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It's a companion fic to my story Out of the Dust We Rise. Emmett and Rosalie were briefly mentioned in that story, but I decided that I wanted to tell their story, too, but this fic will mostly revolve around Emmett's experiences during the events of 9/11 and the aftermath. I'm sure you know by now where to find the story's summary, so I'm not adding it to this A/N.

Also, before I start I wanted to let you all know that I am labeling the characters as Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, Bella. Why? Because Edward and Bella will make an appearance in this story, although brief.

Like my previous 9/11 fic, I spent hundreds of hours doing research for this story to try and be as accurate as I can. Most of the events and situations in this story are based on real accounts of ESU responders, with minor changes made by me. That being said, none of my characters are based on a single individual. They are all a combination of multiple ESU Officers.

Now, on to the story.

***Warning! This story contains graphic material regarding the events of 9/11. Tissues may be needed. ***

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Chapter 1

September 9, 2016

"Shit. I really hate this," I mutter under my breath as I feel the plane jerk because of some minor turbulence. I grip the edge of my seat so tight, my knuckles turn white.

As I close my eyes to try and calm myself down, I feel a hand gently touch and squeeze my own, instantly making me feel a bit better.

I slowly turn my head to the side and open my eyes to look at the woman sitting next to me, my beautiful wife, Rosalie.

She smiled gently at me and murmured, "I know you do, babe. We just have a few more hours to go before we reach SeaTac. Why don't you try to get some sleep?"

A few more hours? I can manage that...I think. I've done okay so far, but I know that I won't be getting much sleep.

I gave her a big smile, but I could tell she knew it was fake. "I'll try."

Rosalie frowned at me, but moved to lean her head against my shoulder, most likely as a way to try and give me some more comfort, as there wasn't much more she could do since we were thousands of feet in the air.

Just like all of those people that were trapped in those towers, I thought to myself, making me flinch at the memory.

I felt my wife squeeze my hand a little tighter. This time of the year was difficult for the both of us, and things got worse as the anniversary of that horrific day approached.

She and I both suffered many losses on September 11, 2001. I know we both feel pain and grief because of it, but I have never told her about the guilt I feel for thinking that her pain could never begin to compare to mine.

I know that makes me sound like a horrible person, and husband, but my mind keeps justifying that feeling by reminding me that Rosalie saw the events of that day through a television screen.

I was actually at the World Trade Center.

My name is Emmett Cullen...and I was a First Responder on that infamous day in history, and in the days and months that followed, I worked as a Rescue and Recovery worker.

That was fifteen years ago, but as much as I want to forget, I can't...because it's left it's mark on me forever. I lost more than just people I knew that day. I lost a part of my soul, leaving it hollowed.

As exhaustion began to catch up to me, I slowly drifted off to a nightmarish slumber, filled with fear and death, as my wife slept peacefully on my shoulder.

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