Rating/Disclaimer/Summary: Chapter One.

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Billy, Trini and Adam's silent state of research was rudely interrupted by the return of Tommy's team from the mountains. The four all trooped in, looking utterly defeated, and more importantly, empty handed.

"Did you get anything?" Trini asked worriedly, looking up from the piece of paper she was reading. Despite the high possibility that they would have come up against a brick wall, she had clung onto a faint hope that her friends may have found something, anything which would be able to help them in their quest.

"Absolutely nothing," Kim said, and slumped into the sofa next to her best friend.

"Well, that's not quite true," Tommy corrected. "We didn't find anything, but now we know that someone was definitely there before us. If anything useful had been there, it's gone now."

"I didn't get the chance to tell you before you left," Adam admitted. "I knew the police had been up there sometime ago." He shut his reference book with a satisfying snap. "I was up there about three weeks ago, and there were about six of them taking a look around. None of them looked as though they were holding anything, or had found anything at all, come to that."

"The police weren't the only ones who had paid a visit," Tanya declared, holding up a particularly savaged piece of police cordon. "This looks as though it's been chewed through by a desperate monster. Although that would mean he'd have made two trips to the site, unless we're dealing with more than one adversary."

"May I have a look?" Billy asked, moving away from the laptop to take the cordon from Tanya's grasp, and held it up to the light in order to see it more clearly. After a pause of some seconds, he handed it back to her, and sighed. "Well, it could have been ripped by hand by a frustrated policeman who didn't have any scissors to hand, but that's unlikely to say the least. It's certain that the edges weren't cut by scissors or any kind of knife, so you're most likely right to say it was broken by our angry friend."

"I guess we have to consider all available possibilities," Trini remarked, and the group fell into silence as they all strove to think of a solution to their problem, or any little thing that they could do to ease the current pressure. Trini was the first to speak again, as her eyes lit up with the possibility of a genuine new idea that just might work. "Billy, you're our technological genius. Is there any way that you could hack into the AGPD's internal website, and find out for sure what they were doing up at the Command Centre, and whether they found anything useful there?"

Billy almost looked hopeful at her suggestion, then his positive expression turned to one of outrage as the implications of the act hit him. "Trini, do you have any idea of how many methods they could and would use to track me down if they find out someone's been hacking into their website? I'm a research scientist, not a Web expert."

"More to the point, do you realise we all know perfectly well that you could hack into any computer without being caught, Web expert or not?" Kim retorted. "I don't remember you being such a Mr. Morality when Zack asked you to wipe his driver's license clean, and that wasn't in a life or death situation. Unless I'm very much mistaken, this is."

Billy looked absolutely flabbergasted, much to the amusement of his friends. "How do you know about that?"

"I use old-fashioned word-of-mouth to track down secrets. Not hacking into restricted computer files," Kim smield sweetly.

"Come on, Billy. We'll most likely be dead one way or the other, so what will it matter?" Tanya urged.

"Go on..."

"I never said I wouldn't do it," Billy reminded his anxiously persuasive friends. "Just that I'm going to have to be extremely careful. And it might take a while, which would mean leaving the trawling through the disc."

"From the lack of general jubilation when you entered, you may have gathered that Billy's wonder-disc doesn't come with a search facility," Adam informed them. "Although Trini and I are beginning to see the wood for the trees when it comes to finding or making weapons."

"Really? How?" Tommy asked, impressed. "That's more than we managed to do."

"I wouldn't describe it as headway," Trini demurred, "more of a vague suggestion. What we'd have to do is find a hell of a lot of wood, chop it up, and turn the pieces into objects that may or may not resemble conventional weapons."

"Maybe Billy was right earlier," Tanya murmured. Kim caught her quiet words, and turned towards her.

"What was Billy right about?"

"When he said this thing could be defeated psychologically, rather than physically. It's looking more and more as though that armour wasn't made to be penetrated, yet there must be some way we can get rid of him."

"It's worth a shot, at least," Tommy agreed, "but we should wait til Jase and the team get back. Did they check in at all?"

"No, but the rendez-vous time is only a couple of minutes away, so there's no need to panic," Adam reminded him.

"So Trini, what kind of weapons could we feasibly make out of this wood we're going to find that wouldn't break or snap as soon as they touched our monster-man?" Aisha asked Trini.

"Call me stupid, but why can't we just go out and buy some steel piping and crack him over the head with it?" Kim asked. "Let's face it; no-one is exactly going to be surprised at people buying things to 'protect' themselves with. The whole city did it every day when we were under attack regularly."

"Money, the fact that if we're seen later on attacking this thing and survive, the person who sold us the weapons will have credit card details... I don't know about everyone else, but I would root for making weapons," Trini told her friend.

"Bear in mind that I haven't shot a bow and arrow in seven years if you decide to make me one," Kim reminded the room in general. "There's more than a possibility that I may be a touch out of practise."

"I agree with Kim on this one," Tommy spoke up in support of his ex- girlfriend. "I'm not disputing that it would be cheaper to go to a junkyard and pick up scraps of debris to work with than buying rifles or whatever. But we have to think seriously about how effective that kind of ammo would be."

Trini looked faintly mutinous, and was about to respond, when the door opened and the four missing friends returned from a day at the office. Jason was brandishing a letter in his fisted right hand as he stormed in, and Zack, Kat and Rocky crowded in behind him, all looking equally worried.

"What's the matter?" Tommy asked, and jumped up from his seat on the sofa immediately.

"No sign of Cubatron - "

"Streets deserted - "

"This kid was always one step ahead of us - "

"He had a letter addressed to me," Jason clarified, seeing the confused look on the sea of faces staring at them. "We thought we'd better wait till we got back to open it. I don't know how many speed limits I broke, or how many red lights I jumped, but it still seemed like it took forever to get here."

"Well don't leave it any longer, open it!" Tanya urged, as everyone clustered around the returning group in order to try and read over Jason's shoulder as he opened the envelope, a task that was proving impossible.

Jason looked around at everyone, apprehension at what the letter might contain beginning to show on his face. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he sighed and ripped open the envelope.

"For the attention of Jason Scott, Tomy Oliver, and all the ex Power Rangers to be found in their presence."

"What an opener," Rocky muttered under his breath, rolling his eyes. "He couldn't just say our names?" A sharp nudge in the ribs from Aisha soon put paid to his running commentary.

Jason paused, then continued, looking more and more peturbed as the words unfolded.

"I am aware that you wish to defeat me. I feel duty-bound to tell you that your task is impossible. No weapon can pierce my armour. No weapon can kill me.

"I have been sent here to destroy your planet, and I do not intend to stop until I have completed this task. Any move I make in Angel Grove will come to pass in every habitation across the world.

"But let it never be said that I do not propose fair tasks for my adversaries. I give you until twelve noon tomorrow to do what you will. Make your last plans to attempt to kill me. I will not stop you, only warn that there is no point to your actions. By 12.01 you will all have been eliminated, as will have your planet.

"Inform no-one else of the contents of this letter, and in that I include your family members. If you tell another soul, I will be forced to annul our agreement and take action immediately."


"And that's where it ends," Jason said heavily, stooping to drop the crumpled letter on Billy's coffee table, where Tommy picked it up to read over again. "No hint of a name, where he's from, if he's working for anyone. Apart from the deadline, he didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know."

"Maybe this really is the end," Zack said, his eyes downcast and looking despondent - the opposite of the normal Zack, in fact. "Think of it this way, before you shoot me down - how many chances went our way when we were active Rangers? Even though they could have turned against us and killed us all so many times? It could just be payback time."

"Fate has a sick sense of humour if that's the case," Aisha murmured.

"We can't think like this!" Tanya cried, breaking the tension that had been steadily creeping throughout the room since Jason had begun reading the letter. "We've stared death in the face before and come out winners, so we can do it again. This just means that Billy's theory that we can beat him pyschologically is probably true. The language in that letter was too belligerent, self-confident. If we believe there's no way to beat him, then we won't even try."

"Say you're right, Tanya. What do we do now?" Adam asked. "I doubt there'll be a section in your avergae psychology textbook called 'How To Defeat Really Ugly Invincible Monsters' ".

"I agree with Tanya, but I also think he's bluffing when he says no weapons can defeat him," Tommy said quietly. "At the very least, it won't hurt us to have some sort of protection against him."

"So we put some of us on weapons duty, what is there for the rest of us to do?" Kat asked, letting some of her agitation creep into her voice. She felt slightly ashamed for showing her fears in front of the rest of the group, but upon looking at eveyone else, she realised that everyone else looked as panicked as she felt.

"If no-one else minds, I'll go back to infiltrating the AGPD website," Billy offered. "Even though we're working to a newly enforced deadline, we may yet gain clues from the incidents at the Command Center."

Jason turned to Tommy. "You didn't find anything?"

Tommy shook his head. "Not a thing, except evidence of police having been there recently, and a possible animal attack that could have been our guy."


"I'll run back to my apartment and get my lap-top so I can carry on searching through this disc, unless anyone else wants to take on the task," Trini proposed. "It's just a matter of whether I can find the file in time."

"Fine, but I'm not letting you go back to your place alone, Trini," Jason warned her.

"What, you think I'm going to lose my way or something? I can navigate my way to my apartment perfectly well, thank you," Trini retorted, looking slightly annoyed at her boyfriend's over-protectiveness.

"But if someone else goes with you, then you can take care of patrolling the streets for an hour before you come back," Jason insisted. "The disc can wait. You and Rocky take first run."

Jason's eyes showed he would brook no arguments with her that day, and Trini submitted, although shooting warning eyes at him that plainly said 'We will discuss this later'.

"While Trini and Rocky are doing that, what do you want the rest of us to do?" Aisha asked.

Tommy and Jason looked at each other for a moment, before realising that both of them had no idea as to what the rest of them could do. Or, for that matter, how they could go about defeating this 'invincible' monster.

Maybe that was the point.