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Training for Combat!

It has been a week since Frost and Yang have begun their training in ten times Remnant's gravity and things were still a bit slow going. After the first two hours of training, Frost decided to have them both wear weighted clothing in order to get a better workout while increasing their speed and stamina even further. This idea seemed to at first hinder them, but they slowly adjusted.

Currently, Yang was wearing a set of weighted clothes instead of her battle armor. She wore a yellow V-Neck shirt that weighs about 150 pounds, a set of black wrist guards that weigh 80 pounds each, a pair of black shorts that weren't weighted and a pair of yellow shoes that each weighed 60 pounds. Ladies and gentlemen, Yang Xiao Long is currently working out in ten times normal gravity while wearing a grand total of 430 pounds. Right now, she's dripping with sweat as she was doing sit-ups.

"69… 70… 71…" counted Yang as she kept track of how many reps she'd done.

Frost was currently doing jumping jacks while wearing a similar set of clothing as Yang. However, his were made for a man and were a different color scheme. He wore a dark blue T-shirt that weighed 200 pounds, white wrist guards that both weighed 80 pounds, a pair of red shorts with a slit in the back for his tail and his dark blue shoes weighed 95 pounds each for a total of 550 pounds in weights.

"I'll do sit-ups once I'm done with my aerobics." Frost said to himself.

Truth be told, they'd both gotten used to the gravity awhile ago. But they wanted to finish their workout before doubling the gravity to twenty times. It was pretty much the same routine every day for the past week.

Wake up, shower and get dressed, eat breakfast, train in the gravity room until lunch, eat lunch, spend the rest of the day doing work around the ship, relax for a bit, go to bed and repeat the next day.

Although it wasn't all work and no play. Yang suggested that they rest for three days after getting used to the gravity in order to just have some time to themselves. An idea that Frost readily agreed to. And during this time, he and his now Saiyan friend did a variety of activities together. Yang helped to set up a bar and nightclub on the ship so the soldiers could relax and unwind after long missions. It was actually quite successful.

While Yang did this, Frost devoted much of his free time to catching up on his comic books. He even started reading some that his late father had stashed away. But he also spent much of his time learning new recipes from his late mother's cookbook. Turns out he inherited her talent in the kitchen.

He often cooked his and Yang's meals every day, and Yang certainly never expected a simple food like a baked chicken with a side of roasted potatoes and cole slaw to taste like a five star meal! Needless to say, she was glad that Jaune was the one preparing her meals every day.

Heck, he's even been teaching her how to cook! Although, that's been slow going, as Yang usually burns the food beyond recognition or mistakes certain ingredients and their quantities. But Frost ain't giving up on her that easy!

But that's for another time. Right now, they've both got to focus on getting stronger. And that means near endless training, both physical and mental, finding allies to help them fight against Remnant and building up the Frieza Force to become the universe's strongest peacekeepers! It will be a long and arduous journey, but they're positive that they can do this! Even if it kills them!

Suddenly, the communication system of the ship buzzed.

"Lord Frost, sir!" called Tagoma.

"I'm here. Report, Tagoma." Frost replied.

"It's planet Sadala, sir! They're under attack by Space Pirates and require assistance! Shall I send a team of soldiers?" he reported.

But Frost simply got up from his workout and used a towel to wipe away the sweat he worked up.

"No. Take us to Sadala. I'll deal with this personally." Frost ordered.

"Right away, sir!"

*To Be Continued…*

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