Chapter 7: Terror is Every Where

After an eventful night, the next day at work was rather slow for Carolina. Under the yet another blazing hot day, she found herself becoming encumbered by even the simplest of tasks. Her lack of sleep did not help anyone onsite either. Madison firmly patted her on the back and knocked her out of her sleepy trance. "Up partying all night Greenhorn?"

"Sir," Carolina rubbed her right eye and shook her head. "Sorry, some things came up in the middle of the night so I didn't get much sleep."

"That something wouldn't have to do with the latest incidents regarding the supply trucks now would it?" one of the workers asked as they sat down beside the two. Madison gave their co-worker a look of disapproval. Carolina looked back and forth from the two men in confusion. "What incident are we talking about here?"

"You didn't hear it last night?" the co-worker was astonished to hear this. "Are you a heavy sleeper?"

"I wasn't at home for most of the night," Carolina looked at Madison with great curiosity. "So what happened?"

The co-worker quickly took the lead. "The supply trucks used to deliver inventory to space centers, the ones used to register people to go into space for various reasons have been targeted lately. One blew up near your place. But I guess the cleanup crew did a fine job to have it all cleaned up by morning."

"Yeah…," Carolina lowered her head with a sulky expression. Madison shifted a little further from the two. It was abundantly clear to Carolina that he felt uncomfortable talking about this topic. Does he have some experience with this? She wondered as she turned to look at her co-worker. "So what happens? What does the government do about this?"

"The government?" the co-worker laughed straight into the ground. "I can't tell if you are serious or not. The government is a joke. When people can get away with such terrible acts, that are straight up terrorism, the government has no excuse for their lack of action. This has been happening for a while as well. The terrorists have gotten a lot more aggressive lately, no doubt due to the incompetence of our government."

No matter where I go, there is always someone or something looking to hurt others. Trouble seems to be everywhere. Why can't people just let others live in peace? Carolina's saddened eyes lowered onto the ground they worked upon. "I feel sorry."

Her co-workers looked at her in question. She looked up at the sky and wiped some sweat from her forehead. "I feel sorry for this city and the people here. Ever since I moved here I have had pleasant experiences with most people. But to see something like this afflicting the lives of such kind people is a saddening thought. I just hope that this blight is erased from the face of the Earth quickly."

"If it were that easy," her co-worker clasped his hands together in seriousness. "I am sure it would have already been done so. But this is not just an issue here on Earth."

Madison averted his gaze from the conversation as he stretched his arms. Carolina looked at him from the sides of her eyes. A minute ago you were interested and now you have lost all interest?

"This terrorism is spread throughout the various space colonies as well," the co-worker continued as his head dropped. "My sister was involved in one such attack on the moon colony. She was just doing her job, and those damn bastards set off an explosion that depressurized the whole dome. It killed not just my sister, but hundreds of others as well."

"I- I'm sorry to hear that," Carolina put her hands on her thighs in respect for the fallen. "Why would these people do these things?"

"No one knows for sure. All we know that it affects our society and people greatly. Their activities cause disruptions and great harm to our various space industries as well as the economy. Why else do you think our economy is so shit right now? Space ventures are a major component of it after all."

"Ah jeez, listen to you two talk," Madison stood up stretching his back. There was annoyance in his voice clear as day. Does he not like talking about politics? Carolina looked to her co-worker who shrugged their shoulders in equal confusion. Madison bent down to touch his feet and stretched every bit of the muscles in his back. "Ah that feels good. Now listen here you two. There is no point in worrying about the things that are outside of our control and just focus on our jobs."

"Wouldn't that be a little irresponsible boss?" asked the co-worker.

"I don't see it like that at all," Madison put on his helmet again and explained. "Life is best lived when it is kept simple. Getting mixed up in all these politics will do us no good."

"But what if it affects us someday?" Carolina posed the question causing Madison to immediately take a defensive stance. "Why do you seem so annoyed, and a little indifferent to this?"

"Greenhorn," Madison rested a hand on Carolina's shoulder and gripped it firmly. It was a serious grip. "Take this from an old man who has lived through life, both the good and the bad times. There really is no point in worrying, why waste the time you have in your life on things you don't have control over? To worry would be to waste time and energy we can devote to other things."

"That still sounds somewhat irresponsible sir," the co-worker noted as he stood up and walked away. Madison shook his head and shouted. "Well I have a family to take care of, family first!"

"Speaking of family," Madison looked at Carolina who curiously smiled his way and asked. "How is yours doing sir?"

"I told you to call me Madison, Greenhorn."

"That will only happen if you call me Carolina," Carolina leaned in closer teasingly. Madison let out a defeated sigh. "I can never win against those mischievous eyes of yours."

He crossed his arms and looked at the work site. Their progress was coming along nicely. Carolina stared at her boss still expecting an answer. He nodded his head and reassuringly replied. "They are doing well. You know my daughter is a lot like you. She would always love to talk about world events, and if she didn't know something happened then she would want to know about it as much as possible. Her political talk sometimes drives me nuts, especially during dinner."

"Sounds like we may be quite alike."

"Yeah," Madison looked at Carolina with a fatherly smile and agreed. "Yes, you two are quite alike. It would be nice if you ever get the chance to meet with her some day."

"That would be nice indeed," Carolina answered as she watched Madison walk away. He stopped midway to look back however. "You have tomorrow off right?"

"Yes, why?"

"Just wanted to tell you to make the most of it. Crunch time maybe coming soon so you won't be able to get much time off during that period."

"Right, thanks," she fastened her helmet and got back to work herself.

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