Title: The Destruction of a Beautiful Soul

Pairing: Tom Riddle x Harry Potter

Rating: Teen

Prompt: 268. Savage


To this day, Voldemort isn't quite sure what caused the change in his younger lover. He simply knows that, when he went to Hogwarts to overtake the school, he had found his boyfriend standing amongst hundreds of corpses.

Harry, who almost always maintained some semblance of composure, had gone completely savage. It was an event that threw Voldemort off kilter. Harry Potter, the supposed Boy-Who-Lived, was supposed to be the epitome of everything that was right in the world. He was supposed to be kind and just, not bloodthirsty and cruel.

It was hard to even imagine this Harry Potter being the one that had defeated him all those years ago, yet it was. This was Harry Potter, the one who was scorned by those who claimed to love him, the one who was destroyed by those who promised to save him.

He was someone to be feared, was someone that could stand beside Lord Voldemort as an equal. Despite himself, Voldemort felt his lip twitch upward.

Vividly, he remembers motioning towards his Death Eaters, silently demanding them to stay put. Together, they watched, breathless, as the savior of the Wizarding World lost it.

Harry had moved like a panther. His grace was unmistakable as he leapt through the air, his wand brandished like a sword. Spell after spell slid from his tongue, causing bright hues of light to cover the sky. The very ground they stood on shook from the pure power that radiated from the grieving boy, showing all who dared to witness it just how enraged the child was.

To Voldemort, the boy had been beautiful. He was like an angel, one sent to Earth to cause beautiful destruction. Harry was enchanting and he had to get the boy on his side.

Voldemort remembers the moment Harry had finally killed all his enemies, remembers the moment Harry had finally paused to take a deep breath. He even remembers the moment that green eyes connected with his red ones, daring him to challenge him.

Voldemort remembers walking towards the savior, his eyes alight with something akin to excitement.

"Join me," he whispered. Harry had looked at him, his emerald eyes radiating so much power, and Voldemort just wanted to melt. "Together, we will rid the world of such scum."

"I'll join you," he conceded. "Under one condition."

Now, upon looking back on it, Voldemort is happy that he agreed to help Harry bring back Sirius.