October 18th, 2077

Nora checked over the room she and Nate had just spent the last few hours assembling. Everything was looking just how she'd planned and she smiled satisfied to herself. It had been no easy feat rearranging the heavy furniture, especially with the arrival of Shaun resulting in the loss of what had previously been the guest room.

Nate gave her one of his award winning smiles.

"Looks great, honey." He said as he wrapped his burly arms around her waist, pulling her closer.

"Maybe I should forget the whole lawyer thing, investigate interior design instead?" Nora murmured as the couple brought their faces closer together. Their intimate moment was interuppted by the voice belonging to the household Mr. Handy.

"Miss Riley has arrived!" His accented voice rang through the house. In an instant, Nora and Nate separated, excitedly making their way to the front door.

"Thanks Codsy." Nora said as she passed the robot. Nate had already made his way to the door, flinging it open to embrace the startled figure waiting outside.

"Riles!" He greeted the young girl as he released her from his bear hug. Nora quickly made her way over to the door and was similarly greeted with a hug.

The eighteen year old released her sister-in-law and took a step back allowing Nate and Nora to get a proper look at her. She'd grown considerably since the last visit and she now stood taller than Nora. Her usually long chestnut hair sat on her shoulders but her spark of mischief rained in those steel grey eyes of hers.

"So, when does Shaun get to meet his Aunty Riley?"

October 23rd, 2077

Fear. There was no other word for what Riley was feeling as she followed her brother out of his house. Breathing had suddenly become harder and she could feel her legs turning to jelly. She'd been worried about the War before, but she'd never thought it would come to this. She was thankful that her father had ensured her and her brother's family's safety by scoring them a place in the nearby Vault. She looked to Nora, who was holding a sleeping baby Shaun, and saw a mirrored look of fear in her eyes.

They continued hurrying up the hill towards the Vault and Riley felt a pang of sorrow as they made their way through the gate whilst others had no chance of getting to safety. Nate turned around, beckoning Nora under his arm.

"It'll be okay, we'll be fine." He murmured to his wife as they briskly walked to the Vault platform. The four members of the Cooper family huddled together as the platform made its decent and they witnessed the beginning of a Nuclear holocaust.

Once they were down into the Vault and the magnitude of the situation had truly sunk in, they listened to the instructions the Vault-Tec employees were issuing and went to receive their vault suits. The tight fitting jumpsuit was a struggle to get into to say the least.

Nate, who had been the first to succeed took Shaun from Nora's arms as she slipped into her suit. Once dressed, Riley silently followed the couple to the decontamination pods before being stopped by a Vault-Tec employee.

"Ma'am, your pod is in the second room." The man said, addressing Riley. Nate began to protest, requesting that they stay together.

"It's fine," Riley said solemnly, "I'll see you guys soon."

She followed a man to an identical room where other civilians were already getting into their pods. She turned her back once more before entering her pod, to see the large door to the room being closed.

"It's a whole new world." She muttered to herself before entering the pod.

August 11th, 2283

Riley Cooper gasped for air as she felt herself regaining consciousness, her body was shivering from the freezing temperatures and she collapsed to the ground as tried to take a step from her pod.

Everything was eerily quiet and the eighteen year old looked around and screamed when her eyes settled on a skeleton lying inches from her face. Still disoriented, she shook herself, making sure she wasn't hallucinating. Unfortunately, the skeleton in front of her was very real. She pushed herself off the ground and looked around. None of the other pods were open, and as she inspected further, to her horror, the bodies inside were lifeless.

She knelt down beside the skeleton and tentatively removed the Pip-Boy from its wrist, and when she spotted the 10mm Pistol next to the body she decided to take it.

You can never be too prepared, she thought to herself.

She had to find her brother, she wanted answers to the questions that were increasing exponentially in her mind. Staggering her way to the door she used the Pip-Boy to open it, and as she lowered her hand, her heart stopped.


Two hundred years had passed. Two hundred years.

She exited the door and started to run to the adjacent vault door, where her brother and Nora and Shaun were. Nothing could stop the tears that streamed down Riley's face as she pounded her fists against the metal when the door wouldn't open.