Chapter 4: It Never Ends

The red team ran for their base as the blue team ran for theirs. Both teams looked back to make sure their six was covered. Sarge ran into the base full of life and excitement. "The last time I had this much fun was when we were mopping the floor with those New Order scumbags!"

"If this is your idea of fun," Grif leaned against the wall for support as he ran out of breath. "Then I don't even want to know how you spend your days off."

"Guys, focus!" Washington released the safety on his rifle and pointed it out the base window. "Tucker, have Sigma bring up a map of the canyon."

Sigma suddenly burst out into flames beside Tucker and began constructing a holographic map. Delta appeared beside the fiery fragment and aided in the information construction. Washington studied the various choke points on the map and the points that they could hold an advantage on. The fact that we split up into the two bases was probably the better idea. With this we hold the advantage of dividing their force's focus in half. Now, we need a plan of attack to counteract them from both the bases. Wash looked out towards Sheila. "Watch the perimeter, and make sure no one gets into the base."

"Understood, Agent Washington."

"Mind filling us in on what you are planning?" Donut questioned from red base as he sorted out through the various grenades in the base. Doc took out a rocket launcher and reloaded it with glee in his eyes. No, this was no longer Doc, but O'Malley now. "As long as it involves blasting some fools, I will be a happy evil conqueror, mwhahaha!"

Muffins' soldiers exited the Pelicans and formed various lines of offense and defense. Lopez prepared his weapon alongside the other reds. Tucker looked at Wash with uncertainty. The ex-freelancer gave a confident nod. "We will make it through this Tucker. Sometimes, you just gotta have faith."

"Now my minions, open fire!" Muffins swung his arm forward in an exaggerated manner and shook his hip from left to right. The enemy soldiers opened fire causing Sheila to take defensive actions. She fired several cannon shots at the targets easily incapacitating them. Lopez and Doc from red base did not hesitate to fight back either. Both of them fired their rocket launchers creating a trail of several explosions one after the other.

Tucker looked to his right to see the two fragments still creating a plan. "What have you two got for us?"

"We are still collecting data," Delta clarified leaving the rest very annoyed. Wash stepped closer to the fragments in irritation. "We don't have the time to collect all the data in the world right now. Just use what you have."

"I think I can help!" Theta ecstatically said from the other end of the communication line. Besides Sarge, Theta had already mapped out the whole canyon and potential advantage points. Most were in their respective bases, and their primary fighting method according to Theta would be gun combat. Sarge reloaded his shotgun in satisfaction. "You won't hear any complaints from me for this plan then."

Sister ran up the blue base's roof and fired her gun like a lunatic getting the attention of many soldiers. "Eat led you un-cool sweaty a-holes. I hope you choke on it!"

Grif quickly lowered himself from his group to where no one could see his embarrassed face. Why? Even after I tell her not to all the times. Why does she keep on embarrassing the family?! Simmons took a defensive position by one of the shutters and with the assist of the aim sight. He opened fire nailing many in the knees. Donut and Grif began to throw grenades from atop the rooftop left and right. It was raining grenades for everyone!

"Ah ha! See that you invader scumbags? That's the power of red team!" Sarge opened fire several shots only to miss them all. Simmons let out an annoyed sigh. "Sarge, I keep telling you that the shotgun is useless here."

"Useless?" Sarge was shocked to hear such words out of Simmons' mouth still. "Why that's borderline lunacy talk Simmons! The shotgun is your best friend through thick and thin!"

Muffins was quick to take notice of his force's lack of cohesion as an army. "Stay in formation you pansies!"

From blue base, Tucker and Wash were busy mowing down several enemies while they were still distracted by Sister and Sheila. Caboose looked from left to right wondering what to do. Caboose jumped at the sudden voice reaching his ears, it was Tucker's. "Hey Caboose, you see those people out there? They are our friends, you should help them."

"Okay," he opened fire shooting many in his line of fire. "Um, I tried to help them…but they didn't want it."

The invasion force was further disorganized. Muffins began to tear out his own hair. "Get back in formation you twig leg soldiers!"

"Screw that, we be outta here!"

The whole Blood Gulch crew was left speechless. Washington lowered his rifle as the last of the able bodied soldiers retreated into the Pelicans and begun to rise into the air. "That has had to have been the worst invasion ever, of all time."

They were further met with yet another surprise. Muffins stood in the middle of the canyon with a small white flag raised in the air. A surrender? Wash was carefully considering how genuine this action was. Sarge led the red team outside with an empty sense of victory. "Hmm, that was kind of disappointing."

"Yea, too short," added Sister as she came out of the blue base. Muffins lowered his head further in defeat alongside Buttmunch and Boyscout. "This be totally my loss ja. I accept it like a man."

Soon, they began their peace talks. Amidst such talks, it was Muffins' genuine wish to once again find a common ground of understanding and perhaps regain their friendship as he saw it.

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