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So a lot of you seem really interested in the surprise that Remus and Sirius have for Harry and Andreas. Personally, I really hope that some of you have taken the liberty of reading through Keyblade's Light again as this surprise is actually revealed in one of those very chapters – and hinted at in an earlier one.
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Co-Author: Nathaniel Wolf

Chapter 22
Shocks and Surprises

19th of December 1992
Hogwarts Gates, Scotland
Harry's POV

"Greetings boys, what are you all doing here?" Dumbledore asks as we are standing behind the closed gates to the school and Axel, who like the others has taken a potion to get back to his old age, says: "We deduced that there is a Keyhole somewhere inside Hogwarts that is tainting the students and focused on their stubbornness.
It's the whole reason they are still so incapable of letting go of the faults of the past and allowing the darkness of their prejudice to control them. We'd like to search the school and find it so we can close it before the school restarts." The man looks shocked, yet he nods and waves his wand, allowing for the gates to open.
Yet as we pass through them, does Xion hum and say: "Wow, that was easy." And we all look from her to the gates in shock before I mutter: "That – makes so much sense. The gate is something the students go through several times over the year and it's connected to the border wall that surrounds the entire school and its grounds.
The perfect chance to keep such a form of darkness going strong." And instantly Xion, Roxas and I have our Keyblades out, while Demyx and Axel are behind us and both have their own weapons out as well. Dumbledore is standing behind the two and he too has his wand out, obviously with a strong desire to protect us if necessary.

The three of us then aim our Keyblades, me using the Sign of Innocence for this one, at the gates and a Keyhole does appear, only to shock us with how it looks. "I don't suppose it's supposed to look like that?" Dumbledore asks as the whole Keyblade looks as if it got broken to pieces and only faint bits of the outline are still there.
The bits that are also no longer there do seem to sparkle and they look to have four different colors; green, red, blue and a pure white that isn't quite silver, like the rest of the Keyhole. "How is that possible?" Roxas asks and I turn from the fragmented Keyhole to the rest of the castle, thinking deeply before I mutter:
"Last year, there were various Keyholes, but all of them led to Agrabah. This time there were various ones that all led to Maleficent's castle. Could there also be various ones that, when closed, will lead to this one?""Sure looks that way. So how do we find them?" Demyx asks and Axel answers: "Just like we were planning to, search the school."

We all nod, while Andreas looks at us all shocked and then, under the guidance of the Headmaster, who we know knows the school better than we do, do we cross through the entire school, floor from floor, as well as the grounds and all that stands on it. And just like I expected, do we find four different spots with a fragmented Keyhole.
The first we actually find at the Headmaster's own office, right in front of the Cabinet that houses the Sorting Hat and this one is the pure white color that intrigued me the most. And for some reason, just by looking at it, did I get the strong sense to look at the Headmaster and it seems that the others are inspired to do the same.
The man looks at us curiously and I mutter: "Looks like there is something more that is different about the Keyholes than just the fact that they are color-linked.""Could it be that, because the Keyhole has been here for so long without us knowing, that it adapted itself to the closest person who is near the most?"
Andreas asks and I answer: "Only one way to find out." And we leave the office, deciding to not close the Keyhole here until we have found the other three and learned more about them. "No use trying to do something if we're not sure it will work." Xion told us when we decided on this and everyone agreed on it as we left.

The next one we find is on the Second floor Library, yet while Madam Pince is also here, do I not feel like looking at her. "Well, there goes that theory." Demyx mutters as our eyes are, this time, drawn to the Mastery Section for Advanced Charms classes. "So it's not just people, these Keyholes can be connected to other stuff too."
"It's almost as if, whatever it's connected to, represents what makes the Keyhole the color that it is. Though –." Here I turn to the others and ask: "Am I the only one who thinks there is a second meaning behind those colors?" To which Roxas and Xion shake their heads and Axel says: "Let's find the next one."
And we leave this one, which is colored blue and reminds me of a glass of water or something, behind. Yet this time our search takes us from the Second floor all the way up to the Astronomy tower and then back down to the dungeons before we find our next one. And the location where we find it really concerns me.

"This – is the center point of the school?" Axel asks, staring at a huge stone wall that has a few cracks, but also looks like it can still withstand for centuries to come. "Indeed, this is actually the first wall that was ever build. It is what the rest of the school is build upon. It truly is the embodiment of the strength of the castle."
Yet I look around, or at least try it as the light of our Keyblades and Axel's flames are the only sources of light we have in a hallway that otherwise has nothing, not even a single bracket to hold a torch in or burned out candle. "And this hallway represents the darkness of the age in which Hogwarts was build, the Dark Ages."
I think to myself before the Headmaster leads us back out. And while we leave, do I try to take courage out of the fact that this one, while deep in Slytherin territory, is actually red with hints of brown and orange in it; Gryffindor colors. We then reach the doors to the outside and Demyx shrugs as he says:

"Well, we searched the entire school. I guess that means that the last one is somewhere out there, just like the one at the gates." We all nod and Dumbledore leads us across the huge grounds. We pass the Owlery, the Greenhouses, Hagrid's grounds, where the friendly guy is happy to see us, and even the border of the Forbidden Forest.
Yet it's at the Quidditch Pitch that our Keyblades start to react and we quickly head inside, actually finding the final Keyhole in the bit of air that is in the very center of the pitch. "Wow, it's almost as if this one is the very heart of the four, am I right?" Roxas asks and the others nod, yet this sets me thinking as well.
"If this is the heart, then the others – the four – they form a – no, not –." And then the conclusion hits me like a ton of bricks, making me look back at the bright green Keyhole that is shining in the middle of the sky in the same color as my own eyes. My eyes widen and my mouth drops before I instantly aim my Keyblade at it.

And a bright light, that is actually the same color instead of the usual silver, hits the Keyhole straight in the center. The others look at me shocked and cry out, but I feel it. The heart of another is beating deep inside of the powerful form of this world's magic and I think: "Come back to us, heart of four." As I boost the power of my beam.
I feel my own heart beat in sync with the heart that beats within the Keyhole and in the back of my mind I even hear it becoming louder slowly but surely. This makes me smile and I whisper: "I'm here – Ventus." And this makes Axel, who knows that name thanks to his original self, gasp and then it does indeed happen.

The outlining of the Keyhole, the bits that weren't sparkling in green lights, is starting to light up the usual silver and once the whole outline is like this, does the whole magical object glow brightly. And just before it vanishes in bits of light, like all Keyholes do, does a young body fall from it, quickly caught by Dumbledore and Andreas.
"Harry, how – how did you?" Roxas asks shocked, but I turn to the young Nobody who looks the most like the boy that is now floating above the ground thanks to the spells Dumbledore and Andreas used to break his fall and I say: "We'll find the other three in the other three Keyholes. They are the reason behind the colors.
Aqua in the Library, Terra in the dungeon and Master Eraqus in Dumbledore's office. It makes sense, because Aqua was known for her skill in magic, Terra for his strength and how Xehanort tricked him into Darkness and Eraqus, because he was their leader. If we free them, we can close the Keyhole once and for all."

"Wait, does it mean that, if we don't close them, if we don't close the one at the gates, could –?" Xion asks, sounding terrified and I frown in determination as I say: "Let's go close them." And the three nod before I turn to the Headmaster and say: "Get Ven to the Stronghold and tell the others that they can expect the rest.
Explain what happened here." The man nods and I turn to Andreas as I say: "Guess we'll have plenty of time to work on that plan of yours." Startling him before he smiles at me and I rush for the other three Keyholes with my fellow Keyblade Wielders. "That monster has been reborn and tricked enough people. I won't let him return."
I think to myself, my heart beating in determination to not let this happen, but also fright, especially for my family. Just the thought of what Xehanort, if he returned from the fact that Terra, Aqua, Ventus and Eraqus had been stuck within Keyholes, could do to my family both terrifies and fills me with a sense of rage, increasing my speed.

An hour later
At the stronghold

We are pacing in front of Vexen's room, him and Madam Pomfrey working together to check up on the four Keyblade Masters that we managed to pull out of the four Keyholes that we found all over the school before closing the one at the gates. And the whole time I try to distract myself with thoughts of what happened after.
Hogwarts looked as if it got reborn, a fresh wind blowing through the entire castle and across the grounds, leaving a shine of something new to everything it touched and making it look stronger and better. Even Dumbledore looked as if two decades had been taken off of his age as he got hit with this wind and he breathed out in relief afterwards.
"I tell you, boys, I don't think I have ever felt Hogwarts feel this good, fresh and strong. And that while I have been leading this wondrous place for almost thirty years." The man had told us before thanking us and wishing us a Merry Christmas. We had instantly returned to the Stronghold and this doesn't help me.

It just reminds me of what I am currently doing and then suddenly Madam Pomfrey and Vexen come out. We all turn to them and Vexen says: "Well, they are weak and it's obvious that they have been held in there for quite some time, but they will be fine. They have been put under a Sleeping Draught and that will do the most.
Once they have regained most of their physical health and have rested enough they feel energized, they will awaken. I can't say for sure which of the four will awaken the first, but I have severe doubts that they will remain in this state until Christmas. I'd say they'll all awaken by Monday, Tuesday morning at the latest."

This makes us all sigh relieved and Father Xemnas turns to me as he says: "You did a wonderful job here, son. You brought four more friends of Sora and the King back to them and you made sure that the students will no longer be affected by Darkness or desire to hold onto the darkness of either their own stubbornness or their history."
I smile at him and say: "Getting them back sure feels like a wonderful reward for what we just did. But the fact that, potentially, we kept Xehanort from another return, through the way the Keyholes were holding the first three that he manipulated, and that he can't affect you anymore; that's the real reward, at least to me.
The man smiles, but then he says: "Perhaps – or perhaps Sirius and Remus will give you the real reward." This intrigues me and he says: "Meeting tonight of the entire Organization. Sirius and Remus will be present as well." I nod and wonder what this could have to do with the surprise the two keep hinting at.

Later that night
At the Meeting Room

"Our four youngest have done us all a great favor. They have closed a Keyhole none of us even thought of could have existed within the school and with that given new life to Hogwarts, allowing it to breath freely from the darkness that was seeping out of the Keyhole for the first time since it might have been created.
Yet they even went beyond this and brought back four heroes that all of us and our companions thought to have died for the cause. Because of this, have our honorary members, Numbers Fifteen and Sixteen, decided to speed up the revelation of the surprise they desired to reveal to our Number Thirteen point Two on Christmas."

Father Xemnas speaks to us all, startling Father Zexion, Father Marluxia and mother, who hadn't been present today, but making those that were in the know nod in agreement and pride. And while I have been living with them for years, do I still feel my face heating up a little at the sight of this much family pride showing around.
I ignore this and turn to the two honorary members of our Organization, that is seated at the table that was once used by Dumbledore and the four Heads when they came to deliver my very first Hogwarts letter. The men smile at each other and seem to hold a silent conversation before they nod at each other and then Sirius stands up.

"I will keep this surprise nice and short, because – well, the fact that we get to reveal this surprise even sooner than planned actually has a very welcome benefit as it means we will have more time to enjoy the results of what we have to – wow, I am actually rambling while trying to reveal a wonderful surprise, shocker."
This makes us snicker and laugh and Sirius shakes his head before he says: "Okay, keeping it short this time. Harry, we have some wonderful news for you. You're not just our godson and cub. Moony, you are our son as well. Lily used a ritual to adopt Remus by magic, making him your father by magic, and James did the same.
Neither of us just told you this until now, because we saw how happy you are with your family and we just felt happy enough sharing in that. But now that Andreas is growing closer to us, we felt it only right to let him know that he has another brother and letting you know as well. Though our relations definitely differ.

Like I said, Lily used a ritual to tie Remus to her family as a way to prove how much he mattered to her while we were at war and just after you were born and James used the fact that we both have a Black for a mother to make you my Magical Son and told me of this after you turned one year old. And we love you all the same."
Here Remus stands up and comes to stand next to the man, both of them smiling at me with a look on their faces that prove the man's last words, showing just how much they actually love me. Yet I can't really comprehend this as my mind has gone blank with shock after Sirius told me that the both of them are actually my fathers.
The idea that I have more than one father is definitely not the shocker here, but the fact that I was never an orphan and that I had two fathers who were kept away from is. And combined with everything else that happened today, only one thought can push through my shocked state: "Will the surprises never end?"

I'd rather they don't.
So yeah, who of you saw this coming? Who of you remembered those small tidbits in Keyblade's Light where I mentioned these facts? Of Sirius and Remus actually having been Harry's fathers by magical means? Well, trust me, the upcoming chapter is going to have another plot point that was only shortly mentioned last time.
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Co-Author: Nathaniel Wolf