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Harry couldn't do it anymore, living a life that was thrust upon him even before he had been born. In the sound of Dumbledore's silence, he did the one thing that he knew would shock the old man if he ever found out. As neatly as he could manage, the sixteen year old wrote a leader to his most "hated" enemy.

Voldemort, I'm tired of this. No one ever asked me if I wanted to fight or not, and I'm not going to be silenced any longer.

The teen paused, wondering if and how he should continue, he eventually sighed and started again.

I've thought a lot about your words, I finally see what you mean. There is no good or evil, only power and those too foolish to seek it. Or, those who have power and manipulate others in what they assume is a chessboard, with them controlling everyone like mere pawns.

You may not be the best man but neither is Albus Dumbledore. The thing that sets the two of you apart is truth and admission. Looking back, you never tried to persuade me into believing you were good, you simply told me it didn't exist.

Dumbledore believes in something called the 'greater good' and even though I don't really know what that is, I understand how misguided and conniving he is. He covers up his flaws and mistakes, hides them so it will not effect his image or tarnish the way he looks to the people fighting for him.

Each moment of his silence and lies makes me realize how alike we really are. He's manipulated me, tried to shape me into this hero and savior that I will never be.

What I'm trying to say is I don't want to pretend to be his brave little lion anymore. I'm more of a snake in lions clothing if anything. I'm tired of being seen as the symbol for the light, for a war I don't want to be in. I don't want to be your enemy, in fact. I think we have something in common now.

Our hate for Albus. Being that I no longer want to be his obedient little lion, I can come to terms that I hate that man with all my passion. Yeah, you killed my parents, but he's the reason for my suffering and pain. Hell, I'd help you kill him...

Anyway, I should probably go now. The Order's been keeping their disgusting eyes on me. (maybe I'll help you kill them too, the ministry is filled with idiots and would probably benefit if you were in charge.)

Sincerely, Harry Potter. The golden boy no more.

Setting his quill down, Harry looked over his letter and nodded when he thought it to be good enough. He was about to attach it to Hedwig when he realized something. Quickly grabbing his quill, he added something else.

P.S: Dumbledore is looking for your horcruxes so he can destroy them, I think he's already found one of them. I know you're a genius, but you may want to hide some in a secure place that he could never get the chamber of secrets.

Smirking, Harry gave the parchment to Hedwig who gave a little hoot.

"Don't leave until he reads this, Hedwig." The snowy white owl chirped, nipping at the boys ear playfully. "I love you too, girl. Be careful." He stroked her soft feathers, causing her too coo softly at the attention.

Hedwig chipped once more before she flew off with the parchment, making sure to evade and make sure the order didn't track or intercept the leader.




Hedwig hooted at the dark lord, staring at him as she gently nipped at the fingers on the parchment. The dark lord shot her an annoyed glace, debating if he should open the letter. Giving in when he noticed the owl wouldn't leave until he read the blasted letter, he opened it and started to read. He was barely done reading the first few lines when Harry Potter left him speechless and in wonder.

The savior, champion of the light, didn't want to fight him? At first, he thought it was a trick, one of Dumbledore's plots to trick him, but something told him otherwise. It was the second paragraph that caught his attention and made him pause.

"Dear Merlin, the boy has finally realized the truth." Voldemort spoke, a smirk forming as he read even more. It had been so long since he felt like this, was giddy the right word to use? Ecstatic that Harry Potter saw a enemy in Dumbledore rather than himself, the dark lord read with gleaming eyes, each sentence better than the last. He knew this would one day happen, and that day was today. Albus had managed to dig himself a grave so deep that not even a dot of light could be seen. Dumbledore was so far under, and (maybe) with Harry's help, he could bury the man where he stood.

The dark lord leaned back in his throne, his eyes half lidded with pleasure and glee. In a way, he felt pity for the boy writing to him. He was forced into a war, forced to fight and be a symbol for the light.

But how things had changed, Harry Potter not only wanted Albus Dumbledore dead, but the order included. Glancing at the last line, Voldemort froze, his eyes wide at the admission while he hissed several profanity at the old headmaster.

:What is wrong, Tom?: Nagini hissed. She slithered to the man, resting her diamond shaped head on the mans leg.

:Dumbledore. Harry Potter has informed me that the old man plans to destroy all my horcruxes: Nagini hissed in displeasure, her tongue flicking dangerously. :Harry Potter is no longer an enemy, but he is not an ally yet, either.:

:You want the hatchling to be on your side. You want him to be your little serpant.: Voldemort could hear this hissy chuckle in Nagini's tone and he sighed, shaking his head. :You should bring the hatchling here, let him be one of us. Write him back:

:Nagini...: He ran a hand down her scales, watching as she hissed in pleasure. :It is not that simple. Harry did not express any desire in wanting to join me, and the order won't let him out of their sight.:

:So?: Nagini hissed, finding it to be funny. :You are the dark lord, find a way.: Voldemort patted her once more on the head, sighing at how bossy the darling snake was. :Why would he write to you unless he wanted to help you, Tom? The hatchling needs you:

Voldemort glanced down at her. Tilting his head to the side, he chuckled lightly at his snake. :Why do you keep referring to Potter as a hatchling, Nagini?: The snake let out a hissy chuckle and rubbed at his hand.

:Because the young one is one of us, so that makes him a hatchling.: Voldemort glanced to the letter and sighed at the owl who was looking intently at him.

"I suppose you want me to write him back too?" At the hoot he received, Voldemort rolled his eyes. "Since when did the dark lord take orders from animals?" He grumbled, getting an ink pen and parchment.

I trust that your owl will get this to you without being intercepted, Potter. I don't usually trust someone blindly, but given these circumstances, I believe what you wrote to me. Given that I am a dark lord, it would seem improper for me to say 'I told you so' but, I did warn you Harry. I am thankful you didn't realize this when it was too late.

That thought made him angry. Picturing Harry realizing that Dumbledore had been playing him from the beginning, only for it to be too late and his life already suffering from the control Dumbledore had.

Potter, I know this letter was not to join me but the option is still there. I can understand if you wish to stay out of the war, but just remember that by joining me, we could expose Dumbledore for who he is and what he has done.

For the time being our only means of communication can be through letters, so I have enchanted the letter with a privacy spell that only you can read.

Sincerely, The dark lord.

Once Voldemort was done writing he turned to the eager owl. "Don't get caught." He said, handing her the parchment.

After the owl flew away, he couldn't help but smile lightly.

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