Title: Covered in Darkness

Pairing: Albus (Satan)/Gellert

Rating: Mature for Religious Themes and Murder.

Prompt 5: Companion


When the blood of someone innocent has been shed, there is no salvation.

Your soul is cast into the darkest pits of hell and is left to rot there for the rest of eternity. You lose all ability to live a peaceful life, lose all ability to find a cure. Instead, you're cast into a pit of darkness, forever searching for something, anything, that will pull you out of it.

Nothing comes, and your hope soon begins to fade.


Gellert doesn't know how long he's been here, hoping to be rescued. He simply knows that time passes by, his whereabouts unknown to all but one. Satan, he likes to call him.

However, Satan doesn't visit him often. When he does, it's simply to push him further into the shadows, to push him further into insanity. Like the docile human he is, Gellert will allow it. He'll allow himself to be poked and prodded, allow himself to repent for everything he has done.

At the end of the day, he wouldn't cry either. He deserves it, after all.

The moment the blood of the innocent had been drawn, his life had been forfeit. May Ariana Dumbledore, the little sister to his longtime companion, Satan, find solace in the afterlife.

"Are you ready?" a cold voice asks, pulling him from his thoughts. Resigned gray eyes flutter open and peer at the other, but Gellert says nothing. A snarl is aimed at him, but he can't bring himself to care.

"Repent," the voice says roughly, "for the death of my sister."

Gellert does. Repeatedly.


Word Count: 259