Stronger Than Any Bonds of Blood


Manhattan, New York

Thursday, December 18, 2510, 5 a.m. EST


I slowly wake with my head in its usual morning spot, resting on my Husband's bare shoulder while my arm is laying across his stomach and my leg is thrown over his. Lifting my head slightly I stare blearily at the clock on the bedside table on Damon's side of the bed. 5 a.m., ugh, too damn early.

I need as much sleep now as I can get because later today Beks and Caroline are throwing a party to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the night we split and trapped Klaus' soul inside the members of my family. It also happens to be the 500th anniversary of the day Jasper and Caroline, and Ric and Beks realized they were Mates.

Because it's been 500 years, I know full well that the two of them are going to go way overboard and all out for this party. My hubby of 494 years has graciously agreed to host the party at his Club on Houston St in Lower Manhattan. We've rotated spending lifetimes in Forks, Mystic Falls, and New York mostly with a few other places sporadically thrown in for good measure.

The spell Angela and Ben did to split Klaus' essence and then trap it inside ten members of our family actually removed the bindings preventing Klaus from making Hybrids without Doppelgänger blood or accessing his Magick.

A few of us have turned friends of ours through the years who were Traditional Werewolves, so that's how we know we can now do that without Elena's blood. We tried it with the first Werewolf's permission and gave him Human blood instead of hers because he was willing to die if it didn't work because he hated turning every Full Moon enough to not want to live if he couldn't get rid of it. It worked, though, so he survived, and we've turned a few others as well that we've come across and liked well enough to offer to take the compulsion to turn at the Full Moon away from them.

As for Klaus' Magick, although Klaus can no longer access anything each person with a part of him inside them has full access to his Magick. Jazz, Caroline, Bree, Ric and myself who had no Magick before the spell now have Klaus' Magick, so there are 12 Magick Users in our family, and we have all done spell work to help the family hide in plain sight.

Isa found spells back while we were searching for the way to split and trap Klaus that allow us to each look slightly younger or older than we were when we became immortal and then the other spell makes it possible to appear to age as if we are Human. So although Kol was right and taking Klaus inside of me turned me immortal and just as invincible and as close to truly immortal as Klaus was I have looked anywhere from age 10 to age 99 five times to date.

And I truly am just as hard to kill as Klaus was because a Cold One got a lucky shot about 400 years ago and snapped my neck after pulling off my ring, and I was staked in the heart about 200 years ago, and although the latter was very messy it didn't kill me. I also have Klaus' Eidetic memory, speed, strength, senses, and abilities and all of them have only gotten faster, better, and sharper through the centuries.

Since the Telepathy, Empathy, Language, Truth, and Knowledge spells all are still in full effect even five centuries later, we've mostly been able to stay one step ahead of our enemies. Those spells and the aging spells have allowed all of us to pose as students and then go through a Human lifetime. Ric and Beks, Elijah and Leah, and Charlie and his Mate take turns alternating between posing as our guardians and also being minors.

Almost exactly a year after we took down Klaus, Charlie was shot while in the line of duty and the jackass responsible liked his immortality ring, so he stole it. The ass was Human anyway so the ring wouldn't have worked, so Charlie died. He would have died permanently except unbeknownst to everyone except Kol and Charlie Kol had convinced Charlie to take his blood every morning, so after he had died from his gunshot wounds, he woke up in transition and chose to complete it. It took a bit of compulsion to make everyone in town forget that Charlie had died, but between all the Vampires in our family, we managed to get to everyone in a day or so.

In 2031, Charlie met a Vampire, named Josephina, whom Kol had turned while in Spain some 850 years before Charlie and Josephina meeting. They quickly fell in love and have been together for close to 480 years. Josephina gets along well with all of us, but especially with Isa. Isa finally got a mother figure whom she didn't need to take care of, and Josephina actually takes great pleasure in taking care of Isa and the rest of us.

Currently, I'm just over 18, and we live in Manhattan so that Damon and I can once again attend Art school here in the city. Although, unlike the first time I went to college instead of going to the School for the Visual Arts I'm attending Cooper Union while Damon is going to Pratt this time. We chose New York the first time after spending January and February of 2011 making the most of having access to a private plane so that the family could jet set around the country every weekend and visit prospective cities so we could check out all the schools in each area. When we graduated from high school in June of 2011, Angela was Valedictorian. So during the summer, we moved into two brownstones that were right next door to each other. Angela attended NYU while most everyone except Damon and me went to Columbia, Manhattan College, and Hunter College.

We used Magick to add hidden rooms under the two Brown Stones as well as the Salvatore Boarding House and then used more Magick to make duplicates of every Journal and Grimoire in our possession.

In 2015 Angela and Ben Transitioned and permanently became members of our family. Our whole family filled the holes left behind by my parents, John, and Jenna's deaths as well as my estrangement from Elena. I sigh when I think of my sister. Our relationship never recovered, and we only spoke with each other when absolutely necessary. I usually found out what was happening in her life because Isa continued to read her diary, and Damon continued to read Stefan's journal.

Admittedly Stefan would call Damon once a month to find out how things were going and he always called when they discovered they were expecting a child. All in all, Stefan and Elena had five children, three boys, and two girls. Elena died when she was 83 years old, and Stefan died two weeks later of a broken heart.

I still own the property the Gilbert house was on, though, it has since been torn down and a new house built in its place. I also still own the Salvatore Boarding House and all of the residences that the Vampires in our family owned. Turns out because Kol was right and the spell we did on Klaus made me immortal with all the benefits of being a Hybrid without any of the pitfalls, and I never had to die I still own all of the residences, and therefore only those Vampires I invite in can enter.

The house in Forks still stands due to the Magick that Mrs. Peterson did on it all those years ago, and the secret rooms are still there with even more books filling them, though, as I mentioned we now have three full libraries that write themselves and make duplicates of each new book.

We collected all of the White Oak Ash Daggers and any remaining ash and locked them all in a safe in the hidden rooms beneath the Forks house because the only people who can access the rooms are folks I want to be able to enter the rooms.

When we took out Klaus, Rebekah had also recently discovered the existence of White Oak Wood from saplings of the original tree. We did a teleportation spell and moved all of the existing wood and any saplings into our backyard in Forks and then burnt it all before collecting the ashes and putting them in the safe next to the Daggers. Teleporting all the wood might have been a mess of its own, but thankfully by the time we did the spell, the work of rebuilding Wickery Bridge was done, so all the White Oak Wood was just laying around in piles. Using the Teleportation Spell allowed us to be certain that no one had walked off with any of it.

Shortly after we returned to Forks after spelling Klaus the Magick users in our family turned Rosalie and Emmett back into Humans. They stuck close to us through the years, and their first daughter was named after her Godmother, Bella. When Rose and Emmet were 32, they were out on a date celebrating their wedding anniversary when a drunk driver hit them head on, and they both died. Fortunately, they had both been regularly drinking Kol's blood because they wanted to make sure their kids would be grownups before they lost their parents to death. Anyway, they woke in transition and both completed the transition. We offered to make them Human again, but they both agreed that if they were turned into Supernaturals more than once in their lives, then it must be meant to be so they decided to remain Traditional Vampires. Plus, the fact of the matter was, Rose got to have children like she always wanted, so as she put it the rest was just icing on the cake. All that really mattered to them, in the end, was that they got to keep raising their children, and the kids didn't have to bury their parents until everyone thought they were over 100 years old.

Three weeks after we returned to Forks from Mystic Falls Stefan called Damon to inform him that Katherine had been snooping around, so Kol Teleported himself to her location and compelled her to leave Stefan, Elena, Damon, and every member of our families alone for the rest of eternity. He also compelled her to not try to harm any of us, and although we've seen her in passing she barely acknowledges us, and we like it that way.

Bonnie managed to only use her Magick for good after we threatened to take her powers, so we didn't have to follow through on that threat. She and Matt wound up getting together and were married two years after they graduated from College. They had four children who all continued Emily's line of Magick. Their lines still exist and still have their Magick.

Each of the couples in our family eventually got married, including Damon and me.

I snuggle further into the bed and rub my cheek against Damon's warm shoulder, while I smile and let the memories of the past slip by and focus on the right now, which is pretty fantastic if I do say so myself. Damon's arms tighten around me before he leans down and brushes a kiss across my forehead, "Hmm, good morning, Mia Tesoro."

I lean up and kiss him before settling back with my cheek once again resting against his shoulder after I tell him, "Good morning."

He frowns and asks, "Are you sure because it sounded like you were having deep introspective thoughts just now."

I frown and then smile before I say, "Yes I'm sure. I was just thinking about how far we've come and all I gained even though I also lost some people along the way. All in all, I may have had to lose my original family, but ultimately I got a family forged by love, loyalty, and honor stronger than any bonds of blood, and I'm okay with that, more than okay actually. I wouldn't change my life with you and our family for anything. I truly know happiness and peace not to mention what it feels like to be thoroughly loved by you and the rest of our family."

Life isn't perfect, but it's perfectly imperfect, and I wouldn't give this life up even if I could get those I lost back. "My life with you fills me to the brim with love, and I couldn't ask for more than that." I lean up on one arm and lean down and kiss my husband before proceeding to show him just how much I love him and our life together.


The End

(Until the Sequel)


Author's Note: So that's it! What did you all think? Want more? Well, you're in luck. I have a brand new idea for a sequel to this story.Everyone who loves this story and these characters needs to thank Traceybuie because one of her reviews totally gave me the idea for the sequel. I wanted to do a sequel because I love these characters so much but I had no idea what it might look like until Traceybuie asked a question about Klaus' redemption. I love Klaus even though all my currently posted stories have him as the unsavable bad guy so now I am about to go and write out the idea Traceybuie gave me and see if I can come up with an outline for the story that may or may not allow Klaus to find his redemption. Not too sure how long the story will turn out to be at this point but given my track record and the fact that I've only written one multi-chapter story shorter than 106,000 words long you all have a good shot at it being pretty long. Lol. I'm going to probably work on the sequel to Shards next because you all have been waiting a full year for that one and it's all written and only needs to be edited and then posted. Therefore, it'll probably be a while before I write, finish, and then publish the sequel to Forged, but I'll keep you all abreast of my progress! Until then.