Chapter 6: Worker by Day & Vigilante by Night

"Hey Carolina, wake up!"

She slowly opened her eyes with a lazy moan. "What is it Church?"

She turned to look at the time and felt a nerve pop up on her forehead. "Why did you wake me, do you know what time it is?"

"You have a call incoming from the UNSC."

She was now quickly awake. She rushed to the special radio she was given by the military and tuned it to properly receive the communication. "-Do you receive us Agent Carolina? Come in, do you receive us?"

Right, I guess they have a job for me. She rubbed her fingers between her brows and groaned in irritation. She activated the microphone and with a deep breath spoke into it. "This is Agent Carolina. I hear you loud and clear sir."

"Finally we get through," he did not sound pleased. "Try to respond a little faster next time."

I woke up in the middle of the night to deal with this? Carolina lowered her head against the table wishing to go back to sleep. "Yes sir."

"We have a job for you."

"Who is my target this time?" she inquired thinking about the type of criminal she maybe hunting tonight. Her CO was quick to respond with a rather cryptic response. "Not someone of the usual breed like you have faced before. This one seems to be different."

"Different, how?"

"According to some insider information from his gang, he is involved in something bigger than just his crime organization. So as part of our deal for letting you take this unconventional time off, as well as setting you up with your living conditions," the CO was quick to take the dominant position in this conversation. "We expect your full cooperation in paying us back with your skill sets Agent Carolina."

"I know, I fully understand my position."

"Good," the CO replied easing up on her. "I have put an authorization through for your suit usage through. I am sure you remember this but if you get caught operating in your armor, then even we can't help you. This mission never happened."

"I understand, sir."

"Report the details once you are done," the CO cut off the communications leaving a very disgruntled Carolina to activate a wall panel. A part of the wall slid open revealing her armor case and weapons. She looked towards her partner with a sluggish grin. "Ready?"

She unlocked the case and put on the slim suit that went underneath the armor. She begun to put on the various pieces of the armor one by one and finally donned the helmet. Epsilon looked around and nodded his head. "Let's go knock some heads."

She walked with heavy footsteps to the balcony door. Sliding the door open, she attached a special lock on the outside to safe guard her apartment. "Have you marked the coordinates of our mission area on the map?"

"Yup, you are good to go. I'm sure that if you get the job done fast, you can get in a few hours of sleep still."

"Gee, thank you for your concern," Carolina noted sarcastically as she jumped off from the balcony. Activating her jets, she propelled herself forward onto the opposite building and began running and jumping from rooftops to rooftops.

As she landed firmly atop a building overlooking a large courtyard, she brought up the mission details. Her target was a very dangerous criminal that has been known to run drug trafficking operations. However according some special mentions, he has been tied to some secret operations linked to a terrorist organization that has been responsible for causing much grief worldwide. What could he have done that put him this high up on the most wanted list? She jumped down into the shadows and slowly made her way remaining out of sight.

Carolina hid in a bush and surveyed the compound. Most thugs were spread out thin and on their own, however there was one large group near the doors she needed to access. She went up behind the first one, with ease he was knocked out and quickly hidden in a nearby bush. She went up behind the second and knocked him out as well. This isn't so bad, Epsilon noted before noticing the large number of thugs in her way. I hate myself for saying that right now.

For the large group, she opted for a distraction before taking them on. She activated a small ball like device and rolled it down to the middle of the group. One of them took notice and scratched their head in curiosity. They pointed towards it getting attention from others. The device began beeping and they all panicked. But as it did not explode immediately, the little ball earned their trust once again. Suddenly the ball opened in half shooting various lightning shocks at the group of thugs. There was only one thug left standing with very weak knees. "But…why Mr. Toy Ball?"

As the last one fell to his knees, Carolina quickly rushed towards the boss's office with her pistol in one hand. Carolina could hear footsteps from the other side of the room. She kicked open the doors and aimed her pistol straight forward. "You are coming with me!"

"Do you even know who you are talking to girl?" spoke a posh dressed, arrogant like man who only thought of himself and money. He did not seem fazed by her presence in the slightest, almost as though he was expecting these things to happen to him on a daily basis. Carolina held up her pistol and looked through the aim sight. "I don't have time to deal with this bullshit."

The criminal drug lord stared out at the courtyard and shouted at his minions at the top of his lungs. Carolina rested her free hand on her waist yet again establishing her control over this situation. The drug lord looked in horror pondering about what fate awaited him.

"Your henchmen won't be coming to save you," she pointed behind her onto the ground at the pile of bodies. The drug lord was clearly shaken at the sight, so much so that he nearly died of shock. He took out a knife from his pocket and brandished it near her face. "See this? I am not afraid to use it to hurt people like you!"

The drug lord swung the knife and forced the gun away from himself. Carolina blocked another swing aimed at her neck with her forearm armor. She quickly retaliated with a strong kick to his thigh that caused him to crumble down to the ground. Slowly, in pain be begun to drag his body away. His sounds of cowardice sealed her victory.

She followed behind him, but the drug lord had one last move up his sleeve. He quickly turned around and threw his knife towards her visor. Easily dodging the flying object, she shot him through his calves, leaving his legs immobilized. With moans of pain, he continued to drag his body away leaving a trail of blood in his wake. Carolina caught up to him and stepped on one of his arms. "Just give up, you have lost. Come quietly!"

"No," she faintly heard the grovelling man speak up much to her annoyance. "I will never risk giving up the information I carry."

He suddenly held out a detonator and activated it causing clouds of explosions to engulf the room. She was propelled backwards encased in her bubble shield so carefully activated at the last second by Epsilon. "Thanks, I owe you one Church."

"AWWWAAAAHHHH!" Carolina looked at the drug lord's body on fire. She saw him rolling around in desperation, but his expression spoke a different tune than his body. "AHHH…NOW YOU WILL NEVER KNOW! MY COMRADES SHALL RISE TO BETTER THIS PLANET! GAHHHH!"

Carolina stood at the edge of the entrance and saw the fire creep up towards her. The drug lord had ceased his movements and could now only be presumed dead. Comrades…does this have something to do with that additional information on this guy? Carolina backed away from the flames and contacted HQ.

"This is UNSC secret operations command center," said the operator on the other end of the line. "Please identify yourself soldier."

"Identification number, D2942800365. This is Agent Carolina reporting back from my mission. Please put the Captain on the line."

"Yes mam, one moment please."

"This is Captain Dallas speaking," said her CO. She was quick to respond with concern. "Sir, this is Agent Carolina reporting back from the mission you contacted me for."

"Ah yes, how did it go Agent?"

She had no response. Truthfully her mission was a complete failure. Her silence was all that he needed as a answer. She could hear him sigh on the other end of the line as he rubbed his hair. "Can you at least describe in detail of what transpired Agent?"

"Sir, I had managed to confront the target," Carolina paused for a moment to reflect on her own failure. "But before I could stop him, he detonated the building we were in and killed himself along with any special knowledge he held."

"What do you mean by special knowledge?"

"As he was dying, he said something about his comrades who will better the Earth. The reason he killed himself in the first place was to avoid capture and interrogation. It is too soon to say this for sure but he may be linked to the terrorist organization activities that were mentioned in the data you sent to me as part of my briefing."

"And what do you think about what you heard?"

"I think that this is something the UNSC should investigate further. If he had ties to a terrorist organization, then it is best to root out as much wrong we can right now."

"I agree," the CO was quickly typing away at his computer. "I will officially open up an investigation into this. Should there be any major results or if we need any additional information, we will contact you about it."

"Understood," she cut the communication and sat atop a tall skyscraper. Her gaze was intensified on the roads as she watched the people going about their business. I failed, how could I have not been fast enough to stop him from using that detonator?!

"It's not your fault," Epsilon appeared beside her. In an effort to console her, he found that it made things worse. She shook her head with her shoulders slumped. "I should have been fast enough to disarm him, instead I just stood there in shock and let this happen."

Maybe my everyday simple lifestyle has been affecting me in my combat abilities. Carolina laid back with her arms behind her head. Maybe, I am just getting rusty.

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