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Beast Tamer Michaela Hyakuya was led by a rich, snobby-looking man in crisp white shirt and a formal dark green suit, followed by a dozen or so guards because apparently, his client this time was some sort of big shot in the business world.

That doesn't mean anything to the Beast Tamer, though.

According to the background checks he did on the man, he had a wife who died in childbirth, along with her unnamed child, who died a few months later. Eighteen years later, he came out on top of the business world hierarchy, leading most of the best companies in the world. Truly, someone to be respected, but not appreciated, it seems.

A few weeks ago, the man had reported the problem of having a dragon down in his basement cells. Why he had cells in his basement, he had no idea. And what's more, a dragon in this time and day was very rare, nearly extinct to be exact. Humans with dragon blood may be around 10% of their society, but those who can turn into full dragons were less than 0.003% of the 10%.

Sad, really.

Nevertheless, here was a dragon problem, a creature every Beast Tamer could only dream to tame. But this one was his to tame. A jolt of pleasure at the thought ran down his spine, and he licked his lips before composing himself, a mask of boredom and indifference on his features.

"Here we are," the man said, kicking a cell door open so suddenly that Michaela nearly flinched. Nearly. It was one of the biggest cells he'd seen so far, but it was too small for a dragon to be comfortable. He clicked his tongue in distaste.

"Wake up," the man said harshly, his boot kicking something in the shadows.

The Beast Tamer frowned. Wasn't the man afraid of the dragon's backlash? Seems not. A growl-whine sound reverberated through everyone within the vicinity's bones. The guards behind the blonde raised an electric stick that could nearly kill a human. Michaela raised his hand in a sign to lower their weapons, and he stepped forward, knowing that his order was obeyed.

"Sir," he said smoothly, stepping between the man and the dragon in a subconscious act of protection. Towards the dragon, of course. He wouldn't care whether the man was injured or dead anyways, but if the dragon died… he didn't know what he would do.

"I'll take it from here."

"Make sure you do," he spat, glaring at the dragon, before turning and leaving with more than half of his guards, the rest guarding the cell door. Michaela shook his head in disapproval. He could bet that even Ferid, sadistic as he was in taming beasts, would disagree with the man's treatment towards the dragon. And he didn't want to mention beast-lover, overprotective Glen…

When he turned to study the curled-up dragon, he took note of its' features. Black scales which reflected a little bit of the dim light in the cell, roughly around two or two and a half meters tall with a tail with nearly the same length in front of it, as if shielding himself from the unknown stranger. Its' wings were twice as wide as the dragon each, powerful yet fragile all at the same time.

Immature spikes on its' tail still seemed tender, so he guessed the dragon was around sixteen or seventeen years old, a baby in dragon terms. Upon closer inspection, there were scar marks along its' body, just beneath the scales. He frowned at the sight of it, because it made the dragon's beauty seem a tad bit diluted. But then again, the dragon itself was beautiful.

"Hello, there," he said quietly, smiling gently, noticing the flinch when he spoke. "I'm Michaela Hyakuya, nice to meet you." Introducing oneself was the first steps to build a dragon's trust, because despite the beast status stamped onto them, they were also highly intelligent creatures. Far above humans.

The dragon tensed slightly before opening its' eye, a guarded fear shining through them. Michaela was captivated by the other worldly glow those vibrant green eyes seemed to emit, albeit its' shine was dulled somewhat by the fear within them.

"Are you alright?" he asked, obviously glancing at the spot he saw the man kick when they first entered the cell. The dragon whimpered and backed away slightly from the human, but his eyes were glued to the light sapphire of Michaela's eyes, and that was a god sign. Constant eye contact meant that he was being assessed by it.

There was a quiet rumble which no doubt came from the dragon, whose snout came forward and it sniffed him, putting his scent in his head so that he could remember. Michaela closed his eyes as he felt dust around him flying around due to the exhale of the dragon, and when he felt a rough, yet wet tongue on his face, he opened his eyes.

The dragon was licking his face, tracing every bit of its' shape and possibly memorizing it. He didn't flinch when the dragon got up and scooted over to him and curled around him curiously, a shiny, sharp claw on his head. It felt gentle.

The next few minutes, he was silent, letting the dragon assess him, memorizing him with his eyes, tongue, and claws. When the dragon was satisfied, it rumbled and took a few steps back, into the shadows, and rested its' head on its' front paws. It closed its' eyes and slept, judging by the deep inhales it made.

Stepping closer, the Beast Tamer let his hands rub at the snout, feeling the—surprisingly—cold scales on his skin, making him shiver. A smirk made its' was onto his face as the dragon slept, pleased at the thought of having this dragon tamed as his and his alone.

"I wonder what our child's gender will be?"

"I'm hoping that it's a boy, so that he can inherit my business and wealth…"

"Well, I'm hoping for a girl, so that we can talk about a lot of things together… What if… what if we're having twins? Triplets?"

"Your first pregnancy, and you're already hoping for twins or triplets?"

"Don't laugh! I do want to have lots of children, you know!"

"I like it when you dream about our future…"


"I love you…"

.. Fondness…?


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