Okay, this is my first ever fanfic and it'll probably suck, but I have this idea that won't leave my head.  To make things work, you'll have 2 forget a few things.  Theresa did marry Julian but didn't sleep with him, but Ethan still found out and married Gwen like on the show and ivy and Pilar still live in the mansion.  Fox has been in harmony for a few months and he and Theresa have become good friends, much to Ethan's dislike.   Miguel knew that he was sleeping with Kay but he still regrets it and Kay is still preggers w/his baby...for now.  Pretend that grace and Sam were a little cruel to charity after Kay's announcement b/c they felt they had 2 choose and they chose Kay. Most importantly, NO EVIL.  Charity is NOT a witch, neither is any1 else and her mom was a normal lady who did die in a fire (but faith wasn't a completely boring saint...she wasn't a slut either though.)  Charity never knew her father, but would love to find him and get 2 know him.  This is not necessarily a crossover with Days of Our Lives b/c I won't talk about much of the characters, but a few members of the Black family may be popping up, especially a certain tall blue-eyed male.

Okay now that that's over, here's the first part!!

Title: Look At Us Now (this is temporary)

Category: Theresa/Fox and Charity/???

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of Passions or Days of Our Lives or any other TV show characters I may include (I'm thinking Roswell) anyway, I own nothing!!!

Rating: I'm not sure yet, could go all the way to NC-17 or just be G

Chapter 1

"So that's it, you're just taking off?" Fox asked as Theresa rapidly stuffed clothing into her suitcase.  Theresa sighed and looked at the forlorn looking man sitting on her bed.

            "Why not Fox?  I've already lost Ethan and now I just lost the Crane name, I have no reason to stay in Harmony.  I need a new start away from every bad memory this town has given me."

            "What about me? I know we've only been friends for a few months, but I'd miss you.  You're the only person who's even acknowledged my existence." Fox replied as Theresa continued to pack.

            "Fox, I care about you a lot, and I'm really going to miss you, but I can't stay not after what Ethan said to me tonight, I just can't!"  Theresa replied, her voice rising toward the end of her response.

            "Then let me come with you" Fox replied with a slight twinkle in his eyes. 

            Theresa stopped packing and looked a Fox.  "What? Are you serious?"

            "Of course I am, I had nothing keeping me here but you and if you're going, I'm going with you." Fox replied with determination.

            "Fine you can come it'd be nice to have company, but I'm leaving in half an hour so you better be ready or I'm going without you."

            "Half an hour, got it!  I'll meet you back here!" Fox said excitedly as he headed for Theresa's room door.

            "Hey Fox?" Theresa called before Fox left.  "Yeah?"  "I left mama a goodbye letter, if she wakes up and reads it before we leave she'll try to stop me, so try and be quiet okay?"

            "Not a problem.  See ya in half a hour Lil' Dreamer!"  Fox replied as he left the room.

            Theresa smiled at Fox's affectionate nickname for her.  She looked at her clock and saw that it read 3:00 am.  She sighed and went back to packing.