Painting The Room With Explosives

Painting a room is such a chore Mr. Bean said to himself

Moving all the furniture out of the room

Then tape the room to create some sort of design

Taking the lid off the paint can of your desired color

And using a paintbrush and a paint roller

To cover the ceiling floor and all four walls

But all of that is too much work for someone like Mr. Bean

But what is a person like him supposed to do a person who is silent and a tad bit crazy

His ideas maybe zany but he manages to get things done despite what the other on lookers like you or me might think

Like maybe putting explosives into a paint can and painting your room that way

Only two problems with that theory one get out of the room and two make sure you don't get blown up

But when you're Mr. Bean and you paint with explosives you somehow manage to survive

And paint your entire room which makes you quite happy only to miss a spot

The spot where you stood when the blast went off

And when you see the spot you missed you become disgruntled but put up with it in the end