inside of her thigh as Wendy looked up at him. Reaching up, she held onto his skinny pale shoulder blades, still puzzled that he still hadn't gotten a tan. Laying there, she waited before he looked down at her. Leaning slightly, she kissed his parted lips before leaning down. Instantly she felt him enter her. A terrible feeling of pressure, and a sharp cramp entered inside of her, making her bit down on her bottom lip as she snapped her eyes shut. Instantly Ian withdrew, and looked down at her.

"You want me to stop?!"

Wendy took a second and fought through the pain. She heard this kind of thing hurt, Carrie said it was just like really bad period cramps. Not thinking she could do this, she took a second and knew she just had to relax. Breath and relax. Laying there, she opened her eyes, more than a little embarrassed before staring up at him. She needed to understand this was his first time as well, he was just as embarrassed and had all the pressure on him. Forcing a smile, she stared up at him.

"I'm okay, just slow okay?"

Ian nodded as her hand slid up and cupped the side of his freshly shaven face. Smirking, he leaned down, kissing the side of her mouth before entering again. This time he went in slower, the pain was still there, as was the terrible discomfort but she knew if she relaxed and focused on breathing it wouldn't be bad at all. Laying there, legs spread as far as she could, she waited until he adjusted himself and looked down.

"Feel okay?"

Wendy nodded. Ian leaned down and kissed her again, lips smushing against hers, mouth opening as his tongue slipped into her mouth as he moaned, and began to move. At first his thrusts were slow and very painful. She laid there, knowing this was just part of the entire experience. Never in a million years did she believe she would be having sex for the first time with Ian McKinley, but then again these last few weeks had gone by so fast. It was warm in the van, so warm she wished they kept the engine running with the A.C going. Laying there, she felt his hand snake underneath her bra, and cup her breast. The moment she felt his hand graze her nipple, she moaned, forgetting about how horrible it felt with him moving inside of her. Kissing him, she laid there as he started to find a pace. His thrusts became quickly frantic, as Wendy tried to shift her position, and get comfortable. The van was slightly creaking. Ian's face looked flushed as he suddenly pressed his forehead against hers and swore.

"Ah shit...ah shit!"

With that he came, just less than a minute or so after first entering her. He stopped moving, collapsing against her, squishing her breasts as he heaved, trying to catch his breath. Wendy laid beneath him, stunned as she stared up at the ceiling of the fan. They had just had sex. Ian and her had just had sex.

Unknown to both of them, they had less than a year to live.