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This is due to a 300 word challenge I issued over at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NightwingOutsiders as to how the Nightwing/Robin smackdown would go.

This is also a somewhat comedic response to the explanation on the Bludhaven and Doctor Evil lists as to why Nightwing keeps getting whacked on the back of the head. Birth defect-complete lack of a skull in the back of his head.

233 words, go me ;)

Smackdown: The Flip Side **

Nightwing circled his opponent. He knew the little cretin was going to leap over his head, grab the metal I beam at the bottom of the catwalk, and try to get behind him. He would let Robin do it, too. Then he'd give the boy one swift kick to the head and drop him, allowing the boy to save some face.

Robin did just as Nightwing thought he would. He kept the boy in his peripheral vision for just a second before spinning to deliver the final blow of the battle.


Nightwing woke when he felt a hand on his shoulder, sitting him up. "Dude. Little dude got you."

"Ung?" He blinked once, trying to make the two images of Roy become one image of Roy.

"Dunno, man. You were spinning, and he rolled, and got right behind you. and wham. Didn't even hit you hard."

Nightwing got to his feet, his head suddenly clearing. "That little creep's going to get it."

"Wait, I wanna try something." Roy circled around behind his friend, inspecting the back of his head. "Can you hear me now?"

"What're you doing, Roy?"

"I said. can you hear me now."

"Roy, I asked a quest--"

Roy probed gently a soft spot on the back of Nightwing's skull, and instantly his friend fell unconscious.

.The End.

And that's how the Nightwing/Robin smackdown's going to go.