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"You know, I had my doubts when I was first ordered to take part of this mission." Adrian said softly on the night before Hogwarts. "You and Ginny have certainly made this bearable." He finished with a small smile aimed at the bushy haired witch. Hermione smiled back and shrugged.

"I personally know how hard it is to deal with them. Ever since fourth year, it's been difficult." She sighed, thinking back to when Ron's disgusting jealous streak started to shine through. "I just can't believe it took us that long to notice."

"It's not your fault. You were young and had no idea what was really going on." Adrian hated when Hermione chastised herself for not catching on sooner. "You and Harry figured it out though, and now look at what you're doing. You're helping to change the world we live in." He moved some hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear. She blushed and offered a small smile as she leaned against him.

"I will admit, I'm still not sure what it is I'm fighting for now. Everything's happened so sudden." Caught off guard by the witch leaning against him, Adrian flushed and glanced down at her.

"I'll try my best to explain more when we're at Hogwarts. We'll have more privacy there, but I would like to know what you're worried about." He muttered softly, a small smile ghosting across his lips as she laid her head on his shoulder.

"I'm not sure how to put it." She chuckled gently, not wanting to sound petty. "I guess I'm still concerned about the purebloods." Hermione admitted, flushing more when Adrian wrapped an arm around her.

"Let me guess, Draco said something to you, didn't he?" Adrian nearly growled out, and Hermione swallowed at the look.

"Him and that group of his." Hermione sighed again. "It's not like I care what he thinks or says, but I've always been worried that so many share his views." Adrian nodded in understanding and hummed gently.

"I'm not going to try and excuse Draco's actions, he's a prat anyway." He smiled more at the giggle he received and carried on. "Not everyone thinks like him anymore. In fact, it's becoming rare." He thought back to his own parents who were purebloods, but had encouraged him to make friends with anyone he could when he was younger. "Most of the purebloods these days aim their hatred to those who align themselves with Dumbledore and the Order. Which happen to be many of the muggleborns."

"Harry told me something similar." Hermione recalled, smiling lightly. She did miss her friend, but she knew he was probably training and planning on ways to change the world. "If it weren't for the fact that he wrote that letter to Voldemort, we wouldn't be anywhere close to exposing the headmaster." Adrian nodded and smirked slightly.

"At times, it's as if Harry has an interesting mix of Gryffindor and Slytherin." The wizard chuckled. "But with more Slytherin tendencies." Hermione laughed softly and nodded.

"He can be reckless at times, but that only when there's no other option, or when he's been pushed into that. Other than that, he's really cunning and clever." Adrian snorted and shook his head.

"Sounds Slytherin to me." He relaxed as the woman in his arms pressed closer somehow, and he tightened his hold around her.

"I can't wait to be back at Hogwarts. It'll be so much easier to hide from Ron." The only slight issue was Dumbledore, but at least they had mastered occulemecy, so it wouldn't be too hard to stay clear from Dumbledore.

"I have to be alone with Dumbledore." Adrian grimaced, already dreading the future encounters. "But at least I will be able to keep the dark lord informed." He said, thinking of all the information he could supply to his side.

"Dumbledore is trapped." Hermione smirked slightly, and Adrian actually chuckled.

"Finally." He whispered, a small smile on both their faces.

"We can finally get you a new wand tomorrow." Tom muttered after an intense training session, glancing to the holly wand in his younger lover's hand. "Although, I doubt your core has changed. I wonder what type of wood you will acquire now." His long, elegant fingers gently traced the hand, smirking when Harry flushed and looked away.

"Do you know much about wands?" Harry asked, looking back up at Tom.

"Only a little. I'm no expert like Olivander, but I know some the basics." He raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Well, I've always been fascinated by wands and how they choose the wizard." He responded, glancing to his own wand. "And how they can produce magic based if it's a true match." Harry blinked and licked his lips in thought. "You have another wand, don't you?" Surprised at the question, Tom nodded.

"Like you, I also purchased another wand for dueling." Harry rose an eyebrow, glancing to the yew wand that Tom carried.

"Then why do you use that one if you bought a different want for dueling?" He questioned, lightly touching the tip of the wand that had been used to murder his parents, and had attempted to murder him on several occasions.

"No matter what, you will always share a bond with your first wand. I still carry it around because I know how well it has served me in the past. If I'm to be fighting however, I carry the other wand." Tom watched as Harry traced his wand, seemingly deep in thought.

"Did your core change?" He asked, still tracing the wand. Tom flushed and shook his head.

"No. I still have a phoenix feather." His pale face heated even further as Harry moved to touch his hand, his fingers tracing his own. Harry smirked at that, pleased.

"Watch us get brother wands again." Harry said with a chuckle, causing Tom to shake his head fondly, although the thought had struck him a few times.

"And if we do?" Tom teases the other wizard, smirking at the pleased look that passed through his eyes.

"I guess that would make us soul mates?" Harry innocently whispered, and Tom felt his heart stop, then start pounding almost erratically. Soul mates was just a term that couples used, but if there was a way to find a pair, one could look at the wands.

"That's one way to look at it." Tom comments, flushing even more as Harry grins at him, still feigning that innocent look on his face.

"Probably the only way to look at it." The green-eyed wizard pulls him down for a kiss, smiling as it is eagerly returned. "Don't you think?" He says against the lips, shivering as they move to his jaw.

"I suppose so. Fate can be a mysterious entity." His words were spoken against the younger's ear slowly, and he enjoyed the other shiver he received. :We were always meant to be together: Tom hisses quietly, swallowing as Harry clung to him, pulling him closer.

:Side by side: Harry hisses back, nose against Tom's neck as he nudges against him. :Something tells me we will have brother wands, Tom:

:Oh? And what is that, darling?: Tom purrs the last part, smiling at the bright blush.

:It will prove that we are equals, and that we have to share your throne: Harry teased, and Tom laughed, pulling away.

"I told you that you already had your own separate chair beside of me." He rose an eyebrow at the mischievous look in the younger wizard's eyes.

"I know, but I find your lap to be more comfortable." Harry teased. Tom ran a hand through the raven-hair, obviously thinking of what the younger was suggesting.

"As fantastic as that sounds, I doubt that I would get much work done." He admitted, rubbing his neck slowly. "Not to mention that I wouldn't be able to see the twins mess with Lucius." Harry snickered, glancing to the closed door with a small grin.

"Should we see what they're getting up to with dear Lucius?" Harry asked with a devilish smirk on his lips. Tom hummed, kissing at it.

"Even though my study is comfortable, I do enjoy watching Lucius suffer." Chuckling, Harry took his hand and started to head into the living room, pausing when he could smell something sweet.

"You didn't have your house elves prepare cookies, did you?" The younger asked, getting another whiff of what smelt like chocolate chip cookies.

"No. I can't say I did." Tom replied, looking at Harry with a quirked brow. "But they will prepare food for anyone who asks." With their interest peaked, they headed towards the kitchen, both of their eyes widening when they saw two gingers in the kitchen, both whispering.

"I didn't know you could bake." Harry said, moving further into the kitchen, biting his lips at the twin grins. "I know that look." He chuckled, nearly letting out an undignified squawk as he was pulled by the two into the corner, along with Tom.

"We're going to let you in on this prank." Fred grinned, glancing to the cookies. "It was all George's idea." He said, giving his brother a shit eating grin.

"Now I can't take full credit, brother dear. You came up with using the cookies for this." George praised, wrapping an arm around his shoulders and chuckling.

"You see, we've been tampering with different-"

"-sorts of potions and their effects."

"So we decided to lace-"

"-the cookie with the potion." Fred grinned, showing them the cookies that were still in the oven.

"All that we have to do now-" George snickered, rubbing his hands.

"-is wait until they're finished." At hearing this, Harry held back his laughter at the plan and thought for a moment.

"What will the symptoms be?" He asked, flushing as an arm snuck around his waist, pulling him closer to a taller body.

"Glad you asked!" Both happily exclaimed, giddy about their creations.

"There are two parts, actually." Fred explained, conjuring a clear liquid. "The ingredient we added to the cookies will cause the person's voice to change into a different accent each time they speak, but into a horrible one, even their native one."

"And this one." George said, motioning to the clear liquid. "Will cause our dear Lucius to become giddy to the point he will break out in song each time he opens his mouth." Tom bit his lips, holding back his own laughter.

"Now before we do this-" Fred and George both took two glasses of water, handing it to them.

"-you need to drink water with crushed nettles." George conjured the ingredients, placing them in the water.

"It acts as a resistant for the-"

"-potion in the cookies."

"And we want to fool Lucius into thinking the cookies are safe to eat." They grinned, offering the cups to the two dark haired wizards.

Sharing a look, Tom and Harry shrugged and drank what was in the cup with no further questions.

"How long until they're done?" Tom questioned, finishing what was in his cup.

"I'd say five minutes." George said, still grinning.

"Go ahead and sit at the table." Fred looked down the hall, knowing the smell would eventually reach Lucius soon.

"He won't be long." They grinned, going back to what they had been doing, forgetting that Tom and Harry were even in there with them.

"They must have been great at potions." Tom remarked, sitting at the table beside Harry. The younger snorted, thinking back to when they were at Hogwarts together.

"Their pranks on Snape were even better." Harry admitted, thinking of all the times thy had gotten away with it. "Snape was rarely able to give them detention for it." He chuckled, soon flushing when Tom smiled at him with that soft look in his eyes. It never failed to make him turn red and shift, embarrassed that he was receiving such a fond look.

:I love the sound of your laugh: His face reddened even more.

:Tom, why must you make me blush so much?: Tom snickered at the huff, loving the blush that was all over Harry's face.

:Because you look cute when you're all red.: He purred silently, grinning as Harry was turning into a nice Gryffindor color. If Tom was going to make him flush, he would play at that game too.

:Maybe I'm all flustered because you turn me on when you speak in Parseltongue.: Harry purred back, not caring that what he said had a lot of truth to it. It would be worth it to see Tom's own face match those eyes.

:Do I?: Tom nearly choked, his face a very close shade to his eyes. Harry swallowed at the tone and nodded.

:A lot, yes .: Harry admitted, looking away as he thought about it. :Especially when you deepen it on purpose. It makes me think of-: He stopped right there before he embarrassed himself and slowly shook his head, trying to dislodge the thoughts that were in there. As a hand ran down his back, he gasped when the older wizard came closer, hissing quietly into his ear.

:Think of what, Harry?: Tom's hiss nearly caused Harry to shiver, but he held it back, debating on if he should answer the question or not. Swallowing, he glanced back at the dark lord, licking his lips.

:It makes me think of how you would sound in bed with me.: Harry answered truthfully, biting his lips as he noticed the crimson eyes dilate at his words. He couldn't surpass the shiver that passed down his spine when Tom's hand reached the small of his back, his elegant fingers carefully rubbing. It looked as if Tom wanted to say something, but the sound of cookies being placed on the table broke them apart.

"I can hear him down the hall-"

"-go ahead and take one." George suggested, moving to take their own.

Lucius arrived, looking at the plate of cookies on the table with interest. He wasn't too big on sweet food, but cookies had always been one of his favorite desserts since childhood.

"Want a cookie, Luci?" Fred purred, taking a bite of his own, George following behind. Narrowing his eyes, he glanced to the other twin, watching as he took his own bite.

"What's in it?" The blonde asked, picking one up but not eating it.

"Let's see…" George hummed, tapping his chin as if in thought.

"Brown Sugar, flour, butter…" Fred was tapping his own chin, lost in thought.

"…vanilla, sugar, eggs and chocolate chips." George finished. The two then looked up at him, grinning innocently.

"And love!" They smiled, causing Lucius to flush as he glanced away to find the dark lord and Harry eating the cookies as well. With his face slightly pink, the blonde wizard sighed and the smiles on the twins faces.

"Fine." He muttered, taking one and eating it. In fact, it was actually rather nice, delicious even. "Not bad." He said, not realizing that his words came out in a horrible German accent.

Maybe the twins had forgotten to mention that the person wouldn't notice the change in their voice, but after a few more sentences, Tom and Harry figured it out.

"Told you they were brilliant." Harry grinned

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