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A/N: A fill for 3am_moonlight who prompted on Comment Fic asking for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers, rewrite of any episode/event so it happened in the 2010's rather than the 1990's; how would things be different given how 'everyone' carries cellphones with a camera/video function?"

So here's a fic set in 2016 that some of y'all might actually able to read during 2016, if you're quick.

After several more minutes of Total Babblefest 2016, they reach the Student Center. Buffy waves goodbye to Riley and retreats to the quietest couch she can find where she spends fifteen minutes humming, singing, and typing in the lyrics of the creeptacular song from her Slayer dream into various apps on her iPhone until she gets a match.

It's from a fairy tale. And the drawings are very much with the gross.

She texts some screenshots to the latest Scooby groupchat, now with ninety-percent less Oz. "Slayer dream about this. Think they might show in town soon."

Xander's text says "ew Dx Dx" and then "anya says im using her WTF"

Giles responds with some pictures. They're oriented the wrong way, but they're pages from one of his books and do look like the Gentlemen she saw online.

Buffy replies with three 'thumbs up' emojis.

"Also Xander please stop by after sunset I need you to take Spike for a few days"


Three different people (probably) post on the UC Sunnydale Yik Yak about some weird guys in suits they saw hanging around the old clock tower. Buffy puts a stake in her boot, slings her crossbow over her shoulder, and heads out to investigate.

There's light from the upper rooms and shadows moving behind the windows and Buffy heads in. She forgoes stealth in favour of singing "work, work, work, work, work," as she climbs up the stairs and by the time she gets up behind the clock, there's just a bunch of spilled green goo, some collapsed suits, and an unopened box.

She smashes the box, just in case, then takes a snap of herself at the scene and sends it to the rest of the group.

Xander snaps back a selfie of himself tying a scowling Spike to a chair.

Willow snaps back a picture of her leaning against her books and the notes for their Psych final that Buffy should look at soon.

But she'll study later. Really, though, there's enough on her mind as it is. For now, she heads out for the rest of her patrol. The Gentlemen are goo and she's got the rest of the night to obsess over how poorly her conversation with Riley went this afternoon.