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Found by an Army! - Jaune Arc's True Heritage!

Out in the deepest reaches of space, a circular spaceship that looked similar in design to a stereotype UFO was cruising along in search of someone. Who that someone is, I do not know. All I know is that it seems very important.

"Commander Sorbet, urgent news from planet Parakha!" cried a soldier that looked like a humanoid frog.

"What is it?" asked the recently identified Sorbet.

"The uprising appears to have gotten much worse than we thought it would, sir. Our soldiers are having a hard time keeping a rebellion from starting up!" the henchman reported.

"Fine, then send in more troops." Sorbet ordered.

"That's the problem, sir. Our soldiers are already spread out so thin that we barely have any to spare."


Sorbet gritted his teeth and growled in anger. Things were getting so much worse without Frieza around to keep his soldiers in top form. He'd easily squash down anyone foolish enough to try and rebel against his empire. But now…

"Damn it! Disengage, disengage." Sorbet ordered as he stepped out of the shadows and into a commander's seat.

Now that we can see him, we see that Sorbet is a short blue alien with a large black nose. He wears a new type of Battle Armor which is colored green and black and has a red cape. He also wears black head apparel with an orange stripe down the middle, and has a blue scouter. He has slitted pupils like a reptile or a feline. He also has four fingers with small claws at the tips.

As Sorbet looked out into the void of space, he decided that he needed to check in with some of his troops. These were dire times and they needed a true leader very soon. He pushed a few buttons on his Scouter to tap into the communication channel and speak with one of his soldiers.

"This is Sorbet. Have you located the Namekian survivors yet?" Sorbet asked.

"I'm sorry, commander, but no. We've dispatched a small army of spy drones, but they haven't found anything."

At the disappointing news, Sorbet turned off his Scouter and decided to use his contingency plan.

"Looks like we have no choice but to go to Earth." Sorbet said.

The frog soldier from before looked shocked and worried about this decision.

"Planet Earth? Are you sure that's wise, sir?" said the frog before adding "I know they have Dragon Balls and that female knows how to find them, but she's in league with the Super Saiyan!"

"So what? With things as bad as they are, what choice do we have." stated Sorbet. "Besides, we don't need to bother with the Earthling female. According to our Spy Drones, she's not the only one who knows how to find Dragon Balls."

Sorbet then turned to one of his underlings.

"Tagoma, you and I are going to Earth."

Tagoma is a tall purple-grey humanoid alien. He wears a new type of Battle Armor colored black, green, and red. He also has black armbands around his wrists and has a visor-like scouter that covers both his eyes. He stood at attention and voiced his thoughts.

"Sir! But why not send out a larger unit, sir?"

Another of Sorbet's underlings, a red skinned humanoid with bull horns, scoffed and scowled at this notion.

"It would seem as though Earth's strongest fighters have developed the ability to detect substantial power levels without using a Scouter." Sorbet explained.

"Yes, I see." Tagoma said in understanding.

"But sir, are you certain you wish to go down to Earth yourself?!" asked the frog.

"Of course I'm sure! After all, the child of Lord Frieza will be found today!" Sorbet replied.

A little while later, Sorbet and Tagoma were seen flying a smaller two man shuttle version of the larger ship on their way to Earth. From inside, we can see that they certainly have the means of finding what they want. On a smaller computer screen, a 3D hologram projection of the Earth appeared. Tagoma rotated the projection until he found a small, blinking red dot. He tapped the dot and a small screen appeared that showed a small blue kid with pointy ears, a little girl wearing a green trench coat, and a humanoid dog in a purple ninja suit looking for the Dragon Ball.

"And there they are." said Sorbet.

The screen then showed the kids putting an orange sphere with three red stars in it into a duffle bag containing five similar spheres.

"Looks like they already have six of them." Tagoma observed.

"Well, hurry and get us there before they have them all!" ordered Sorbet.

"Yes sir!"

With their objective clear, the two aliens used their ship's teleportation feature to get down to the planet quickly. It wasn't long before the kids were helping the two members of Frieza's army to locate the remaining Dragon Ball.

"You'd better not disappoint me. You said that the Dragon Ball was here." Sorbet threatened.

"Uh, yes. The ball should be right below this spot." said the blue boy known as Pilaf. "Of course that's where it gets tricky. See, the ocean floor is really deep here so we'll need some kind of submersible."

Seeing that it was true, they weren't about to be deterred from their objective.

"Tagoma, dive down and get it." Sorbet ordered.


Not five minutes later, the tall purple alien dove down into the salty waters in search of the final Dragon Ball. Fortunately for him, his Scouter also acts as a pair of goggles for missions such as this one. As Pilaf and his group watched nervously from afar, they quickly backed away and began planning.

"Mai, this is your fault for not moving fast enough with the Dragon Radar! Now these guys are gonna get their hands on them and steal the wishes that should be ours!" Pilaf said, blaming the girl who was none too pleased about that.

"Well you could've just said no! Why'd you even agree to help them anyway?!" Mai asked in return.

"Enough! Here's what we're gonna do. You're gonna take your gun," Pilaf then pointed at the dog ninja. "And you're gonna whip out that crazy sword of yours, and CHOP CHOP CHOP! POW BANG BANG! They're done!"

"Uh, boss? If we're gonna fight them, then shouldn't you attack too?" asked the ninja dog.

"I'm supposed to be the brains of this operation, but very well." Pilaf conceded. "Let's roll!"

While Sorbet had his back turned, Pilaf and his crew drew their weapons and prepared to attack using a handgun, a ninja ken sword and a stick. Yes, you heard me. A stick. But as they were about to strike, the blue alien swiftly turned around and fired two shots from the ray gun he had disguised as a simple ring. The shots easily disarmed Mai and the dog, but Pilaf just hid the stick behind his back.

"Just because I'm small doesn't mean I'm helpless, you know." Sorbet said with a smirk.

The result was the three children instantly bowing low and spouting apologies and other incoherent things as they practically begged for their lives to be spared. And in this state, they were scared even further by Tagoma suddenly rising from the waters below with the Four Star Dragon Ball in his hand.

Meanwhile at Beacon Academy on the planet Remnant, Ozpin was sitting at his desk waiting for his usual report about Jaune. The young Arc boy has been becoming increasingly more hostile ever since Yang Xiao Long was arrested at the events of the Vytal Festival, and has hospitalized more than one student and even killed a few Atlantean guards in his rage. He's stopped talking to teams RWBY and JNPR, and has nearly attacked every single girl that has tried to flirt with him. Particularly miss Cinder Fall and Emerald Sustrai.

...Actually, now that he thinks about it, Jaune already put those two in a full body cast before threatening to rip out their ovaries and shove them down their throats should they try that little stunt again. Right before ripping off one of Mercury's legs after he tried to talk to him. But that did provide a substantial amount of evidence towards Yang's innocence, as it revealed his legs weren't even the originals. They're mechanical prosthetics.

At first, people thought he played for the other team, but that idea was quickly shot down when Nora was hospitalized for asking. Though in hindsight, the hyperactive pancake obsessed girl probably shouldn't have been so blunt with her question.

"Hey, sorry we took so long getting here, Oz." said a now eye patch bearing General Ironwood as he walked in with Glynda Goodwitch.

"Yes, we attempted to speak to Jaune on our way here, but things didn't go as planned." Glynda said.

I think that a flashback is in order. For you see, this talk actually took place three days ago.

Jaune is seen walking through the streets of Vale with his ever present scowl marring what was once a face of pure light and happiness. Now, it's nothing more than a beacon of anger and darkness.


The White Fang grunt didn't even have time to feel pain as he was killed instantly by Jaune decapitating him with a swift strike from Crocea Mors. In fact the strike was so fast, there was not a speck of blood anywhere on the blade. Not that Jaune cared as he removed the sheath from his person and threw both it and his family's sword to the ground.

As he continued on his path, many people stayed as far away from him as possible. Since the Vytal Festival, just about everyone in Vale understood how he was feeling right now. Many of them, mainly the Dust Shop owner and a Faunus Baker that the two befriended, didn't believe that Yang would just break someone's leg for no reason. Unfortunately, not everyone saw it that way.

"Fine by me," thought Jaune. "More fools wishing for an early grave."

So entranced by his thoughts was he that Jaune didn't realize that he had just walked right past Glynda and Ironwood.

"Mister Arc, a moment of your time please." Glynda requested.

But Jaune's scowl just deepened as he kept on walking. While Glynda just frowned and walked after him, Ironwood decided to use a less gentle approach.

"Hey, kid! Don't ignore your superiors when they're talking to you! Hey! You got somewhere to be, or what? I swear, if this is about that stupid criminal, Xiao Long-"

Big mistake.


The two adults were taken aback by the yelling and such a demonic look that Jaune was giving them. He'd never given this look to anyone. Not even CRDL.


"Wha-huh?! Now see here, kid-"


Now that REALLY surprised Glynda. She used to babysit the now emotionally distraught boy and has never known him to lose his temper in such a manner. Especially not in situations involving close friends and family. She wanted to just run over and hug him like she would when he was a child, but Ironwood is not gonna give her that chance.

"WELL I DON'T SEE YOU INVESTIGATING ANYTHING! If you think you could do such a good job-"

"If YOU would just do your job and LISTEN to the witness statements along with doing proper background checks rather than blindly following your eyes-"

Soon the two angry warriors were exchanging punches and kicks at an alarming rate. One that caused Glynda to begin panicking.

"STOP! This is not the way to solve this problem!" Glynda cried.

"STAY OUT OF IT, GOODWITCH!" the two yelled in response.

"The evil dark side has gotten them both! Trouble! BAD! BIG!" panicked Glynda.

As General Ironwood tried to overpower, Jaune, the younger male proved to be much stronger than he looked. He punched Ironwood in the face, breaking his nose and giving him a split lip. But once Jaune had him pinned, the blonde didn't stop there.

"I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" yelled Jaune.

He raised his hand above his head and curled his fingers inward while forming claws with his aura.

"I'd say it's time you learn the true meaning of the phrase 'an eye for an eye'!"

Glynda shook her head to try and stop the memory. Ironwood's screams of sheer agony rang through her mind like a gong struck at full force. And to think, she too had a hand in turning Jaune into what he is now.

"Nevermind that. How are things with Jaune." Ozpin asked.

"Worse. Much, much worse than we thought possible." Glynda said.

Upon seeing Ozpin's questioning look, she decided to explain in further detail.

"Jaune has killed more than a thousand Atlantean soldiers in a full on break-in to get miss Xiao Long out of prison. All without using Crocea Mors. And I'm afraid that things are not going to get better even if he succeeds. His own family has threatened him with being disowned should he continue down this path!" Glynda reported, concern clear on her face.

"And what did he have to say about that?" Ozpin asked.

"He just scoffed and said for them to go ahead and disown him. Said something about having never been family to begin with, or something like that." Ironwood said.

Ozpin fell deathly quiet after that. He then scowled and looked out the window as he sensed something off.

"Ozpin, what's wrong?" Glynda asked, forgoing her usual etiquette.

"I'm sensing some very dark aura coming from where Jaune and Yang currently are." Ozpin said.

Ironwood turned to look out the window and his eyes widened slightly.

"I do too, now that you mention it. What do you think's happening?" asked Ironwood.

"I don't know… and that's what worries me." Ozpin replied.

But he certainly has a bad feeling about this…

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Sorbet and the others were in a rocky wasteland with the seven Dragon Balls out in the open. It was now time to put their plan into action.

"Alright, go ahead and summon him." Sorbet ordered, referring to the dragon.

"Uh, just so we're clear… after we're done here, are you the kind of guy that's gonna kill us?" Pilaf asked nervously.

"Don't you worry. There's a chance we may still have use for you later, so it's in our best interest to keep you alive." Sorbet replied. "Now go on. Or don't you trust me?"

"Sort of…?" said a nervous Pilaf.

By this time, Mai had regained enough of her rebellious anger to lash out at the blue alien.

"H-Hey, I have a boyfriend named Trunks and if anything were to happen to me, he'll make you regret it!" Mai threatened.

Finally, Sorbet lost all remaining patience he had with these children.


His yelling scared them so bad that Pilaf ran straight to the Dragon Balls and began the incantation meant to summon the dragon.

"Eternal Dragon Shenron, by your name I summon you!"

No sooner was that said did the Dragon Balls begin to glow bright yellow. The sky turned dark and a bright yellow beam of light was shot up into the sky before it took on the form of a Jade Chinese Dragon with glowing red eyes. The dragon roared as it was able to move about once again.

Back on Remnant, several huntsmen and students could feel Shenron's power all the way from their planet. Especially two siblings who were in the middle of a fight.

"Raven, do you feel that?" Qrow asked.

"Yes, it's definitely Shenron." Raven replied.

Saying that both Sorbet and Tagoma were very much in awe was a complete understatement. They were practically paralyzed from the sight of this mighty beast!

"I am the Eternal Dragon, Shenron. Now speak! What is it that you wish?"

"H-He's all yours…" stuttered Pilaf.

"Go on, commander Sorbet. This is our chance!" Tagoma urged.

The smaller alien gulped and steeled his resolve as he made his way in front of Shenron.

"Alright. Let's just hope this works." Sorbet said.

He took a deep breath and screamed out his wish.

"I wish for the son of Frieza! BRING HIM TO THIS WORLD!"




For a few moments, they waited for the wish to be granted. But when nothing happened, Sorbet grew very confused.

"Well?! Are you deaf? You said I could wish for anything, right?" Sorbet asked.

While offended by the rudeness laced in these questions, Shenron did answer truthfully.

"Of course. It can be done," said Shenron. "But currently he is battling against a small army and defending a female who seems to be very precious to him, and I can not forcefully separate them. There is little point in bringing forth an unwilling being to this planet."

To prove his point, Shenron showed them Jaune as he continued to fight against an army of Atlantean soldiers while defending a blonde haired girl with lilac eyes. But from how the fight was progressing, it doesn't look like they'll last much longer. Yang is missing an arm and Jaune has already lost an arm and both legs. And yet he still refused to give up.

"So he'd rather die than leave that girl defenseless, eh? Ah great. That sucks." muttered Sorbet.

"But think about it, sir. With the Regeneration Machine we use for our troops, this shouldn't be an issue if we simply wish them both here. Even if the damage is severe, we should be able to restore them." Tagoma reasoned.

"Yes, I see. Alright… that should work." Sorbet said, seeing the logic.

The short commander of Frieza's army turned his attention back to Shenron and began to speak in a commanding tone of voice.

"HEY! I don't care what shape they're in, just bring Frieza's son and that girl he's protecting here!"

"It's unwise to be rude to a dragon." Shenron advised.

Knowing it was best not to take any unnecessary chances, Sorbet gritted his teeth and swallowed his pride.

"Sorry. Pretty please bring Frieza's son and that girl to our location. Is that better?" Sorbet reluctantly requested.

"A foolish choice given the condition they are in, but very well."

Shenron's eyes began to glow brightly as his wish granting powers activated, causing Sorbet to smirk. In a bright shimmer of light particles, the same boy and girl from the vision Shenron gave appeared in front of them. Upon arrival, their missing limbs tried to reattach but their aura levels were so low it was impossible. And the chibified Pilaf crew was especially freaking out when one of Jaune's eyeballs popped out of its socket and rolled in front of them.

Sorbet and Tagoma were especially shocked to see the son of their ruler in such a sorry state and wondered what could have caused this.

"Granted. Now, what is your second wish?" Shenron asked.

"Eh? Second wish? I didn't know I'd get two." Sorbet asked.

"Of course. When Earth's guardian was replaced, my powers were altered as well." Shenron informed.

"A second wish… what should it be? I could wish to bring Lord Frieza back to life, then we'd be REALLY unstoppable!" Sorbet mumbled.

But while Sorbet pondered what the next wish should be, fate decided to intervene in the form of a certain ninja dog. A dog that made the one wish that could've potentially saved the entire universe.

"We wish for a million Zeni!"

Sorbet looked at the dog in shock as he realized he'd just been outsmarted. And by an animal no less! The dog looked nervously at Sorbet as a stack of money landed in front of him. He picked up the greenbacks and ran back to his two compatriots as Shenron began to speak again.

"Your wishes have been fulfilled. I bid you farewell."

Sorbet could only watch in absolute disbelief as Shenron disappeared and the Dragon Balls rose into the air before launching themselves to seven random locations around the world, where they'll remain ordinary rocks for a full year. They still need at least a century to filter out the negative energy from the wishes, but that's a story for another time.


Sorbet looked at the kids with utter fury written on his face.

"You'll pay for that!" Sorbet declared.

As he attempted to murder the three children, he found himself being held back by a slightly panicking Tagoma.

"COMMANDER, WAIT! There's no time for that! The Saiyans may already know we're here, we have to move quickly!" Tagoma said, trying to get Sorbet to see reason.

"OKAY FINE! GET OFF ME! I know we have a Cryogenic Stasis Chamber on the ship. We always bring one. Don't just stand there, get it!" Sorbet ordered.

"Yes sir!"

A few minutes later, Sorbet and Tagoma were loading the missing limbs of both Yang and Jaune into the machine. Since the two refused to be separated from each other, they too were both carefully loaded into the machine.

"This is Prince Frost after all," said Sorbet as he picked up a chunk of flesh. "And with his strength, our tech… I'm positive we can put them both back in one piece!"

After the loading process was done, Tagoma locked the machine as it began to put the two teens in a deep sleep. As the two made their way back to the ship with the Stasis Chamber, they were stopped by three annoyingly familiar kids.

"Uh, excuse me guys?" said a hesitant Pilaf.

Despite wanting to ignore the kid, the two warriors of Frieza's army decided to at least hear the kid out.

"You're, uh, forgetting something." Pilaf said, holding out his hands.

Tagoma and Sorbet attempted to get a better look, and were not prepared for what they'd see.

"I think you might need it."

Pilaf opened his hands to reveal he was holding Jaune's missing eyeball. It wasn't all that gruesome, but it was definitely enough to warrant a recoil of disgust from the two aliens.

"Uh, yes. Uh, good work earthlings." stuttered Sorbet as Tagoma hesitantly took the eyeball. "We'll be sure to remember you should we ever come back to this planet. Of course by then we'll have Prince Frost and the rest of our army with us."

Once on board the ship, the two warriors flew into the air and once again activated their teleportation feature. In a flash of purple light, they were gone.

"Way to think on your feet, Shu!" Pilaf said with a thumbs up.

"Though you could've asked for more, like a hundred million Zeni. That would've been, I don't know, a HUNDRED times better." Mai added, lightly scolding the ninja dog.

Shu just reached into his tunic and pulled out the money, looking a bit ashamed and yet at the same time being the voice of reason.

"I just thought it was enough. If you're too rich, your kids turn out to be jerks or own nightclubs." Shu reasoned.

Rather than letting the argument escalate any further, Pilaf decided to end it.

"Yeah, you're right. Now, WHO WANTS MONGOLIAN BARBEQUE?" asked Pilaf as the kids walked towards civilization.

And back on Remnant, the people knew something big was going on.

"It's gone." Qrow said. "And so are Jaune and Yang's auras, but they aren't dead. I wonder what that was all about?"

"Something tells me that we'll find out very soon." Raven said in a grim tone.

As a Huntress and warrior, she knew when to keep her emotions in check. But at the same time, her maternal instincts were kicking in big time. She'd never say it out loud, but she's worried about her little girl.

(Begin Frieza's Song from Resurrection F)

Back out in space, we find ourselves in the medical room where Jaune and Yang have been placed into a machine that was filled with a glowing green liquid. Both had these breathing masks over their faces from the nose down so they could breathe, and there was a clear viewing glass to show their recovery process.

Within the pod, we can see bones regrowing from where the limbs were severed. Joints were redeveloping for easier movement. Tendons and flesh appeared on the list limbs, and skin covered them to prevent infection.

From outside the pod, we see that the machine was also giving Jaune a pint of his father's blood in order to return him to his true form while the blood of a Saiyan warrior known as Broly was being given to Yang in order to not only increase her power, but to also replenish the blood that she had lost in battle.

Soon, Jaune's hand moved to show the first signs of life from the two teenagers. Then suddenly, both pairs of eyes opened and the whole ship began to shake from the massive energy output. As a matter of fact, their powers are so great that they blew up every active Scouter on the ship. The glass to the machine soon begins to crack all over and shatters as the healing liquid pours out all over the floor.

As Yang and Jaune step out of the machine we see some changes to the two of them. Yang is still relatively the same, but she now has a golden blonde monkey tail growing out of the base of her spine.

Jaune however looked completely different. His eyes were no longer blue, but are now a brilliant golden yellow in color. He still retains a humanoid form, but now he has a reptilian tail along with a strange armor on his upper body, on his head where his eyebrows would be, his forearms and lower legs. He also has three finger-like toes on each foot. His skin is jet black except for his arms and legs which are a cobalt blue color. He also has cobalt blue markings under each eye and these dark blue Biogems in his head and torso. Also, while his skin was jet black, his Bio Armor is actually a lighter shade of black. And to top it off, there's a point at the top of his head that makes it look kind of like a chestnut.

Jaune shook his head a bit to clear the water from his face before both he and Yang puked up some of the healing liquid that got into their lungs upon freedom.

(End Song)

Jaune took a few steps toward the window as he looked out into space with Yang following suit. Both of them looked pretty serious at the moment due to what had recently happened to them. The tension in the air was quite thick, so Sorbet figured that a little light conversation would help everyone to relax.

"Uhh… welcome, young prince. It's great to see you."

"Ah… and you are…?" Jaune trailed off.

"My name's Sorbet, your lordship. I was part of your father's support staff in the Third Stellar Region."

"Oh, now I remember. You're one of the two who got us out with our lives." Jaune said.

During the healing process, information was downloaded into his and Yang's minds by the Regeneration Machine. Among this information was the knowledge of Jaune's blood family, the vast army and empire his father commanded, and his true name.

"Indeed, that's true." Sorbet said. "Also, I've been leading your forces. Just in your absence, of course."

"You've been in charge?" Yang asked. "Looks like it's been a bit of a short reign."

Jaune's eyes widened as he looked up at Yang. In his new body, he only really came up to just above Yang's knees. But that's not important right now.

"Yang…! Did you just make your first pun in over two months?" Jaune asked.

"I believe I just did. I'm not sure how to feel about that though." Yang replied.

She and her now alien friend took a moment to move their limbs to see if they worked right. And they were satisfied to find out that they worked just as well as the originals.

"Wow, that's good water!" Yang said.

"Indeed. It was a special medical liquid from our new Regeneration Machine." Sorbet informed. "We put you both in there soon after wishing you to our location using Dragon Balls."

"Dragon… Balls? I didn't know that dragons had-"

"No Yang, Sorbet is talking about those seven orbs from the Planet Namek. If you collect all seven and summon the dragon, you'll get a wish granted." Jaune explained.

"The fact is we couldn't find the Namekian survivors, my lord. So Tagoma and I risked our lives going to Earth. We used the Dragon Balls there instead." Sorbet explained.

"Yes, it's as he says, my lord." said the purple alien as he stepped forward and bowed. "I am Tagoma, and it was my great honor to have been a part of such an important mission."

"While I, Shisami, manage the fleet." added the red skinned alien.

Shisami is a tall, red, humanoid alien with brown horns and a brown nose. Shisami has a bulky build. He wears a new type of Battle Armor which is colored green and black with a blue piece in the middle. In addition, Shisami wears black and white wristbands. He does not wear any lower garments but black underwear.

"And these two have been outstanding warriors under my command, prince Frost. Rivaling even Zarbon and Dodoria at their peaks!" Sorbet informed.

"Seems you guys did well for yourselves." Jaune said. "But tell me, is it just hard to count the days when you're boiling over with anger or did it take you a long time to find me?"

Sorbet could tell that the prince was still very angry with the planet he grew up on, so he knew he had to tread carefully and choose his words wisely.

"Uh… I'm sorry, your lordship. But between developing the Regeneration Machine and locating the Dragon Balls, it wasn't easy."

"Oh I'll tell you what isn't easy, watching helplessly as your friend is thrown in the slammer for a crime she didn't commit while her other so-called friends all turned their backs on her!" Jaune growled.

Yang's eyes misted over at that memory, but she smiled as Jaune took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze in an attempt to comfort her.

"You both must be relieved then. We're so glad you're here." Sorbet said.

Jaune smiled as he knew that these guys would be most reliable, but there was one more test he had in mind to see where their loyalties lied.

"I bet my father's empire has been falling to pieces without him here cracking the whip, and you only came after me because you were desperate." Jaune said, feigning suspicion.

"N-No sir! That's not it, I swear! It just took us a lot longer than we'd hoped." Sorbet denied. "But on the plus side, this gave us time to improve our tech. We've restored both of you completely without any cyborg support!"

"And what about this Frieza fellow? You know, Jaune's real dad?" Yang asked.

"Our plan was to find him and bring him here first, miss Xiao Long. Then we were going to revive lord Frieza when we could make another wish." Sorbet explained.

Jaune smiled knowing that these guys are loyal to a fault. Maybe… just maybe… he could afford to trust them.

"You know, I don't think reviving father will be necessary. From what the Regeneration Machine told me, he was bloated with arrogance and self importance." Jaune said.

"Uh, of course. Whatever you think is best." said a slightly unsure Sorbet.

Jaune pointed a finger at a nearby wall and gathered energy into the tip. His arm recoiled back as he shot a blast of energy that clearly wasn't aura. Upon hitting the wall, a small dent appeared, but Jaune clearly wasn't all that pleased with the results.

"Just as I thought, I can't call on so much as 1/10 of my true power." Jaune said, more to himself than the others. "It seems I'll need to wait a tad longer before enacting my sweet revenge."

Now this caught Yang off guard. She knew he became angry and slightly bitter, but revenge? Just what happened to him since she was incarcerated?

"Your revenge, Jaune?" Yang asked.

"Don't tell me you're surprised? Of course my vengeance must be satisfied! I won't rest untill all of those foolish Atlantean and Vale councilmen are vanquished! THEY'LL PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID TO YOU, AND THEY'LL PAY IN BLOOD!" declared Jaune.

"Forgive me if I'm speaking out of turn," interjected Tagoma. "But wouldn't it be wiser to forget about Remnant, my lord? And focus on the rest of the universe?"

Jaune scowled, but didn't do anything. After all, Tagoma brings up a good point. His father's empire has been falling apart and is in desperate need of a capable leader. But at the same time, he couldn't just let go of his need for revenge. Not after what THEY did! Jaune turned away from the window and walked to the center of the room as he began to speak.

"Sorbet, either you've brought only the most cowardly of my new troops to our welcoming party, or the Frieza Force has become woefully faint of heart. How do you expect us to run an empire that will soon inspire hope and prosperity across the galaxy while we're cowering from a handful of huntsman garbage?"

"But… but sir… that woman, Cinder Fall, has gone through a great deal in her time as a warrior! She's faced all sorts of foes and prevailed!" Sorbet informed.

"And just what're you telling him, blue boy? She's stronger than any enemy we've fought before?" Yang demanded.

Sorbet hesitated for a moment out of fear of Yang's temper going off.

"Yes ma'am? I know that's hard to hear, but it's the truth." Sorbet said.

Jaune just laughed in response, confusing Yang and the others.

"I'd expect nothing less from that foolish girl. I've put her and Sustrai in a body cast already and I can easily do it again. And if not, I'll just have to become stronger myself. It's as simple as that." Jaune said.

"Wow, you really did that?" Yang asked, genuinely impressed. "I didn't think you had it in you, vomit boy."

"You're never letting that nickname go, are you?" Jaune asked.

"Maybe not. But I won't use it as often." Yang replied.

"I hate to interrupt, but you must know that Cinder is after the power of the Fall Maiden. She's already fought against her and absorbed half of her power! Who knows what she could do if she obtains the rest of her power?" Sorbet warned.

Jaune slammed his tail on the ground and let it thrash about for a bit as he asked this next question.

"My adoptive father, Jonathan Arc, once told me that there were five warriors I was never to challenge. Beerus the Destroyer and the Four Maidens. You're telling me Cinder has HALF the power of one of THOSE maidens?!"

While his tone was even, you could still hear this underlying edge of anger that was within it. And there was no escape if you made him mad.

"Uh… yes sir?" Sorbet replied unsurely.

"Then she's even mightier than I dared to dream! This could be most salubrious for me."

"I don't think I know that word, Jaune." Yang said.

"It means beneficial to a person's health and well-being. And what could be more salubrious for a protector than the motivation to become so strong that his loved ones are never threatened again!" Jaune stated.

"I… guess that makes sense." Yang said.

"Yes… as you say, my lord." Sorbet added.

Jaune entered his father's signature stance: arms spread at an angle, right leg behind the left, and tail slightly curled behind him. As if he'd been doing it for years, Jaune began to float into the air as he called upon this strange new energy flowing through his system.

"Because of the Arc family and their primitive ways, I've never trained in martial arts a day in my life. There was never a need. Imagine what could happen if I unlocked my latent potential." Jaune said.


"Of course, Sorbet!" Jaune replied. "Now shut your gaping mouth so I can concentrate."

A pink aura of energy enveloped Jaune as his power began to cause several pieces of technology to short circuit. Yet he payed this no attention. Instead, he opted to do a little mental math.

"If I train in earnest for the next six months… yes! I could reach a power level of one point three billion!"

Yang and the soldiers of the Frieza Force were in awe of how much power their young prince was already calling upon. Yang saw this and knew that he'd need a good training partner. So she resolved to train alongside Jaune. Besides, she understood that her new Saiyan powers would take time to nurture so she could grow even stronger than ever before.

But for now, they both needed to rest. This training was going to be extra strenuous, and they knew it was gonna be tough. But the looks on the faces of those traitors will be worth it.

Jaune/Frost (1st Form)

Height: Shortest

Body Type: Thinnest

Head/Hair: Type 8

Eyes: Type 6

Pupils: Type 41

Nose: Type 3

Mouth/Jaw: Type 2

Ears: Type 1

Upper Body: Battle Suit (Cold Family Crest)

Lower Body: Battle Suit (Cold Family Crest )

Hands: N/A

Feet: Battle Suit (Cold Family Crest)

Accessory: N/A

Jaune/ Frost (Final Form)

Height: Average

Body Type: Thinnest

Head/Hair: Type 9

Eyes: Type 6

Pupils: Type 41

Nose: Type 3

Mouth/Jaw: Type 2

Ears: Type 7

Upper Body: Elite Suit

Lower Body: Elite Suit

Hands: Elite Suit

Feet: Elite Suit

Accessory: N/A