Chapter 42: Repaired FINAL CHAPTER

Leo's POV

Raph and I leap across a narrow alleyway, and as we land on the next rooftop I spare a quick glance of concern toward my immediate younger brother. I must've been doing that a lot tonight because Raph rolls his eyes in annoyance and says, "Shut up, Leo. I'm fine!"

"I didn't say anything!"

"No, but you were thinkin' it."

Okay, so that's true. It's been less than a week since Raphael was laid up with a badly sprained ankle, courtesy of FishFace. I was hesitant to let Raph come out on patrol with us tonight so soon after his injury, but Donnie declared him fully recovered.

As we continue to race across the rooftops, I turn my attention back to the streets far below, keeping a lookout for any sign of suspicious or criminal activity. Apart from the never ending chatter from my loud-mouthed little brother, the night is quiet. Just ordinary people going about their ordinary business. There seems to be no sign of the Kraang, or the Foot, or -

"Not even any Purple Dragons out tonight!" Raph growls in frustration. "My first night out all week and there aren't any heads to bash!"

I sigh. He's right. I'm about to call it a night when suddenly a new sound breaks the silence. A police siren.

I immediately lift my hand to signal a halt, and all three of my brothers pull up around me, Mikey mercifully shutting his mouth to listen, too. After a few seconds I figure out which direction it's coming from.

"There!" I point to a spot several blocks behind us and a little to the north. My brothers need no further instruction as we instantly turn and begin running in that direction.

"Finally! Some action!" cries Raphael beside me.

Donnie is the first one to spot the red and blue flashing lights, and a moment later we stop on a rooftop just above them to get a view of what's going on. The police car is parked outside an antique store, but it doesn't look like much is happening. The police are talking, but I can't hear them from up here. I leap down into the empty alley to get a bit closer, and I hear the almost silent sound of my brothers jumping down behind me.

"Nah, there's nothing here, Frank. Just another false alarm," one of the officers says as he opens the door of the car and gets inside.

"Stupid prank callers," agrees the other, annoyed. "Do they think we have nothing better to do?"

The car door slams and the car drives off into the night, its lights turned off.

"Well that sucks!" grumbles Raph from behind me. I turn to see him standing there with his arms crossed over his chest. "Who would call in a false emergency like that? Seriously?"

"I don't know, Raph," I answer, "but it looks like nothing's happening tonight. Let's head home, guys."

Raph opens his mouth to protest, but a flash of white light suddenly causes us all to look up into the sky. A glowing doorway has suddenly appeared several feet in the air. A very familiar looking doorway.

Sure enough, the next second Renet, that strange time traveling girl from the future, floats through the portal. She looks excited for a moment, but when gravity takes over, she gives a small shriek of panic.

Mikey moves like lightning. He runs down the alley, leaps off the side of a building, and catches the girl in midair before she can land in the open dumpster below. He executes a beautiful rolled landing and comes up on his feet, holding Renet, unharmed, bridal style.

"Renet!" he cries in delight. "You came to visit us, just like you said you would!"

Renet looks at Mikey in shock. "Michelangelo?" She quickly squirms to get down. Mikey looks like he would have liked to hold her a bit longer, but he lets her go. She gets to her feet and stares at all of us. "The Turtle Warriors? How did you get here? Wait, where am I?" She looks around. "Is this New York?"

"Of course it is!" cries Mikey, trying to direct her attention back on himself. "You came to visit us, right?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mikey," she says, "but actually I wasn't supposed to come here at all! I was supposed to be in France! I have to save the French Revolution!"

Mikey's face falls in disappointment as Raph raises an eye ridge. "Save the what?"

Renet gasps in horror, looking at Raph. "You've never heard of the French Revolution? Oh no! Maybe they already changed history! Maybe I'm too late and the Revolution never happened!"

"It happened," scoffs Donnie. "This ignoramus is just terrible at history. The French Revolution took place from 1789 to 1799 and was a revolt against the monarchy to -"

I quickly cut him off before he gets too carried away with his list of facts. "We get it, Donnie! No need for the history lesson."

Renet is looking relieved. "Oh good! I thought I totally messed up this mission! Well, sorry guys, I'd love to stay, but if I don't save the Revolution, the world as you know it will be seriously altered. There might not even be a France!"

Mikey gasps. "Does that mean there would be no French fries?! Or French toast? Or what about French bread?"

Renet giggles at him. "I think there are more important reasons to preserve history." But Mikey isn't listening. He's on his own weird train of thought.

"Wait, what would happen if you toasted French bread? Then would it be French bread toast, or French bread French toast? And what if you fried French bread toast? Then you could call it -"

Thankfully, Raph cuts off his pointless babbling with a smack to the back of his head. "Shut up, ya moron!"

"Ow! Raph!"

Renet waves the Time Scepter, opening another portal, this one much closer to the ground. "Well, I'll see you guys another time! I really will come to visit, Mikey!"

Mikey pouts a little, but waves goodbye as she disappears into the portal, which closes shut behind her.

"Well," Donnie sums up, "that was. . . interesting."

"No, that was pointless!" cries Raph. "I still haven't beaten anyone up tonight!"

"We'll have to save that for another time, Raph," I say, climbing up the fire escape to the roof. "It's late. We need to get home."

"Oooh!" cries Mikey. "Can we get pizza on the way home? I'm starving!"

Donnie rolls his eyes. "You're always starving, Mikey."

"Not unless you brought some money," I answer Mikey's question.

His disappointed pout shows that he didn't. Not wasting any more time, I burst into speed and head for home with my brothers following closely behind, Mikey complaining about his lack of pizza all the way. I sigh. Some nights he can be so annoying!


Tiger Claw's POV

I fling open the door of Stockman's lab in frustration. Angrily, I storm into the room, shouting out, "Stockman! Where are you?"

The hideous fly buzzes into view from somewhere above. "What do you want?"

"I've been out every night this week, and there's been no sign of the turtles anywhere!" I growl and release some of my anger by swiping several objects off of one of his desks, where they smash onto the floor. I ignore his angry protestations. "Tell me you have something that will help me find them!" I demand.

"That izzzz eazzzzier zzzzzaid than done!" buzzes Stockman unhelpfully. "What zzzzzort of thing are you looking for?!"

"I don't know! Something to help me track them, or find their hideout!" I roar, throwing a few more bottles across the room. "You're supposed to be the inventor! What does Shredder even keep you around for?"

"That izzzz hizzzz buzzzziness. What you azzzzk for can't be done!"

I wasn't really expecting the useless fly to help me, but my rage flares at his refusal, anyway. With a satisfying roar, I flip over one of his worktables, shattering glass vials and beakers everywhere. A pouch full of some sort of purple powder spills all over the floor, mixing with a broken vial of an unknown yellow liquid, and a strange glob of red goo. The resulting explosion causes me to smirk, especially when it produces hysterical cries from the miserable scientist.

"No! No! What have you done? Thozzzze subzzzztancezzzz were extremely rare! You've dezzzztroyed monthzzzz of work!"

I crack a smile. Taking out my frustrations on Stockman is entertaining and I feel my anger at my lack of progress against the turtles dissipating. I will have another chance to find them.


Splinter's POV

I perk up my ears as the distant sounds of my returning sons reach my room. Coming swiftly to the door of the dojo, I listen intently. The muffled yet distinct sounds of Michelangelo and Raphael's voices reach my ears. They do not sound distressed, and I can hear one, two. . . yes, four sets of feet drawing nearer. I sigh in relief.

Moments later, all four of my sons come bounding over the turnstiles, a general air of frustration and disappointment about them. The instant they are inside, Michelangelo cries out loudly, "I call the TV!" and he dives into the pit after the remote.

"Oh no you don't, Mikey! I called it before we got home!" shouts Raphael angrily, his feet pounding as he rushes after Michelangelo.

"It doesn't count until we're in the lair!" comes Michelangelo's retort as he leaps out of Raphael's reach.

"Gimme that, you little dork!"

"Nah, you'll have to catch me first, Raphie!"

The noisy sounds of Raphael chasing his youngest brother around the lair echo off the walls, and Donatello's eyes follow their antics exasperatedly for a few seconds before he calls out loudly, "If anyone needs me, I'll be in my lab!" as he slams the steel door shut behind him.

Untying the scabbards from his back, Leonardo gathers his katanas and approaches me respectfully. I nod at him in acknowledgment. "How did your patrol go tonight, my son?"

"It was an uneventful night, Sensei. Nothing to report."


I shall be able to sleep soundly again tonight, knowing that all four of my sons are safe under my roof. I turn to go back to my room, feeling grateful for uneventful nights.



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