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Co-Author: Werewolf of the Opera

Moving of the Light
Chapter 01
The School year of 1992

1st of September 1992
Organization's Home
Harry Potter's POV

"It's just unbelievable how much a single year can change a person, you know?" I ask at the breakfast table as my family and I seem excited, yet slightly hesitant for the day to progress and they all look at me as my beloved mate – which is still a bit of a strange, but welcome thought – Lea asks: "What do you mean, Firefly?"
And I say: "Well, at this point last year, all I had and knew was my magic, a bit of my parents' inheritance and my many parents. And now –." Yet because of everything that happened over the end of last school year and the summer, do I feel unable to express myself and just fling my arms out, making the others laugh as Mum says:
"You practically have a court of friends who are just dying to see you, had a farewell party given to you by practically our entire former but no longer former universe, had a holiday where you spent three days in several worlds and are learning to be the king of an entire country that is also moving to said fbnlf universe. What?"

She then asks as we all look at her and she says: "Former but no longer former. It's a mouthful." And this makes some of those around me shake their heads as I say: "I got to admit, Hogwarts sure is going to be strange this year with the Muggleborns having been picked by the Queen to be the first to be moved and all."
At which Father Zexion says: "The whole reason the Queen decided this was so it could alleviate the Ministry. Yes, it is causing them much work at the moment, but it's easier for them to do now than for them to have to worry about it and the Purebloods. Plus, the Purebloods agreed on it as it decreased their chance for exposure later on."
"That and they're arrogant and would rather have all the Ministerial attention on them as much as possible." Father Lexaeus says and Father Xaldin mutters: "And that." Before I sigh and say: "I'm just glad that it's mostly older Muggleborns that are moving. I would hate having to miss people like Wayne or Leanne."

"Though I'm sure that by this point next week and then last year, you wouldn't have minded if people like Granger had left as well, would you?" Father Saix asks and I shake my head before I say: "No, but I prefer to keep my judgment until I hear from Hannah how the summer has been for her and how or even if she has changed."
The man nods and Father Vexen says: "A wise decision. The lessons you spend with the royals of the Universe have taught you well." To which Father Demyx says: "I'm just glad that they all agreed to only one hour of lessons a day. I mean, really, the kid's on break, you know?" To which I can't help but laugh, just like every other time.

"Finish your breakfast, young one. You still need to make sure you have both trunks rightfully packed." Father Xemnas then says and I nod as I say: "I know, father, and I already packed my backpack for the ride. I really can't wait to show Cedric and Neville and the others more of what they can expect when they move."
"Yes, it really was a wondrous idea of yours to suggest that you take pictures of all the worlds you travel to so that the Ministry can print these in the Daily Prophet for the next few weeks. That, more than anything else, should calm down the concerns of those last few worry-warts." Father Marluxia says and then it happens.

"You talking about Molly again? Cause trust me, I can go on for ages about her if need be." Sirius Black, my godfather and honorary father through his bond with Father Saix says as he comes through the portal of darkness that Father taught him just before we all left for the summer break and instantly I ask him:
"Shouldn't you remain at the Burrow? You know, to see Percy of and all?" And the man smiles at me as he says: "I actually spoke with Percy before I phased her, kiddo. We finished breakfast half an hour ago and he advised me to do this, seeing her – ahem – elaborate speech during the meal." He grumbles at the end.
"What do you mean?" I ask and the man sighs as he says: "I know you've been out of town over summer, pup, but have you even read the letters we send you?" To which I cringe and say: "They've been stacking up in my room. Hedwig stayed behind in the jungle and Father thought it too dangerous to leave a portal open for 2 months."
The man nods and says: "Well, ever since the revelation of Percy knowing of his origins and later the press conference, Molly – has been changing. And by now, even Arthur no longer believes the changes are for the better." This makes me cringe and Father Saix quickly moves to pull the man closer as he asks:

"How has she changed?" And the man seems greatly defeated as he sighs and says: "She tries to start fights with me over either being Percy's father, my stay in Azkaban or my guardianship over Harry – and sometimes even the bond I have with you and Remus. And she also has been more and more averse to the whole other Universe thing.
She's sometimes as spiteful as – as my mother and I never thought I would compare the two of them, especially not after how well she took care of me after my release, but – it's true. Currently, she seems to complain about everything; the kids going to Hogwarts, my former incarceration, the move, the unknown DADA teacher.
Even Ginny and Percy are no longer safe from her wrath.""Why them?" Father Demyx asks and Sirius answers: "Because Molly had her mind set the strongest on their futures; mostly because Percy always seemed greatly receptive to her ideas and Ginny – she's her only daughter." Which the man ends with a well-meant shrug.

"So, what was this morning's topic?" Father Xigbar asks and Sirius sighs as he says: "The topic of all topics; the proof that Molly is determined to throw her full force against everything society is growing to accept and stand for. It may not have been the topic itself, but anyone can spot a hidden meaning when she tries hiding it."
"What was it?" Father Demyx asks and the man answers: "The kids going to Hogwarts. The fact that it was September 1st." Which shocks us all and the man nods as he says: "Yeah, I know. I mean, any parent would hate to have a childless home for 10 months, but the way she behaved, it was as if they were heading for execution or something.
It's why breakfast ended so early and why Percy advised me to just get over here. Usually when she starts the day with a heavy topic, she tries going after me next and Percy didn't want that to happen on the first day I could properly see him off – seeing as how Molly had convinced me it should have been her picking him up last time."

Here we all nod as we hadn't left until we were sure that all of our friends had gotten home safe and sound from the trainride and that the Ministry would properly monitor the moving of the Muggleborns to Radiant Garden, where Lea, Father Zexion and father Vexen would then take over from them and help the families settle.
It had meant that I had spent most of my two months of summer mate-less and without any contact from my friends, but the friends I had made over Christmas had been only too happy to see me again and – while feeling guilty afterwards – had I not even really missed either Neville or Cedric thanks to the amazing time I had.
We had all returned – bar the three helpers – two days ago and I had spent most of yesterday sorting through my mail, going to Gringotts for an update on my Potter state of business, visiting the Ministry to deliver the pictures I took and going through Diagon Alley for my Second year supplies as well as the two new trunks.

"How's Remy doing?" Father Saïx asks his mate, his face proving that – like Father Xemnas and I myself – he has really missed seeing his mates over summer, yet Sirius' answer of Better instantly has us all worried thanks to how careful the man sounds and I ask: "Better? What do you mean, better? What happened?"
And the man sighs as he says: "You know how your father became an Arctic fox after we all bonded over Christmas, right? And how he joined Remy and me on Full Moons? Well, Moony didn't take the last two moons with only one of his two mates too good and – well, Molly actually almost burned a bridge with him."
"How?" I ask, as this all sounds more like her youngest son than like the woman I have gotten to know thanks to her twin sons and how often they hung out with me over the last school year and the man answers: "Well, she did admit that it was stupid of her to try and – suppress the effects of her monthly cycle with magic, but –."
Here I cringe and the man nods as he says: "Yeah, apparently the guy who sold the potion to her had messed with the recipe so that it would have adverse effects on certain families – Merlin may only know why he did that – so instead of her hormones being suppressed, they were ten-folded and she went absolutely bonkers on poor Remy."

To this Father instantly turns angry and asks: "What did she do?" His voice almost growling and Sirius sighs as he says: "Let's just put it this way. She tried getting under my skin, almost succeeded and then tried going after Remus, only then her hormones got the better of her – and Remus believes she voiced her true opinions of him."
And instantly we all feel furious with the woman before I suddenly notice that Sirius is actually smiling and I ask: "What's with the smile?" And the man answers: "I just said she almost burned the bridge with Remus, right? Well, that's because Remy is still – in time – willing to forgive her; Percy is a different story."
This both impresses and worries me and Mother asks: "What did he do?" And the man smiles as he says: "Well, he didn't take kindly to the fact that, while not under her monthly cycle, she would go after me and then, during her cycle, she would try to do so by going after his mother; or that she attacked his decision to give him up."

"SHE DID WHAT?" We all shout and the man nods as he says: "Yeah, it shocked me as well. I mean, just by her behavior of the last few weeks to months I thought she would go after him because of his own time of the month, but even I never imagined she would sink as low as to use his toughest memory against him.
Of course she apologized, but that really wasn't before I jumped out of my seat in anger, Percy took her down several notches and Arthur and I took Remy outside to keep her away from him. He and I needed the rest of the week to get his self-confidence back." He then turns to Father Saix with loving eyes and says:
"Needless to say, my love, you came back right in time. I don't think Remy, as a person, could survive another full moon night without you. And the next one is 2 weeks away, so – well, it really is a good thing the kids are going to Hogwarts. It will give us time to deal with the problems we – ahem – skipped over before."

And this makes Father hug the man close before he says: "Excuse us, please." And with Sirius' hand in his own, he walks away from the breakfast table before Sirius summons another portal of darkness for them both to pass through. Yet as the portal closes, do I almost feel as if I should have gone with them before Lea says:
"You care for them, Firefly, but this is out of your league." And I nod, knowing he's right, yet at the same time do I say: "You know, I can't help but feel as if there is something Sirius didn't tell us. Like there was something that happened when Percy decided to take his adoptive mother down for attacking his parents."
And by the looks on my parents' faces can I tell that they agree with me before Father Lexaeus says: "Well, you know what that means. The sooner you have your trunks packed, the sooner we can leave and you can ask Percy what happened." And I nod at him before quickly focusing on finishing the last bits of my breakfast.

A Few Hours Later
Platform 9 ¾
Prefect's POV

"I am SO glad to be away from that home. I really hope father will find us a home to live in before Christmas. That woman; I just don't get why she is so against all of this? It's a right blessing that the Royal line is back and King Zexion has been nothing but a perfect role model since he took the throne for the sake of his son.
If he's any indication to how wonderful the worlds he comes from are, then why is she so against the idea of moving? The Ministry has already proven with a few Muggleborn parents that they can even move small practices and other facilities where the parents have their job without other Muggles noticing the places missing.
So it can't be that she's worried about the Burrow staying behind as that's already been proven to not be the case. And the pictures Prince Harry has sent to the Ministry to be posted in the Daily Prophet – together with a detailed description – are perfect evidence that there is nothing wrong with these worlds, just like the conference did.

So what is her problem?" Goes through my mind as I take my seat in a compartment close to the Prefect one where I know a meeting will take place pretty soon, yet being Prefect is now something I am even more proud of than I was last year, thanks to finding out that my birth-mother, Remus Lupin, was one as well.
And the tales he told me, Fred and George over the summer have been brilliant, even if, over time, we had to be more and more careful to make sure she didn't hear his and my dad's wilder ones about what they did as pranksters, tales that shocked Fred and George as they never thought my parents would be pranksters.
Yet all throughout these tales did I notice something about the two and that was that it seemed as if they were holding something back, something I noticed the most whenever they were addressing either each other or speaking about their late best friend, our prince's birth father James Potter. Yet I can't figure out what it is.

Then suddenly the door to my compartment opens and Fred and George move in as George says: "Oh there you are, you lucky boy." And this makes me smile yet again as the two of them have started calling me lucky boy ever since they found out that I am the son of two pranksters and Fred says: "You sure left in a hurry."
To which I sigh and say: "I just need some time away from her. And yes, I know we'll be gone from her for 10 months, but – with my father being who he is – I just didn't want to risk the chance that I would either say something I would regret or make a scene." The two nod and Fred says: "Yeah, she is good at that, isn't she?"
To which I lean back in defeat and say: "It's definitely always been one of her specialties; I just wish I could understand why it's coming out so strongly now. Transporting Magical England to the King's Universe will give the royal line a true chance to be reborn and that can only benefit our entire community in the long run.
I just don't get why she's so against this. The King is a perfect example of how great that Universe is, the press conference and the pictures with description that our young prince sent to the paper prove the brilliance of the worlds and she won't have to leave anything behind as the Ministry has already proven the move will be all-inclusive."

"You got some good, points, lucky boy, but we think you're missing the very point that explains her reasoning. Or at least what we think is her reasoning." This instantly makes me curious and Fred says: "The location is described as multiple worlds. Not countries, islands or cities. But worlds. And we think that's the problem."
And instantly I get what the two are on about, making me groan as I say: "She's suffering from separation issues. why didn't I see that coming? Me proving I knew of my adoption was only a little while before the press conference announcement. Of course a series of events like that would get her separation issues.
She's terrified that she's losing me to my actual parents and the rest of you to all the different worlds." And the two nod before a strong sultry voice says: "Then it's a good thing I'll be teaching this year, isn't it?" And when we look up, do my eyes widen as I see a very familiar figure standing in the doorway as the twins say:

"Wicked." Their breath apparently taken away by their own amazement before the new teacher smiles at them and says: "Mr. Weasley –." But here I stop her and say: "Black-Lupin. I had my name reverted to what my parents would have called me had the circumstances been different." This seems to shock the teacher, who asks:
"So what's your new name, young fellow?" And I happily answer: "Andreas. Andreas Alphard Black-Lupin. Named after the only female cousin my father actually likes and the great-uncle that helped him move on his own thanks to a late inheritance." And the teacher smiles and says: "Well Mr. Black-Lupin, we have a meeting to head to."
At which I nod and say: "Keep this compartment for me, will you guys?" And the two salute me as they joke: "Roger that, Prefect Black." Making me shake my head as the two have been referring to my Prefect title like this ever since finding out why my dad was never named Prefect, yet I love them for it nonetheless.
"And I'll prank them senseless for it later. I do have a reputation to live up to, after all. Hmm, I wonder if Prince Harry would care to join in. His powers will surely come in handy in not getting caught." Goes through my mind as I move through the moving train and over to the Prefect meeting of the school year of 1992.

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Co-Author: Werewolf of the Opera