Hello everyone, this is Flower1815 here, bringing you a new story. This time I'm combining two of my favourite things, Warriors with Eddsworld! I had already created an AU called Eddswarriors which is basically the eddscrew in the world of Warriors, with the help of my friend Juh-britto on Tumblr. This fic is just going to be a series of one-shots revolving around this idea.

Now here's the allegiances, sort of.

Edd- Cloverkit: Brown tabby with hazel stripes, white chest and paws with green eyes. (1)

Matt- Gingerkit: Ginger tom with golden paws, ear and tail tips, and blue eyes. (2)

Tom- Hollowkit: Blue-gray tabby tom with dark stripes and no eyes, just black sockets. But he can still see. (4)

Tord- Redkit: Dark ginger tabby tom with pale gray eyes, white paws, chest and tail tip. (3)

These are just one-shots, it's not a linear, progressive story. There is no actual plot to these. It's just the Eddscrew doing what they do best in random situations, in the world of Warriors. They do connect to one another. With that said, I hope you guys enjoy it. Leave a review telling me your thoughts, and I'll see ya all later.

Now on to the first one-shot.

"Play nice with the other kits, Cloverkit!" I hear my mother call after me from within the nursery as I dashed off into the camp clearing in excitement. "And stay in camp!"

"I will!" I replied back over my shoulder.

I paused to look at my surroundings. The camp is so huge! There are tall trees on all sides, a gorse and bramble wall surrounding the clearing, and different dens on all sides. But the most noticeable, and by far coolest thing there, is the large rock formation that stretches so high, I have to stand on my hind legs and crane my head back just to see the very top.

This is my very first time outside the nursery. I opened my eyes about quarter-moon ago, but my mother, Breezeshine, is very overprotective of me. But after a lot of begging on my part, she finally allowed me to go out and play.

To be quite honest, I am kind of nervous to meeting the rest of the Clan. What will they be all like? I had already met some of the queens in the nursery, alongside my mother, and their kits. There was Rainblossom and Dawnflower, both of which are still expecting their kits to arrive; though I still don't quite understand where they arrive from. And then there was Fawnspots with her four kits: Leopardkit, Harekit, Mudkit, and Briarkit; and Mistfang with her three kits: Ashkit, Stormkit, and Ripplekit. They were all much older than me, at least three or four moons older. But maybe they would still like to play with me, or show me around camp?

I padded slowly across the clearing, looking around my surroundings impressed. It was sunhigh already, so the camp was busy with activity. The dawn patrol just returned, only for the afternoon patrol to take their place and leave through the small gap in the camp's entrance. There was also hunting patrols returning with plenty of fresh-kill being carried in their jaws. I stood there for a little while longer, just watching the Clan act and interact with each other. So many different cats! I wonder if I'll ever learn to distinguish each of them apart.

I kept looking around the camp, and spotted a large dark brown tom grooming his fur alongside a gray tom beneath the shadow of the large rock. It was then that I realized it was none other than Oakstar, the Clan leader, and his deputy, Stonewing. Mother told me about them; how honourable and respectful they are.

I turned away and spotted a shady patch in the cleft of a rock formation with ferns. A golden-brown she-cat with white patches was organizing her stack of herbs inside it. This must be Acornshell, the medicine cat! She looks pretty…

I got distracted when I heard the sound of squealing kits. I looked away from the astoundingly beautiful medicine cat to glance at the direction the noise came from. There, playing by a dry patch of grass in a shady spot, next to the fallen log, the other kits played with one another. Excited, I bounded over to them.

As I got closer and closer to them, I realized they were playing fight. They wrestled each other to the ground and playfully nipped at their ears and tails. This looks like fun! I approached them slowly, unsure of how to interact with them. I cuffed the ground awkwardly and cleared my throat to gain their attention. At once, they stopped playing to turn around and look at me. Uncomfortable with their stares and all the attention directed at me, I smiled and mewed a small greeting.

"H-hi!" I stammered. I cleared my throat once again. C'mon Cloverkit, act tough! Don't let them know they intimidate you! feeling slightly motivated, I pressed on. "Can I play with you guys?"

The eldest of them all, Mudkit, stepped forth. He had a large, sly grin on his face and his amber eyes were gleaming with something unidentifiable within them. "Look guys, Cowardkit finally decided to come out and play!" He mocked. I flinched slightly at his tone.

"So, can I play?" I ask once more with a sheepish smile this time.

"Sorry Cloverkit, but you're not tough enough to play with us." Leopardkit answered, flicking his tail. I looked at them crestfallen.

"What? That's not true! I can be tough too!" I cried in protest.

"Yeah, right." Stormkit retorted. "You're just a wimpy kit! Too afraid to leave his nest and mommy."

"Besides, you're too small in comparison to us." Ashkit added. "We would easily squish you in our game."

"B-but i-" Tears began to well up in my eyes as I stuttered. Mudkit, Stormkit and Ashkit were all ganging up on me, while Leopardkit stood on the side in silence and with a discontented frown on his face, but I noticed that Briarkit, Harekit and Ripplekit never uttered a word. Gazing at the ground in discomfort and sometimes shooting sympathetic glances my way. Their mean and harsh comments took their toll on me, so I just ran away before finishing my sentence.

"Go back to the nursery, little coward!" I heard Stormkit jeer from way behind me.

I ran off, back into the nursery. I slipped in and pressed as far as I could into Breezeshine's fur. She looked up startled and noticed the tears streaming down my face.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" She asks worriedly, licking my face clean from the tears. "Are you hurt anywhere? Should I fetch Acornshell for you?"

"M-mother, the o-other k-kits won't let me play w-with them because I'm too small!" I sobbed, pressing myself even closer to her for comfort. "Th-they said that I'm a coward, and that I would be easily squished!"

I looked up to her to see a frown take place of her kind smile, as she looked out the nursery's entrance to glance at the group of kits in disapproval. She turned back to me with soft eyes and a small smile.

"Don't mind them, sweetheart." She meowed reassuringly, grooming my fur back. "They are older than you, and are getting too restless to stay in the nursery; specially with so many new kits expected to arrive so soon." She noted, motioning to the expecting queens sleeping soundly beside them. "They may be too old for you to play with, but just wait a bit more; maybe you'll befriend some of the other kits instead."

"But mother, I want to play outside now!" I insisted, wiggling as she coiled her tail around me in a warm, comforting nest. "This is so unfair! I shouldn't have to wait just to get someone to play with." I complained, sulking while I found a more suitable position to sleep In.

I peeked over her tail and glanced outside the nursery once more. I observed the other kits playing. It looks like they're having so much fun. Why can't they let me join them? Just because I'm small, younger than them and have an overprotective mother that rarely allows me to leave the den is hardly a reason to shun me. I sighed in discontent. I wished Volekit had made it out alive. I was born alongside my sister, but she was too weak and fragile so she didn't survive; that's why Breezeshine is so overprotective of me. But if Volekit was here, then I wouldn't be alone; I would have someone to play with, and Breezeshine would've allowed us to leave the den much earlier.

But at least I know that she's somewhere in StarClan, watching over us alongside my father. He died Half-moon prior to our arrival. Mother told me he was a highly respected senior warrior in the Clan, but was killed by fox during a patrol. His name was Stagheart, and I hope I can grow up to be just like him one day.

Before I let my mother's warmth and steady breathing lull me to sleep, I silently prayed to my StarClan ancestors. I prayed that my father and sister were in a better place, looking after us, that the Clan may continue to grow strong; but above all, I wished for friends. The Clan is my home, and everyone looks out for each other, or so the warrior code says, but I want friends of my own to play with and count on. I don't want to be alone.

With my final wish, I succumbed to sleep and let myself fall into unconsciousness.

This first one-shot is just establishing Cloverkit and his story. And to answer your question, no, Mudkit, Stormkit and Ashkit are not Edwardo, Jon and Mark. They'll come in later. These are just generic bully characters. One thing I forgot to mention, the Clans are the ordinary ones: ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan etc. This is ThunderClan by the way. Next one-shot will focus on Gingerkit. See ya next time!