Wrinkling his nose, the Doctor pulled a disgusted face as he peered at the delicacy on the plate before him. Across the table, Donna groaned under her was like convincing a child to eat greens, she decided.

'Come on Time Boy, just try a piece. You may even like it' she urged.

'Ew' he muttered.

'Its nice' she said in hopefully a convincing way.

The Doctor picked up the offending piece of food by the chopsticks, and sniffed it.

It smelt nice, despite remembering the last time he had tried one of these. Kyoto, 1765. A really bad experience , when he got food poisoning. He had been sick for days.

He didn't want a repeat of that, thanks very much.

'I don't like raw fish' he groaned.

'Well, what do you think tuna and salmon is then , Dumbo?' Donna asked him.

'That's different'

'How is it different?'

'You eat it out of a can. On sandwiches, in salads. Even Subway. Can we go to Subway? I feel like Subway, not eating this!'

'Doctor, eat your sushi. NOW!' Donna barked. He looked down at the seaweed covered roll, and looked back up at Donna, and jumped back a bit in his seat.

She had one of those looks on her face, the same look he got before Donna was about to slap him. He didn't want that. He put the roll up to his mouth, and shuddering, he nibbled.

The taste felt all rubbery. Promptly , he spat it back out. Donna recoiled.

'That IS DISGUSTING! WE ARE IN PUBLIC!' she bellowed, receiving curious glares from other diners in the Japanese resturant.

He still received the slap on his arm.