Red vs. Blue Season 17

Chapter 1: Never Forget

In the scorching canyon titled the "Blood Gulch Canyon", two groups stood opposed to one another. A group of blue soldiers stood atop the blue base with what seemed to be the red flag behind them. Washington looked at the flag and back at the reds. "Alright, you know the drill."

"Do we have to?" Sarge asked with his shoulders slumped. Tucker pointed his rifle towards the flag. "That depends on how badly you want that back."

"How about we try and cut a deal eh?" Sarge again tried his best to tempt the blues. Tucker looked towards Caboose. "Caboose."

"Sheila," the innocent blue soldier called out to one of their robot companions and she stepped out from behind the base with her cannons ready to fire. "No deal buster."

"Aw come on, don't be like that," Sarge motioned towards Tucker and Washington and said. "Come on, you guys seem reasonable, I am sure we can work something else out."

Washington cleared his throat prompting for Sheila to point out her other cannon arm towards them. "You were saying?"

"Come on Sarge, it's not so bad once you say it and get it over with," Donut exclaimed jumping up and down in energy. The other two members of the red team just kept their heads down in embarrassment with one thought running through their minds. Well, this is probably the lowest form of embarrassment we could experience. Sarge let out a heavy sigh with his head low. This did not sit well with him either. In fact his cheeks were painted in red. "I would just like to let everyone know that I am not that good."

"That's not what you are supposed to say, but continue!" Tucker interjected annoying Sarge. The seasoned red again cleared his throat. "And that I am a g- g- g-…"

"Is his mouth broken?" Grif asked looking up towards Simmons.

"You know, that thing that is not a man," Sarge finally put together a few set of coherent words. "And I like ribbons in my hair, not that I have much left to begin with thanks to Simmons' bright idea of using that radioactive engine on Chorus."

"What else?" shouted Wash. Sarge looked back from the red to the blues and lowered his head even further in defeat. "And that I want to kiss all the boys. Now give us our flag back you dirty blues!"

Everyone stood stumbled by the words out of Sarge's mouth. Wow, he actually said it, wondered Tucker with the scratch of his head. Grif looked at the others around him in slight disgust and decided to break the silence. "Yeah, I am not going to lie, that was creepy."

"I second that, and keep the creepy old man away from me!" Sister shouted from behind the blues. Simmons held himself back from bursting out into laughter. Now here is a day I never thought I would see, oh it was worth it to get out of bed today. Donut twiddled his thumbs and just stepped back behind Grif.

"How about we just give you your flag back and do our best to erase these moments from our minds," Washington suggested throwing down their flag towards them. Grif picked it up and agreed to the terms. The reds walked back to the base in silence with Sarge's head as low as ever. Sister looked at her comrades. "So, is this what you guys do all day long for fun?"

"Well things used to be a lot more hectic around here with Church but ever since we got mixed up in the whole Freelancer thing, things became kind of dry around here I guess," Tucker explained already beginning his next master plan to steal the flag tomorrow. Washington watched the reds disappear over the land line and let out a tired sigh. "To be honest, this is getting really boring now. This was what, the fifth time we got the flag? We really need something else to do."

"Says you, cop!" Sister exclaimed running back into the base. Washington let out yet another sigh. What am I going to do about her? Caboose jumped aboard Sheila and praised her for a job well done. Now they decided to go for a walk all around canyon together with Freckles. Tucker nodded his head towards Wash who gave him a curious look. "You know Wash. It's nice to see you back in the blue and yellow colors.

"After all the craziness, I figured it would be nice to change some things back."

"Either way, it's good to have the old look back Wash," Tucker walked away to carry out his day's duties that the whole base had agreed upon per individual. Washington crossed his arms and looked out towards the canyon with a deep breath. It's hard to believe that it has been three weeks already since the whole New Order debacle. I hope the people of the Planet-CV588 are doing well. I hope Carolina is doing well.

"Attention Blood Gulch inhabitants," a purple armored simulation trooper's voice echoed through the canyon. Washington looked to his left atop the pathways on the side of the canyon only to then hear O'Malley. "And peasants alike."

"O'Malley, get off the radio!"

"I do what I want!" shouted the alter personality. Grif came out of the base clearly disgruntled at the loud argument. "What do you want Doc?!"

"I just wanted to let you guys know, that the grave is ready for the daily visits."

Right, the daily visits. Washington unfolded his arms and jumped down from the base's rooftop. The whole gang gathered together to trek a few miles before encountering their objective. Tucker led the heard and with his head down, he created a moment of silence for the memories of the fallen. Simmons balled his hands into fists at the surfacing memories of all those who died because of them in their fight against the New Order. He felt his legs shake with grief and anger at the same time.

Tucker turned around to walk away leaving the group to disperse. Simmons was the last to go with a heavy mind and a heavy heart. It always ends like this, maybe I should stop going until sometime has passed. He entered the red base and went straight for his room. He lay down on his bunk and closed shut his eyes. I should at least remove my helmet, he pondered before feeling a heavy sensation take over his mind. But I just feel too damn lazy.

Simmons slowly picked himself up and sat at the very edge of his bed. He took out the keepsake cell phone given to him by Edwards and flipped it open. He scooted back towards the wall and leaned quietly against it. The whole room felt quiet in his ears and the only sounds that echoed were that of the phone and a distant laughter. The voice was familiar, a young boy's voice. But wait. There was another in there, an old lady's voice. Simmons closed shut his eyes only to see their faces blink for a moment. He suddenly sat up in surprise only to hit his head hard up against the top bunk. Ow…son of a, he slumped back into an arch forward with his head in his left palm.

He flipped the phone close, and open again. His first ever invention huh, Simmons closed the phone again and remembered the ecstatic smile Edwards had on his face as he gave the phone as a gift to him. Simmons opened the phone and rested its screen against his visor. Too many people died because of us. I thought I was at peace with it already, but the dead always find a way of haunting us. Whether it is in our sleep or in our waking hours, they always come back. Simmons knew that the others in the canyon felt just as much responsibility for the deaths of many. It was a burden that weighed heavily on everyone even if they chose not to show it.

Simmons flipped the phone close and stared at the cover. I never took much notice of this, but he did have good taste in decoration. Maybe Donut could learn a thing or two. Simmons studied the various design stickers and further lowered his head. Everytime I think of you Edwards, or Elsie or anyone else who died, I begin to feel this breathing fury in my chest. Even though I promised myself to never again give way to this rage, but I can never bear the thought of giving up to the anger like that. I know it would make Edwards' and Elsie's memory very sad.

Simmons woke out of his deep thoughts to the knocks that echoed in his room. He looked towards the door to find the pink soldier standing with a hand resting on his hip as he scanned the room curiously. "What do you need Donut?"

"Um, you haven't seen my gardening tools have you Simmons?"

Simmons stuffed away the cellphone in his pocket, an action Donut did not miss. Simmons shook his head and walked to his desk. "No I haven't."

Donut crossed his arms as he scanned the maroon soldier. Simmons looked back to the uncomfortable gaze of Donut. "What? Is there something else that you need?"

"No," Donut entered the room much to Simmons' annoyance. "But you seem down. Actually you seem like that everytime we visit the grave. Want to talk about it?"

"There is nothing to talk about," Simmons rebutted as he took out a documentation tablet and powered it up. He looked back to find Donut still standing there. "I know you are just concerned Donut, but I got this."

"Okay," the pink one replied with his shoulders slumped and saddened that he could not do more for his friend. "But maybe think about taking on a project in your spare time. It might help you get your mind off of things you know. Maybe something like Basebook again."

Donut turned around to finally leave, with that Simmons let out a calm breath. Basebook…it would make communication between bases easier. Maybe I should take on a spare time project. Simmons documented his thoughts inside the tablet, saved it and powered it back down. He breathed in deep and stretched his arms. "Okay, enough moping Simmons, time to get back to work."

"One! Two! One! Two!" Washington shouted as he walked back and forth in a straight line from one end of his trainees to another. The group was composed of Grif, Tucker and Caboose. Washington took it upon himself to train the sword wielders to become better close combat fighters. So now they executed certain training rituals daily to better grasp the art of sword fighting. However as he had expected, the training never did go smoothly. Washington came to the end which Caboose was on and found himself growing agitated. Great, he is gone again. "Keep training you two, I will be right back."

"Where do you think he went off to?" Grif questioned as he loosened up his arm and stored his sword. Tucker pointed towards blue base. "The same place he always goes to."

"It would be killer if we were just able to cut training like that. I mean how does he even disappear so easily when we are all together?"

"Beats me," Tucker shrugged his shoulders. "He is like a ninja, even if he seems nothing more than a man-child."

"Check this out Sheila!" Caboose exclaimed swinging the sword to his right and striking a pose. "Aren't I so cool?"

"Yes you are Private Caboose."

"So um will you like you know…possibly go out with me?"

"Request denied."

Caboose suddenly felt a dark cloud loom over his head. His shoulders slumped and chin dropped at the rejection and like a child he began to twiddle his thumbs. "Pretty please?"

"That's the fifth rejection this week, is it not Private?"

"Yeah," Caboose replied in a dejected tone. He then curiously looked up at the new voice behind him. Washington stood with his arms crossed and a finger tapping on the other arm. "Hello Private Caboose, enjoying your little chat?"

"Oh, Wash…um how is it going?"

"Okay I guess, it will be even better if you get back to the training."

"Training, oh um yeah about that…"

"Caboose, you know that sword is not a toy. It holds great value and if people were to come after it, they will come after you. I just don't want you to falter and make a very costly mistake when that time comes."

Caboose then pointed towards the orange and aqua soldier and shouted. "Then how come Grif and Tucker don't have to train?"

Washington let out a tired sigh. He was exhausted from these antics but soon found truth in Caboose's words. "Caboose, come with me!"

Washington quickly ran for the other two trainees and stopped them in their tracks. "Where do you two think you are going?"

"Training time is over dude, I need to catch some Zs."

"Yeah, and I gotta go take my alone time now."

"Your alone time?" Washington looked from soldier to soldier confused at the term. "This is the first time I am hearing of this, what do you do in alone time?"

"Something super important," Tucker briefly replied before Caboose jumped in and said. "He does it behind his rock, so don't disturb him in his alone time. It is one of the rules of the canyon, you don't disturb people in their alone time."

"Okay, but what is this super important thing that requires you to skip training?"

"Wash," Tucker began with a somewhat quiet tone. "What happens in alone time, stays in alone time. You don't ask a man about what he does in alone time."

"Well, see ya losers. I am off to catch up on my nap time," Grif waved back as he walked towards the red base. Caboose looked towards the orange soldier and proclaimed. "Nap time! The second best time after alone time!"

Tucker took this opportunity to run away behind his rock and put up the sign, 'Do not disturb'. Washington lowered his head and said. "Good to see things being their old selves again."

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