So as you can tell by the description, this story will be a Swanqueen fanfic through and through. This is my first OUAT fic, so I hope you like it. Enjoy!


There was a thud followed by the sound of glass shattering. Regina turned towards the noise just in time to see Emma Swan hitting the pavement as David and Snow made it to her limp body. Without missing a beat, Regina ran to the three and knelt down next to the unconscious blonde.

"Emma! Emma wake up, sweetie!" Snow pleaded as she brushed strands of hair out of the blonde's face.

Someone who had seen the event had called an ambulance, and they were now there to take the Sherriff to the hospital. Fear had been traded in for the blood in Regina's veins when the paramedics picked the still unconscious Emma up from the ground, leaving just the shattered glass... that was covered in Emma's blood.

"What the hell happened?" The mayor asked. Her voice was sharp and frantic, and it surprised her. She didn't know she cared that much for the blonde.

"I don't know. Someone just came up and grabbed her. She fought back, but they smashed her head into the car window. They ran. Snow and I weren't quick enough to stop any of it." David replied as they loaded Emma into the ambulance.

Without another word, David and Snow crammed themselves into the ambulance with their daughter, and as soon as the doors closed, they sped off. Regina, still reeling from the incident, took a deep, calming breath. Emma was her friend, and she was going to find whoever had done this. With one wave of her hand, the brunette made the pile of glass and blood disappear, knowing that Emma would not appreciate that staying any longer than it already had. She looked over to the car the Emma had been smashed into, recognizing it as Doc's Miata. Next to the car, laid a black leather glove. The former queen picked up the glove and stuffed it into her purse. Maybe the perpetrator had dropped it as they ran. She could use a locator spell on it later. But now, she felt an overwhelming need to be at the hospital. Again, with a wave of her hand, Regina disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke.

Three hours later, and Regina was the only one sitting in Emma's hospital room. The blonde still had not woken up, and David and Snow had gone to get Henry from school and let him know what had happened. Regina sat there, watching the rise and fall of Emma's chest with every breath she took. The heart monitor beeped at a steady pace, which brought Regina some peace. As she looked at the blonde laying in the hospital bed with a bandage wrapped around her head, Regina was shocked at how small she seemed. Yes, Emma was a rather tall and muscular women, but laying there in that bed, completely vulnerable, Emma looked like a child.

"Emma, I'm so sorry. I'll find who did this." The mayor whispered as she carefully took one of Emma's hands in her own.

There was a pulse of what felt like electricity the second her hand made contact with Emma's, and she quickly retracted her hand.

What the hell?

Emma stirred slightly and mumbled something that Regina couldn't understand.

"Emma?" Regina called softly.

"Re-gina?" Emma could barely get the word out as she woke up and her eyes fluttered open.

"Yes, Emma. It's Regina. Your parent's went to get Henry."

"Where are you?" Emma asked, her voice frantic.

Regina's brow furrowed. How did Emma not recognize that she was in the hospital?

"The hospital, Miss Swan-"

"No, Regina. I mean where are you? I can't see anything."

Regina could tell by the sound of Emma's voice that she was terrified. Quickly, the brunette went to the door and called for a doctor. Once the doctor and a few nurses had arrived, they made their way to the bed. Much to Regina's surprise, Emma reached her hand out, searching for something. Carefully, Regina stuck her hand out as well, and once Emma found it, she grabbed it and held it tightly. The mayor was shocked, but she allowed it to happen.

"Sheriff, what can you see?" Whale asked, flashing a light in Emma's vacant eyes.

"She already said she can't see anything, you idiot." Regina snapped.

Both Emma and Regina were surprised at the outburst. Since when did Regina care this much?

Before a doctor could reply, the door opened and Snow, David, and Henry all entered.

"Regina...Henry can't see me like this." Emma's voice was almost a whimper.

Outside of her own volition, Regina gave Emma's hand a comforting squeeze before letting go and taking Henry out of the room. Snow immediately took over Regina's place, grabbing Emma's hand and holding it to her chest.

As Whale and the nurses continued to run more tests on the terrified blonde, Regina watched through the small window of the door. She had sent Henry home, with a lot of arguing, and promised to keep her updated. Regina had no idea why, but she felt a longing to be in the room, comforting Emma. And every time that Whale asked a dumb question that seemed to upset the sheriff even more, Regina felt her palms burn, wanting to conjure a fireball and incinerate the prick for upsetting her Emma.

Her Emma?

They were friends, nothing more. Although, Regina was definitely happy the day Emma and Hook called it off, and Regina herself definitely moved on from Robin quickly. But no, she didn't have feelings for Emma. Nothing more than feelings of friendship.

Whale's shoulders fell and he said something that Regina couldn't make out, but whatever it is caused Snow to let out a sob, David to punch a wall, and for tears to fall down Emma's face silently. Without another thought, Regina walked in to hear the rest of what Whale was saying.

"...There is a good chance that this could be temporary. It will just take time for the swelling in Miss Swan's occipital lobe to reduce. But, as you can tell. The blow to your head has caused complete blindness.

Regina felt as though she was going to pass out. She couldn't believe her ears.

The savior was blind.


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