Writer notes: This is the first part of a series set before "Colors of the Past" series. This is Guinna's introduction!


Somewhere Over The Rain Cloud


A shimmering glaze of sunlight shivered across the bay. Early morning had set over Cape Suzette. One thin stream of light filtered through a narrow crack in the curtain of the top bedroom of Higher for Hire. It shone directly in Kit's eyes. That was his alarm clock. He slid out of bed, and got ready for the day.
"Bye, Papa Bear! See you this afternoon" Kit said, grabbing his backpack and heading downstairs.
"Bye, Lil' Britches" Baloo murmured in his sleep.
Rebecca poured her coffee just as footsteps pounded down the stairs. She smiled, grabbed a blueberry muffin from the basket she bought on her way, and waited at the end of the stairs. The everyday routine had spawned not long after the orphaned boy had arrived two years ago.
"Morning Miz Cunningham" Kit greeted, taking the muffin. "Thanks! Any runs today?"
"Good morning, Kit" she greeted back, following him to the front door. "You and Baloo have a run at six o'clock this evening for Barlow. So, make sure you're back by five."
Kit saluted. "Don't worry. I'll be here. Bye, Miz Cunningham."
"Have a good day at school" Rebecca called as Kit raced out the building.

Kit's day at school went pretty good. He received an A on his math test and Kourtney James talked with him for a while at lunch. He left right after school for Higher for Hire on his usual path. He was minding his own business when something caught his eye up ahead. A toffee brown bearess around his age was walking several yards in front of him. She was acting rather suspicious, peering around and wearing a nervous expression. She disappeared into the bushes next to the road.
It wasn't something he did everyday, but Kit's curiosity lead him straight into the bushes behind her. He had an odd feeling about this girl and wanted to know why. He followed her for a few more minutes until he lost track. *Now, where did she go?*
A twig snapped behind him. Before Kit could turn around, something hit him in the back of the head. He fell to the ground.
The blow was minor, only knocking him out for a few seconds. Kit held his head. No blood was shed, but there was definitely a bump. He pull himself up to find the girl pointing a small pistol in his face.
"Get up" she ordered.
"What did I do?" Kit asked, grimacing as he stood.
The girl's face was concrete. "Be quiet. I know he'd send someone to kill us."
"What are you talking about?"
"You're here to kill me, right?"
Kit eyes widened, confused. "Me kill you? No! Why would I do that?"
"You're not an air pirate?" the embarrassed girl quivered, lowering her pistol.
"Oh, great." She stuffed the pistol in it's holster under her pant-leg then threw her arms up. "This looks good! Me attacking an innocent bystander."
"It's okay." Kit shrugged. "No harm done."
She gulped, keeping her gaze to the ground. "Well, I'm sorry for your trouble."
"That's all right." His curiosity was getting quite a fill. Air pirates? "What do air pirates want with you?"
"None of your business. You wouldn't be interested anyway." The girl turned to walk away.
"Try me."
She stopped, pained by his advance. Her scorned memories were hard to handle. "Just get out of here, please, and don't tell anyone we met."
"Why?" Kit stepped forward to follow her again. "Who are you? I'd like to know." She only stood there, trying her best to keep emotion in. When silence lingered, Kit spoke, "I'll tell you who I am. My name is Kit Cloudkicker."
A spark had been lit. "The boy who flies through the air?" she asked, turning to face him.
"Yeah, that's me" Kit replied, proudly.
"My brother thinks the stunts you do are amazing. I haven't seen you fly yet, but I can imagine how spectacular your stunt is."
"I don't really fly, I glide. Anyway, could you please tell me your name?"
The girl blushed. "Guinna Kurosawa" she said, sticking out her hand. Kit excepted it.
"So, you have a brother?"
"Yes, my brother Macalister. We live here in these woods."
"Why are air pirates after you?"
Guinna quirked an eyebrow. "Why are you so interested?"
"I know how it feels to have to watch my back every minute of the day because of someone searching for me. Except I've never carried a pistol."
"My brother makes me carry it. He says we can't take any risk."
"Even if Cape Suzette is protected?"
"There's other things we have to watch out for." Guinna frowned deeply.
"Like what?"
"It's very complicated" she said, shunning the subject. "Hey! Why don't you come home with me. My brother would like to meet you."
"I can't stay for long. I have a job to get to by 5:00."
"It won't take long."
Kit hesitated at first to follow her. He wanted to trust good judgment and just leave, but Guinna had already started off with a gesture of her hand for him to follow. She led Kit to a small, worn down shack in the thicket of the bushes. She opened the rickety door.
"The squeaking is our alarm if anyone tries to get in when we're asleep" she explained, leading him in. "I'm home, Mac."
"Welcome back, Guinna" said a young man from the corner reading a book "I was starting to get worried about you."
She sheepishly grinned. "I'm all right. I can take care of myself."
"Yeah, I have a bump on my head to prove it" Kit spoke up.
Macalister flicked his eyes up, catching his first look at their guest. He stood, tower over them. "Who's your friend, G.?"
Kit stepped forward, confidently. "I'm Kit Cloudkicker."
"THE Kit Cloudkicker." Mac nodded with a satisfied smile. "The boy who glides through the air on that board?"
"That's me."
"It's an honor to meet you."
Kit's smile wavered at the heavy stare from the older boy. He looked at his watch...almost five. "I have to get going or I'll be late for work."
Guinna waved. "See you around."
"You too" Kit slipped out of the shack. *Strange people* he thought as he walked into Higher for Hire, rubbing his head. It still hurt from the girl hitting him.
"What's wrong with your head, Lil' Britches?" Baloo asked, surprising Kit who didn't see him sitting in the big red chair reading the newspaper - comic section, of course.
"Oh, hey Papa Bear. I have a slight headache."
Baloo folded the paper, and stood. "Are you up for the trip, kiddo?"
"Yeah. I just…I just scared this girl and she hit me" he replied, which made Baloo chuckled.
"Musta been some girl."
Kit nodded. "Yeah. Some girl."