AN: This story is what I see from Luna. To me, Luna is willing to be friends it's just she don't quite know how. Yet I decide to have an O.C in this story to be good friends with the Princess of the Night. So I hope you'd enjoy this chapter along with the other chapters with it. This is going to be kinda a short story with either three or four chapters in it.

A dark blue alicorn with emerald eyes has a moon crest cutie mark and her necklace the same as her cutie mark name Luna sat alone in her room. She was writing some notes as she glances outside of her window. The night sky of her works stood gloriously before her. She sighs as she continued to make notes before leaving to go into other ponies dreams.

She then heard her room door slowly opening up. She turns real fast to see her white alicorn sister Celestia standing there with her rainbow hair flows like a breeze. Her cutie mark of the sun shines brightly as the sun itself. Celestia looks at Luna with a bit concerned.

Luna spoke, "sister, why thou still up?"

Celestia sighs, "I'm worried about you, little sister. You've seen to be avoiding to go to Ponyville. Why?"

Luna sighs, "it doesn't matter sister. We must get going."

Celestia steps forward to stop Luna from going out. Luna looks at her sister in the eyes.

"Why thou stopped us?"

"Luna, I know there is something bothering you. Please, tell me what it is. I can help any way I could possibly can."

Luna could see there was no way out of this. Celestia was not letting her sister go pass her until Luna confess to telling her what's wrong. Luna gave a long sigh as she lowers her head.

"Thou art right sister. There is something been bothering us."

"What is it?"

"Tia, we are afraid that the ponies in Ponyville may not forgive us for what we have done in the past of being you know who."

Celestia knew right away what Luna meant. She put her hooves on Luna's shoulder and smiles.

"You shouldn't be afraid of going into Ponyville. Besides they wouldn't come to your ball if they haven't. Anyways I think tomorrow we go there together to meet with Twilight and her friends."

Luna looks up at Celestia, "thou think this would work, Tia?"

Celestia nods, "besides you need to get out a little more to get to know of the other ponies. It's been a long time since you've seen any changes here in Equestria."

Luna sighs, "everything has changed since our banishment to the moon. We suppose this could help us to know more of our ponies."

Celestia smiles wider, "wonderful see you tomorrow morning Luna."

"Same to you sister," Luna said as she watches her sister leave her room.

Luna spread her wings out and soon flew off into the night sky to go into the other ponies dream in Canterlot.

The next day came, Luna returns to her room and got herself ready to go into Ponyville. Once she had got her mane brush and put her mane into a ponytail. Celestia walks in and smiles at Luna.

"Luna, you know we are only going to the town to meet with Twilight and her friends. You really don't need to look your best."

Luna turns to her sister, "well we want to look a bit different. Besides I think of us being different may help us to get a friend."

Celestia tilts her head, "I'm guessing that you're not only afraid that everyone in Ponyville would not forgive you but also you want a friend from there."

Luna sighs, "yes dear sister, that is true. Before you banish us into the moon we once made a friend in Ponyville but now she is gone. Maybe I could find a new friend for us to be with. Maybe to look at the beautiful night sky with us."

Celestia nods as she walks up to Luna, "I'm so sorry Luna, but you led me no other choice."

"Oh please do not think we are blaming you for what we had done. You only had to do what was best and protect the ponies in Equestria. We understand that. Just we feel lonely sometimes and well… we guess it is hard to be lonely."

Celestia nods, "maybe while we are in Ponyville I'll have Twilight and her friends help us find you a friend."

Luna looks at her sister, "do thou think it is possible?"

Celestia nods, "it's a worth of try."

Luna smiles, "we don't know what else to say but thank you, Tia."

Celestia smiles, "of course Luna, you are my sister and it is my duty to make you happy."

Luna laughs as Celestia put her wing over Luna to hug her.


Three fillies were playing around in the playground. One is a yellow filly with a pink big bow in her red mane hopping around the playground. The second one is a white filly with her light curly purple mane following along. The third one is an orange filly with short pink mane watching the two hopping around the playground.

"Hey," said the white filly, "you're going too fast!"

The yellow filly turn and said, "sorry Sweetie Belle didn't mean to."

Sweetie Belle smiles, "that okay Apple Bloom come on let's see what else we can do."

The orange filly walk up to the two fillies and ask, "how about a race?"

Apple Bloom smiles, "yeah, great idea Scootaloo! What do you think Sweetie Belle?"

Sweetie Belle nods, "yeah, let's have a race!"

The three got on the grass and were about to run to see who's the fastest when they heard somepony picking on another pony. All three went to where they heard the sound and sure enough, a light brown colt with a spike yellow mane has his red boxing glove cutie mark picking on a light green colt with dark green and yellow mane.

All three fillies had to stop the brown colt from bullying the light green colt. The brown colt huffed in anger.

Apple Bloom spoke, "that wasn't really nice of you Boxer. Pick on someone your own size."

Boxer laugh, "You fillies are such losers."

Scootaloo gave a deadly glare as she walks up to him, "I think you're the only loser around here. Think that you're so high and mighty than any ponies around. Guess what you're not."

Boxer laughs, "whatever I'm still better than all of you."

Boxer left then the three fillies turn to the light green colt.

"Thank you for helping me."

Sweetie Belles smiles, "of course nopony should be a bully."

Apple Bloom nods, "yeah, that right!"

Scootaloo looks at the light green colt, "I never saw you around here before."

The light green colt answer, "oh that's because I'm new around here. My name is Rimmer. My father and I moved from Crystal Empire two days ago."

Apple Bloom smiles, "oh it's nice to meet ya. Wanna hang out with us?"

Rimmer nods, "y… yeah, I would like that."

Sweetie Belle yell as she began to run off, "come on let's see who's the fastest runner!"

Scootaloo yell out running close behind, "hey no fair!"

Apple Bloom began to run as well, "I'm coming to get all of ya!"

Rimmer tries to run but he fell on his metal right leg as he trip and fell on his face. Apple Bloom stops when she saw what happen to Rimmer. She ran up to him with worry on her face.

"Are you okay, Rimmer?"

Rimmer nods, "it happens every time."

He shows his metal leg to Apple Bloom as she gasps in shock.

"What happen to your leg?"

Rimmer answer, "well you see I was born with only three legs so the doctors put a metal one on my right leg to keep me in balance but… it just makes me more clumsy than before. I just have to live with it."

Apple Bloom nods, "well if ya want I can walk with you back to Ponyville."

Rimmer nods happily, "thank you."

Apple Bloom smiles as she and Rimmer walk side by side back to Ponyville, "no problem. That's what friends do."

Rimmer laughs as they both headed back to Ponyville.

*Ten Minutes Later*

Celestia and Luna walk through Ponyville when they spotted a purple pony with dark purple and pink mane with her six stars cutie mark name Twilight with her other pony friends.

One is a blue pegasus with rainbow mane has a cloud and a lightning bolt cutie mark name Rainbow Dash. The second one is a yellow pegasus with pink mane has little flowers in her mane, with three little pink butterflies cutie mark name Fluttershy. The third is a pink pony with curly dark pink mane with two blue and one yellow balloon cutie mark name Pinkie Pie. The fourth is a white pony with dark purple mane in a victorian style with three blue diamond cutie mark name Rarity. The last one is an orange pony with her yellow braided mane with three red apples cutie mark name Apple Jack.

There beside Twilight is a little purple and green baby dragon named Spike who seems to be taking note of what Twilight is telling him to write.

Celestia smiles as she walks up to Twilight. Twilight's friends saw Celestia and greeted her. Twilight turn and was shocked to see the Princess of the Sun right behind her.

"Oh, Princess Celestia it's so nice to see you here. What brings you here?"

Celestia smiles as she nods to Luna to come join them. Luna slowly walks up as Twilight and friends were shocked to see Luna with Celestia.

Rainbow Dash spoke, "oh hey Princess Luna, why are you here?"

Luna sighs as she lowers her head not saying a word.

Twilight knew something was wrong as she looks up at Celestia.

Celestia knew Luna wouldn't say anything so she explained, "I bring Luna here to see if we could help her find a friend and also to get to know Ponyville a little bit better."

Apple Jack nods, "oh sure we can help Princess. Everyone needs a friend."

Rarity agrees, "of course darling. I know someone would love to be friends as much as we are."

Luna looks up at Twilight and then to Twilight's friends, "thou would help us find a good friend to understand our night?"

Twilight nods, "of course Princess Luna, we are more than willing to help. Right, guys?"

Everyone nods their head an agreement.

Celestia smiles, "perfect then it is settled. Let's see if we can have somepony to be good friends with Luna."

With that, everyone went through Ponyville having Luna meet some ponies to at least talk to them a little. Some of them were a little scared of Luna's approach others were happy to see Luna. Yet Luna didn't find anyone who could possibly love her night. Of at least understand the beauty of her night.

"This is hopeless," said Luna as she frowns, "how could possibly love our night."

"Don't say that Princess," said Twilight, "we haven't gone through all of Ponyville yet. I'm sure we'll find somepony."

Apple Jack nods, "Twilight is right, besides we haven't met all the ponies here yet."

Celestia nods as she put her wing over her unhappy sister, "we'll find a pony to be really good friends with you, Luna. You'll see."

Luna nods sadly, "I suppose you are right there sister. Let's keep looking then."

With that, they kept meeting more ponies to speak with and meet Luna to speak with her.