Journey - Prologue

A Banner of the Stars story

Some notes to Crest of the Stars/Banner of the Star fans. In this story I have made some use of Baronh words. It was a judgment call on my part. The spelling of names is according to the English translation of the novels and mangas released by Tokyopop. I use CofS/BofS as my starting point and everything else follows. I used some on-line translations of BoS4 for ships and characters. I have picked up the story at a point in time after Banner of the Stars III.

Banner of the Stars is copyright Hiroyuki Morioka. English translations of the novels are copyright Tokyopop. The anime adaptation is copyright Bandai. They retain all rights to Banner of the Stars and all characters therein. I also took inspiration (and ideas) from two Fan Fiction authors. First, Ken Wolfe and his stories Evolution and Furlough from . I did take the name of the crew members of the Filcauph from his stories. Second from the site where there is a long multi-chapter story that I used. This story is a work of fan fiction and may not be printed or distributed for profit.

As a writer of Fan Fiction, I am a true amateur. I have never written any type of fiction before. I so loved the story and characters from Hiroyuki Morioka, that I felt I wanted to continue it. Perhaps just for my own enjoyment and thinking of how I would want the story to continue. So forgive the literary quality of this work and realize that it is from someone who enjoyed the original and wanted to share that enjoyment. I will add to this work as often as I can. I do have a life outside of this!

Thank you


- Chapter 3 - The commodore - I went a little OC on this one. I did take the idea from another story. I believe it is still in realm of possibilities in the ABH world for this to happen and it allows me the luxury to continue the story as long as I can.

- Chapter 4 - Incident at Sord 577 - I had to rewrite this and hopefully got Jinto's actions down correctly. I also updated the other chapters and replaced "you fool" with "Baka". It just felt better.

- Chapter 5 - Reunion - probably the hardest chapter so far. Primarily because it all takes place in Lakfakalle and it is not "action" related. More of trying to get the people set for when Lafiel and Jinto finally leaves the capital.

- Chapter 6 - Admiral - this also takes place at Lakfakalle. I added characters and situations that I will need later on. Please no comments about the name of the admiral from Ramaj's story to Lafiel. It was the best name that I could think of...and I think appropirate. The next chapter they will be out and travelling through space. If you did not think this story was OC should be now!

-Chapter 7 - Trouble is Brewing - This ended up being longer than I wanted and it caused what I really wanted to do in this chapter to occur in Chapter 8. This chapter took longer to post because I am writing Chapter 8 before I post this chapter. There was some items in #8 that caused changes in this chapter so that it would flow better.

-Chapter 8 - The Secret of Delta Four - The last part is the darkest that I have written (so far). I was almost tempted to change this story to "M" rating but decided against it. My opinion about the United Mankind is obvious here. No apologies. I am a bit late with this because of some illness and hopefully Chapter 9 will not take as long.

-Chapter 9 - Agony and Ecstasy - the longest so far. There is a lime at the end...or at least an attempt at a lime. I am not comfortable doing a lemon scene but this chapter needed something of this nature.