I'm a little late with this fanfiction, I know since this show has been finished years ago but when I watched it I was only really young. That's why I am writing it now. Anyway here is part 1, hope you like it.

Chapter 1

"I'm telling you, Merton she isn't a vampire," Tommy told his friend. He was getting slightly annoyed, now. Merton hadn't shut up about it, since he arrived, at the college dorm room a week ago. He kept insisting that the dorm adviser was a vampire, but there was no proof.

"Of course she is. " Merton explained.

"And what proof do you have? You can't just go acusing her of being a vampire," Tommy said.

"Tommy, when am I ever wrong about things like this?" Merton asked.

"Erm, let me think," he replied. His friend has been wrong of several occasions but most of the time he had been correct. Although that was the case, he didn't feel like they should just go acusing her because he knew all to well the problems of acusing someone, when it turned out they got it wrong.

"Never mind, Don't answer that. Anyway I know I am right about this," Merton said quickly.

"Well get back to me, when you have actual proof," Tommy said and walked away. He needed to get to class.

"You want proof, I'll get you your proof," Merton said, quietly to him self. Then he started walking down the corridor to his own class.

He arrived early to the lecture by the looks of it, since there wasn't many students there. There was only three students, who sat at the front row along with the lecturer. He walked in to the room and sat down behind the other students, two rows back from them. Once he was sat down in his seat he took out a black note pad and a pen from his coffin bag, before placing it on the floor, in front of his feet. The bag was kind of wearing away because he had it for quite a while now, but it still had lots of use left and it was his favourite bag so he wasn't just going to throw it away, if it was still in reasonable condition.

A brown haired girl who wore black jeans and a t-shirt made her way into the room. She wore a little amount of make up. The only make up she had on was black eyeliner but she didn't need make up because it was clear that she was extremely beautiful without it. As she walked, Merton couldn't help watching her.

She skipped the front row and walked straight towards him, and up the stairs. Suddenly he looked away because he felt awkward. It's not like she even noticed him, it was rare for him to be noticed by girls. It was always Tommy who got attention from them. She was probably going to go sit in a row by herself but he was wrong.

"Is it alright if I sit here?" He heared a girls voice ask. He turned around and sure enough there she stood.

"It's fine," he replied.

She got out her note book and pen and then placed her bag on the floor. She looked up from the floor.

"I love your bag. It's very gothic," she said.

"Thank you," he said with a smile.

The lecturer began talking so they both looked to the front.

He began talking about gothic literature and about the vampire genre.

"The first short vampire story, written in English, was written in 1820." He was wrong. Merton was about to point it out but the girl sat next to him beat him too it. She put her hand in the air.

"Yes, what is it?" The lecturer asked.

"I believe the first vampire story was written in 1819 which was called 'Vampyre' and was written by John Polidori," she replied. That girl was increadable, not only was she pretty and interested in literature, but also knew her gothic literature history.

"I am sorry you are correct. Sorry for my mistake," he said and carried on talking.

"I don't even know why I am taking this major, I already know pretty much everything about literature," she said quitely.

"Me too. Although I prefer gothic fantasy the most," Merton said.

"Gothic fantasy is my favourite too. I love dracula and frankinstien," she told him. "The main reason I took this was because it's something I take an interest in besides acting, so I managed to get a joint application to do them both."

"Excuse me, do you want two be here or am I destracting you?" The lecturer asked.

"I think we are disturbing the lecture," she said and looked towards the front. Merton did the same.

"Yes, I'm talking to the brown haired girl and the pale, spikey haired lad. Am I keeping you from your conversation?"

"No, sorry. Carry on," Merton answered.

The lecture was finally over and they were dismissed. The girl stood up, picking up here bag as Merton was still putting away his note book. She didn't leave though, instead she hanged back.

"I'm sorry, I haven't even asked your name yet," she said.

Merton stood up before he replied. "My name's Merton Dingle."

"Well it's nice to meet you Merton. I'm Colette Stanford. Do you know I would love to hang out sometime, maybe get a drink or talk some more about fantasy" she said.

"You want hang out with me?" He wondered pointing to himself. He wasn't use to girls saying that. Even though he has had girlfriends in the past but the relationships never lasted that long anyway because they often turned out to be some type of monster or dead. Other than those girls, he was use to them avoiding him.

"Yes, with you. Who else?" She answered. "Well see you later, Merton." Lifting her bag onto her shoulder she walked away leaving him stood there.

He played over the converstation in his head. A girl who shared his love of gothic literature actually liked him and wanted to hang out. Hopefully she was a normal girl this time. He started to walk out of the room. Tommy's lecture should have finished by now so he went to go find him.