A/N: Here is another to add to the 2017 preview. I talk a lot of giving up on Five-O all together and then something speaks to me and I begin a new story. This one is based on a recent prompt and an idea to send someone for training that came about a long time ago. It all just started bringing itself together. The real question will be, and if you've been around for my other Five-O stories you'll know it, can I write a comedy or will this turn serious by the end of chapter 2?

Chapter 1: Cop School

Danny sat quietly working through some paperwork to close out cases and to send to the DEA's office so that the cases that were now out of their hands could be prosecuted. It had started as a hectic enough day with Steve captured by his boredom and flying off the handle at anything that might lead to opening a new case, but District Attorney Ross has arrived looking for the files he'd be taking on and Danny opted to stay in and ready them while Steve took Kono and headed out on patrol, or that's what he was calling his being a nuisance.

Danny was interrupted, late into the morning, by a gentle knock on the door and the appearance of a timid and overly cautious Adam Charlie, a.k.a Toast.

"Hello," Danny said as he looked up and motioned for the hacker to come in. "What brings you around with your tail between your legs?" He asked.

"I've done nothing wrong, if that's what you're asking," Toast countered, closed the door and sat down before Danny's desk. "I've just come looking for some advice, and I'm happy to find you in an empty office because I really don't want anyone else to know. Not yet at least."

"Go on," Danny said as he folded his hands, leaned forward onto his stack of paperwork, and raised an eyebrow.

"Because we're old friends, right?" Toast asked and there was doubt in his voice.

"We are, yes, you can call us friends, co-workers even. You are an integral part of this team when we are desperate," The detective added with a bit of a laugh. "We use you when we need you, that's not really friendship, is it?"

"Well, maybe not all of Five-O, but you did keep my out of prison," Toast said still feeling the awkwardness. "But as I'm an integral part of the team, or so you say, I was thinking maybe I should do a little more to further my knowledge," he continued as he rang his hands together.

"Spit it out, Toast. What are you trying to tell me?" Danny asked.

"Well, I was going through the HPD system, like you do," he began.

"You mean you hacked into it because you're not a cop and therefore should not have access to the secured HPD system," Danny interrupted.

"I have access thanks to Five-O!" Toast retorted and then continued. "I did not hack the system, I logged on with my official password and username, thank you very much, and I came across some of the official training courses that are about to start, and I was thinking, maybe, as a member of Five-O, I could take some of these course," Adam explained as he pulled a folded sheet of paper out of his pocket and handed it across the desk.

"I don't see why not, though they seem very straight forward, and like things you're already familiar with. Why do you feel like you need permission?" Danny asked as he looked up from the paper.

"Well, because I'm not a cop or a detective, so why would I go to cop school?" Toast asked.

"You want me to take these course?" Danny jumped to conclusions.

"No, I want to take them, but I need the backing of a superior within HPD to put me up for the courses," Toast spoke quickly now to stem the tides of Danny's harshness.

"Oh, I see," Danny said with a chuckle and a nod. "You know, as a member of Five-O you can do whatever you wish within HPD, that's where the Immunity and Means comes in."

"But I'm not really a member, am I?" Toast asked crestfallen. "Neither is Jerry. We are just consultants that you call in from time to time, and who don't actually have badges, or any formal police training. I'd just like to be a little more legitimate than a hacker on staff."

"Is that how you think we see you?" Danny asked.

"Isn't it?" Toast question in return.

"Not me, and I'm sure if you asked, no one else on this team feels that way, but if you are truly interested in these courses, I don't see why not. I'll back you in them if that's what you'd like and maybe it will convince Steve to make your position much more permanent. Not that you need the money," Danny said.

"Sure, I made a chunk of change with Poopy Penguins, but like any other internet fad, it faded out. I wasn't stupid with my money, by any means, and I'm trying to develop more in my free time, but I feel like I need the stability of a real job. I'm there now, not just that hacker in my basement. I need something and I think I can find that with Five-O," Toast confessed.

"That is very mature of you," Danny said and smiled. "I'll sign you up right away."

"Can Jerry take the course with me?" Toast asked timidly once again.

"I don't see why not," Danny said with a nod. "You can ask anyone else you like, within our ranks, and I'll arrange the registration through Five-O. I'm proud of you Toast, you'll likely know everything already, and will put a lot of stuck up young officers in their places, but it can only be beneficial for the task-force and I'm sure Steve will see it that way as well."

"Great, I'm looking forward to it, but that does mean that Jerry and I will be out of commission for the duration of the course. We're not allowed to work any cases while in training," Toast added.

"I'm sure we'll manage just fine without you for the week you'll be in class," Danny said and smiled.

"Aren't those kinda the famous last words for this task-force?" Toast asked hesitantly.

"Very true, but we always manage to the best of our abilities," Danny said and winked. "Now go, it looks like Steve is back from his outing, without success, this may cheer him up," he added and motioned to the returning members of his team.

"All right, I'll tell him," Toast said and smiled as he jumped out of his seat and turned toward the door. "This is going to be really good for me. Thank you so much for your support."

"Go on!" Danny shooed the man away with a laugh.

"What brings you in?" Steve asked as Toast exited Danny's office with a spring in his step. "Did we catch a case?" He asked optimistically.

"No, Danny's going to back me in taking some training courses through HPD, for the benefit of the task-force," Toast answered excitedly.

"Not that he needs them, but training courses always look good on the books, and it legitimizes having a hacker on staff," Danny said as he followed.

"What kinds of course?" Steve asked and was handed the paper. "I learned some of these techniques while working intelligence, but I've been under pressure to take some HPD courses to legitimize my being here. Maybe I should take them too," he added optimistically.

"You, take training, ha!" Danny laughed as Chin and Kono joined them. "To be a cop, right! This I've got to see," he added sarcastically.

"You've been fighting this protocol since the inception of the task-force, why now?" Kono asked as she too looked at the paper.

"Because these courses seem legit enough, and I could use the training in these areas, or at least refreshers," Steve said.

"Introduction to new technology and practical applications in law enforcement?" Chin asked as he looked over his cousin's shoulder at the paper. "Surveillance and security with regards to the constitution? I agree, Steve, you could use this training, because you break these rules often enough but with our Immunity and Means why would you need it?" He asked.

"To stop breaking rules?" Danny asked optimistically. "These courses sound like they had Steve in mind the whole time," he added to tease his partner.

"The Governor would be happy to see me take them, and Toast," Steve said and waved off his partner dismissively.

"I requested that Jerry take them as well," Toast piped in again. "Mainly for the third one on the list. I think he'll really dig that one," he added and motioned back to the paper.

"Conspiracy and common sense?" Kono asked with a laugh. "Where do they come up with these things?" She added with a shake of her head.

"We've crossed into the realm of conspiracy often enough," Steve countered protectively. "It sounds good!"

"As long as weapon training isn't part of the package, I don't see why the three of you, with little to no official police training, shouldn't take the courses. They may be more beneficial than we expect," Danny said to stem the argument that was about to occur. "Find Jerry, see if he wants to accompany you in this endeavour and I'll get started on your paper work."

"But what about other work?" Steve asked as he hesitated.

"I'm sure Kono, Chin and I can handle a week without you. We've done it before," Danny said and moved to return to his office.

"We can handle it boss man," Kono said with a wink. "Make us proud!"

"So really, this is cool? Like we're going to do this?" Toast asked with excitement.

"Yes, I think we are," Steve said and with Toast, they rushed off to find Jerry in his basement office.

"If anything, it will be entertaining," Kono said to his cousin.

"For us, or for those poor instructors?" Chin asked.

Giggling, Kono winked at her cousin and moved toward her office.