Time Skip A Few Hours Later.

The Forbidden Forest.

"You know Jasper," softly began Helen as she serenely walked within the forbidden forest while being concealed in a matching set of black cloak and robes kind of making her appear to be a Sith Lord from the Star Wars franchise. "It's kind of funny how easy it is for anyone within Hogwarts to sneak their way into the forbidden forest, especially at night." Helen's comment earned her a snort of amusement from Jasper, who was casually walking in front of her mistress while keeping a sharp eye out for anything dangers that might be lurking within the forest.

"Well, the protectors of the castle are nothing more than a bunch of humans my Diamond." Responded the warrior gem who lazily grabbed the neck of a car-sized grey wolf that had just foolishly tried to take a bite out of her Diamond. "Expecting anything else but failure and incompetence from them is nothing more than a waste of effort and valuable time." With an effortless twist of her hand, Jasper snapped the struggling wolf's neck instantly killing the unfortunate creature whose corpse now lay limply in Jasper's hand.

Helen, who didn't even bat an eye when Jasper throws way her would-be killer's corpse like it was just another piece of yesterdays trash gently hummed while stepping over a larger than standard tree root. "Perhaps though we should still hurry and complete our objective before the professors start suspecting anything." Though honestly the odds of them finding out anything was rather low, especially since Pearl was currently shape-shifted into her form and was pretending to be sleeping in her bed within the Gryffindor girl dormitories.

"Understood my Diamond." Said Jasper, while delivering an uppercutting to another wolf which much like the other one, tried to attack Helen, sending the unwise canine flying into the air. Where it stayed airborne for a couple of seconds only to quickly fall to the ground were its neck was violently snapped upon impact with the forest floor. Killing it within seconds and with the current danger now despatched they both swiftly walked deeper into the forest their destination the Acromantula nest that was located at the forbidden forest's heart.

Time Skip.

The outskirts of the Acromantulas nest.

"Finally we've made it to the colony." Thought Helen as she gazed upon the webbed spider entrance that both she and Ron had used to entire the Acromantula colony on her first visit during the second year. "Hopefully Aragog will be in a talkative mood than when I was last here." If not well, she can always kill half of the Acromantula brood and force the ancient spider to listen to her.

"Somethings not right my Diamond." Jasper quietly told her Diamond while scanning the area for hostiles or anything else that might be dangerous to the Diamond matriarch.

The Diamond in question turned away from the Acomantula entrance to stare inquisitively at her bodyguard. "What do you mean Jasper?" Whispered back Helen whilst unsheathing her wand from its holster, ready to use it in case of trouble.

"We're within the heart of the Acromantula territory," Jasper gazed around the area like she was expecting to see something in particular roaming about this area of the forest. "Yet during our travel to reach this place we haven't seen even one Acromantula roaming the forest floor nor the canopy searching for food." They had encountered plenty of magical creatures on their way to Aragog's colony many of which Jasper had personally killed yet not once did they run into the colossal spiders who lived within the heart of the forbidden forest.

"You think that they've been expecting our arrival?" Deduced Helen as she stared back towards the entrance to the colony. It wouldn't surprise the Diamond if the Acomantula found out about there upcoming visit. Since the magical talking spiders had plenty of tiny spies running around within the corridors of Hogwarts plus it wasn't unlikely that a single scot had seen them in the forest and had quickly run back to the colony to warn Aragog and his family.

"Its the most likely expansion as to why we've not seen any of the Acromantula hunting within the forest." Bluntly yet respectfully replied Jasper who just smashed in the skull of a feral creature that could have been easily thought of as an uglier cousin of the goblin bankers of Gringotts.

"Hum, well it doesn't matter if they know we're here or not." Helen's tone was dismissive as she walked into the Acromantula colony entrance with Jasper following right behind her Diamond. "In the end, Aragog and his brood will serve me." And they shall otherwise Helen will exterminate the whole colony except for the eggs containing the next generation of Acromantula which the Diamond would hatch and train them to serve and carry out her will. However, that would only happen if Aragog in the upcoming meeting was going to be unreasonable.

"Of course, they shall serve my Diamond." Said Jasper in a devoted tone as they calmly walked through the tunnel leading to the magical spider colony. "After all, an intelligent being can't possibly resist bowing down before your radiance and splendour." To Jasper, it made perfect sense that these spiders should bow and serve her Diamond since to gems a diamond was akin to a deity and thus should be respected as one. Of course, Jasper was smart enough to know that these Acromantula were ignorant of her Diamond's royal and divine status; thus, when the time comes, she would gladly educate them and if necessary by force.

"I'm glad to hear that you've such faith in me, Jasper." Softly replied the Diamond as she and her bodyguard entered the Acromantula colony. Allowing them to see the horde of countless Acromantula who were skittering or jumping across the canopy their eight black as night eyes gleamed with hunger as the Diamond and Warrior gem calmly walked deeper into the heart of their territory.

"Aragog!" Helen called out for the patriarch of the Acromantula colony who had yet to come out of his underground burrow. "It's me, Helen, I've come to talk to you about a possible alliance between us!" This plan was risky. Helen knew, but the rewards if it succeeded was too good to pass up. Especially when the spiders can boots the battle-ready warriors under her command by a considerable margin plus Acromantula were excellent fighters when it came to jungle or forest warfare something the Diamond will need in the far off future.

"An alliance?" Boomed the ancient and wise voice of Aragog father to the forbidden forest Acromantula colony who preceded to lift himself out of his borrow the elder Acomantula's blind eyes seemed to stare at nothing yet everything at the same time. "Why do you seek an alliance with us friend of Hagrid?" Curiously questioned Aragog while the noise made by his children died completely allowing Helen and him to talk without having to raise their voices over the smaller spiders watching within the canopy.

Helen breathed in gently knowing that she'll only get one shot at this. "I'm planning to overthrow the ministry of magic." Her words caused the colony to explode into a cacophony of click and screeches though thankfully it only last for a minute since Aragog was quick to restore order to his brood allowing the Diamond to continue explaining why she was here seeking an alliance. "And to accomplish that goal, I'm going to need allies, and your colony is my best choice since it is filled with powerful and intelligent warriors." She was playing on their pride which seemed to be working since some of the Acromantula she can see hanging above them seemed to preen at her words.

Aragog though, didn't seem to be impressed as his blind eyes stared directly at Helen. "You have a lofty goal friend of Hagrid." The eldest of the colony stated while his children silently watched the meeting. "Yet I fail to see why my sons and daughters should help you against the ministry." His tone was dismissive as was expected since Aragog obviously didn't a reason to fight the wizards ruling over the ministry of magic. "Your leaders know not to challenged our might and are thus no threat to our colony."

"Yet they are a threat to Hagrid." The Diamond knew that she had hit the jackpot when Aragog release a short screech of white-hot rage an understandable reaction really since the elder Acromantula cared for only two things in life. The safety of his children and of course that of Hagrid. Who had raised Aragog ever since the spider had been a baby and had introduced Aragog to his mate, thus allowing the spider to start this colony which she was standing within.

"Explain!" Aragog's voice thundered throughout the area. Honestly, it was rather impressive how an old creature like the Acromantula could contain such power and fury into his voice.

"The ministry," slowly spoke Helen while fighting back the grin of victory that was trying to worm its way onto her lips. "Hates anything non-wizard or pureblooded." Oh she had Aragog now, and all that was left to do was to close the mental trap on the ancient spider. "And since Hagrid is half-giant along with being expelled from Hogwarts at a young age the ministry when the time comes shall use poor Hagrid as a scapegoat much like they did during the incident with the chamber of secrets." The mention of the chamber that had once contain the creature they feared above all others caused every Acromantula within the colony to hired in a mature of fear and hatred.

"They would do that to Hagrid even though the monster is no longer a threat?" Questioned Aragog ignoring the chatter of his children as they whispered high above within the safety of the canopy.

"Of course they would do that to Hagrid," replied Helen knowing full well that the government that ruled over the magical world wouldn't even hesitate to use the gentle half-giant as a scapegoat for their blunders. "They'll hurt Hagrid and cause him horrible pain if their not stopped." The entire colony screeched though Helen ignored them since witnessing Aragog's reaction was far more important than hearing the spiders above her screaming their hate for the whole world to hear. From the rage she could feel radiating from Aragog the Diamond knew that he was as good as her's now and all that was left was to secure the alliance between them and call it a night.

"I see," Aragog's voice silence the whole colony. "Very well, then I shall join your fight against the ministry." Helen grinned happy that her gamble to recruit the Acromantula colony had worked out as she had hoped it would. "However, there is a small task I want you to do before this alliance between us can become official." The smile quickly turned into a frown as she hadn't really expected this to happen though she would do it since it would help strengthen the currently fragile bound between their respective groups.

"What sort of task will I be performing for you Aragog?" Asked Helen whilst carefully watching every move made by the wise spider that ruled over the colony.

The old Acromantula didn't say anything at first as he shifted into a more comfortable position. "The Centaur herd," Aragog spat out the name centaur like it was the most vile of poisons. "Has been encroaching upon my home as for late and has killed many of my offspring." The pain and sadness from losing some of his children could be heard clearly within his tone. "I would in the past have dealt with them myself but unfortunately time as taken much of my strength from me," Aragog sounded frustrated at not having the strength to avenge his fallen children. "Which is why I ask you to drive away the Centaurs. Do this for my family, and we shall fight for you friend of Hagrid."

"Welp there goes my plans for recruiting the centaurs." Thought an annoyed Helen though honestly in the grand scheme of things the Acromantula were far more valuable allies for her plans then the centaurs would ever be so it was rather easy for the Diamond to make her decision on what to do next. "I'll deal with the centaurs for you, Aragog." The colony screeched with approval. It wasn't surprising since the centaurs and acromantulas hated each other with a burning passion which made the hate pureblood wizards felt for muggles seem small and insignificant by comparison.

"Thank you, friend of Hagrid." Aragog sincerely thanked the young Diamon for her help. "The centaurs foal herd is located west of the colony." The ancient Acromantula slowly lifted a clawed leg pointing it towards the direction where the centaur herd was currently staying. "It shouldn't take you long to find them just follow the smell of arrogance and self-importance, which they constantly give off." Well, let it not be said that Aragog didn't have a rather low opinion of the centaurs.

"I'll be sure to take your advice under consideration Aragog." The Diamond bowed slightly in respect to the Acromantula then turned around and head for the entrance to the colony with Jasper following though not without subtle watching the Acromantula in case a young upstart within the brood tried anything funny whilst they were leaving the nest thankfully nothing happened. The two gems left the colony without incident.

Time Skip.

The Centaur Herd.

"So that is the mighty centaur herd that Aragog wants gone from his territory." Said Helen while watching from a safe distance, the centaur herd which was resting within a clearing that was just big enough for all of them.

"It would seem so my Diamond." Responded Jasper whilst she cracked her knuckles in excitement. "Shall I go over and kill them all?" The warrior gem hopes her Diamond answered positively to her question since Jasper really wanted to see how strong these centaurs were compared to non-magical and magical humans.

"No." Unfortunately, it would seem her wish wouldn't be granted this time. "I'll personally take care of them." Jasper's eyes widen in shock upon hearing that her Diamond would be dealing with the centaurs.

"My Diamond, please reconsider." Quickly replied Jasper as she kneeled before her mistress. "These lesser lifeforms do not deserve the honour of dying by your hand." The warrior gem lowered her head until it was touching the ground. "Only the greatest fighters deserve such an honourable death, and those centaurs do not possess such a warrior among their ranks." Jasper was about to continue her pleading only to pause as her Diamond gently lifted her head allowing the gem warrior to see the twin green eyes of her mistress which were glowing ominously within the shadows of her hood.

"Jasper," strongly began Helen as she removed her hand from underneath Jasper's chin. "I'm going to fight them," the Diamond's tone made it quite clear to Jasper that the decision wasn't going to be changed no matter how much she tried to change Helen's mind on the subject. "So please don't argue with me on this matter." How could she, Jasper was fully aware that her Diamond's mind was now made up and now all she could do was make sure that none of the centaurs severely harm her mistress during the battle that was soon to come.

"Of course my Diamond." Jasper returned to former standing position. "Please forgive me for my earlier insolence." Jasper bowed slightly in apology.

"It's alright, Jasper after all your just looking out for me." Replied Helen while tapping Jasper's arm in reassurance earning a relieved smile from the warrior gem. "Now then let's go fight the centaurs shall we." With a dramatic twirl of her cloak, Helen started walking towards the herd.

"Yes my Diamond!" Excitedly bellowed Jasper as she marched side by side with her Diamond and honestly it was a minor miracle that the herd hadn't heard Jasper's bellow.

Meanwhile, with the centaur herd.

Firenze high warrior and great stargazer of the forbidden forest herd was worried. For he a few short days ago had gazed upon the planets and stars in the heavens which gifted onto him a grave warning that something evil and unnatural was going to attack the herd soon. Though like most warnings coming from the heavens, it had been vague and open to interpretation. Thus when he told Magorian about his vision, the leader of the herd instantly thought it was the vile Acromantula that was going to threaten the herd's existence. And had thus ordered an invasion against the spiders that dared pollute their forest home with their presence.

"At the time it had made sense," thought Firenze as he walked between a pair of female centaurs. Which we're taking care of some foals who were playing with toy swords and bows pretending to be great warriors of old it honestly brought a smile to his face by just seeing the two foals play without a single care in the world. "The Acromantula beasts are vile monstrosities that plague our home like a virus," Firenze waved in greeting towards the females taking care of the children as he walked by. "Yet now I'm plagued with doubts because as deadly as the spider vermin are they've not the skill nor the numbers to threaten the herd like the visions I saw those few days ago indicated had gifted onto me." It was a route of thought that Firenze didn't like walking since it meant that the herd might have angered the spiders for nothing and worse have weakened themselves for the real threat once it decided to revile itself to them.

"I must speak with Mogorian and the other high warriors and stargazers about my fears soon." Firenze galloped across the clearing towards Magorian who was resting next to an old tree whilst being guarded by two younger warriors who have yet to bloody themselves in battle with the Acromantula. "For the visions are too important to be left in doubt, especially at this point in time." It took Firenze only seconds to reach the herd's leader who raised back onto his feet once he noticed Firenze's approach.

"Ah, Firenze the stars told me you'll wish to speak with me soon." Magorian spoking in greeting and Firenze returned it with a bow of respect for the herd's chief. "And the stars also told me that you are troubled by something." Magorian gazed up towards the stars not that it surprised Firenze for Magorion was a truly powerful stargazer with a strong connection with the heavens. Though sometimes the herd chief had allowed it go to his head which as lead the herd to some troublesome situations thankfully those incidents were rare and had not caused any deaths among the herd.

Firenze steeled himself, knowing that convincing Magorian to give up the campaign against the spiders wasn't going to be easy. Yet for the sake of the herd's future, he had to do it and most importantly succeed otherwise he fears the death of the herd that he had predicted just mere days ago would come to pass.

"Magorian," Firenze breathed deeply before continuing. "I believe that we should stop our invasion of the Acromamntula." Magorian frowned at him while the guarding centaurs stared with disbelief at what he had just proposed the herd should do. "We've already lost seven warriors and nine great stargazers to the spiders," losses Firenze was ashamed to admit that the herd wasn't ready to have suffered at this time of the year especially with winter fast approaching. "And I have come to believe that the enemy that will threaten the herd isn't lurking amongst the Acromantula."

"Firenze," Magorian stared at his fellow centaurs with a look of concern etched upon his usually stern face. "You realise what you're asking of me correct?" Firenze nodded in the affirmative because the Centaur knew just what he was asking his leader and friend to do. To admit to the herd that they were wrong. And that the deaths of the sixteen members of their herd had happened because they and the elders of the herd had jumped the gun and charged towards the spiders who had nothing to do with the visions plaguing Firenze as of late.

"I understand my friend." Replied Firenze whose face morphed into one of absolute resolve. "You need not worry, I'll take the blame for everything that has happened here." His words surprised the listening centaurs. Since if he really did take the blame, then there was a high chance that he could be banished from the herd with likely zero chance to ever rejoin once that happened it also showed Firenze determination to fix his mistake which earned him much respect from his fellow centaurs.

"Very well," Magorian turned to one of his protectors. "Go inform the elders that we are leaving the Acromantulas territory." The addressed warrior saluted before galloping off towards a group of old greying centaurs who were resting on the other side of the clearing a clear sign that they were the herd elders who assisted the chief whenever they were needed or offered advice if it was asked of them.

With that taken care of Magorian sighed tiredly whilst stretching out his four legs to help loosen them up for the far run ahead of them. As for Firenze, he was relieved that his chief had listened to him now all the herd needed to do was leave the Acromantulas area of control. Everything will be fine though it will be a harsh winter this year, but so long as the mysterious treat didn't show up in that time frame, then the herd shall live for another season. It was unfortunate for Firenze that had to go jinx himself and the herd by thinking that everything was going to be fine because fate was a bitch that loved to screw people over at the last possible second.

"Well, I'm glad to see that centaurs have more common sense than wizards," Firenze, Magorian and the other bodyguard twisted over towards the source of the new voice allowing them to gazed upon the forms of two humans. Both female with one of them being as tall as their friend Hagrid. In contrast, the other was cloaked within a matching set of black cloak and robes, preventing the three from identifying her. "Though sadly for all of you I'm here to fight and kill every single centaur for Aragog." The cloaked female said causing them to tense at the vile father of spiders name being mentioned.

"We do not have to fight." Responded Magorian who was trying to avoid conflict like any good herd chief should do though on this matter Firenze had to disagree with his like long friend anyone willing to work with the Acromantula couldn't be reasoned with. The soft laughter coming from the cloaked female only served to prove his point.

"Oh, I'm afraid we do Magorian chief of the forbidden forest centaurs." Like he had predicted the two unknown women weren't going to leave with a fight. "Jasper," the cloaked one address the tall female reviling her name to be Jasper. "I'll leave the herd to you." The trio of centaurs tense at those words while the one called Jasper smiled with apparent signs of bloodlust. "Whilst you're busy with the lesser warriors I'll be dealing with these three myself." Firenze ready his bow an arrow already notched into its string and ready to fly at his command.

"As you command my Diamond." Firenze's eyes narrowed upon hearing the cloaked female's name, or perhaps it was a title. However, at the moment it didn't matter because before anyone of the three centaurs could even so much as blink the tall one called Jasper speed by them causing them to shout in shock and surprise at the impressive display of speed done by their colossal foe.

"Now that Jasper's out of the way," Firenze immediately returned his attention to the one named Diamond because he had a feeling within the depths of his soul that she was the most dangerous one out of the two. "I can finally test my skills against worthy opponents." Before they could say or do anything, Diamond placed her right hand near her chest. Confusing them for a split second only to be blind a moment later when killing curse green light shined from her chest area. Creating a miniature sun though once the light had gone down the tiro of centaurs was gifted with a sight that froze their lifeblood within their vary veins.

"Gentlemen," their foe brandished a massive claymore that was easily twice her height which she somehow summoned from nowhere. "May I introduce my personal weapon, Black Lily." Diamond sounded proud of her weapon and why shouldn't she. For it was a massive pitch-black blade about as wide as a humans torso with a design of a sliver water lily working its way up the sword, as for the guard it was sickeningly bright green with twin snakes engraved on the sides. Though oddly enough the centre of the guard was hollow and around the size of a baseball and the handle seemed to be carved from obsidian whilst the pommel was designed with a sliver lily opening into full bloom.

"So," Firenze prepared himself for battle while Diamond effortlessly swung Black Lily to the side like it weighed nothing at all. "Who wants to die first?" The way she innocently asked that of them angered Firenze, but he wasn't stupid he knew she was just trying to bait them into attacking first. Sadly while he and Magorian were intelligent enough not to recklessly charge towards their foe. The bodyguard meant to protect the chief wasn't the foolish youth galloped towards the cloaked Diamond a war cry upon his lips. However, he never made it because, in an amazing flash of speed, Diamond threw small marble-sized balls at the bodyguard. Which upon contact exploded, releasing a white mist that terrifyingly enough swiftly enough eat away at the poor fools flesh killing him within seconds.

"What in the name of the stars were those tiny things." Whispered Firenze his tone filled with horror and revulsion at the sight of the bodyguard's half-eaten form, which unceremoniously hit the ground with a small thud.

Diamond must of heard him somehow because she was far to quick to give him an expansion. "Compact explosive hyperactive sulphuric acid bombs," the smile she sent them made Firenze's spine chill at the mere sight of it. "Its one of my more deadly inventions though honestly, it had been a real pain in figuring out how to supercharge the acid without it melting the bomb's casing."

"You'll pay for this Diamond!" Bellowed Magorian with such raged that for a moment, Firenze thought his friend was being possessed by an evil spirit of vengeance. "For killing a noble centaur and allying with vile Acromantula." Usually, Firenze would have tried to calm Magorian down, but right now they needed that rage, especially when he could hear the screams of pain coming from behind them. It was a clear sign as any that the others were having their own problem with Jasper meaning that both he and Magorian had to finish the fight and fast before they lose anyone else to these monsters who had dared to join forces with the spiders.

"We shall see," retorted Diamond whose tone sounded highly amused by what Magorian had just declared out loud for all within the clearing to hear. "And just so we're clear," in a blinding burst of speed Diamond was in front of them while Black Lily was held in a position to cleave them both in half. "My name is Green Diamond!" Black Lily sang through the air, and it was only thanks to his warriors' instincts that had allowed Firenze to jump way in time to avoid taking any damage though Magorian got sliced across his chest leaving behind causing a small of blood to gush forth from the wound.

"She's fast!" Mentally exclaimed Firenze as he fired an arrow at Green Diamond only to stare in disbelief when she quickly sliced the arrow into pieces before it could harm her. "Not only fast but also knows how to use her chosen weapon effectively." He grimaced when a youngster charged towards Green Diamond only to sliced half a moment later by the black claymore which was now dripping with the foolish boy's innocent blood.

"Damn you, Green Diamond!" Screamed Magorian in utter hatred though much to Firenze's silent relief his chief was fighting smart galloping around the battlefield whilst firing a hailstorm of arrows at their sherd foe. Who was gracefully dancing around the arrows while trying to get closer to Magorian something that Firenze wasn't going to allow so without any further delay he rejoins the fight firing arrow after arrow at the unbelievable fast Green Diamond.

"Okay, you two fighting together against me is really annoying." Green Diamond told them while taking out a small orb with white smoke floating inside it from her robes. "So lets change that shall we." Without giving either of them a chance to respond, Firenze watched as Green Diamond inserted the orb into the hollow part of Black Lily's guard. Causing a white mist to envelope the black blade and the two centaurs had a feeling that they weren't bout to like what's about to happen next.

"Now then," Green Diamond prepare to swing her claymore at them once more. "Let's give this a try." With a lazily swing of Black Lily, the white mist surrounding the claymore was sent flying towards them. Anything that it touched was instantly frozen solid Firenze dodged the fog successfully though his left hand was frozen. A quick glance at Magorian showed that he was fine and wasn't in any way caught by the freezing abilities of the white mist.

"Impressive, isn't it?" Firenze glared at Green Diamond while he and Magorian kept their distance so as to not be frozen into statues by the freezing mist now surrounding Black Lily. "The chilling mist is my favourite chemical weapon to use against annoying foes such as yourselves." Their cloaked foe ran her hand delicately across the claymore's blade seemingly unaffected by the chilling mist's ability to instantly freeze the objects that it came into contact with.

"Why even use such a dishonourable weapon?" Firenze couldn't help asking while secretly pouring some of his magic into his frozen hand with any luck the hand would be unfrozen quickly allowing him to once again use a bow to its full potential.

"Hum, trying to stall for time," Firenze felt dread crawl into his guts when Green Diamond so effortlessly figured out that he was trying to stall for time so he could unfreeze his hand. "Normally I wouldn't even bother explaining why I use chemical weaponry combined with Black Lily but in this particular case you, Firenze have entertained me enough to at least give you an answer." With a twirl of her wrist Firenze watch as Green Diamond stabbed the tip of her claymore into the ground. "In truth when it comes to physical strength I'm rather weak compared to my servants," Green Diamond placed her hand on top of the claymore's pommel. "So to compensate for this glaring weakness, my fighting style has evolved to place versatility, adaptability and speed above everything else hence why I use specially made chemicals of my own creation to insert into Black Lily."

"I see," calmly replied Firenze as he clenched his now unfrozen hand. "You use those so-called chemicals to not only compensate for your physical weakness but to also grant you the ability to control the battlefield by unleashing various effects from your claymore." The Centaur hated to admit it, but that was a brilliant idea. Worse still, his foe knew how to properly use Black Lily to its full potential. Plus he and Magorian had only seen one chemical orb being inserted into the claymore's guard meaning that there could be many more abilities their foe could unleash upon them by entering another sphere into Black Lily's guard.

"I'm glad you understood my expansion." Happily said Green Diamond as she removed the tip of her claymore from the ground. "But now I think is the time we should finish this little battle of ours," before either Firenze or Magorian could react Green Diamond inserted a new orb into the guard. Causing the white mist to disappear only to be replaced with during red hot flames which elegantly danced across the black blade. "Because from what I'm sensing, Jasper is nearly finished with disposing away with your herd." Firenze grimaced if what she was saying was true then he and Magorian had to end this right now and go help the surviving members of the herd.

"Then let us finish this." Snarled Magorian who fired a volley of arrows before resuming their speed tactic of galloping around and firing at Green Diamond from random directions, unfortunately, this idea was swiftly abandoned when Green Diamond swung her claymore. Unleashing the flames surrounding it. Which instead of just flying in one direction like the chilling mist had done. The fire radially split into multiple tiny fireballs that flew like they were being remote controlled and slammed themselves into their arrows, instantly burning them into nothing more than smoke and ash.

"She can control the fire surrounding the claymore." Mentally deduced Firenze as he fired more arrows only for them to meet the same fate as the previous volley. "We need to get closer otherwise she'll just keep her distance until we've no more arrows to shoot her with." Firenze watched his childhood friend dodge the fireballs while continuously firing more and more arrows at Green Diamond with the same results being achieved for the effort.

"You shouldn't lose focus on the battlefield Firenze," the Centaur gasped in fright when his cloaked enemy suddenly appeared before him in a burst of speed. "Otherwise, you'll die." With her grim warning delivered Green Diamond swung her claymore and preceded to remove Firenze's right arm from his shoulder, the Centaur released a scream of agony as the hot flames cauterised his newly gained wound. However, it would seem that the stars still favoured him somewhat because before Green Diamond went for another strike, she was forced to back off when Magorian charged over to save his life.

"Firenze are you alright?" Quickly asked Magorian while keeping himself in front of his wounded friend.

"I'm a little worse for wear Magorian." Softly informed Firenze as he unsheathed a dagger he had kept hidden until now. "But I can still fight this battle." Though for how long the now single-armed Centaur didn't know but he would be damned before he allowed Green Diamond to leave this clearing without at least inflicting a single wound upon her cloaked form.

"I'm afraid you'll not be continuing this fight, my friend." Gently whispered Magorian into Firenze's ear whilst glaring hatefully at Green Diamond who seemed content to allow them to talk. And much to both centaurs sorrow Jasper had returned covered in the blood of their kin and was casually conversing with Green Diamond. Acting as if she hadn't just taken part in a massacre of the noble forbidden forest centaur herd which now only consisted of Magorian and Firenze.

"What? Why!" Whispered back Firenze as he fought back the pain his cauterised shoulder was currently giving him.

"You're far too injured to continue we both know that." Magorian bluntly told Firenze, causing the injured Centaur to grimace at the reminder. "And we need to warn friend Hagrid of these two dangerous foes before it is too late." Magorian stepped forward, and it was then Firenze knew his friend was going to sacrifice himself to help buy the time Firenze needed to escape and warn Hagrid about this new threat.

"May the stars light your way noble Magorian." Said Firenze as his last goodbye to Magorian before turning around and making a run towards the direction of friend Hagrid's hut and all the while he ignoring his friends screams of pain and the blood-soaked bodies that littered clearing. To think that just mere minutes ago there had been over two hundred centaurs within the herd, but now there was only two soon to be reduced to one. As Firenze ran deeper into the forest, he swore upon the moon and stars that he would avenge the herd even if it meant he had to survive a thousand years walking the earth he shall make Green Diamond pay for her crimes that have been committed this night.

Meanwhile, back at the clearing.

"He got way my Diamond," Helen grunted in agreement while picking up the severed head of the centaur chief's head which had landed not far away from its body which was now burning in flames. The head will be her proof to Aragog that she has indeed eliminated the centaur herd and avenged his fallen children.

"Yes just as I wanted him too." Helen grinned in satisfaction. Honestly, it had almost been too easy to manipulate Magorian into making Firenze escape into the forest and most importantly run off to Hagrid. Who in-turn will tell Dumbledore, and the headmaster wouldn't allow such a massacre and mystery to exist right on his doorstep meaning he'll send the professors to investigate thus wasting his time and manpower chasing a ghost which doesn't exist within the forest. At the same time, she'll plot within the castle and manipulate everyone in Hogwarts to her desires.

"Still was it wise to allow that particular Centaur to live my Diamond?" Questioned Jasper while she enjoyed the view of the clearing such now displayed her handy work of murdered centaurs. "After all, he did save you during your first year, and he might be able to figure out it was you here tonight that killed his herd if you two ever meet within the Hogwarts." Though the odds of Firenze being allowed into the castle were low since the pureblood racism towards other magical creatures will help in preventing that from happening but the chance however unlikely was still there.

"Oh, Jasper, that was exactly why he was chosen to live." Replied Helen as she and her companion began the long walk back to the Acromantula colony. "Firenze might be smart, but he much like everyone else in the Wizarding world is blind by my title as The-Girl-Who-Lived." It sickened Helen that people would ignore the possibility of her being the culprit of this massacre just because she survived Voldemort on that fateful night. "Besides if it ever comes down to it, I will just have you discreetly deal with Firenze before he can become a problem."

"Your brilliance and forethought is truly amazing my Diamond." Said Jasper, the warrior gem's tone was filled with awe at the amount of forethought Helen had put into the plan with the centaurs.

Helen smiled at her bodyguard from beneath the hood of the cloak whilst resting Black Lily upon her shoulder. "Thank you for the compliment, Jasper." The Diamond then threw Magorian's severed head at Jasper who easily caught it by the dead Centaur's long wild hair. "Now let us return to Aragog and deliver the good news to him." With a dramatic swirl of her cloak Helen entered the forest followed swiftly by Jasper, and within mere minutes both were swallowed up from view. Leaving behind the clearing which had once been filled with living breathing centaurs was now nothing more than a mass rotting graveyard.

Time Skip.

Hagrid's hut.

"Bang, bang, bang, bang!" The sound of rapid banging could be heard coming from the front door to Hagrid's humble hut which had awakened the formerly sleeping half-giant who was grumbly making his way towards the door in question to see who would dare disturb him at this late into the night.

"Alright, alright, I'm coming!" Hagrid called out to whoever was knocking upon his hut's front door. "And Fang behaviour yourself." Hagrid quietly but sternly told his massive pet dog who had been howling ever since the knocking had begun. Though thankfully after he warned his canine friend, Fang immediately stopped howling and barking at the door, of course, the rapid knocking didn't end in fact it only grew worse as the seconds' tick by.

Fortunately with Fang now pacified Hagrid was able to quickly reach the door. "Alright hold your horses I'm at the door now!" Hagrid told the annoying person on the other side of the doorway who had waken him up that such a late hour of the night. And with a twist of the handle, Hagrid opened the door reviling much to the half-giant's shock. An injured Firenze who was breathing heavily like he had ran all the way here and judging by his injuries he might have actually done just that though why remained a mystery to Hagrid.

"By Merlin's beard Firenze what's happened to ya?" asked Hagrid while helping the injured Centaur into his hut. "Ya look like you've just gone one hundred rounds with a mountain troll." That was the most polite way Hagrid cold say about his friend's condition. However, Hagrid highly doubt a troll of any type could cause the injuries that now mark Firenze's body which begged the question of what kind of creature could possibly harm Firenze a centaur known for his exceptional skills in the use of the bow to such an extent.

"The herd was attacked," whizzed Firenze weakly as Hagrid laid him down onto the half-giant's very own bed. "We stood no chance against them." Firenze coughed and whizzed in pain. "There was nothing I could do to stop them. So I ran away from the battle to warn you about this grave threat, my friend." Hagrid saw Firenze's eyes begin to close meaning that he didn't have much time to get an answer from the Centaur currently resting upon his warm bed.

"Who was it Firenze." Kindly whispered Hagrid as he tried to make Firenze as comfortable as was possible. "Who was the rotten monster that did this to ya?"

"Green Diamond." Weakly answered Firenze his tone filled with fear at the very mention of the murder of his beloved herd's name. "Beware…her…beware…Green Diamond." With his message delivered and the last of his strength, leaving him Firenze drifted into the realm of unconsciousness leaving Hagrid to handle the rest while he slept and healed from his wounds.

"Green Diamond, huh," Hagrid whispered to himself before heading towards the still open front door to his hut. "Fang guard Firenze while I'm gone." The half-giant ordered his canine companion while leaving the hut. Now usually Hagrid wouldn't leave a friend alone like this. Still, Dumbledore needed to know about whats happened to the centaur herd before whoever this Green Diamond person decided to try their lunch attacking the castle or worse try harming the students.

As Hagrid ran towards Hogwarts, he failed to notice Helen and Jasper existing the forbidden forest both of whom stared at the hut for a moment before hurriedly sneaking their way back into the castle without anyone including the professors taking notice of their presence.