It wasn't long after my childhood friend left Japan with his parents, and shortly before my family moved out from our hometown.

"Become superheroes, you'd say?"

That day, I went to that park to fill the hole in my heart, caused by Irina's departure.

"That's right! We promised each other to become superheroes! We were supposed to fight against evil and save the day together!"

I was hoping to vent out my frustrations and sadness. By a coincidence or a stroke of luck, I encountered someone I never saw around the town there. I was wary at first but since he didn't look like a bad guy and asked me why I was so upset, I told him the past few days' events without beating the bush at all.

"Hoh... That's not a bad dream you have there," The old man brushed his smooth beard. "In this kind of age, maybe being a superhero is necessary, especially for humankind."

"Huh...? What do you mean by that?"

"Ah, it's nothing. Nothing at all, youngster."

The old man gave a gentle smile at me. I didn't get why but it looked like he was having fun.

"But... You should know that a superhero's job is tough and monotone. There's a huge weight in that word, youngster."

"Ah? Why is that?"

"Hm... For example, can you save two people in trouble when one of them is in the other side of the world?"

It was a valid question. There was even a sound argument in there that words failed me. Because of that, I looked down, deflated by how easily my dream was crushed.

"Instead of living like that, why don't you try a more interesting path for you?"

"More interesting... Is there something like that?"

"Of course! In fact, I am a follower of that path and am living my life in complete bliss!"

The old man was saying something amazing. He even spun out wondrous tales that I couldn't doubt him at all. At the end of it all—

"If you want to, I can teach it for you. However..."

"What is it? What is it?! Tell me already, old man!"

"It won't be fun if you are just following my footsteps, so let's do this. In the future, you will—"

As I listened to his advice, the scenery blurred and my consciousness was sucked back to reality.


The sound of alarm installed with a certain loveable game heroine's voice blared through the room.

Though saying that, the owner of said alarm was still half-asleep and smiling weirdly.

"Uhe... Uhe he he... Then, a kiss..." Hyoudou Issei was currently having a nice, gorgeous dream where he flirted with his dream harem.

It was a dream he wanted from childhood. Surrounded by women he loved, it was a heaven of pure bliss that comforted him every night. And now, he was going to-

"Wake up, Ise!"

The boy's eyes snapped open at the harsh voice coming from outside of his room which crashed his dream in a heartbeat.

Getting up with a yawn, he grunted when he found out his bed was empty.

Ah. Too bad, it's just a dream... Well, I guess that's a given.

Lamenting, Issei lazily changed into his uniform, washed his face and brushed his teeth. After eating breakfast together with his parents, he left home with his schoolbag carried over his shoulder.

"Oh, Issei-kun... Good morning." His neighbour greeted.

Issei bowed his head, "Morning, Baa-chan!"

"Energetic like always, aren't you? Come play over when you are free. I'm sure my grandchildren will be happy to see you again."


Waving a hand, Issei left the block and entered a pedestrian crossing. Looking to the left and right, he saw teenagers with similar uniforms growing in numbers.

It was a sunny day with gentle breezes blowing over the town. Blossoming cherry trees painted the dull streets with lively pink color and warmth touched every student walking through the street towards their respective schools.

Then, someone bumped Issei shoulder roughly from behind.

"Yo, Ise!" A male classmate laughed as he dashed away.

"Gah! Oi, you...!"

Even though he knew it was useless to shout, Issei did it anyway. After the classmate was no longer on sight, he sighed and readjusted his uniform before following after his trail.

When he arrived in front of the school – Sanshu Municipal Middle School, some past memories flooded in and drained the boy's energy.

"...Ah. Even though I've been here for half a year, why am I feeling it will be hectic from now on?" Issei asked to no one in particular.

But he immediately shook his head and slapped both of his cheeks, renewing his vigor at once.

"That's right! It won't be good if I'm like this! I must accomplish it, my lifetime goal...!"

Saying such thing, the brown-haired boy skipped his ways into the school grounds as a plan was formed in his head. Though saying that, what was the plan?

It was—!


A death throe resembling a slaughtered pheasant echoed.

"M-Motohama...!" Issei screamed as his comrade fell to the ground unmoving. "D-damn it! Matsuda, Motohama is down!"

"Eeei! So we got tracked! Move out, Ise! Don't get captured or else Motohama's valiant effort will be in vain!"


The two male students scrambled off from the bush and entered the lane surrounding the school fields. But their pursuer leaped out and landed in front of them.

A whistle screamed, stunning the two. Before they could react, the person – no, the girl put a hand on her hip, her white ribbon tying her hair into a ponytail swayed by the spring breeze. On top of the cherry blossom petal hairpin, she also possessed bright red eyes that suited her very well.

"Stop right there! Today, your rebellious actions will be put to a stop for eternity!" Yuuki Yuuna declared.

Guh! The two criminals squeaked, sweats dribbling down their skins and their complexions paling.

"It's the Hero Club again, huh! Stop getting in the way of our pursuit for romance!" Matsuda swung his arm.

"A pursuit of romance doesn't violate someone's privacy! Also, aren't you two peeping on the girls' changing room!?" Yuuna pointed out.

A sound comeback was delivered! Even the two (alleged) perverts couldn't deny the statement now that their crimes were exposed in the open.

"Sh-shut up! As if you'd understand the meaning of romance, you flat-chested self-proclaimed Hero!"

"Wrong! I AM a Hero, senpai! It's the job of a Hero to stop villains from committing crimes!"

As always, a small crowd had gathered though the majority were female students. Even though there was little time until homeroom, this event had become a daily occurrence that even teachers would spectate over it with a canned drink in their hand.

But the reason why most of them took a fair distance away from the scene was simple.

"Now prepare yourself!"

With several leaps, the girl arrived in front of Matsuda and hammered in a corkscrew blow.

"Gebhorraaa!?" Pervert A screamed, careening away and crashing down.

His body twitched several times before it stopped moving.

There was no sound. It's a dead body!

"Oooooohh!" The crowd cheered (mostly female).

"Next!" The Hero yelled, meeting the gaze of Pervert B.

"Gh...! This isn't the end! Don't think only you have improved, Yuuna-chan!" Issei yelled.

"Just like what I want, Ise-senpai!"

Gritting his teeth, the two readied their stances. Silence reigned and wind kicked up dirt. The moment the dust settled?

" "Now!" "

The two ran towards each other, holding up their fists. Their gazes were fierce and there was no fear or hesitation in their moves. Once they reached their own optimal ranges, the two screeched to a halt, sending their knuckles forward and—!

"Quit it already, you bumbling fools!"

A blonde-haired girl descended in-between them and smashed the two fighters' heads to the ground.

The sounds of the twin paper fans hitting their intended targets echoed, clear and vibrant. Meanwhile, the uninformed crowd could only roar in surprise and cheers at the landslide victory.

"Hmph! That's enough playing around you two," The blonde said, patting her shoulder with the paper fan as if it was a sword. "And I'm surprised by your tenacity, my lecherous junior. I think something like this just happened yesterday, or am I wrong?"

Issei didn't budge. Probably because his head was still buried in the ground. Sighing, the blonde girl pulled him up by the collar and delivered a mean glare straight to his eyes.

The girl who he recalled as a popular upperclassman smiled, "Your response?"

"Y-yes ma'am!" Issei saluted.

"Alright then. You're going to get a sermon this time." The girl with blonde twintails low grinned.


Nodding down, she grabbed Yuuna's collar this time and dragged the two away. The crowd dispersed at her daily exclamation of 'alright guys! Nothing to see here!'

At this point, someone would have asked 'what about the other perverts?' but since nobody cared about them, the two were left alone as is.

-Author's Rambling-

Hello. I extend my greeting to you who selected this story as your first read over my works, and welcome back to those who have read my works before. This is the author speaking through the wonderful power of linebreak and arbitrary usage of centred texts.

This story is a fairly new one where I first laid my hands on the Magical Girls genre as a crossover ingredient. Ignoring my inexperience self aside, I'm well-versed about the series in general so I think I can manage this. I just hope my tendency of going over-the-top will not scare you. It won't be fun if I don't poison my readers little by little, lol.

We're quickly diving into the story with Ise being Ise and the Hero Club acting as the stoppers. From someone's perspective, it's clear who's the bad guy is but somehow, it turned into a double KO done by Fuu. How did it come to this...? Ah, well. Anyway. The story already differed from canon with Issei in Sanshu rather than Kuoh, but the differences aren't going to end there.

The title is something that I drew from watching YuYuYu's chapter titles which are meant to show both the chapter content as well as relating it with flowers. It's the so-called 'flower language'. There will also be various things coming from both DxD and YuYuYu so pay attention to trivial details! Who knows, there will be something hidden behind them.

With that, this rambling is done and I shall excuse myself. Everyone, happy new year. Let's keep on trying until we succeed. alright?