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During the shooting of Clerks, Kevin Smith would routinely sleep just one hour a night, as filming was done overnight while he worked in that same RST Video during the day. Jade recalled that little piece of information as she dragged herself into her apartment, completely and utterly exhausted.

If this was how she felt after just three days of filming, how the hell was she going to be able to make it a whole month? Between the movie and school, it was just too much for one person to do.

The goth girl limped into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed. She lay still for a second and sat up after a few moments. She shuffled over to the curtains and closed them. Then she sat down on the bed, pulled her boots and socks off, and promptly passed out.


Jade woke up when she felt something heavy weighing on her pelvis. She paused for a moment and opened her eyes.

"Hi!" said a smiling Tori, who was evidently sitting on Jade with her face almost nose-to-nose with her wife.

Jade gave the other girl a kiss. "Hey Tori. How are you?"

"Good. I was helping André write a song for his new album."

"Oh yeah? How's that going?"

"Great! He's finally getting to move from being a songwriter to being a real musician."

"That's awesome." Jade said tiredly.

The latina's smile fell and she appeared to have stumbled upon an unpleasant thought. "Jade, do you think I'm ever going to be able to be a real musician?"

"Yeah, of course, Tor." The raven-haired girl held her wife close and kissed her again. "You'll be a huge pop singer and I'll be a huge movie director."

"At least you've got a movie deal."

The two kissed again for a few moments. "So," said the latina, kissing the other girl's neck, "Do you wanna fool around?"

Jade sighed. "I'd love to, Tori, but I'm so exhausted you can't even imagine."

The latina pouted. "You're always tired. Ever since you started working on that movie."

"Look, I'm sorry. I had class for four hours today and then twelve hours of shooting to do. I only got a couple hours of sleep last night. I'm just too tired."

Tori got off of her wife. "Hmph. You're never not tired. At this rate we aren't going to have sex again until 20-freaking-20. "

"I'm sorry."

The brown haired girl got off the bed and huffed. "I'm taking a shower."

Jade closed her eyes in an effort to go back to sleep, but couldn't. Between her guilt at not making enough time for her wife (The exact thing her father had warned her about) and the growing wet spot between her legs, the goth girl quickly realized that sleep wasn't going to be an option for the time being.

She let out a long sing. Damn my hot wife. She thought. Standing up, she considered her options.

On one hand, she could go back to sleep, though that would result in Tori staying mad at her. On the other, she really was tired, but a good orgasm or three would knock her right out, and appease her wife.

She heard the shower turn on, and her choice was made.

The goth girl quickly undressed, leaving her clothes in a rumpled up pile on the floor. She walked across the hall and put her ear to the door to determine whether the latina had gotten into the shower yet. She heard the stall door shut, and made her move.

Fortunately for Jade, the shower was either loud enough to drown out the creak of the door or the latina was too preoccupied with her annoyance to hear it. She crept over to the shower stall and peered in through the stained glass. Even more fortunate for the goth girl, Tori's back was turned.

Perfect. Jade thought.

She pulled the door open, somehow managed to slip in unnoticed, and shut the door. Throwing her arms around the latina, she whispered into the girl's ear, "Hi."

Tori let out a small involuntary shriek but didn't lose her balance because the goth girl was supporting her. "Jade!"

"I've reconsidered your offer."

"I'm still angry at you!"

"Are you sure about that?" the goth girl said in a seductive voice, dropping her hand to cup the latina's left boob while the other ventured further south to explore the girl's evidently wet folds.

"D-Dammit Jade, you said you were too tired."

"I was, and I still am. But you got so annoyed that I figured I should make it up to you. So," she said, sticking two fingers into Tori, "consider this my apology."

The brown-eyed girl let out a soft moan. "You bitch."

Jade spun her wife around to look her in the eyes. "Excuse me?"

"You fucking bitch."

The two women pushed their faces together and shared what was, even by the standards set by their five-year relationship, a pretty excellent kiss. Their tongues battled for dominance, and Tori won, probably as a function of her annoyance at her wife.

They broke apart. "Somebody's in a mood."

"You could say that." Tori said, slapping Jade's ass.

They kissed again and allowed their hands to explore the other girl. Tori's hands made their way to Jade's fantastic D cup boobs and she began to pinch her nipples. It was Jade's turn to let out a moan as the latina's talented hands worked their magic on her sensitive nipples.

Meanwhile, Jade was focused on her wife's wet pussy. She pumped her fingers in and out of the tanned girl, making sure to rub her clit in circles with her thumb. She bit into Tori's neck, causing her to buck forward onto the pale girl's fingers. Tori threw her head back in a much louder moan. Jade idly wondered if their neighbors could hear them. The thought of it turned her on just a little more.

Finally Tori moaned out, "Eat me out you fucking bitch!"

Jade, not having to be told twice, sank to her knees, looked up at her wife with her blue-green eyes, and smiled. "With pleasure."

Despite the goth girl's status as reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Cunnilingus, which she'd held since the very early days of their relationship, Tori was still caught off-guard by her wife's skills.

Jade teased the tanned girl's clit with the tip of her tongue causing Tori to gasp and let out a muffled, "fUCk!".

The raven-haired girl grinned. "Seriously? I barely even touched you."

Tori's retort was quick and nonverbal: She grabbed the back of Jade's head and forcing the goth girl into her crotch. Jade responded by swirling her tongue around the brunette's clit in a spiral motion.

"Oh fuck YES!" Tori screamed out, not letting go of her wife's head.

Jade continued to work her magic. She reinserted the two fingers she'd had in there before and pumped in and out with her fingers cupped, heightening the orgasm that was slowly building for the latina. Meanwhile, she moved her tongue in every way she could imagine, never giving Tori a chance to find a pattern, thus keeping the latina on edge. Up and down, left and right, it didn't stop for several minutes, culminating in a loud, prolonged—


Caught halfway between a scream and a moan, Tori climaxed in a violent and satisfying manner.

Jade removed herself from her wife's tanned thighs, her mouth sticky with the remnants of Tori's orgasm. She licked her lips and moved to kiss the girl.

"So do you forgive me now?"

Tori gave Jade a look that was somewhere between annoyed and lustful. "We are so not done yet."

The goth girl simply responded with an impish grin and said, "Fine by me."

The two girls stepped out of the shower and very quickly began to towel off. Neither one cared about being a little wet, but it would still be rather annoying if the sheets got soaked.

As they finished drying off, Tori began to wrap her hair in a towel. Now it was Jade's turn to be annoyed.

"Just leave it a little damp. It's not like you're doing anything." She paused for a second. "Well, except me."

"But it's wet!"

"It's hair, Tori. It can air dry."

"Ugh, fine."

With that, they made their way into the bedroom.

"So what do you have in mind?" asked Jade.

"Shut the fuck up." Tori said in an uncharacteristically aggressive voice. She placed her palm on Jade's porcelain back and bent the girl over the foot of their bed.

Jade smiled internally. While she was normally the sexually dominant one in their relationship, she always enjoyed it when Tori shook things up a bit and took charge.

Tori went to the closet and opened up a little box containing all of their sex toys. She selected a large strap-on and the dildo she'd affectionately named "Mr. Pink".

The goth girl felt her sphincter tighten as the dildo was inserted into her. While she wasn't a stranger to anal stimulation, it always felt a little strange to her (not that she minded).

After inserting the dildo, Tori carefully slid the strap-on into Jade's already wet pussy, which forced a soft moan to erupt from her.


Tori began to thrust. She slid in and out of her wife, making sure to be as rough as she thought she could get away with.

"Harder." Jade moaned.

"If you insist." Replied Tori, increasing her intensity tenfold. She began to pump in and out of Jade with alarming speed, forcing the strap-on as deep as it could go with every push.

"Oh, fuck, TORIIII!"

Tori continued to thrust as hard as she could. Knowing what Jade would probably request next, she slapped the girl's pale white ass as hard as she could. The goth let out another scream of pleasure.


The latina leaned in close to the other girl's ear and growled in a low voice, "You like that?"

"Y-Yes! Fuck yes!"

She slapped her ass a few more times as she continued to pump the girl full of strap-on.

By this time Jade was doing two things. One, she was nearing orgasm, and her screams matched the intensity at which her wife was pummeling her. Two, she was completely disregarding all control of her voice that she might have had, and therefore her screams were also, by their nature, extremely loud.


Tori continued to drive the strap-on into and out of her wife until she was nearing completion. Then, all at once, she put everything she had into one final thrust that sent Jade catapulting over the edge.


And with that, Jade had finished. Tori removed the strap-on and the dildo from the goth girl's orifices and smiled at her. "There," she said, "Now I forgive you." She walked back into the bathroom to clean up.

Jade grinned in spite of herself. She laid back down on the bed, and was out before her wife returned to the bedroom.

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