The Faceman Chronicles: 1865: The Beginning

By peppe1951

AN: This is a story in three parts: The Beginning, The Journey and Home

In my story the Civil War ended a week later after Robert E. Lee surrendered his troops at Appomattox Courthouse.

Summary: In this A-Team Alternate Universe Hannibal, BA, Murdock and Face are in the Union Army during the Civil War and have plans of staying together as a family once the war is over. They experience many adventures before they finally arrive to their new home in the west.

Warning: Abuse and discipline of a minor.

Chapter 1

Battle of Bentonville, NC.

"Colonel, I can't find Face." Captain HM Murdock was close to panicking.

"Where did you see him last?"

"We were at that little pond when the cannonball hit nearby. We were all knocked out momentarily but when I came to Face was nowhere to be found. I found his drum and drumsticks nearby but no Face. I think he must have been dazed and wandered off. I searched around but didn't find any hair of him.

"There is a truce on to allow both sides to recover their wounded and dead. We will search further for him." Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith called out to his sergeant.

"BA…Face is missing…help us search!"

BA immediately stopped what he was doing and joined in the search for their missing drummer boy, Face.

Colonel Smith commanded his own regiment of men but the two men and the missing drummer boy made up his family. He trusted them with his life and theirs with him. They were a team before Face joined them but when he did they became a family and when this war was finally over they were going to stay together. He already had a ranch bought in Montana. Hannibal's wife and BA's mother would join them for their trek to their new home.

Captain H.M. Murdock was among the few Texians to join and fight for the Union. He had seen his family wiped out by southern sympathizer renegades.

Sergeant BA Barracus was a freed negro from Ohio. He lived with his mother who baked and sold the best pies in their community. BA was the local blacksmith who loved children who would often repair their toys just to see their smiles and hear their laughter. He had joined to help free his brothers still in slavery. BA got his nickname due to his volatile Bad Attitude towards most officers and bullies.

The drummer boy, Templeton Peck, who was known by all of those that loved him as Face. Face was an orphan who had run away from a crowded orphanage determined to join Mr. Lincoln's Army as a drummer boy. He lied about his age and enlisted at age nine even though on his records it said he was twelve. Face got his nickname due to his talent of talking himself out of trouble. Who could get angry at a boy with such an innocent face. He was also good at conning people, a skill he used when he was on his own. He also learned at a young age to pick locks. He was also a crack shot whenever the need arose.

Besides the Colonel, Murdock felt Face's absence the most. He and the boy had bonded so well upon meeting you would have sworn that they were brothers. BA was the protector of the young boy from anyone who would want to abuse him. Colonel Smith had been so taken with mischievous boy that he had decided to adopt him at the end of the war.

The men searched until the order was given to move on to their next engagement in Virginia and they reluctantly had to leave their missing friend, brother and surrogate son behind but each vowed that they would return as soon as the war was over to find him.

But Face wasn't just missing he had been kidnapped. Face had wandered away from the sound and violence of the encounter that caused him to be knocked out not realizing that he was being watched by an individual who saw an opportunity to take advantage of the youth. He was a lazy and powerful man, Silas Thompson who was angry at losing his slave, Tom when Lincoln freed the slaves and thought to rectify the situation by replacing him with this 'Yankee boy'. He thought it was justice. He had waited until Face had passed out and carried him back to his farm and given him to his wife, Mary to care for.

He even thought of an excuse to answer any questions his neighbors might have if they saw the boy working on his farm. He was a young criminal working off his sentence.

"Who is this boy?" Mary asked when her husband dropped Face on a bed.

"A Yankee drummer boy. He's going to replace Tom in working this farm. Since the Yankee president freed Tom then one of his drummer boys can take his place."

"You can't do that…what if his friends come looking for him?"

"I'll hide him in the basement. The first thing you do is to take that Yankee uniform off him. You can dress him in that other set of Tom's clothes."

"But what if he has a family. Would you be so cruel as to let them believe he died in battle?"

"He's mine now. Tend to him so he can start doing Tom's chores as soon as possible."

Mary did as she was told, she knew if she didn't she could face a beating from her husband. She tended Face as best she could. She placed a cool rag on his forehead and stayed the night trying to comfort him as he cried in his sleep. "It's okay boy, you're safe now," she said even though she knew it wouldn't be for long. Eventually Face quiet down and was able to sleep the rest of the night in peace.

By the second day Face was pulled from his bed and given a bucket. "You've rested enough boy, its time you earn your keep. Now go and milk the cow, then feed the chickens, the cow and the horse. Only after you have done all of that will you be given breakfast."

Face looked at the angry man and the bucket in his hand for a moment before doing as he was told. He was still a bit dazed and didn't even know his own name.

It wasn't until the next day that he realized who he was and that he didn't belong on this farm.

He went ahead and did Tom's chores once again. There was no reason for the animals to suffer but as he returned and handed the full bucket of milk to Mary he asked. "Who are you and why am I here?"

"You remember?"

"Yes, ma'am. I know my name is Face and that I am a drummer boy in the Union army. I was injured during the Battle of Bentonville. I must have wandered off afterwards and passed out because I don't remember walking here."

"My husband found you and brought you here. He plans on keeping you to replace our slave boy, Tom who ran off after Mr. Lincoln freed the slaves."

"He can't do that! My friends will find me."

"No, they won't. They came by here while you were unconscious and my husband hid you in the basement until they left. Your army has moved on to their next engagement soon afterwards."

"NO! They wouldn't leave me!" Face cried as he ran from the room and straight into the arms of Silas Thompson.

"What's going on?"

"He knows who he is and that he doesn't belong here." Mary was quick to answer.

"And he thought he would run away. Well I guess I will just have to beat that notion out of him," and pulled his belt from his pants and doubled it in his hand. He dragged the struggling boy to the table and pushed him over it.

"Silas…NO!" Mary tried to protect the boy only to be backhanded and knocked to the floor.

Silas lost little time in bringing his belt down over and over on Face's backside not stopping until he grew tired and walking away. Face crumbled to the floor sobbing from the pain in his backside. After a while Face stood and walked to the door and out to do the rest of Tom's chores.