Chapter One

Three Times the Charm

She couldn't believe she had let it happen again. This being the third time one would think that one would learn yet here she was once again. At the very least she thought she would have been better at avoiding the situation and yet she wasn't, apparently. She pulled on her restraints once more finding them even tighter than the previous attempts. Either they were getting smarter or she was losing her touch. Something she would never ever willingly admit. They had even bound her legs, not that she really blamed them. The last time she had gone down kicking and screaming. She had given one a broken nose and the other a black eye. Currently she was looking into those eyes. Those intense cold blue eyes, those eyes that tried so hard not to show any emotion. But she knew that there was so much more to him. It kept it buried deep and kept it hidden from prying eyes but she knew different. He couldn't hide from her. No one could, that was her curse.

She felt the all too familiar buzz that started at the back of her head as she started to let her guard down. She grimaced at the pain as the pain turned into a full blown migraine. Her capture noticed her discomfort and patted her knee which caused her to jerk away in response. She didn't like being touched especially by him. It brought on a lot of unwanted, strong emotions, memories of her hellish childhood and more importantly it caused her ability to go into over drive. Something about his touch left her with feelings she couldn't or even want to identify. He frowned ever so slightly at her reaction to him with a sudden flicker of concern which was gone in seconds being replaced by his signature smirk.

"Comfortable Kitten?" He asked her in his cold calculating voice. She hated when he called her that. It felt too familiar, to personal and she hated the way it made her feel. She tried pushing that thought out of her head and fixed him with the deadliest look she could muster. This earned her a snarky chuckle as he leaned forward looking into her very angry eyes.

"You don't like it when I call you that do you kitten?" She tried to kick out her foot but then remembered… she couldn't. This only frustrated her more. He sighed slightly and leaned in even more. She tried to lean back but couldn't because of the chair digging into her back.

"You know if you behaved we wouldn't have to do this." She shifted ever so slightly and tried casting her eyes downward but he suddenly and surprisingly gently lifted her chin so that she was looking at him again. She tried to jerk away but he held her firm. "Don't do that." He almost sounded hurt…almost. "I'm not going to hurt you. I never would but I need information and you are the one who can get it for me. So if you can behave I will remove this and we can talk." He said looking down at the tape he had secured over her mouth. True it was there because of the screaming and name calling, she had done earlier. She did have a bit of a temper after all. He gently removed the tape and sat back.

"Now let's talk."

"You're a bastard!" She spit at him her voice laced with venom.

"I've been called worse… by you. So let's get started shall we."

"I hate you!"

"Yes we established that."

"I hope you go to hell!"

"Already been there. You done?"

"I'm not going to tell you anything so go…" She couldn't finished because he had placed the tape back over her mouth.

"You know Miss McAllister I'm usually a very patient man but you are certainly trying mine. Now we are going to try this again and you will answer me." He removed the tape once more.

"You're a…" He held up his finger to stop her.

"Choose your words very carefully Kitten." She glared at him even more if that was possible, before she answered.

"I have to pee."

"You have to…"He looked at her as if trying to figure out if she was serious or not. She managed a look of innocence and stared at him. He gave a look in return before getting up quickly and spun around heading toward the door way.

"Mick! Take her to the bathroom and make sure this one doesn't have a window!" He shouted as he stormed out of the room. If she hadn't been so angry she would have smiled in victory. Instead she watched the entrance way as she waited for her next captor to make an appearance. Sure enough a few seconds later the bigger, scarier and crazier one stepped in. He regarded her for a minute before he stepped closer, a twisted smile on his face.

"You're not going to give me a hard time are you sweetheart?" It was more of a statement. She just stared straight ahead willing herself not to show any emotions. He approached her, untying her legs and hands grabbing her upper arm in a tight grip. Pulling her up he quickly escorted her to a small room. She didn't fight, he would have expected that. They stepped in front of a door and he shoved her in.

"You have five minutes then I'm coming in." He said as he slammed the door shut. She then took a deep shaky breath and looked around the room. It was indeed a bathroom, a small one with a short mirror, a tiny porcelain sink and a toilet to the right of it. What was missing however was a window which meant no escape, from this room at least.

After she finished she washed her hands and looked at her reflection in the mirror. What looked back at her was scary and almost crazy looking. She tried to tame her fiery red hair as it stuck up in unruly curls around her head. She had dark circles under her hazel eyes and she seemed pale. But what caught her attention the most was just how pissed she looked. Not just at them but at herself. She was mad for letting herself get kidnapped yet again by the same two people. Why wouldn't they just leave her alone? What was it about her that they wanted?

She looked around the room once more to see if she could use anything as a weapon but it had been picked clean of everything but the essentials. She looked at her reflection once more and took another deep breath. She had to calm herself enough so that she could form an escape plan. She was so deep in thought that when she heard the sharp rap on the door she jumped.

"Time's up Sweetheart!" The raspy voice yelled through the door. She backed away from it cramming her body in the space furthest from the door. She knew she couldn't get out but she sure wasn't going to make it easy for either one of them. She made herself as small as possible by wedging herself between the wall and the toilet. She heard a growl of frustration and the knob started to turn. "You can't make it easy, can you?" He went to open the door just as a commotion started. She could hear shouting and what she assumed was gun fire. She heard as Mick ran toward the noise leaving an opportunity for her to move. She untangled herself from her spot and made her way to the door opening it just a crack. She could still hear the noises from the other room but saw no one in the immediate area. Slipping out she looked around for an exit or even a window. The only door was over near the current firefight. The yelling and commotion intensified and she figured that being out in the open was not her best laid plan. She looked around the room and spied some crates near the far end. Thinking she could at the very least she could hide behind them. It beat hiding in the bathroom and from there she would have a good vantage point. She quickly made her way over and squeezed her way between the wall and the crates and discovered that she had a very clear view of the door way. She could still hear the shouting and she saw the occasional blast from them various weapons. She knew she had to get out of there but for the time being she was blocked. She looked around at her surrounding once again for an alternative escape route. Then she noticed something to the left of her, a small vent which she hoped would eventually lead to the outside. At the very least a way to escape in some capacity. She quickly ran over to the vent and went to work on prying it open. After a few minutes, it sprung loose in her hands. She quickly crawled in the small space, ignoring how tight it was and the many cob webs as she scooted forwards. She had made it about eight feet in when she heard voices behind her. She tried to fasten the pace but due to the cramped space it was proving difficult.

"Well I have to give her credit, she is determined." Mick said as he ducked down to watch her escape.

"True but she is going to like this even less." Snart added as he too bent to watch her. "Hey Kitten sorry about this but you need to move that cute little ass of yours because were coming in."

"Nope, this is my escape! Go find your own!" She shouted behind her as she moved forward even more picking up her pace as she crawled forward on her hands and knees. She wanted as far away from them as possible. She heard him chuckle slightly as he crawled in after her.

"Sorry Kitten but it's the only option." She went to turn a corner but suddenly came up short.

"Shit!" She mumbled to herself as she found herself suddenly stuck.

"What seems to be the problem?" His voice suddenly much closer than she wanted it to be. She tried wiggling again but still no movement. "I say again, what is the problem?" His voice laced in sarcasm. She let out a frustrated groan and then went to unbuckle her pants. At this point modesty was a moot point and she would be willing to do just about anything to make her way out of her situation. That was until she suddenly felt a cool hand touch her upper thigh causing her to shriek slightly and tried to jerk away. His hold tightened ever so slightly. "Listen, in about five minutes this place is going to blow along with our friends out there and I for one don't want to be turned into a roast so a little insight, shall we." She let out a frustrated breath.

"Fine! But hands to yourself!"

"Only if you are keeping your pants on. I don't need that distraction right now. So, tell me, what is the hold up!?" His voiced raised ever so slightly.

You two want to finish this lovers spat another time?" Mick called from behind.

"Mick!" Snart shouted back at the same time she said Oi!"

"Just saying it's a little tight in here and we are running out of time. I'm guessing she's stuck." She could hear Snart's heavy sigh as he moved his hand off her thigh and up her body.

"What in the hell do you think you are doing?" She shouted back to him. Her body still from shock and not really loving her reaction to his suddenly wondering hand.

"Believe me or not but I am trying to help you kitten. So why don't you just hold still." She tried not to move as his hand found her belt loop that was stuck on a screw that had been sticking out. His hand grazing her bare waist where her shirt had ridden up. It felt as if a surge of electricity suddenly jolted her body. She shivered slightly and gasped involuntarily. His hand stilled just as suddenly and for a few seconds nether one moved. He then did something that she wouldn't have seen coming a mile away. He ever so gently squeezed her bare waist.

"All set." He said in a thick voice laced with sarcasm but something else added. She just wasn't sure what it was. It was a good thing that she was facing forward because she could feel her face heat up. She mentally cursed herself as she quickly jerked away again and resumed her hurried retreat through the vent shaft. In her mind the tunnel seemed to be getting smaller and smaller the longer she was in there. She started to breathe through her nose and mouth to keep her panic at bay as she continued to keep her neck breaking speed at the urging of the two criminals behind her. Finally, she came across another grate and with a final push could pop it open and half falling out onto the ground. She didn't waste any time as she got up and started to run only to find herself coming up short as Snart grabbed her by the arm dragging her with him.

"This way!" He hissed at her. She thought about struggling but the sound of approaching gun fire kept her from it, so she let him drag her along. Within seconds they hit a door that lead to the outside.

It was dark and she stumbled slightly only to be yanked up again. Just as suddenly she was thrown to the ground again with a weight on top of her as an ear-splitting explosion broke the otherwise quiet night. She closed her eyes tight and covered her ears with her hands, she felt a hand holding her head down as the debris fell around them. Then there was a dead silent. All she heard was the heavy beating of her own heart. The weight that had held her down was suddenly gone and she was pulled into a sitting position. She shook her head to get rid of the ringing in her ears and she looked around. The building she had just vacated was nothing more than a pile of rubble. She saw her two captors a few feet from her arguing about their next move.

"The car was supposed to be here Snart!" Mick yelled at his partner.

"Well it's not!"

"And what do we do with her now!? She saw everything?"

"We still need her. She comes with us." She didn't wait to hear the rest because she took that opportunity to run, blindly, in the dark. Not her smartest idea but she had to get away.

She ran for as long as she could and stopped needing to catch her breath. Stopping behind a tree she drew in several deep low breaths and listened to see if she had been followed. She listened for a few minutes and all she heard was the sounds of the night. After a few more minutes, she got up and continued stumbling through the dark forest. She knew a road couldn't be that far off and briefly thought about waiting until day break. Her next few steps discovered the edge of the road. If she wasn't so tired she would have jumped for joy. Instead she settled for a week yay barely raising her arm in a tired gestured. At least with that she could follow the road and find something that resembled civilization. She dragged her feet along the pavement when she suddenly heard the sound of an approaching vehicle. Sighing in relief she threw her arms up in the air as the headlight appeared in the dark. She moved to the middle of the road and started jumping up and down waving her arms.

"Hey!" She yelled praying that they saw her before they hit her and stop they did, a mere six inches from where she stood. She was sure she looked like a deranged animal and probably had al sort of matter in her hair. She swore that if she shook her head she could hear leaves falling, but she didn't care as she felt a smile come to her face. She heard the door come open but due to the headlights she couldn't see who it was and then it hit her.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" A very familiar voice echoed through the quiet night air. Her smile fell and she lowered her still raised arms.

"Looks like she missed us already." The other voice answered.

"Well shit!" She shouted and turned to run away back into the woods only to be picked up from behind as a pair of arms wrapped around hers pinning them to her side. She started kicking her legs as she was carried towards the back of the car.

"Will you hold still!?" The cold voice behind her said as his arms tightened a little around her. "Mick get the truck!" She started to panic. They were going to lock her in that very small space. Up until this very minute she was able to keep her panic in check but now she just started pleading, and crying for them to stop.

"Please, no! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" She just kept repeating that over and over again trying to pull from his arms. Instead of being dumped into the trunk like she expected she was put back on her feet and she was spun around. Her panic tear filled eyes meant his dark cold blue ones. He still held her arms down but looked at her with an unreadable look.

"Come on Snart!" Mick shouted at him, impatience filling his voice. "What are you waiting for!" He continued to stare at her and she shivered slightly under his intense look. His expression changed ever so slightly and he then led her to the back door of the obviously stolen car.

"What are you doing Snart?" Mick asked again getting increasingly agitated.

"We are putting her in the back seat. She won't cause any more problems, will you Kitten?" He asked giving her a look of warning. She felt the fight leave her along with a slight sense of relief, she nodded her head in defeat. She looked at her feet fighting off more tears and missing the frown that lined his face. He opened the door and pushed her inside, putting a hand on her head so she wouldn't bump it. These simple little gestures confused her and every time he touched her she felt that little something she couldn't quite identify.

As she sat there he crouched down so that they were eye level and took out a pair of hand cuffs and he looked her square in the eye.

"Just in case you try to run again." She didn't fight him as she snapped one end on her wrist and the other to the door handle.

"What do you want with me?" She asked in a quiet tired voice.

"You have information, information I need that is very important." His voice void of any emotion. She looked up at him with a flicker of anger in her eyes.

"Did it ever occur to you to just ask?" She looked at him as a trace of shock flittered across his face. She then looked away and fixed her gaze out the opposite window. She just wanted to go home and forget that any of this had happened. A few seconds later the car door was shut and her two captors got in, both still arguing back and forth. She managed to block them out as she lay her head back against the seat and closed her eyes. She was trying to block it all out, trying to convince herself that it was all just a really bad nightmare.

They had been driving for a while and the car had gone quiet. She felt as if she was being watched and opened her eyes just a slit. She was indeed being watched with cold blue eyes. It was as if he was trying to figure her out, trying to get inside her head. She held herself still so that he didn't know she was watching him watch her. Suddenly he turned to Mick saying something she couldn't make out. A few minutes later the car stopped in a darkened corner of a convenient store parking lot. Mick got out with a promise of coming back soon. She opened her eyes and looked out the window trying to gage her location. It seemed familiar but due to her recent drama she couldn't quite make the connection. She noticed movement out of the corner of her eye and realized that Snart had turned around to watch her once again. She still refused to look at him. He sighed slightly and opened his door coming to hers and opened it. He took out a key and started to undo her hand cuffs, she just looked at him in confusion. He in returned now refused to look at her as he finished his task.

"You are on Parker Street. Your apartment is around the corner and two block down."

"You're letting me go?" She asked quietly as she rubbed the wrist that had been shackled. He suddenly grabbed that wrist with a frown on his face. He rubbed at the reddened skin and that all too familiar shock ran through her body. She gasped slightly and tried to pull away. He tightened his hand for just a second before finally letting it go. He stood up and grabbed her upper arm helping her from the car as she stood up.

"You need to go before I change my mind. And hurry, Mick will be back in a minute." She just nodded and turned to go but he still held her arm and spun her around so that she was looking at him again. He then did something so unexpected that she stood frozen, rooted in her spot. He tucked a piece of her unruly hair behind her ear and spoke again.

"I would never hurt you Sophie Rose. I need you to know that." He looked at her for a few more seconds before he released her. She took that moment to slip away telling her self not to look back but she could feel his eyes on her until she turned the corner. She then ran the two blocks to her apartment, her home, her sanctuary. It wasn't until she was locked behind her doors that she was able to catch her breath. She was confused, angry, and scared. It was the first time he had used her name and why? She couldn't think, couldn't get a clear thought in her head. Everything was spinning and not making sense. It wasn't until she was in the shower that she dissolved into tears and it wasn't until her head hit the pillow that she finally fell into a deep sleep and it wasn't until the next day that she realized that Leonard Snart knew where she lived.