So, here we are, the finale chapter. Never thought I'd actually get here. I would just like to thank everyone who has supported me in this journey of this story. Keep an eye out for the sequel.

But first, I want to respond to a guest reviewer. Normally, I'd just let this go, but I feel this person has a clear and disturbing lack of understanding about what makes a psychopath a psychopath.

Komodo: there are ten signs, arguably more, of a psychopath, such as lack of empathy, manipulation, and a faulty moral compass just to name a few. Blood displayed nine of these ten signs in season two. So yeah, I think that does make him a psychopath. And you are honestly trying to defend Malcolm by deflecting the blame onto the Queens? Moira did not encourage The Undertaking, she acted under duress. So, while I in no way condone or support her actions in season one, it is simply, for lack of a better word, foolish to try and blame her for The Undertaking.


Next morning

In the lowest level of The Watchtower, Barry stood across from the capsule that held Arsenal's frozen form. He had been there for a while, just thinking.

"Hey," Barry looked back as Kara entered the room, "I woke up and you weren't there."

"Sorry. Couldn't sleep," Barry said as he turned back to Arsenal's frozen form, "When he went under, was he…okay?"

"He made the decision. He was very brave; he talked to Roy for a bit before he went under. He seemed…not happy, but content with his decision." Kara noted.

"I wish I could've been here." Barry sighed.

"You couldn't have done anything to change Roy's mind," Kara assured him as she grabbed his hand, "so…do you have it?"

"Yeah." Barry nodded.

"You know…once you do this, there's a change we'll never meet." Kara said hesitantly and Barry flashed a slight smile.

"I don't believe that," Barry said as he caressed one side of her face with his free hand, "I believe, if something's meant to happen, it will happen. And I believe we were meant to meet. We were meant to fall in love, to build a life together. If it's meant to happen, it will happen."

Beaming at him, Kara leaned in and kissed him.

Roy held Thea as she slept, thinking about everything he had seen and experienced when the door opened. Roy looked up to see Diggle standing in the doorway, frozen in surprise.

"We didn't sleep together; she just didn't wanna be alone last night." Roy quickly explained and Diggle nodded in understanding.

"I get that." Diggle said as Thea stirred.

"What?" Thea blinked as she sat up and saw Diggle.

"Dinah wants to meet us all in the conference room so we can have that talk." Diggle explained and Thea sat up, wide awake now.

"Let me comb my hair and I'll be there." Thea promised.

About ten minutes later, the three walked into the conference room. Dinah, Tommy, and Laurel were already there, waiting for them, once they had taken their seats, Dinah spoke.

"I know you have a lot of questions." Dinah began.

"You said you'd fill in the blanks." Roy said pointedly.

"So start filling." Tommy demanded and Dinah nodded.

"Alright, where to start?" Dinah mused and was silent for a moment before continuing. "As you know, Thea took off with Merlyn; she wanted him to teach her how to be strong. He put her though some rigorous training. His training actually proved to be a positive influence on Thea. But that's where the positive influence stops."

"What do you mean?" Thea asked fearfully. And Dinah sighed.

"I guess it starts about five months after The Siege. Dad used his new authority as Captain to disband the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. Ollie went out on a date with Felicity which got interrupted because a criminal put a tracer on Ollie as The Arrow, which he didn't know because he was too busy thinking about Felicity. He pushed her away. At the time Sara came back to search for Merlyn, as Ra's wanted to confirm that Moira was telling the truth."

Dinah paused, thinking of how best to say this before looking t Thea.

"Thea, I want you to know it was absolutely not your fault. None of this was your fault." Dinah said and Thea tensed.

"What wasn't her fault?" Laurel demanded and Dinah sighed.

"There's a drug, made from a plant, they call it Vitura. It makes the user extremely susceptible to suggestion and afterward, leaves the user with no memory of what happened while under its affects. Merlyn used it on Thea and had her kill Sara." Dinah put it all out there.

"What? No, I saw Sara die. I couldn't…" Thea began to hyperventilate.

"Hey, hey. It's okay," Roy took Thea into his arms, trying to calm her, "it wasn't your fault."

"I killed her!" Thea shouted.

"No you didn't," Laurel said, her shock giving way to rage and grief, "Merlyn did."

"Because I went with him!" Thea shouted.

"Because Merlyn took advantage of you when you were in a vulnerable state of mind. What happened to Sara was not your fault. It could have happened to anyone." Dinah said firmly.

"Why did he choose me then?" Thea asked brokenly.

"Because he recorded it," Dinah said and they all looked at her stunned, "he threatened to go to Ra's with it."

"But if Ollie explained about Malcolm-" Tommy began.

"He would still kill her. She fired the arrows," Dinah said and Thea flinched, "Malcolm forced Ollie to tell Ra's that he killed Sara, challenging Ra's to a trial by combat. And you know how that ended."

"I don't understand, what does Merlyn gain from all this?" Diggle asked confused.

"If Ollie killed R a's, then all Ra's blood debts would die with him. Including Merlyn's. The League would no longer have reason to hunt him." Dinah said and it all became clear.

"So he used me to get himself out of his problem that he created." Thea growled angrily.

"Yes. And that was just the start." Dinah sighed.

"What happened next?" Laurel asked wearily.

"Well, after Sara died, I was overwhelmed with pain and anger. I told Ollie to train me, he refused. So I sought out a trainer, Ted Grant. Also used to be a Vigilante, although he stuck to The Glades. I'm sure you heard of Wild Cat Roy," Dinah said and Roy's eyes lit up in recognition, "He started training me but stopped after a…incident revolving around an old associate of his. When Ollie was presumed dead after he went to fight Ra's, Felicity left, John was considering leaving, and I knew I had to do something. So I put on Sara's old costume. After some resistance from John and Arsenal, I was welcomed and Felicity came back before we learned the truth about Rebecca Merlyn's murder."

"What Truth?" Tommy demanded as he leaned forward and the others looked confused as Dinah tried to think best how to phrase this."

"Before he left to find the League, your father thought he had found and killed the man who killed your mother Tommy. He was wrong," Dinah said carefully and Tommy leaned back in his chair, shock written across his face, "the man who killed her is called Daniel Brickwell, although he also answers to Brick. He is a crime lord; your mother was his first kill as his initiation into a gang."

"Why, why would he kill her?" Tommy asked brokenly.

"Because she begged for her life." Dinah said carefully.

"Because she begged for her life," Tommy said in a deathly calm, "I grew up without a mother; my dad became a psychopath, and hundreds of people died. BECAUSE MY MOTHER BEGGED FOR HER LIFE?!"

"I know you're angry Tommy, you have every right to be. But now you have what you need to bring him to justice," Dinah said and he looked at her curiously, "Brick's M.O., he used the same gun to kill your mom. It's how we found out."

"I can probably cross reference it when we get back." Laurel said and Tommy nodded gratefully.

"With Ollie gone, Brick led the gangs in an attempt to take over The Glades. He almost succeeded until Ollie came back. Brick spent the rest of his life in a jail cell," Dinah said and Tommy gave a dark smile, satisfied, "Ollie realized that he couldn't beat Ra's, he needed League training. He needed someone taught by Ra's."

"Oh my god, don't say it." Diggle groaned, realizing where this was headed.

"I can't. Ollie had no other choice but to ask Merlyn to train him to kill Ra's." Dinah explained.

"Great." Tommy said sarcastically.

"Yay." Roy drawled.

"And I'm sure that went over well." Thea said sarcastically.

"About as well as you'd expect. John and Arsenal mostly kept their feelings to themselves, but Felicity was very vocal about her dislike of the situation." Dinah explained.

"And that surprises us…because?" Roy drawled and got a few snickers for his efforts.

"Ollie's return marked a change in the team, not just me joining it. I suppose dealing with Brick had granted us a little arrogance, some self-righteousness. We no longer respected Ollie's authority; Felicity in particular undermined it at every opportunity. Looking back, I'm surprised we even followed his orders at all," Dinah winced, "anyway, Thea found out about her role in Sara's death and then told me. In my anger, I couldn't see the big picture, so I convinced her to sell out Malcolm to the League. Not realizing that the blood debt meant I was also signing Thea's as well, which forced Ollie and John to go rescue Malcolm."

"So wait, Me and Oliver went, by ourselves, to rescue a man from the world's most dangerous army?" Diggle asked stunned.

"When you put it like that, it sounds really bad, but yeah." Dinah said.

"Did Oliver take any special medication at this time?" Diggle asked and got some laughs.

"No but this was around the time he was convinced he loved Felicity, so clearly he didn't make the best decisions back then," Dinah mused before moving on, "you know most of what happened after that. Ra's offered Ollie his title, Ollie refused, and so Ra's tried to force him. What you don't know is that dad was so angry at Ollie because I didn't tell him about Sara for months."

"What, why?" Laurel asked shocked and Dinah sighed.

"I told you he had a weak heart for the rest of his life. I was scared that if I told him, he would have a heart attack and die. It seems pretty pathetic now but…I told you most of this stuff by now. Ra's told dad Ollie's identity, Arsenal took the fall and faked his own death. But…that night, Ra's stabbed Thea, almost killed her." Dinah explained.

"What?" Tommy demanded as Roy gripped Thea's hand tightly as she paled.

"There are special waters in Nanda Parbat, The Lazarus Pits. Like from The Bible. Ra's offered to use them on Thea bring her back if Ollie accepted his offer. He did, he became AL-Sah-Him, The Arrow in Arabic. Little did any of us know, this was part of Ollie's plan." Dinah explained.

"What plan?" Diggle asked suspiciously.

"Malcolm told Ollie about the prophecy and about the virus. He knew if Ollie accepted Ra's offer, Starling City was marked for death. The League has a method of reprograming new recruits. The plan was for Ollie to appear to be brainwashed so he could dismantle the League from within. But he ran out of time and had to bring us all in. It was a tough fight, but Ollie managed to kill Ra's and my friend Ray managed to cure the virus before it could touch anyone in the city. Then Ollie chose to retire and left Star City with Felicity."

Dinah explained.

"So…let me get this straight," Tommy began after a moment, "our sister was stabbed, nearly died, her boyfriend left town so he could keep Oliver out of prison…and he leaves with some hot piece of ass?"

"That just…it doesn't seem like something Ollie would do." Laurel said greatly surprised as Thea looked hurt.

"What you have to understand is that when he was in a relationship with Felicity, she was a very controlling and manipulative person, even when they weren't together. At times, it was like he was a completely different person then the one I knew. It wasn't a reflection on how he cared about you, it was a reflection on the toxic influence Felicity had on him," Dinah waited to be sure they all understood before continuing, "a few weeks after they left, Hive showed up with their foot soldiers, the media called The Ghosts. We couldn't handle them, so we reached out to Ollie. He and Felicity came back to helped but ended up staying when Ollie found out Damien Darhk was the leader of Hive. Ra's had told Ollie everything about Darhk, so he knew the kind of situation we were in. during this time, Thea began experiencing…side effects of the pit." Dinah explained.

"What kind of side effects?" Thea asked tersely.

"Bloodlust. You would start to go out of control in the field, nearly killing people a few times," Thea paled as Roy squeezed her hand comfortingly, "it was during this time that I learned about what had happened in Nada Parbat with Thea, so Thea and I dug up Sara's grave and begged Malcolm to use it on her."

"Malcolm?" Laurel repeated.

"Oh yeah, guess I forgot to mention that Ollie made Malcolm Ra's as part of the agreement to help stop Ra's." Dinah mused.

"Has he lost his mind?" Diggle stared incredulously.

"Once again, he didn't exactly make good decisions during this time. Where were we?" Dinah mused before picking up where she had left off. "Anyway, Malcolm agreed, not really thinking it would work. It did but she became back…wrong. The put restored her body, but not her soul. Luckily, Ollie made a friend during his five years, John Constantine, who was sort of an expert on this sort of stuff. With his help, we were able to restore Sara's soul. But didn't stick around long, she suffered from the bloodlust, just like Thea. But she decided to deal with it on her own, so she left. Before she did, we found out that Ray had been shrunk down to the size of a tater tot-"

"I'm sorry, what?"" Diggle asked as they all stared at her incredulously.

"He was a genius inventor who was messing around with his suit he built when it malfunctioned, shrinking him down. He ended up captured by Darhk and we had to go rescue him. It was during this time that Ollie saw Felicity for what she really was and dumped her," Dinah paused as Tommy, Roy, and Thea cheered loudly before a smiling Laurel told them to knock it off, "not long after, we found out about Andy and got him out of Hive, although we locked him in cage. He eventually gained John's trust by saving Lyla, although we alter realized it was an attempt to cement his place as Darhk's spy and get close to the new Director of Argus."

"And I fell for it, hook line and sinker." Diggle growled.

"You've seen how we all have blind spots for our family. Not just you." Laurel reminded him and he nodded after a moment.

"Any way, Thea's refusal to kill meant that the pit was killing her," Dinah said Thea paled as everyone looked at her concerned, "Nyssa came to Ollie with an elixir, a cure for the side effects. On the condition that Ollie killed Malcolm. Ollie found a way to get the elixir without killing Malcolm by making Nyssa the new Ra's but she disbanded the League."

"Nyssa disbanded the League?" Thea asked shocked and Dinah smiled.

"She wasn't her father, she wasn't a bad person, she'd just done what she had learned. Ra's exiled her when he made his offer to Ollie; we became friends during that time. Anyway, letting Malcolm live was Ollie's ultimate mistake, as Malcolm allied himself with Darhk and told him about Willian in an attempt to get revenge on Ollie." Dinah explained.

"He did what?!" Tommy exclaimed angrily as Thea growled and Laurel scowled.

"You heard me. Darhk had William kidnapped to blackmail Ollie and well I told you how that ended. We got him back with help for our friend Vixen and we managed to get Darhk tossed in jail. You know how this ends." Dinah said carefully glancing at Thea.

"Yeah, Andy stabs us in the back and Thea ended up dead." Diggle said bitterly and Thea winced.

"Yeah, but what I didn't tell you was that Ollie finally did it. He finally killed Malcolm, Thea's death put him over the edge," Dinah said and they looked shocked, "Darhk also got his hands on what he had been looking for all year: Rubicon."

"What's Rubicon?" Laurel asked.

"A fail safe, it was designed by the government to stop a hacker from launching the nukes of any country, including our own. But Darhk corrupted it so it triggered them instead." Dinah explained and they all gapped at her.

"Are you serious?" Diggle demanded and Dinah nodded.

"Yeah. You killed Andy," Dinah said and Diggle started, "he pushed all the right buttons and you killed him. we all have our breaking point, threatening your family was yours."

"I-I killed my brother," Diggle said in shock, "what on earth does that make me?"

"It makes you human," Dinah said gently, "the world isn't black and white John, sometimes good people are put in difficult situations, they don't always make the best decisions. It doesn't make you a bad person John, just human like the rest of us."

"Okay," Diggle sighed, trying to process this, "what happened then?"

"With help from Felicity and a friend of ours, Curtis Holt, we were able to override Rubicon. And I believe you guys know the rest. Talia brainwashed Arsenal into Prometheus, set him loose on Ollie and the city, we found out and, with a tough battle, we managed to save Arsenal and send Talia running. Although she went running to Lain Yu, where she broke out Slade. And the rest is, as they say, history." Dinah finished as the door opened up.

"Hey," everyone looked up to see Barry standing in the doorway, "am I interrupting?"

"No, you're right on time. John, Barry has something for you." Dinah said as Diggle raised an eyebrow.

Barry dug something out of his pocket and set it on the table. Barry gentle slid it over to Diggle and they realized it was a flash drive.

"What's on this?" Diggle asked as he picked it up, looking at it curiously.

"A video message," Barry said and they all looked at him, "there will come a point in time where you and Oliver will visit Central City after I get my powers. When you do, before you leave, give that to me. It has everything I need to know to do my part in making sure this terrible future never happens."

"I will. And I'll guard this with my life." Diggle promised and Barry smiled.

"I know you will. It was good to see you Dig, one last time." Barry told him genuinely.

Later, the group entered the room the time travelers had arrived in to see a crowd waiting for them. It was the League, plus Cisco and an African-American man they didn't recognize.

"Hey," Kal held out a hand to them all, "I thank you all for your service. Good luck, I know the task before you is long and difficult."

"Thank you." Diggle said politely as Cisco stepped up to them.

"Hey, you probably don't recognize me-"

"You're Cisco." Thea said.

"Right, you saw me in the recordings," Cisco mused, "anyway, in case we don't meet…I just want to say that it was an honor to know you guys. Well, most of you." Cisco said with an apologetic look towards Tommy.

"It's cool, maybe we'll meet each other when I go home. I think you and I'll get along great." Tommy said and Cisco smiled.

"I always said that!" Cisco exclaimed.

"Hate to interrupt the budding bromance, but we need to get our friends back to their own time." Kara said as she walked over.

"Right right sorry. It was nice to see you all again. And you!" Cisco hugged the startled Roy. "It was nice to see you before you became all dark and brooding! Don't turn into that!"

"Um, okay." Roy said awkwardly as Cisco let him go.

"It's time." Nyssa told them.

"Thank you all," Dinah said as the time travelers stepped up onto the platform they had arrived on, "I know this wasn't easy for you. In fact, I know it was downright hard at points. But you needed to know. Make sure this future never happens. I beg of you."

At Dinah's nod, Batman activated the machine. There was a flash of light and, after some moments, the five time travelers vanished from feet up until they were gone. Everyone waited a few moments to see if something would happen. It didn't.

"So, looks like we're not blinking out of existence." Wally noted.

"Then we move forward." Dinah ordered.

"What do you want us to do?" Barry asked and Dinah smiled as she looked over at him.

"You Barry are going to give the people of the world their hope back." Dinah told him and he looked confused.

Central City


"This is Captain Joe West, requesting immediate backup!" Joe shouted into his radio as he hid behind his car as bullets hit the side of the door.

Suddenly, there was a breeze of wind and it stopped. Joe peaked out and saw the gangbangers who had been shooting at him were tied to wall with rope Chuckling in amusement, Joe looked around, waiting for it.

A news camera crew who had been filming it from a safe distance, saw something. Ordered the helicopter to get closer, they did and saw something no one had seen in four years: The Flash, dressed in his red-suited glory, stood on top of the building Joe had been parked in front of. Barry smiled at the camera before speaking.

"I know I have been gone for a very long time," Barry said making sure his words were loud enough to be heard from the camera, "it could not be helped, I have no excuse. I know you have had to endure a lot of dark times since I've been gone but you did! You went through a crucible; a friend told me once that when you do that, you come out stronger for it! We have all gone through a crucible these last four years, time will tell if that made us stronger. But just know that I will never leave you at the mercy of the corrupt, of the wicked, ever again. Because we are united against them, we are strong. We are all heroes in our own right and we will never give into to those who wish to destroy everything we hold dear!"