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The vibrating hull shook and rattled. It gave the rush of adventure in every crew member aboard the UNSC battle class ship titled the 'Esetora'. The ship briskly traveled in a warp gate with several of the crew aboard the control deck working hard to input new commands every minute. Following the footsteps of others, a few crew members discussed the various operations taking place, gave orders and coordinated their next steps together.

"Captain on the deck!" firmly stated one of the crew in a loud voice. Everyone not assigned to a critically important task to the ship's healthy operation looked at the opening doors and gave a salute. The good Captain walked towards one of the crew members and motioned for him to give an update report.

"Sir, we are nearing the exit point of the warp gate. We should be at the coordinates you gave to us," the crew member held out a data pad for the Captain to study. The superior officer nodded his head and dismissed his conversationalist. The Captain brushed his small but stubby moustache with the sides of his fingers. He scanned the entire deck with his blue eyes and began to hum a tune that had recently rooted itself deeply into his head.

"Sir, are you sure we should be doing this?" by the Captain's side stood a familiar man. The Captain nodded his head reassuring his long time crew member with a pat on the shoulder. "Life is no fun without any risks."

"I doubt life is any fun in a maximum security prison either."

"Don't worry Corporal Buttmunch, we got this in the bag ja."

"If you say so," he scratched the back of his brown hair and turned to walk away. But he stopped midway upon yet another disturbing comment from his CO. "Hmm, have you been working out lately because I spot a nice ass."

"Sir, my ass opens up for no one."

"Give it time young one," the Captain leaned in close with a lecherous gaze. "You never know what magic we might make together."

"That's sexual harassment Captain," said another voice joining the conversation. The Captain looked to his left and saw Corporal Boyscout standing with a data pad in his hands. "You know Boyscout, I am not too picky about my partner."

"I'm just going to pretend you didn't say that."

"You two are no fun," the Captain extended a hand for the data pad. Reviewing the data the CO was impressed at the efficiency the crew worked at. Looks like I still know how to pick em'. The Captain tossed back the data pad and looked at his crew. With a nod he thought, this crew will be the force to realize my vision. They will help realize a universe with da fuhrer!

"Exiting warp gate in three."

Everyone looked towards the operator who began the countdown. In three seconds they were out and were now faced with a giant Halo ring. Everyone aboard the deck cheered for a successful warp and looked towards the ring. One crew raised their hand and asked. "So what are we doing here sir?"

"Oh just making a little visit," the Captain adjusted his cap and brushed his stray black strands of hair back into place. "A Visit to my Blood Gulch Hommies!"

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A heads up, this fanfic will focus a lot more on Carolina than it will on the reds and the blues. I just put the reds and the blues segments to a very minor degree in here to still maintain a sense of "Red vs. Blue". But majority of the chapter content space will go to Carolina. She is essentially the protagonist of this season. We will get to see a little bit into her journey as well as set up the future seasons. I hope you do enjoy this as it was something I had in mind at the end of Season 16 fanfic.

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