Ch. 7- Whamboo Sticking It To 'Em

Aku Aku- "So Dr. N. Brio is behind all of this? & I'm assuming you're one of his new henchmen."

N. Trap- "Mr. Brio likes for his cronies to keep their business from being interfered with. Hand over the little bandicoot creature & your defeat will be less worse than it should be."

Crash stands in front of the Bandicute & growls at N. Trap.

Jade- "What he said. You wanna get to him? You gotta go through us, crazy old lady!"

N. Trap- "I AM ONLY 45! Flaskmasters, ATTACK THEM!"

The newly-created Flaskmaster minions charge the good guys. Crash gets out the branch with the beehive, or what he now calls his "Bee-Bee Gun", for action (Because Beezooka is already taken, apparently). While Jade gets her claws ready to scratch, she becomes curious of the functionality of Crash's new gadget.

Jade- "So, how exactly do you work that thing again?"

Crash points it at Dr. N. Trap & cocks the bottom part of the branch, which triggers the honeybees to come out of their hive & go through the inside of the branch, out of the opening, & straight into the direction they were shot out of. The bees go straight for N. Trap, who is currently defenseless.

N. Trap- "AAIIEEE! NYET! Get them away from meeEEEEE!"

Crash- "Ha ha ha!"

The swarm of bees continue to attack N. Trap, while the flaskmasters are making their way towards Crash, Jade, & the Bandicute. Their hybrid-like nature of being combined with mutagen-flasks & robotic parts make them behave like zombies.

Jade- "Good thinking, but I doubt they're going to do much harm to robots."

One of the flaskmasters appear to be preparing to use one of their flask-body parts as a weapon.

Aku Aku- "Guys! Watch out for their mutagen! They seem to be able to throw the liquids like projectiles!"

The flaskmasters all prepare to fire at Crash & Jade, who are both currently without a plan of attack. They get the Bandicute to go to safety & try to come up with a plan. Dr. N. Trap, who is almost as swollen as a puffer fish & unconscious, semi-recovers from the many bee-stings she received & orders the flaskmasters to fire at will.

N. Trap- "Unngh, fire the the mutant...aminals- animals!"

Jade- "So, any ideas, Mr. Bandicoot?"

Crash shakes his head nervously, but then he remembers the funky-looking spear that almost killed him earlier. This gives him an idea; he goes for the spear & pulls it out of the ground to use as a melee-weapon. The flaskmasters fire their mutagen projectiles at Crash & Jade, but while Jade quickly jumps out of the way, Crash rushes the zombie-bots & smashes right through them with the spear, slashing them apart, piece-by-piece.

N. Trap- "You have got to be kidding me."

With all of the flaskmaster minions disabled, Crash Aku Aku, Jade, & even the Bandicute gang up on the defenseless Dr. N. Trap to confront her.

Aku Aku- "All right, lady. You're going to tell us what you want with this small bandicoot, AND what exactly Dr. N. Brio is planning."

N. Trap- "I will tell you NOTHING. You shall find out for yourselves, IF you survive the experience, which you most likely won't."

Aku Aku- "Oh, I think YOU WILL tell us what's going on, unless you want to get stung again..."

Just then, Jade senses something wrong with the scenery; an unknown guest lurks upon them in secrecy.

Jade- "Is, someone else here?!"

N. Trap- "Oh my, it looks like my ride is here. So sorry that we have to cut this so short!"

Crash & Jade- "Huh?"

Aku- "What do you mean 'we'?"

N. Visible- "Surprise."

The gang is blindsided by the chameleon doctor's camouflage attack. Both Crash & Jade are unconscious long enough to allow both of the evil doctors to escape.

N. Visible- "So long, rejects! You won't be seeing me, I'LL be seeing you, Haha!"

The little bandicute goes to comfort the slightly unconscious Crash, who is instantly relieved to see him safe.

Soon after both Crash & Jade recover from their swift defeat by Dr. N. Visible, Wyatt contacts them & Aku Aku.

Wyatt- "Hey, guys. We need you back at the house. Someone thrashed it & took all your stuff!"

Jade- "Ungh. Great, more sabotage. Just what we need."

Aku Aku- "This is bad. Whatever Dr. N. Brio is planning, he really wants us out of the picture. & whatever he wants to use the bandicoots for doesn't sound good either."

Jade- "We're on our way there, Wyatt."

Aku Aku- "Let's hurry, children."

Crash grabs the Bandicute & carries it over his shoulders while he catches up with Aku Aku & Jade.

Back at the Bandicoot house, Coco tries to salvage all she can to get intel on Dr. N. Brio & his henchmen's whereabouts, while Wyatt tries his best to heal an injured Pura.

Wyatt- "Man, he messed up the right legs pretty bad."

Coco- "Yeah he did, but it doesn't look like there's any scratches or scars. Maybe a bag of ice will help him for now."

Wyatt- "I'll go get it from the freezer. Nice, big, bags of ice."

Coco glares at the nervous eagle as he walks off after his awkward dialogue. Just then, Crash & everyone else shows up.

Aku- "Coco, is everything okay?"

Jade- "Woah. What happened here?"

Coco- "You won't believe this, but there was this HUGE monster bandicoot who just came & completely wrecked the place, & he took all our stuff!"

Jade- "...even the jet-ski? Wait, did you say, 'bandicoot'?"

Wyatt- "What did you say he looked like again?"

Coco- "He had reddish-burgundy fur, camouflage pants, & no shirt. Also did I mention he was big?"

Wyatt, semi-jealous of the bandicoot who presumably looks better than him, responds to Coco.

Wyatt- "Yeah, numerous times..."

Coco- "Anyways, luckily he didn't take my laptop. There's a DNA scanner program on it where it scans a person & then it's able to track down that person wherever they go."

The little bandicute leaps off of Crash's shoulder & runs up to Coco. She's caught by surprise when she's working on her computer. Crash looks on in amusement.

Coco- "Oh my gosh! Crash, where did this cute little guy come from? He's got your eyes!"

Crash blushes while Coco takes the time to cuddle with the bandicute.

Aku Aku- "We came in contact with a female human scientist earlier & she was after this creature. Luckily we were able to save it from her."

Coco- "Were you guys able to get some info on her?"

Jade- "All we know is that she's working for that Dr. N. Brio guy, & she had his freaky minions assist her."

Coco- "Dr. N. Brio?! Hang on a second..."

Coco goes back into her DNA scanner program & pulls up Dr. N. Brio's files. She pulls up his most recent activity.

Coco-" AHA! Just as I thought! Brio's trying to make an army of evil bandicoots using a newer version of the Evolvo-Ray combined with his evil mutagen formula."

Wyatt- "But why bandicoots, though? They're the most popular & adored animals around, thanks to Crash anyway."

Aku Aku- "You just answered your own question, Wyatt. If Brio goes through with this, it would not only tarnish Crash's reputation, but it'll also turn many people away from him, & then they would have no choice but to look up to Brio who will no doubt try to gain their trust for sinister reasons. We have to stop Dr. N. Brio's plans & get our belongings back."

The bandicute becomes worried at the horrible realization of the current situation. He hugs Crash's legs for comfort. Crash picks him up, assuring him that he'll protect him. Coco responds to Aku Aku with doubt, which is a rare sight for everyone else.

Coco- "But, with all those gadgets stolen, they kinda have an advantage on us."

Jade- "Not necessarily. Crash, show them the Bee-Bee Gun & Whamboo Stick!"

The crazy bandicoot takes out his new weapons & shows it off to Coco & Wyatt, who gazes in confused curiousity.

Crash- "Ta-da-daahhh!"

Jade- "It's like you said, making something out of nothing!"

Coco- "That's the spirit, guys! If you keep this N. Novation up, you'll have a chance against those thieving-jerks!"

Crash- "Woohooo!"

Aku Aku- "Coco, do you have the coordinates for Dr. N. Brio & his henchmen's whereabouts?"

Coco brings up the coordinates in only a matter of seconds.

Coco- "Looks like you guys' next stop amusement park?"

Wyatt- "OH SWEET! I'm going to be first in line for the all-new Ferris Wheel!"

Jade- "Wait, amusement park? You don't mean-"

(TV advertisement)

"Dr. N. Tertainment's Circus & Amusement Park! Be here for the grand-opening! Kids admission is free for a limited time! Looking for a place to be IN DANGE- *static* safe & have nothing but nonstop DEAT- *static* fun? Look no further! Don't forget to also get tickets to our circus event, 'Bandicoots Bandemonium!'"

(Dr. 'sCircus&AmusementParkisnotresponsibleforlostchildrendeadbodiesormissinglimbs)