"Stay back, Dougal," said Newt firmly, but the Demiguise hardly needed to be told.

Dougal was usually quite calm around threats; such was the nature of a creature with the power of premonition. Newt had never seen Dougal so agitated and fearful before. The Demiguise paced back and forth, unsure of where to be, unsure of the threat that currently occupied Newt's little shed. There was no precedent for this, Newt knew that. The angry black cloud hovering before him shouldn't—no couldn't—exist.

Could it?

The Obscurus raged and crackled against the shield charm encasing it, threatening to breach it. Newt clenched his jaw and widened his eyes. With a twist of his wand, he strengthened the shield. What on earth was he supposed to do with this… this thing? Instinct stepped in for Newt's indecision.

"Shhh," he said softly to the angry black cloud. "It's all right. It's going to be all right."

The Obscurus contorted and pressed against the shield, straining and reaching for Newt. There was a long, low echo of a scream, as though someone very far away was crying down a dark hallway. It sounded like the girl, Newt realized. Just like her, in those final moments of pain, when he'd tried to reach out to her. He wondered if she was still in there, somewhere.

But the girl was dead. He knew that. Her limp body left lying in a village many miles away. The villagers had circled around her, keeping their distance, whispering to each other. Some of the older women declared that the "great curse" was finally lifted from them all. Newt had slipped away from them all without a word.

Newt didn't know what the villagers would do to her body. He didn't want to know. He only knew there was nothing more he could do for her… was there?

"Right," said Newt, glancing around his shed. "It is rather cramped in here, isn't it? Can't think that would bring about the best of memories, would it? Here. Let's go someplace else."

With his wand, he guided the Obscurus out of his shed. A concentric ring of alarm, and then dead quiet followed his winding path through the case as the beast inhabitants took notice of the Obscurus in their midst. Silent eyes followed Newt. He needed someplace quiet, someplace out of the way. He knew just the spot.

Newt had been hoping to meet a Yeti one day. One week, long ago, the idea had taken hold of him so deeply that he delved into learning all the charms required to construct a suitable habitat for the mountain-dwelling creature. That had been years ago, and still, the winter snowscape he'd created remained unoccupied. It would serve a purpose today. Newt guided the Obscurus inside the snowy enclosure.

"I know it's a tad different from what you're used to," said Newt in a kindly voice, gazing around at the gently falling snow, so different from the acacia-strewn desert the girl had called home. "But, perhaps, that's precisely what's called for. Sometimes, I've found, a change of scenery is all you need to take your mind off of… things."

The Obscurus quieted in response to its cold, dark surroundings. Newt watched it carefully, keeping his stance relaxed and unassuming. Newt realized, suddenly, that his eyes were quite wet.

"I'm sorry," he said softly to the Obscurus, who took no notice.

The girl could speak about five words in his language, and Newt in hers. Still, he'd gained her trust and managed to take her away from that awful prison. But on their way, the Obscurus had emerged. Newt had improvised; it had been reckless. The Obscurus could sense that Newt was trying to contain it… and it lashed out, consuming what was left of the girl. When the dust had settled, a shred of the Obscurus was trapped within the shield, and the girls' body, depleted of magic and all life force, lay upon the ground.

The terrible notion consumed Newt. He shouldn't have tried to separate the Obscurus from its host. If he had waited, if he had just done something else to contain the Obscurus in that crucial moment… perhaps it wouldn't have lashed out. Perhaps the girl would still be at the mercy of that terrible parasite, but she might have lived long enough for Newt to figure something else out.

Newt quietly slipped away from the enclosure, immersed in a sickening mixture of guilt and grief. The Obscurus would be safe there for now.